Should Private Vehicle Be Banned in Crowded City Essay

Should Private Vehicle Be Banned in Crowded City Essay.

It is a well-known fact that many metropolises nowadays are faced with a growing problem of traffic congestion. Many people attribute this matter to huge volume of private vehicles and a ban of private wehicles has been proposed in many cities as a remedy for the problem, however, whether this can be an effective measure is still a topic of debate. In my perspective, a ban of private vehicles alone is not an ideal approach to the large volume of traffic, only a long-term plan incorporated various methods such as improving infrastructures and developing public transports can solve this problem completely.

First we can easily observe that ban of private vehicles alone is simply not a viable option. For a start, city dwellers in many urban areas in the world rely heavily on personal vehicles to travel. If they are banned, people will not be able to travel without suitable alternative options such as buses or subway trains which are unfortunately limited in both quantity and quality especially in developing countries.

On top of that, any prohibition on movement will prove to have detrimental effects on the economy since cities are usually trade and business centers where a lot of moving are required by nature. In addition, where will all the automoblies go is also a matter of great concern as the policy does not do anything to cut down the volume of traffic itself.For that reason, in all probability,the surrounding areas will overflowed with traffic once the ban is applied. Moreover, government will lose a large amount of money annually through taxes on vehicle and subsidies to keep the ban going.

Thus it is of paramount importance that the authority develops a long-term strategy to solve the issue, starting by finding out the primary cause and dealing with it step by step.In my opinion, the problems lie in the insufficent infrastructures and poorly planned cities. Cities in developing countries are known for growing quickly without plans or organisations, therefore there is little room for improvements. As a result, traffic congestions in these parts of the world unsuprisingly are also the worst.

In order to tackle the problem, there should be a focus on ameliorating the infrastuctures, reoganirsing the city, then developing a suitable public transport system that is able to satisfy people’s need to travel. Finally, once the above-mentioned changes are done, ban of private vehicles could be used sparsely as an incentive for people to change their travelling habit. Once people realise the advantages of using public transports, they will willingly leave their vehicles at home, thus effectively solves the problem.

To sum up, though the ban of private automobiles seems to have some merits, it overlooks some deeper and more basic factors. So as I see it, gorvernments need to bring about a change in people’s attitude towards public transport. In order to do so, they need to improve the current state of the transport system, only once city dwellers see the benefits of leaving their private vehicles at home,then the problems will automatically be solved.

Should Private Vehicle Be Banned in Crowded City Essay

Bargaining Power Of Supplier Essay

Bargaining Power Of Supplier Essay.

Suppliers barely make any difference to companies involved in shipping line business, especially who are leading players like “Maersk” in this business. While it may affect to certain extent to small players like Five star shipping company, Varun Shipping company etc. who are struggling to establish within the industry. Many suppliers are such which are borne directly by customers but arranged by shipping lines like pesticide, wooden pallets, container repairs and truck transportation due to corporate contract or link ups of companies with service providers.

While there are cases when these same services are borne by shipping lines but then these charges are included in freight rate which would be higher if the suppliers were not arranged by company. “Maersk” supply service expects a lower result than in 2010 due to lower contract coverage and weaker spot market rates than at the beginning of 2010.

Another supply which is related to loading of containers on third party vessels is very important here because this is the only supply where shipping lines have to face the bargaining of suppliers.

Not all shipping lines own the vessel and therefore they hire the service of other companies, to load their containers for different destinations. “Maersk” is the largest container operator in Kandla port. But its own vessels are not operating from Kandla due to drift problem and therefore they hire the services of third party feeder vessels to load its containers till JNPT [Jawaharlal Nehru] port in Mumbai, from where “Maersk” mother vessels are operating across continents. In this case “Maersk” may have to pay extra money if demanded by ship operators.

While this is not the case with MSC [Mediterranean Shipping Company] which has its own small vessels operating from Kandla to different gulf locations. But if we move to location like JNPT port in Mumbai, the situation is totally different. “Maersk” vessels are the biggest here operating among other carriers and those small carriers are using slot on “Maersk” vessels for transporting their cargo. There are other supplies like loading/ unloading of containers from vessel ie, movement of containers to CFS (container freight station) and vessel towing which are provided by port authorized suppliers and companies. Port authority charges fixed amount towards these handling from shipping lines and shipping company charges the same from customers after adding their profit margin.

Bargaining Power of Buyer

Buyer is one of the strongest factors in shipping line business. Buyers may be in form of importer or exporter, clearing agent, freight forwarder or manufacturer of goods. Sometimes manufacturer himself acts as an exporter or importer if not, then trader acts on behalf of manufacturer of goods. Container line business is based on two main core factors price and quality of service. Price refers to freight rate at which one container is decided by shipping company to transport from one place to another. Due to much competition in this sector and limited number of operators, bargaining power of buyer has increased in relation to freight price. Almost all shipping lines have service to Jebel Ali (an important transit hub in Dubai) from India, and customer is sure to get very competitive rate for this location from market. For such locations customer are virtually like king but when it comes to transporting cargo to far Europe or America, then this power is transferred to companies operating in those regions.

