International Project Management Association Essay

?International Association of Project and Program Management (IAPPM) Vision- (iappm. org 2013) To enhance and add value to our global members and the project community at large allowing them to manage projects and programs successfully using the right tools, skillsets and methods. Mission- (iappm. org 2013)As a worldwide global project organization IAPPM will create value together with our members, project communities, business partners and corporations by leveraging our content, collaboration and business management insight.

The IAPPM focuses on project and program management in the private sector, offering their insight to partners, PM communities, and members globally.

International Project Management Association (IPMA) Vision- (ipma. ch, 2013) Our Vision: IPMA is the leading authority on competent project, programme and portfolio management (PPPM). Through our efforts, PM best practice is widely known and appropriately applied at all levels of public and private sector organizations. IPMA directs attention to the portfolio aspect as well as project management on a global scale.

IPMA also includes public sector project management for governments and other public agencies.

American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM) Vision- (asapm. org, 2013) asapm is the U. S. A. ’s premier Project and Program Manager performance-based credentialing organization, and a tireless advocate of effective project management practice throughout all organizations. Appropriate and effective elements of PM Performance are widely demonstrated and acknowledged, not just by PM practitioners, but by all individuals in all organizations.

ASAPM acknowledges interest and membership for any individuals for membership. ASAPM also claims to be part of IPMA as an American focused branch. Project Management Institute (PMI) PMI does not have a vision statement. They do however, have list of core values. From these values I infer PMI focuses on certifying and advancement of PM professionals. They also clearly define and explain project management to inquisitive and unaware. References http://www. iappm. org/about. htm http://ipma. ch/about/ http://www. asapm. org/a_home. asp http://www. pmi. org/

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