The Modern Rizal is in Your Heart Essay

The Modern Rizal is in Your Heart Essay.

“There can be no tyrants where there are no slaves.” a quotation of Dr.Jose Rizal and also known as Pepe, a genius, well-traveled intellectual, the noble doctor, the artist, the sophisticate, a writer and resistance leader in the Philippines during Spanish colonization. He said it to break the consciousness of abuses that Filipino suffered in Spaniards and fellow Filipino. If Rizal is alive today, would he inspire us again in his literary works as a youth? What would he say to our country? In what character would he live? Is it in government official or a simple Filipino that follows the law? Would he fight for the rights of his fellow Filipino? Would he continue to write about the Filipino sacrifices that they suffer in dishonest government officials? Would he fight as a brave soul against the damasos of the society of the modern times? And lastly would he become our next president that will serve as our inspiration through the modern times?

This are some question that pop-up my mind if our national hero is alive today.

Even though Rizal has been dead for more than a hundred years, he still commands a strong presence in our country – Philippines that cannot be removed in our mind because he opens our eyes to the reality of the abuses that done by the cruel conqueror.

After watching and listening to the song Kaninong Anino reminds me of Jose Rizal and the other heroes that fight for or country just to obtain the freedom of each Filipino. But is it works correctly? I think it doesn’t. We know for a fact that independent is arising yet we must know how to utilize and manage it. If Rizal continues to write a literary works, he would probably write about the political dynasties because it is really happening in our country. Political dynasties have long been present in democracies especially in our country, raising concerns that inequality in the distribution of political power may reflect imperfections in democratic representation.

Nowadays, political dynasty is widely spread for the reason to boost their power maybe in positive or in negative way. However, the persistence of some political elites may just reflect differences in ability or political vocation across families and not their entrenchment in power, some politicians do not show negative doings to the people with the use of political dynasty because they know that having it may help to grow the economy of one place. Rizal became an educated because he was exposed in the incorrect attitudes that the Spaniards do, and when his mother get captured by the Spaniards, and also to seize not only our country but also the fellow Filipino that live and became their slaves and hold their necks narrowly just to respect them. Rizal wrote a lot of literary works just to awake the minds of his fellow Filipino against the Spaniards and Filipino that poisoned by the power. He raised his fellow Filipino to the consciousness of being abuse because he didn’t want to become slaves his fellow.

So that he wrote Noli Me Tangere to know the lifestyle, behavior and the diseases that the citizens suffer during Spanish Colonization. He also wrote the El Filibusterismo to honor the three martyred priests and the reason of his opposition to the government, to expose the abuses of the Friar, assurance of the government and poor educational system and gradual disappearance of order in society and having no peace. These two novels are exposing the arrogance and despotism of the Spanish clergy and provoked the animosity of those in power and these literary works led him into trouble with the Spanish officials. Economic progress is one way to measure the success of a country. But why don’t we get that? Who do you think the main obstacle to the growth of our economy? Is it the negligence of an individual? What are the possible solutions that may we done to be able to improve our economy?

If Rizal is alive today, he would consider the fraudulent politicians as the hindrance to the growth of our economy because of having a power to manage the people around them. I just found that even if they have power over their hands they brawl against each other to have another power. One of the results is people get poor and poor like a rat they haven’t even power to have a good food to eat yet they still living for their own lives because all they want is to perceive them that they need the aid of the government officials or even the people around them. Many years have been past, many presidents have been elected to their position, but we cannot still prosper. What is the wrong? We lack of gold. We know that many of our fellow Filipinos fight for our freedom; they shed the blood and sweat for us. Do we know the right path that we are taking right now that will help our country’s progress?

In our existence in this world, the point that we have all Filipinos agreed is that we don’t have enough knowledge about freedom. Our country is now suffering a lot of problems that can be solve by the helping each individuals to get them in stumbling along the dirty land. As our country becomes more technology involved, besides modernization is one of the factor that our country can influence to a change. Heroes are alive in the modern period. Modern heroes not just fight using the violence that blood may flow but a hero that could help our country in economy progress and in passing of legislation that is equal to the eyes and in heart of every individual living in our country, which could fight off the damasos in our society.