Therefore “Maersk” has strategized the businesses in such a way to get maximum profits from service to odd or far reaching areas and make normal profits from operation to common areas like Jebel Ali. Another factor Service refers to fast processing of documents, bill of lading and prompt loading and movement of containers etc. It is rather difficult for customers to get better quality of service than getting competitive freight rates. In this world of technology every company is trying to adapt to new technology in their day to day businesses like e-processing of documents and fastest data entry to name a few. “Maersk” is so technologically advanced in this field, that all its data processing is being done electronically by back office and customers are able to access all information relevant to shipment though dedicated space available on company website.

Electronic processes are shipping bills, vessel certificates, freight invoices and bill of lading in encrypted format, once the payment is done by customer either electronically or at “Maersk” local office. Companies like APL and MSC do have electronic processing systems but are not fully fledged and as a result much of the work is still being done manually. Other sections of buyers which may affect container line business are freight forwarders or clearing agents, with rapid expansion of shipping industry and import/export businesses. Many agents acting as freight forwarders have came up in market to share the profit in form of commission. These agents earn commission by way of collecting excess freight from exporter than charged by shipping lines. It is relatively easy for shipping lines to entertain these agents, so there is no difficulty of approaching different small exporters.

Bargaining Power Of Supplier Essay

Creative Narrative Entitled: “Birthday Surprise” Essay

Creative Narrative Entitled: “Birthday Surprise” Essay.

The hours neared towards my very special day. I was nestled deep in comfort and warmth as I awaited the ear drumming beeps of my alarm clock. I turned to look at the digital clock and its luminous numbers covered by a thin layer of glass; it was 11:00p.m. It had only been a few hours since the drowsiness had overwhelmed me, like being pulled into a deep well. Soon the heaviness of my head brought me back down to rest upon the soft, silky smooth pillow.

I awoke to my alarm clock and swiftly moved my hand towards the rectangular box and halted so that my hand hovered over the protruding button and brought my hand down hard upon the cold plastic and the beeping ceased. I rose from my mattress and drew back the coarsely textured curtains to reveal the searing sun beaming at me, like a blinding light,lightening up the world to bring forth a wonderful and happy day with children playing joyfully on the rusted swings in the park.

It was almost picturesque. There was not even a cloud in the sky, although I did feel obliged to go over to those happy children and warn them of the safety issues.

It was my thirteenth birthday today. I was becoming a teenager, the adolescent that I had been dreaming of becoming, there was going to be a whole new set of rules. Yet the day would unfold not as I had either intended or expected. I went to the door and gripped the rounded door knob firmly twisting it with ease, slowly tensing my muscles and pulling it open and then releasing the door with a flick of the wrist so that it moved back to a standstill position completely shut. I knew my mother would be awaiting my arrival in the kitchen any moment as my alarm is loud and you can nearly hear it from everywhere in the house.

She would have been up for a few hours labouring away in the sauna like kitchen preparing a feast almost fit for a king. I pondered at the hours ahead. Although at around twelve oclock I was departing to my fathers taking the form of public transport known as a bus. But before I was going I was expected at my relatives house. I was going to be like a debt collector acquiring presents from each person. I strolled into the dining room lightly and casually where a banquet awaited. I ate hurriedly as I was keen to open my gifts; I was content as a child on Christmas day (not one with coal in their stockings).

After breakfast I went to the dusty old black Cadillac my mother had excitingly bought at an auction for a stunningly cheap $1,500 even though some upholstery needed work it had all original bodywork. I gracefully sat upon the hard leather seats of the convertible. The car moved steadily towards my destination. When we got up the steep and long driveway we ascended the steps to the large wooden double doors. I rang the doorbell as it rebounded from wall to wall until reaching the ears of Aunt Margaret. Aunt Margaret answered the door with a cheerful grin on her widened face. For the next hour we had lunch and I received many a gifts.

We left the orchard, past the hills and countryside when the car halted suddenly. My mother was simply dropping me off at the bus stop. It was a 3 hour drive to my fathers and the bus was the easiest and cheapest way to travel. It was a long trip and I struggle to keep myself entertained for long periods of time like this. (A.D.D. supposedly. It is genetic. I must get it from my mother.) It was lucky I had brought my brand new laptop with me that I had received for my birthday with games that would hold me transfixed to the screen for the entire trip.

I got off the bus and walked carelessly down the dark alley way that I always take as it was a good shortcut. I accidently bumped into a rubbish bin and could already feel and bump forming on me knee. I could smell the horrible dead fish, the same smell at the fish market although somehow different. I resumed my walking and heard a distant almost faint scratching behind the bins. I turned to look but it was already upon me, the big black beast staring me in the face. My heart was thudding, about to break free, it had me pinned upon the cement paving. Its breath, right in my face and I slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

I awoke several hours later not that I had a watch but the darkness outside had significantly increased since the last time I was conscious. I got to my feet slowly growing in strength as I walked along the cement. But then a sharp needle like pain stabbed into the side of my neck. All my energy had been lost and I dropped to my knees, seemingly with my last breath. I yelled for help and aid was not far away. My rescuers phoned a nearby hospital and an ambulance arrived. But what they did not know is that I was already lost. Soon the poison would overcome my entire body turning me into a creature of the night and my hunger for blood would not be satisfied until each and every human was dead. I now possessed little control over my feelings and felt there were no consequences for my actions. I would strike any man down in a single swipe even my own father!

Creative Narrative Entitled: “Birthday Surprise” Essay