Great Gatsby Ending Essay

Great Gatsby Ending Essay.

This book interprets the overall theme of hope as what Gatsby had been driven by but in the end did not achieve. The green light of Daisy’s dock drove Gatsby and he believed in it. He was eluded by it in the past, but there was still hope that he would one day achieve his goal. This book shows how Gatsby worked to achieve his goals relentlessly but in the end he failed to achieve his hopes and dreams.

The ending of the book interprets that you cannot live in the past, because it will hinder your hopes and dreams. You can have hopes and dreams, but living in the past will hinder your achieving them. Fitzgerald leaves the ending to the book open to interpretation. The point of having hopes and dreams is to achieve a goal, however Gatsby did not achieve his in the end. Gatsby is delusional and cannot accept the fact that his dream is gone.

He will continue to strive for his goal, denying the fact that in the end it will not happen. The overall theme of the book is that you can have hopes and dreams that will drive you, but ultimately these hopes and dreams are probably unattainable. Ultimately, the American Dream may be a myth, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t chase your dreams. The ending of this book stresses that Gatsby every day was committed to his dream of being with Daisy again.

The green dock light reminded Gatsby of this goal every day and he focused his hopes and dreams upon this and dreamed that they would one day be together again. This however, was a bad move because Gatsby lived in the past in order to believe that his hopes and dreams would occur. He had once been engaged to Daisy five years earlier and thought that even though she was married and had a kid that she could just drop it all so that things for Gatsby would just go back to the way that things were. This living in the past does not help dreams and goals.

Great Gatsby Ending Essay