Let the light be our guide to find the right path that we have to take, let this be our lead to find the truth and not the lies that creeps us for a long period of time, let this show the way of learning of each youth to take the proper pathway in succeeding not just for their own sake but for the country also. Let this light be our source of union and sharing of joys and sorrow. Let also the leadership be our strength not our weaknesses because this is the thing that can discriminate us. Leadership which plays a significant role in the process of change. Change that a result of a better person and country.

Let the big boss listen to the little voice of the country to help them in suffering slavery by others and let the little voice listen to the upcoming projects of the big boss to aid them. Let our relationship be mutual – if one is giving, you give also. And lastly let be our God be the source of the light that travels from the brain to our heart and to our hands that will make things possible by unity and being humble. It is the basic foundations of a nation in order to be able to understand a country’s culture and political system.

He will enlighten our heart through the modern world that we have experiencing. Let Jose Rizal and other heroes that wrestle and get their lives just to our country be our motivation to continue our journey in life. Let each and everyone be a modern hero, a role model and a good Rizal of the modern time, to fight the rights of fellow Filipino and to become brave, to remind us the patriotic feelings and to have a guide to a modernization. Be Rizal! Be the one of modern heroes of the next generation. Be proud of being a Filipino.

The Modern Rizal is in Your Heart Essay

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Identify the Difference Between Start Up and Operating Costs, Variablecpsts and Fixed Costs Essay

Identify the Difference Between Start Up and Operating Costs, Variablecpsts and Fixed Costs Essay.

A start-up cost is a cost that you start with for example in the flower shop it would be a deposit on the shop and the first month’s rent. Also the first lot of stock, advertisement a sign, table, counter, till and a credit card machine. The operating costs are costs that you carry on paying for throughout the time your business is open, for example in the flower shop they would be rent, wages, heating and lighting, insurance, loan interest, drawing (personal salary) , ribbons, stock, boxes and plastic sheets.

So the difference between the two above would be that start-up costs are only when the business is starting to get up and running and the operating costs are something you pay for throughout the time your business is open.

Fixed costs are a part of operating costs but fixed costs would have one price that doesn’t change throughout the time your business is open that’s why they call it fixed, the fixed costs would be: rent.

This would cost £700 per month, mages. This would cost £500 per month. Heating and lighting would cost £200 per month, insurance would cost £160 per month, loan interests cost £40 per month on top of how much you had loaned to you and drawings (personal salary would cost £400 per month. Fixed costs do not vary without put, so weather the flower shop gets loads of customers or not they still have to pay fixed costs. A variable cost is a cost that can vary throughout the time your business is open, a good example for the flower shop is packaging , as the more flowers you sell the more packaging you would need, the same as ribbon, plastic sheets and gift tags.

Identify the Difference Between Start Up and Operating Costs, Variablecpsts and Fixed Costs Essay

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Most Powerful Person on Earth Essay

Most Powerful Person on Earth Essay.

Who are the most powerful people of the world? My fellows from my play group gave me many different answers. What are your answers? Do you think the most powerful persons of the world are: moms and dads? The President? Strong peoples with huge muscles, hefty athletes, or muscular boxers? Kings, princes, and princesses which are richly dressed in ornamented clothing, and have servants? Businessmen that have a lot of money? Friendly teachers with their endless knowledge and smiling faces?

I tried to guess your answers.

Because, those are also my fellows answers. Most of us have an idea of power that is connected with control or strength, and certainly money. My fellows also think power is in adulthood, in addition to money and strength. But I don’t think the power in money, or strenght or adulthood. Power in not money. Money is temporary; you can make it and lose it. If power is related with money, when we lost our money, we must be lost our power.

But if we can make money once, we can make it again.

If we have self-assurance, intelligence, and ability to perform effectively, we have the power for making money again. Power is ability of having great influence or control over others. And, it is in bravery, frankness, honesty, and having big dreams. If you have big dreams, and believe in yourself; you can do everything you dreamed of. I have a different opponion about the most powerful people. Moms and dads are struggling for provide you a excellent future. They support, protect, and care for you. When you are ill, they spent sleepless night just beside of you.

To most people, approaching the President is nearly impossible. But they show interest to you, especially youngers; they don’t say anything even tear their hairs. Every time, they develop projects for providing you a good education. Teachers use their knowledge for helping you on your life plan. Bussinessmen use their money for building new schools. All of them treat you more tolerant, even the laws. All people around you, your family, relatives, teachers, politicians, struggle for providing you a peaceful, wealthy and excellent life.

