Views of time

Views of time

Three theories explain time: presentism, Growing Universe Theory, and Block universe theory ((Westerhoff 81-85). The first view of time proposes that objects exist only in the present form and thus do not have place in the past or the future. For instance, presentism theory suggests that we exist in the present and past event or plan do not exist in the realm of human reach. On the other hand, the growing universe theory suggests that time only exist in the present and the past, but not in the future. Presentism seems a lot more convincing because there is a lot of gap in the past and future of human being. Moreover, contrary to the Growing Universe theory that acknowledges of the past while disputing the future there is difficult to explain the existence of time both in the past and in the future. Life’s reality is that physical objects revolve around the present and not the future or the past.

Benefits of Myths and Reality

Myths are funny stories which have some basic facts. Myths they have no economic truthiness they deals with the perception of the world. They greatly contribute to how the world works. Reality determines whether it is worth to all the growth benefit (Westerhoff 23). According to reality, the advantages are higher compared to the cost and the cost can never be equal to benefits for any given period.

Do I exist?

Human beings have the big question on they exist the existence of God. Many philosophers and the biologist have come up with many arguments that proof the existence of the human being. According to them, they have provided many biological issues on the existence of human being. Me, I agree with them that the I exist the because of many changes that take place in the whole world due to the existence of human being. The changes that proof that human being exist are like biological, physical, and economic changes. The biological changes that can proof that human being exist are things like growth and development reproduction.

Works Cited

Westerhoff, Jan. Reality: A very short introduction. Vol. 291. Oxford University Press, 2011.

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The Case of Andrew Age at the time of the crime: 16 (Current age 17)

The Case of Andrew

Age at the time of the crime: 16 (Current age 17)

Sex: Male

Background Information: 

            Andrew was born on 14th July 1996 in Abbotsford British Columbia to James and Catherine, both Canadian citizens by birth, although Andrew’s paternal parents were black French immigrants. Andrew’s family was however forced to relocate Vancouver when Andrew was just 8 years old, after the father had been arrested and charged with armed robbery in November of 2004. He was found guilty and sentenced to 6 years in prison. In a bid to protect him from the stigma that Andrew would undoubtedly be subjected to and also fend for her family, Catherine opted to move to Vancouver. Catherine, in a bid to further protect Andrew and herself, successfully filed for a divorce and full custody after the conclusion of James’ hearing in 2005. Although there were no financial problems at first, Catherine found it hard to support the family of two on her own, a situation made worse by her addiction to alcohol as from late 2008. According to Andrew, the lack of support from both his paternal and maternal grandparents, by choice in the case of the former, but as punishment in the case of the latter, due to Catherine’s choice to marry someone they did not approve of. These family dynamics combined to create a very difficult environment for Andrew. To add to a difficult environment and unbearable circumstances at home, Andrew also found fitting into his new surroundings a bit difficult, mainly due to his ethnic background (Cullen & Agnew, 2002). As a bi-racial, Andrew found it very difficult to fit in from a very early age, as in most cases, both sides of the divide feel uncomfortable associating with him. This has resulted in name calling, bullying, and at times outright discrimination. This has meant that school has been a difficult place for Andrew to be, a factor that played a key role in his decision to quit school aged just 14 in 2010 after completing his elementary education. After quitting school, he did some menial jobs before “needs” forced him into a life of crime in late 2010. Initially, Andrew claims all he did was engage in petty theft and pick pocketing, before graduating to burglary. His big career break however, came in mid 2011 when he joined the Red Scorpions gang; already an established gang at the time, after being introduced by a friend he refused to name. He then started distributing and selling drugs. Mostly he admits to selling marijuana to other school children, as well as selling cocaine on a few instances, though he claims he has never abused drugs. He was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute in late November 2012.

