Analysis of Type II and III Pipe Problems

ENGR 333 – Analysis of Type II and III Pipe Problems

The solution to these problems is due Tuesday Nov 10 by 2 pm. The submission for this laboratory assignment is an individual spreadsheet that solves the two problems below using Excel’s Solver. The spreadsheets that you develop in this lab can be modified and used to solve the Solver problems for HW 11.

The Colebrook friction formula should be used for solving these problems.

  1. The water system shown below is constructed using new pipe  with ε = 0.0002 ft. Determine the flow rate through the water distribution system when the reservoir elevation difference is 25 ft. The water temperature is 68 °F. There are minor losses in the system at both the entrance and exit of the pipe with minor loss coefficients of KL,entrance = 0.5 and KL,exit = 1.0.
  • Water is to flow at a rate of 75 liters per second in a horizontal pipe with ε = 0.15 mm. The allowable pressure drop over a 100-m length of pipe is 20 kPa.  What pipe diameter would you specify for this pipe?

This individual lab assignment is worth 75 points and what’s due is described here.

You will submit a single spreadsheet that includes a worksheet for the solution to each of these problems.

The solution should be organized to clearly show all input, calculations and equations. Units should be included with all variables.

These solutions must also include your derivation of the equations (energy and Colebrook) that you are trying to solve manipulated into the form needed to use with Solver.

An efficient and well-organized way to do this is to load an image with your handwritten work into your Excel spreadsheet. It can be on the same worksheet as your Solver solution or as a separate, clearly labeled worksheet.

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