I bet you guessed my answer. But I think the most powerfull peoples are children. They have the power of convince. Children have great influence and control over adults, and world because of their bravery, frankness, and honesty. With this power, you can change a difficult situation into an opportunity to do something good, and be admired for it. Please aware of your power, and opportunities that it provides you, and make use of it in the way of being a virtuous person for yourself, your family, your country, and the world!

Most Powerful Person on Earth Essay

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Essential Parts of a Business Letter Essay

Essential Parts of a Business Letter Essay.

Essential Parts of a Business Letter

1. Heading

The heading is the return address of the sender. Many companies use letterhead paper which displays their address and the logo; if you do not use letterhead paper, write the sender’s address just below the date.

2. Date

Include the date that you have written or sent the letter just below the letterhead, or above the sender’s address if you do not have letterhead paper.

3. Inside Address

This is the address that you are sending your letter to; make sure it is written as completely as possible, and includes titles and names if these are known.

This is displayed on the left hand margin of the page, and positioned so that it shows through the window in an envelope.

4. Salutation

Begin the letter with a formal greeting, beginning with the word “Dear” and including the recipient’s surname. Always use a title for a business letter, unless you are close friends with the recipient.

Using Mr. or Ms. along with a last name is a very professional salutation.

5. Body

A business letter is rarely hand written, and depending on the style of letter you choose, paragraphs may be indented. Leave a blank line between paragraphs, as well as between the body of the letter and the salutation. A line should also be left between the body of the letter and the close. Write in professional language, avoiding slang, swearing and colloquialism. Keep a friendly tone, even if you are delivering bad news. It is good practice to use the final paragraph to detail any actions that you require the recipients to undertake.

6. Signature

Conclude the letter by writing “Yours Faithfully” if you have begun the letter with ‘Dear Sir’, and “Yours Sincerely” if the salutation addresses the recipient by name. Below the space for your signature, write your full name and title. You may wish to include direct contact information, such as a telephone number or email address. Never use a postscript – write everything you need to in the body of the letter.

Business Letter Styles and Formats

Modified Block Style

Modified block business letters use a slightly different format from the full block business letters. In the modified block style the return address, date, and the signature line are slightly to the right of the center of the paper. It is recommended you to tab over to the center of the letter and not use Ctrl-E which would distort the block.

Figure [ 1 ]. Modified Block Style
Semi-Modified Block Style
A semi (modified) block style business letter is justified against the left margin with the exception of including the your return address, the reference line, and your closing, signature, and printed name. These are tabbed about one third to the right of the page.

Figure [ 2 ]. Semi-Modified Block Style

Simplified Style

Simplified Style is a form letter that is almost akin to a form of Full Straight but just without any opening and closing greetings. Usually this letter in the go to people who are currently working in that company. Sometimes this simple Form letter writing is very simple without the need to look at neatness and order. The parts of a letter from a simplified style.

Figure [ 3 ]. Simplified Style

Indented Style

Indented Style is a form of a letter in which the letters in go have a paragraph formation line shaped stairs going down. The shape of this Curve usually have a paragraph so that it doesn’t look clean but looks structured primarily in the shape of a Letter addressed in a line any a formations such as the ladder down. The parts of a letter from a indented style.

Figure [ 4 ]. Indented Style

Hanging Indentation Style

Usually the business letters are written on the letter head of the company. In case you have to write your letter in a white paper, please write your address before you start writing your letter. There are few people who suggest writing the sender’s address just below the date. This is also acceptable. There is not strict rule to suggest what is best for you. Let your sense of business judgment rule.

Figure [ 5 ]. Hanging Indentation Style

Kinds of Business Letters
Letter of Intent

A letter of intent spells out in detail the circumstances under which an agreement between the writer and the reader would be made. It is not a contract; it merely states the intent to enter an agreement.

Sales Letter

Written to persuade the recipient to buy a product or service, sales letters are usually a part of a direct-mail marketing campaign and often are accompanied by packets, brochures, illustrations and/or catalogs.

Information Request Letter

In an information request letter, the writer requests information and explains why he needs it and/or how it will be used.

Information Response Letter

An information response letter is written in response to a request. Its purpose is to answer questions or provide requested information. It also may promote the business’s products or services.

Customer Claim Response Letter

In a customer claim response letter, the writer attempts to rectify the complaint spelled out in the customer’s claim letter. It should regain the recipient’s confidence in the business and promote it.

