Pearl Harbor Turning Point in History Essay

Pearl Harbor Turning Point in History Essay.

We chose our topic by making a list of possible topics that interested us and looking at the topics that were suggested by our teacher. We then researched a little bit, reading books and articles about different topics and events that happened in history. We finally decided on The Attack of Pearl Harbor, because it interested us the most. I began my research by going to the library to find out as much information about Japan and America during that era.

Then, i began to search online for specific documents that gave insight on the attack on Pearl Harbor.

After that, i began to look up video and other primary source documents. From that, my project began to evolve. The road to war between the United States of America and Japan began on the surprise aerial attack on the United States Navy base in Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941. This was the first step that brought the might United States into the Second World War Relations between the two countries started to detireate in the early 1930’s when Japan started to become aggressive in Asia, mainly in Manchuria in 1931 and tried to start conquering the rest of China into 1937.

Japan in 1940 decided to allied itself with the “Axis” with countries like Germany. This alone made us extremely interested in the topic After deciding on the topic of The Attack Of Pearl Harbor, we researched more about this event by going to the library, researching online, reading books, reading articles, watching videos, and looking at pictures from that day. There were many primary and secondary sources about this topic, which made it easier to research.

There were also many pictures, which was surprising considering this event occurred in 1941. We decided to do a website for our History fair project. Once we determined our topic we realized it would be very difficult to find some time to meet up and work on the project, that’s when we thought to do a website. It would easy for both of us to access, since we both have computers at home. Also we don’t have to always meet up to work on it.

This gives us both more time to add more information to our website and make it better. Our project about Pearl Harbor relates to the National History Day theme of 2012, turning points in history, because the attack itself was a turning point within a turning point. World War 2 was a turning point in our history because it helped to stop communism and the spreading of Adolf Hitler’s power. And The Attack of Pearl Harbor is a turning point in the war, the point when the United States decided to take part in the war.

Before the bombs hit us, we wanted to stay out of the war. But after Japan mercilessly bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, we knew it was time to try to put an end to the axis powers. Without this attack, we wouldn’t have joined the war, and the war wouldn’t have affected us. And without the bombing, the axis powers probably would’ve had a chance of winning, so the US joining the war was a big turning point.

Pearl Harbor Turning Point in History Essay