What might you tell Ethan’s mother regarding his developmental delay? Why?

Week 2 Critical Thinking Scenario

During a well baby office visit you are examining a 12 month old little boy named Ethan. During the interview with the mother she tells you that she is worried that her son might have a delay. The mother continues to inform you that Ethan was a full term baby with no complications at birth, he is on the shy side and slow to warm up. As you are examining Ethan you notice that he is makes little eye contact and is clinging to his mother. You also notice that Ethan is able to grasp small objects, babble, and crawl but cannot walk, use the pincher grasp or speak any words that you can understand. Based on this information Ethan appears to have a developmental delay.

What might you tell Ethan’s mother regarding his developmental delay? Why?

What suggestions would you give Ethan’s mother about dealing with a child like Ethan who is shy or slow to warm up? Why?

What else might you suggest to the mother to help Ethan to continue to develop? (Think toys, interactions, safety).

Are there any referrals you would suggest at this time?

Please use evidence to back up your answers.

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Explain how Fairphone addresses or is implicated in each ecological concern (Blood Coltan and Rare Earths, Informational Sweatshops, and Powering Digital Culture) detailed in Escaping Attention and whether they are successful or not in doing so?

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Adolescence is a time of trials and tribulations.

Required Readings LeCroy, C. W., & Williams, L. R. (2013). Intervention with adolescents. In M. Holosko, C. Dulmus, & K. Sowers (Eds.), Social work practice with individuals and families: Evidence-….

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