Order Request Letter

An order request is a letter in which a purchase is authorized. It lists the items being ordered vertically and typically includes the quantity, order number, description and unit price of each item.

[ 1 ]. Read more: Essential Parts of Business Letters | [ 2 ]. [ 3 ]. [ 4 ]. [ 5 ]. [ 6 ]. [ 7 ]. : Kinds of Business Letters |

Essential Parts of a Business Letter Essay

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Jeff Koons and Unknown Artist Essay

Jeff Koons and Unknown Artist Essay.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons and Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa by an unknown artist both have subjects that are reclining in similar positions. Michael Jackson and his chimpanzee, Bubbles are dressed in suits that are similar to the Sergeant Pepper uniforms of the Beatles. Jackson is in a combination of sitting/reclining position leaning back on his arm with his hand on the floor for support. His back leg is raised with his foot on the floor while his other leg is bent and but completely resting on the floor.

Bubbles is resting in his lap while leaning into his owner. Jackson is has one arm gently placed around the chimp.

They are sitting on the blossoms of many flowers and several of the flowers are placed randomly on the two subjects. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is of a large woman with what would be considered today as masculine features. She has her back leg raised with her front leg bent and completely resting on the floor. Her elbow is holding her in a sitting position while propped on a pillow and the hand of that arm is holding an open mirror. The other hand is holding back the long white covering her head. Her dark hair is pulled back and up. Her dress is loose and flowing yet cinched at the waist with a golden cord.

She is resting on a Sarcophagus that is decorated with blooms of a large flowers and columns. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa has a medium of terracotta and she is painted with the dye like paint that was used during that time period. The terracotta was chosen by the unknown sculpture because that is what type of material a sarcophagus would be made. It was a perfect medium to hold a body and to decorate as well. Michael Jackson and Bubbles is made of ceramic porcelain. While this medium is fragile, it was probably chosen for its easy molding and the sheen after it has been in the kiln.

Paint is also very durable when it is baked on the porcelain. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is from the Etruscan Artistic Period. This period is even before the ancient Roman time in northern Italy. This civilization just disappeared so their origins are still a mystery. They did leave behind many pieces of art and the ruins of their architecture. Many of their works of art that survived were their burial and crematory containers and Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is a perfect example of the time in which it was sculpted.

Both the Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa and Michael Jackson and Bubbles have the formal element of color. Michael Jackson and Bubbles has a predominant gold and white color that dominate the sculpture. The eyes of both subjects are black and their lips are shocking red, but these colors seem to fade into oblivion when contrasted with the gold. Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa is white also predominantly white and gold except that there is more white whereas in the other sculpture has more gold. The fact that the subject’s hair is brown stands out since it everything else surrounding it is white.

The pillow where she rests her arm is reddish brown, yet unlike the hair, it is hard to discern. The flowers on the sarcophagus are also of a reddish brown and the columns are a dark gold. I chose Michael Jackson and Bubbles by Jeff Koons sculpted in nineteen eighty-eight and Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa sculpted in one hundred and forty B. C. by the unknown artist more because I did not like them instead of admiration. I particularly did not like Michael Jackson and Bubbles because of the subject.

I always thought that Michael Jackson was an overrated musician, then I felt that he was more famous for his weirdness than his talent. I know that he was not convicted of child molestation, but through his interviews, I felt that he was inappropriate behavior, so it is hard to get past the subject of this sculpture. However, I did try really hard to look at the value of Koons’ work. I felt that the there was too much gold for a realistic affect. I came to the conclusion that the gold was symbolic of how money could allow a man who obviously needs help to thrive in a society that accepts anything from people with money.

I did not feel that I would like the subject of Painted Sarcophagus Hanunia Tlesnasa if I had known her. Her countenance and position seem to portray an air of arrogance. They both displease me because of the unlikable feel of the subjects and Michael Jackson and Bubbles leave me with a feeling of disgust because of Jackson. Bubbles has nothing to do with the reason that I feel negatively about the sculpture.

Works Cited

Delahunt, Michael. Artlex. com 10, November 2008 http://www. artlex. com

Jeff Koons and Unknown Artist Essay

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Earth Is Precious Essay

Earth Is Precious Essay.

