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Who We Are

Smart Academic Writing was founded in 2015 to provide custom, well-researched, and quality essay and academic writing help to students and professionals worldwide. With loyal clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and globally, we have aided students to achieve first-class GPAs in wide-ranging disciplines, including accounting and finance, Literature, Economics, Human Resource Management, and nursing. Our academic writing platform has successfully built a unique and robust customization strategy. We boast a responsive and result-driven customer service team, working around the clock to deliver the best and tailor-made essays for you.

Smart Academic Writing
Smart Academic Writing

Our HRM department has selected, hired, and maintained a highly passionate writing workforce comprising PhD and Master’s degree holders and native speakers. At Smart Academic Writing, we insist that excellent grades in your urgent and upcoming assignments precede quick cash. In this respect, we thrive in diversity and specialization to meet every aspect of your homework needs. Our performance-oriented expert essay professionals are masters in all forms of custom assignments: custom essays, critical position papers, research papers, dissertations, and coursework.

Our Motto

“Quality service delivery equals top-rated grades and satisfied customers.”

For the past 7 years, our motto has remained unchanged because it resonates with our esteemed clients’ core demands

Our Long-Term Goal

“To become a one-stop professional academic writing platform where students and expert writers meet and reap mutual benefits through great results.”

Vision Statement

“To be the world’s leading custom essay service provider, offering high-quality, unparalleled, exceptional, original academic content and uniquely-tailored customer service experiences.”

Mission Statement

“Our ironclad mission is to remain a trusted, reliable, and dependable custom essay help with the unrivaled capacity to meet each of returning and new clients’ individual assignment needs.”

We’ve trained our professional writers to work towards realizing this unalterable mission by engaging in effective communication with our customers, sharpening their in-depth research skills, producing the best quality and customized solutions, and being passionate about timeliness, originality, and uniqueness.

What Makes Us Different?

A perfectly written essay is essentially linear because the writer is expected to present one idea after another, offering them in an order that is meaningful or makes the most to their audience. As a student, you must attend to your reader’s logic by writing a properly structured essay. We take paper structuring a notch higher at Smart University Papers, ensuring the essay’s focus predicts its structure. Our essay specialists achieve this by considering the following four essay-writing strategies:

  1. Knowing what to write about in the essay before starting the essay writing process.
  2. Identifying the correct vocabulary to use in completing the essay – contextualizing words to achieve relevance.
  3. Observing basic and advanced grammar, style, formatting, and punctuation standards.
  4. Incorporating authentic sources and critically analyzing the evidence.
  • Smart Academic Writing understands your essay writing needs, so we only hire the best, most talented, and most creative essay professionals, offer unbeatable custom research paper writing help, and maintain unparalleled guarantees on our smart service delivery charter.

Vetted Master and Ph.D. Writers

Our HRM team has established a performance-based hiring process to ensure that adept and experienced experts handle your essay. We thoroughly check potential essay writers’ credentials, test their essay writing skills, and subject them to objective orientation to align their behaviours with our diverse work culture.

Once the personnel department is satisfied with recruits’ knowledge, professionalism, expertise in essay writing, speed, and ability to deliver in time and accuracy, they can graduate by working on your essay task.

Very simply, our rigorous hiring process funnel has 5 steps, with every writer mandated to meet the criteria:

  1. Proof of identity – We ask for original IDs and passports to determine whether the writer is real, trustworthy, and dependable.
  2. Degree verification – Smart Academic Writing only hires masters and Ph.D. holders.
  3. Recent Writing Samples – Our editing team works 24/7. It utilizes modern writing technologies to check the potential essay expert’s ability to produce a unique, well-researched, and properly formatted essay or research paper.
  4. Test Assignment – Our hiring process does not end by reviewing written essay samples but rather moves a step further to include a practical writing criterion. The writer is assigned an unpaid test paper in any major writing style: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian, Oxford, OSCOLA, or IEEE.
  5. Trial – Finally, writers who pass the essay test stage proceed to the trial period. During this time, our QAD team assesses and provides comprehensive feedback on every research paper or essay completed by the new hire.

Note: We subject all writers to this meticulous and conscientious recruitment process to ensure they deliver the best custom essays on your behalf. This rigour explains why our essay writing platform boasts seasoned professional academics and skilled researchers with several years of experience. Our proficient essay masters are experts in various disciplines and subjects. So, expect your fast-approaching essay and that urgent homework to be done by a sought-after and dedicated essay specialist.

Unbeatable Services

No matter what assignment help you need today, our professional essay writing service is designed to handle it quickly, accurately, and professionally. Below comprises a summarized version of our essay writing offerings:

Academic Writing Service

You only need to give our expert essay writers your assignment requirements, and we will start writing it from scratch immediately. At Smart Academic Writing, our online academic writing help is customized to give you a much-needed competitive advantage in that class. With our specialists, expect well-thought, intensively researched, and properly formatted creative essays, argumentative essays, admission essays, reflection essays, research reports, detailed dissertations, and critical position papers.

We provide impeccable homework help in unlimited disciplines. Do you want a reputable writing professional to assist you in completing an essay or research paper in English and literature, political science, criminal studies, or history? Give Smart Academic Writing a try today because we understand every secret of excellent essay writing. Our tailor-made research paper writing services cover all subjects, including psychology, sociology, mental health, nursing, anthropology, geography, math, statistics, philosophy, marketing, strategic management, finance, accounting, organizational behaviour, and law. In essence, we got you covered in all academic spheres regardless of your essay’s length, urgency, and complexity.

Rewriting Help

Have you done the research segment of your essay and now need professional rewriting services? Search no further because our essay pros are well-positioned to improve its quality and make it worthy of a straight-A grade. We guarantee originality because our team will read, understand, and completely rewrite that essay, research paper, or dissertation in a customized manner.

Editing & Proofreading

At Smart Academic Writing, our research paper writing transcends academic writing and rewriting your assignment. We have carefully selected a pool of expert editors to proofread and perfect grammar, sentence structures, and flow in your essay. Got a research paper that needs urgent changes and last-minute editing? Don’t worry; your task is to send it to our team with correction instructions, and you will have it back on short notice. Our on-the-go team will review your finished essay, format it properly, check for spelling mistakes (omission and commission errors), and give it the desired professional touch.

Smart Service Delivery Charter

Our research paper writing services revolve around professionalism, quality, originality, uniqueness, affordability, timeliness, confidentiality, and around-the-clock availability for consultations, urgent assignments, and support. Against this background, we are driven by a 7-part smart service charter:

Smart University Essay Service Charter
Top Quality Essays: Our custom & uniquely-written essays will exceed your expectations
Professional Essay Experts: We specially select, recruit, train, & equip our essay pros.
100% Plagiarism-Free Papers: We are committed to originality by writing from scratch.
Timely Delivery: Timeliness and the ability to handle super-urgent tasks are our hobbies.
24/7 Support System: You can reach us at any given time.
Affordable Prices: We’ve created a flexible discount system just for you.
Anonymity & Safety: No third party can access your personally identifiable (PII) info or written essay.

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