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Resumé Writing Services

For those who have looked for a job recently, you understand that a resumé is a crucial document in the entire hiring process. If you are a student who is yet to have firsthand encounters with the job market, there is the possibility that our professor might have asked you to write one. On a broader note, a resume includes wide-ranging information about your skills, employers, background data, and other qualifications.

Resume Writing Services
Resume Writing Services

It communicates the fundamental ideas regarding your previous and current accomplishments. In this respect, a resume should be concise and easy to read because potential employers often focus on relevant information. Your resume’s primary objective should be to quickly provide a convincing overview of you, including what makes you uniquely qualified or fit for the position. Thus, emphasize presenting your skills, abilities, knowledge, and experiences clearly and objectively.

At Smart Academic Writing, we firmly believe that a great resume is the best way to secure a well-paying and rewarding job without subjecting yourself to wanton sexual favors, racism, or nepotism. For this reason, we are more than available and willing to help you produce an excellent resume now. Little-known fact by the masses is that we have already completed more than 2,000 professional documents, including resumes, LinkedIn profiles, SEO pages, utility bills, and cover letters, in the last two years.

Our authors have topped the resume design trends over the years. We have mastered integrating keywords in our academic and article writing services, suggesting our writers are well-positioned to offer you fined-tuned and shining documents for the overly competitive job market. As mentioned previously, professors at Smart Academic Writing love and take pride in incorporating humor in their assignments. For this reason, allow us to say nice things using customized adjectives about you. We will portray you as an impressive, change-driven, and tech-conscious professional.

Components of a Perfect Resume

Let’s say something about what makes an outstanding resume. While we are here to create an excellent one for you, we value our customers. This is why we have produced this article to help you develop your own. First of all, you need to understand that the primary purpose is to increase your noticeability to employers. It must be relevant, up-to-date, and readable. Therefore, keep the following elements/sections in mind before and when writing your resume:

  1. Contact Information

In this section, you must include your contact details, including personal information: name, phone number, LinkedIn profile, email address, and occupation. However, some of this information, such as your mainlining address, is optional. Most importantly, ensure the visibility of your name by placing it at the top of the resume. You can achieve this by using a larger font or bold the names. Notably, the font size should not exceed a 14-point size. Just a reminder, including your blog page or LinkedIn is helpful when you seek a creative position.

  • Resume Objective/Summary

Immediately after your contact information, write a clear and concise resume summary, commonly known as an objective statement. At Smart Academic, we always urge students and our customers to include a summarized description of themselves. In other words, an objective statement goes a long way to identify and briefly explain each of your career goals. The summary allows you to use active language to state your professional experiences, skills, and plans. For example, you can utilize this section to identify yourself, such as “a recent college graduate.”

  • Hard/Soft Skills

Use this section to list your leading or prominent hard and soft skills. Our professors recently concluded that this resume component requires close consideration because it speaks louder about your performance ability. Here it would help if you considered and carefully identified skills that make you the best fit/candidate for the advertised job.

Equally important and as the name suggests, ensure that you specify transferrable, soft, and hard skills. Hard skills refer to technical competencies, while their soft counterparts include interpersonal skills. Thus, it would help if you created a visible and easy-to-read skills section using relevant keywords to the employer/job.

  • Professional History

Here you should write in “reverse-chronological order.” In other words, the professional background section starts with the most recent work/job. It would help if you also accompanied this job with a short description, such as the employer/company name, date or period, job title, and key achievements at the organization. You can choose to add specific lessons or growth opportunities the company offers.

When working on your professional background, consider the following best practices:

  • Use keywords to match your professional skills, experiences, knowledge, and abilities with the potential employers’ job requirements
  • Use numbers or statistics to measure the impact of your accomplishments. Numerical achievements make your resume more realistic and persuasive. For example, write something like this: “Implemented new lean processes for the company supply chain, reducing waste by 51%.”
  • Education History

In this part of your resume, you must start with the latest or most recent educational achievements. While writing this section, be specific by listing and identifying the institution’s name, attendance years/dates, area of study, and degree/diploma.

Our writers emphasize that an education background section is handy for a student with limited work/professional experience. As a result, we always encourage recent college graduates and people transferring to new industries to include educational information, including:

  • Relevant coursework.
  • Participation or membership in organizations/associations/clubs.
  • Grade point average (GPA).
  • Awards, accreditations/certifications, and achievements.
  • Previous or current leadership positions.

Once done with these critical sections, do the following to make your resume presentable, error-free, and professional:

  • Proofread it carefully to eliminate spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Still, you ask a friend or professor to review the resume on your behalf.
  • Tailor the resume for the position at hand. You cannot use one resume for different employers because jobs vary in their requirements. Therefore, make your resume as customized for each job position as possible.

Why stress yourself with writing a resume when we Smart Academic Writing scholars are at your service 24/7? We recognize that you need the best resume and related professional documents to compete in the highly competitive, volatile, and cumbersome job market and hiring processes. Visit us today for custom resumes, letters, and LinkedIn professionals. We won’t compromise on quality and originality because we are made to deliver unrivaled custom writing services at considerably lower fees. Try us today at Smart Academic Writing.

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