What is connectivity? (Use a Crow’s Foot ERD to illustrate connectivity.)


Direction: Answer below questions (Need about 1 page)

1. Explain the difference between data and information.

2. What is the role of a DBMS, and what are its advantages? What are its disadvantages?

3. What is connectivity? (Use a Crow’s Foot ERD to illustrate connectivity.)

4. Typically, a patient staying in a hospital receives medications that have been ordered by a particular doctor. Because the patient often receives several medications per day, there is a 1:M relationship between PATIENT and ORDER. Similarly, each order can include several medications, creating a 1:M relationship between ORDER and MEDICATION.

Part2: Online Discussion

Direction: Please describe the database’s main components (Need about 500 words)


Direction: Provide your comments to a post below. Your comment must be substantive and detail (Need about 350 words)

“Organizations employ Database Management Systems (or DBMS) to help them effectively manage their data and derive relevant information out of it. A DBMS is a technology tool that directly supports data management. It is a package designed to define, manipulate, and manage data in a database.

Some general functions of a DBMS:

Designed to allow the definition, creation, querying, update, and administration of databases

Define rules to validate the data and relieve users of framing programs for data maintenance

Convert an existing database, or archive a large and growing one

Run business applications, which perform the tasks of managing business processes, interacting with end-users and other applications, to capture and analyze data

Some well-known DBMSs are Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SAP, and others.”

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