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About Us

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Term Paper

What Is A Term Paper and What Does It Intend To Achieve? A term paper is an originally researched academic paper that consists of several pages and accounts for the more significant grade of the academic period. A term paper is usually written at the end of the semester and is a representation of a student’s achievement at the end of the semester. It should be noted that not all term papers are academic and not all research paper is term paper since the two are usually confused a lot.

Students in many academic institutions are required to submit their term papers at the end of every semester for the relevant departments for evaluation purposes. As mentioned above, term papers are important and should, therefore, be taken seriously as they can affect the overall grade of a student.

Term papers are used for an essential coherent explanation of events, ideas, thoughts, phenomena, or theory and have a specific degree in paper length since it focuses on the subject deeply.

What A Term Paper Intends to Achieve

The main aim of writing a term paper and its length is to describe a concept in a thorough manner, and even or argumentation. As such, students, therefore, to write an original topic and research as well as incorporate details.

A term paper is intended to provide students with an intensive study focus on their topics and particularly on the areas that the semester has covered. For teachers and instructors, term papers are important since they provide the means through which students can be assessed and evaluated. In conclusion, term papers are mandatory in most academic institutions, and the biggest challenge for its student is the limited amount of time to write and research the lengthy paper.

Research Paper

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a part of academic writing upon which an author or a student collects, collates, and analyses information through original research. Writing a research paper involves a series of activities which include coming up with an original topic, formulating a research question, and analysis of the findings based on the objectives. The main idea of a research paper is to expand knowledge.

A research paper builds upon a subject and expands it through investigations as well as intentionally sourcing from other experts to establish what they already know about the topic area. Therefore, while writing a research paper, a student or an author digs deep into their specific field of knowledge and attempts to extract the most relevant piece of information that expands the topic.

A Research paper follows a structured formula through which other scholars can easily follow and interpret the findings of the research study. The format and structure allow other scholars or audience to develop into the research findings and the ideas that the research paper proposes.

What A Research Paper Intends to Achieve

A research paper is important since it equips and enhances an individual’s research skills since the exercise involves sourcing for materials.

A research paper intends for the author or the student to form their own opinions about a particular subject topic and critically develop it to the levels of research findings.

A research paper can also be used as a medium through which scholars and academicians create opinions, exchange of ideologies, and or opinions.

Passing and development of knowledge is an important component in the academic discourse, and therefore, a research paper facilitates this exchange.

Case Study

How to Write A Case Study

A case study is a recorded or attributes on a particular topic, subject, group or individual in a given period. To learn how to write a case study, an individual must first appreciate that there are four different ways of achieving it.

The first style of writing a case study is through illustration upon which an individual can describe events or past happening that help in connecting the case.

The second way is through explanations that come from using the investigative approach. In this style, the author makes attempts to explain the reason as to why a certain phenomenon or events took place by mapping an investigation.

The third style of writing a case study is the cumulative approach, which uses comparing different information that is collected in the period of research.

The fourth way on how to write a case study is through critical examinations of a phenomenon that sometimes involves content analysis.

After familiarization with the different ways of writing the case study, one must follow a few steps that ensure that it is written correctly. The initial step is the determination of the case study type and design so that it is suitable for the right audience. The second step involves picking a topic for the study. For one to choose a topic, they must first establish an angle of research that identifies a problem or raises particular questions. The third step involves research on the topic areas and on similar studies that have been published about the same discipline or area.

Finally, one needs to obtain data, analyse it succinctly, and to formulate the problem in two sentences. In conclusion, write up the findings and remember to include references and appendices.

Dissertation Services

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is an academic piece of writing that uses an author’s original research on a specific area and submitted as part of the requirement for the completion of an academic course in doctoral, masters, and or at the bachelor’s degree level. Dissertations are normally long and sometimes difficult to start. Therefore, it is important to understand a dissertation and how to write one. This article will provide a step by step on what a dissertation entails and its table of contents.

The Structure of a Dissertation

The dissertation follows a different structure that is dependent on aspects such as the location, subject and approach. Before starting on a dissertation, it’s important for one to consult their supervisor as well as adhere to the departmental guideline.

Title Page

This is the page that an author writes their title and other details of the institution. However, the title page is written depending on the requirement of the programs.


This section of the dissertation is usually optional and involves appreciating people who have supported you in the process.


An abstract is a short piece of introduction that is usually between 150 to 300 words that address the main topic and objectives of the research. It also states the methodology and summarises the main results.

Table of Contents

The table of contents lists an overview of the item mentioned in the dissertation.

List of Figures and Tables

The tables and figures used should be numbered in a list.

List of Abbreviations

This list contains abbreviations that make it possible for readers to look up the meaning.


These are highly specialized vocabularies that are listed alphabetically with a brief explanation or definition.


It sets the topic, objective, and gives the reader a preview of what to expect in the paper.

Literature Review

It critically evaluates other scholarly sources and integrates them into the research.


In this section, the author describes how they conducted research and the approach, therefore giving a reader the chance to assess validity.


The results section is structured in such a way that answers the research question based on the hypothesis and topics.


This section implores the implications that come with the findings of the results.


The preeminent part of the conclusion should ensure that the research question is answered.

Reference List

This contains a list of all the scholarly sources used in the study. The most common way of formatting includes APA and MLA.


This is the section after the reference list that contains any other important information used in the dissertation.