The seven continents are the seven main land areas on the Earth. Some are joined to each other, and some are completely surrounded by water. Some continents have a lot of countries, but others have only a few. Erin Ate Nine Sticky Apricots At Aprils. If you can remember this mnemonic device called an acrostic then it is easy remember all Continents names as the first letter of each word corresponds with the first letter of a continent. These continents are: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Antarctica, Africa! Interestingly the names of all the continents end with the same letter with which they start.

It is believed that in past ,all continents were joined, this land area was called Pangaea .This area started to break up & got divided into 7 parts ,so today we have 7 continents .These continents are still moving away or moving close to each other. This is called continental drift or plate tectonics theory. For example Europe & North America are said to be moving 7 cm apart every year.


It is the largest continent .It covers one-third of earth’s surface. Also it is the biggest in terms of population in the world. Half of the world population lives here. World’s two most populous countries, China & India are in this continent. It has 30% of world land area & 60% of population

It is the birth place of great religions – Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity It is also the place of great ancient civilizations- Chinese, Harrapan. It is the home of the 10 highest mountain peaks in the world. Mount Everest , the highest mountain in the world is here only .


It is the second largest continent.
It is also called Dark Continent as for long time not much was known about this continent due to its difficult inhabitable terrain. It is the home of the Nile ,the longest river in the world.
It is also the home of the Sahara, the largest desert in the world. The equator passes through the middle of Africa continent ,so it receives direct sunlight throughout the year. So it has hot climate throughout the year. World’s hottest place Ethiopia is also in Africa continent. Africa is very rich in minerals.Ninety five percent of the worlds’s diamonds and more than 50% of the world’s gold comes from Africa. 66% of world’s chocolate comes from Africa.

Australia Australia is the largest island (island is a place which is surrounded by water from all sides).It is also the smallest continent in the world. It is also known as “island continent”. Australia continent has only one country ,which is Australia itself.It lies entirely south of the equator and is called land down under. The name Australia comes from the Latin word australis which means Southern, it seems it was named as Southern place because it lies entirely south of equator. Today the full official name of Australia is Commonwealth of Australia. Two thirds of Australia is flat desert.

Australia is home of three unique animals: platypus ,mammal that lays eggs, the kangaroo,which carries its young in a pouch,the emu ,a large bird that does not fly. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef,it is made up of coral deposits & is about 2000 kilo meters long Australia is also known for its various type of Eucalyptus trees.There are over 500 varieties. Australia ‘s sheep population is more than its human population. Its sheep population is 14 times more than its human population.This is why Australia stands first in the production & export of wool in the world.

Antratica Antarctica is a frozen land area around the South Pole.It is also called “Frozen Continent” . Antarctica is the highest, driest, windiest, emptiest, coldest place on earth. Antarctica contains 75% of the ice in the world.It is estimated that ice is 4 km thick. It looks all white, that is why it is also known as “White Contnent”. Antarctica also contains about 70% of the world’s fresh water Antarctica is the windiest continent on earth.

. The water of the Antarctica is so cold that nothing can rot here. . The coldest natural temperature ever recorded in the world was in Antarctica. It was as low as –89.2°C (–129°F) .


It is believed that Europe is named originally after ‘Europa’ who was a Phoenician Princess from Greek Mythology.. In Europe , there are no deserts.It is the only continent without any deserts. Venice, the world’s smallest country is in Europe .

Most of the countries of Europe use a single currency called the Euro. Germany is the most populous country in Europe,
Industrial revolution is said to have originated in Europe only & from here it spread to whole world.

North America

North America was named after the explorer Americo Vespucci. North America is the only continent that has every kind of climate The population density is approximately 22.9 per square kilometer, which is the largest for any continent in the world. North America is around twice the size of Europe.

Lake Superior in North America is the largest fresh water lake in the world. It is located on the border between the United States and Canada. It is also known as “New World” North America is the third-largest continent in area, following Asia and Africa, and the fourth in population after Asia, Africa, and Europe.

South America

Andes i,n South America, form the Second Highest Mountain System in the World next to the Himalayas(in Asia). They are Young Fold Mountains. Mt. Aconcagua is the Highest Peak (7,021 m) of The Andes. The Angel Falls of South America ,is the Highest Waterfall in the World. It also has the world’s largest river –Amazon (by volume of water).The name Amazon comes from Native American name for the river ‘Amazunu’ meaning ‘big wave’.In length ,it is the second longest river in the world (6440 km) South America is also the home of anaconda,one of the world’s largest snakes.

