Why do we Write Essays?

An essay is a piece of paper that functions to persuade an audience. Essay writing is an essential component through which people express their thoughts, ideologies, perspectives and experiences. The art of using words and coherently arranging them allows individuals to discuss different subjects. One of the primary reasons why we write essays is to inform and betters the rational and logical way of constructing perspectives, thus providing people with effective ways of doing things.

Writing essays is crucial since it hones an individual’s fluency in a language and enhances their writing and communication skills. Clear and organized essays allow a reader to gauge the authority of the writer and the degree to which their knowledge can be used to impact a cause.

We write essays as a way of showing our understanding of topics and subjects. The mere act of understanding different vocabularies and terminology is not enough to communicate. The ability to write essays well must be assimilated with the coining of the vocabularies in such a way that they make sense. For vocabularies in a sentence to make sense, you must reiterate their definition as well as their context.

Although it is not outrightly mentioned, many academic institutions use the essence of essay writing to help their students develop critical thinking. The organizations of the paragraphs and the thought processes are important features used to establish logical rhetoric on different subjects.

In conclusion, we write essays not only as a way of improving language fluency and enhancing critical thinking but also passing across knowledge that may be important to the public.

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