Earth Is Precious Essay

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Essay on Sartre’s “Man Is Condemned to Be Free” Essay

Essay on Sartre’s “Man Is Condemned to Be Free” Essay.

When Sartre writes that “man is condemned to be free,” he is elaborating on the statement “[man] is responsible for everything he does.” Provided that God does not exist, man must live his condemned life of freedom without “any values or commands that could legitimize [his] behavior.”

Furthermore, man has no means of “justification or cause;” man has no excuse for his actions, because he has chosen them on his own, out of his own freedom. Although freedom is traditionally characteristic of “good,” Sartre describes it almost as a burden, because of his belief that God does not exist.

When man discovers that he is “without excuse,” he has come to realize that he “cannot find anything to depend on;” for without God, everything is “permitted.”

Also, because there is no outside force driving every man, each man as an individual is responsible for shaping the image of man, or “invent[ing] man.” Assuming that God in the heavens is not laying out the future and that we are all responsible for ourselves, at “every instant” man is condemned to “invent man,” for there is no definition of man except what we make it [pg.

380, textbook].

Furthermore, Sartre explains how each man creates his own morality. Because every man is free to do what they want and make their own decisions, they sometimes are put in a situation where they must choose between “two different modes of action” [pg. 381, textbook]. If God existed and made the future as he wanted it, man would not have to make these decisions. In choosing between these two paths, man must create what he really believes in. This is choosing morality.

In choosing, man develops his own morals and beliefs which result in his individual path of principles. Obviously, in some situations you may have chosen differently than another person, proving that something that means a lot to one person may in turn mean nothing to you.

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Essay on Sartre’s “Man Is Condemned to Be Free” Essay

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Sartre View on Free Will Essay

Sartre View on Free Will Essay.

Sartre proposes an interesting view on free will when he says, “either man is wholly determined or else man is wholly free. ” This quote shows us that Sartre believes that man is free to do what he wants. For Sartre, freedom is the most basic value, which renders possible all other values the way our fundamental plan precedes and grounds our small choices. In that sense freedom is the source of all values. It is not logically possible to make sense of human responsibility and notions of justice without a conception of free will.

This is because it is free will that allows us as humans to choose and make the right decisions in life.

According to Sartre man is responsible for what he is. “Thus, one of the first effects of existentialism is that it puts every man in possession of himself, and it places the responsibility for his existence on his shoulders. When Sartre says that man is responsible for himself, he doesn’t just mean that man is responsible only for himself, but that he is also responsible for all men.

”(Sartre) Sartre uses the example of war to show our individual choices and decisions, stating that to be involved in a war means that you had the choice to do so otherwise. Which means that we have always have a choice no matter what.

Sartre argues that we are not constrained by past choices and we are free to do as we wish. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that we can do whatever we want. “Making a moral decision is not predetermined, so its value lies within itself. ” (Sartre) But, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible for us to make mistakes. A human being is capable of making bad decisions . “To choose between this or that is at the same time to affirm the value of that which is chosen; for we are unable ever to choose the worse. What we choose is always the better; and nothing can be better for us unless it is better for all.

” (Sartre) On the other hand there are some humans who choose to deny their free will and self-responsibility as a human. This concept is called bad faith, it is a philosophical concept to describe someone who denies his or her own free will. “Sartre believes mankind cannot escape responsibility by adopting an external moral system, as this in itself is a choice that we approve, implicitly or explicitly. He argues that, one cannot escape responsibility, as an attempt to separate one’s self from their freedom of choice. ”(Onof) “With freedom comes much more responsibility.

Sartre feels that in bad faith however, the being is fleeing from more than just freedom, it’s fleeing from several aspects of its life, basically any type of lying. “(Solaman) “This inner anguish over moral uncertainty shows a personal feeling of responsibility over the choices one makes throughout their life’s. ” (Onof) Where I stand on this topic is that all human beings are very individualistic. We have the ability to choose and act based upon our free will. We may choose to do something that isn’t always responsible or for the benefit of others ,but those are some of choices we choose to make.

We are incapable of choosing the worst thing possible for ourselves. We act upon what we feel is best for us at the moment or in the future, even though we aren’t always right. Although we are raised in a society were there are morals, norms, and rules we tend to ignore them at times and do things that are irresponsible and immoral. As humans we perform these irresponsible or immoral acts even though we know the consequences that come with our actions. No one is going to deny us of our free will. Although we can be denied our free will if we do something terrible such as kill someone.

It is up to each and every individual person to be responsible and make moral decisions. As for people who deny their free will, it seems to me that they may use an external moral system as a way to moralize otherwise immoral acts. We should not practice bad faith by denying our free will. Its understandable that taking on the responsibility of ones own actions can be a lot to handle. What Sartre does is he points out the freedom we all have and shows us the social roles and moral systems we can all adopt to protect us from being accountable for our actions.

It is not logically possible to make sense of human responsibility without the conception of free will. It is our free will that allows us to make moral and responsible choices. We always have a choice in doing something, but that doesn’t mean we can do whatever we want. We carry the weight of responsibility for our actions and decisions on our shoulders. Any human being can choose to use their free will in a bad way, but it comes with consequences. Any human being that wishes to deny their free will by choosing to behave in authentically cannot escape their freedom even in overwhelming circumstances.

Sartre View on Free Will Essay

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Mike and Marty Essay

Mike and Marty Essay.

How would you rate Mike and Marty on the Big Five personality traits? I think Mike and Marty are complete opposites from each other. On the personality traits I rate them for the same traits but opposite sides. For example both have neuroticism, but Marty is stable, calm but insecure when Mike is tense, anxious but secure. I would also rate them both for conscientiousness Marty being careful, disciplined and organized but Mike being the opposite, careless, impulsive and disorganized.

For extraversion, I think Marty is quiet, sober and retiring when Mike is mike is definitely talkative, fun-loving and sociable.

Even though they have the same traits, they are opposites from each other. Which of the two brothers seems more likely to be achieving self-actualization? Explain. I think Marty is the one that is more likely to achieve self-actualization. He seems to know his goals and is achieving one after another.

He is very responsible and is going a secure path, full of achievements.

He has a fulfilling career and a family, something most people are striving for. He will most likely feel like he has succeeded in life, which is an important step on the way to self-actualization. Mike on the other hand seems to live for the day, not being much concerned about tomorrow. He is very irresponsible with his actions, which one day will catch up with him. I think he is not going to be able to achieve self-actualization because he won’t feel like he has succeeded in life or that he has done everything right and well.

Do Mike and Marty appear to have different levels of intelligence, or do they show intelligence in different ways? Please explain. I don’t think you can tell who is more intelligent here. Marty is definitely book-smarter than Mike, but Mike is social and has a different kind of intelligence. I am sure that Marty is more logical-mathematical intelligent than Mike, but Mike is more interpersonal intelligent than Marty. Marty shows his intelligence in his school past and his career and Mike is showing his intelligence in being a social person. I believe Mike has more friends than Marty because he is more outgoing and confident. Both are intelligent but in different ways, you can tell they are expressing their intelligence differently with their life choices.

Mike and Marty Essay

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Descartes’ Discourse on the Method Essay

Descartes’ Discourse on the Method Essay.

None of the proposed philosophical theories is exact, not even a combination of two or more theories (Sayre, 2011). However, Descartes has unique way of metaphysical argument concerning existence of God. Descartes’ Discourse on the Method (Part IV) ends surprisingly with a claim of God’s existence, which can be deduced from the interrelationship between mind, soul and our existence. Descartes began the fourth section by discussing about himself. The reading up to the point where he gives credit to a supreme being, God, could only suggest that Descartes was discussing about his philosophical thought about his being as a man.

However, the discourse twist came when he inferred, “something indeed having every perfection of which I could have any idea, that is—to explain myself in one word—by God” (Bennett, 2007, p. 16). After this inference, the discourse changed to one that discussed the existence of God. It was at this point that it became clear that the ending would be more of God’s existence rather than a conclusion of Descartes as a human being.

The change of discourse from exploration of self to a proof of God’s existence through personal evaluation was indeed an ingenious thought.

Most of the times we try to prove existence of God or lack thereof by evaluating what are outside us. However, Descartes made a self-evaluation on intrinsic values of himself as a human being. By deconstructing his strengths and limitations, he was able to realize a fair conclusion about the existence of a supreme being, which we refer to as God. Therefore, the ending was different but offered a concise conclusion on God’s existence despite starting on a different discourse.

Bennett, J. (2007). Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting one’s Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences. Retrieved from Sayre, H. (2011). The Humanities Culture, Continuity, and Change: New York: Pearson College Div.

Descartes’ Discourse on the Method Essay

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