School History:

Andrew attended Abbotsford Elementary School, between 2000 and 2004, before transferring to False Creek Elementary school in Vancouver, following their move from Abbotsford. He therefore, studied the latter parts of his elementary education in False Creek, which he joined in Grade 4, leaving in Grade 8 in 2010. As part of the condition for his sentence, Andrew has been forced to rejoin high school in 2013, and is currently attending Century High School, in the hope of receiving a diploma in 2017. In the future, Andrew hopes to pursue a degree in Counseling and Psychology at Vancouver Community College.      

Community Connections:

            Due to difficulties fitting in as a bi-racial and part of a minority, Andrew has over the years found it very difficult to develop community connections. Although he admits to having a soft spot for basketball, the situation he encountered in elementary school made it very difficult for him to seriously participate in team sports, a phobia that he seemingly carried on into his interactions within the community. Out of shame and a need to keep their family’s affairs private due to his mother’s struggles with alcohol, and the potential involvement of child services with the discovery of the true situation at home, Andrew opted to keep a very low profile within the community. Andrew even admits to finding it very difficult to rejoin the community and develop proper connections, although he does admit that the fact that his mother successfully beat her addiction in March last year has made things a lot easier. Andrew has however joined a group within the community to help provide support to children who feel they do not fit in, in one way or another, due to race, academic performance, and appearance amongst other attributes. This step he claims was motivated by the realization of the importance of support systems and guidance, especially in the lives of those who struggle to fit in, regardless of their reasons for not fitting in.

Interpersonal Skills:

            Throughout our interview, Andrew came across as a character with good listening and communication skills. Further, despite his protests, he also appeared to possess very good presentation skills. Andrew himself admits to being confident, and to possessing good listening skills, particularly active listening. Due to his experiences, Andrew claims that, he is also a very empathetic individual, a skill he claims to have developed due to the fact that he can relate to what most people go through, especially the other youths in his support group. 

Areas of Improvement:

            Due to his experiences as a child and growing up, Andrew admits that he finds it very difficult to trust other people: which makes it very difficult to socialize. He therefore, feels that his social skills are not as good as they should be, especially considering his level of self confidence and good communication skills.

Peer Group Dynamics:

            As already indicated above, Andrew finds relating with his peers harder than it should be. While he attributes part of these difficulties to his experiences growing up, more so to the difficulties fitting in, he also credits his current legal status as a juvenile delinquent for some of the difficulties (Axelrod, 1997). He however, claims that in a way, it keeps him on his toes, as he finds it much easier to relate with the other youths in his support group.

Conflict with the Law:

Andrew was arrested and charged in November 2012 for possession with intent. He was arrested while in the process of selling marijuana to 3 students at a coffee shop. He was therefore, charged with possession with intention to distribute before a youth court. Sentencing was done using the Youth Criminal Justice Act, section 42(2)(p). This was due to the fact that it was Andrew’s first offence, as well as the fact that he was a minor going through difficult circumstances of neglect and abuse. Further, the fact that Andrew was only found with marijuana, as opposed to other hard narcotics like cocaine or heroin, also helped tremendously.


            Andrew was sentenced to a deferred custody and supervision sentence of 6 months, with the conditions being that he joins a support group, continues his studies and avoids engaging in any other criminal activity or risk serving part of the sentence in custody. These strict mandatory conditions were instituted based on subsections 105 (2) and (3). Further, a provincial director charged with supervising Andrew, to who he was to report to periodically, was assigned to him (Endres, 2004).


Although it is still too early to tell the exact outcome of the sentence and interventions employed, the fact that Andrew has been forced to rejoin school is definitely a step in the right direction.

            Clearly, the interventions used were all aimed at ensuring rehabilitation and reintegration into the society. Further, the sentence also attempts to limit the effect the application of the tag of juvenile delinquent could do to the offender, more so considering that it was his first offence. Rehabilitation, it is hoped, will be achieved through the threat of punishment, as the sentence is deferred and any bad behavior could result in the offender being taken into custody, not to mention the fact that the offender is now answerable to the provincial director (Mccaslin, 2005). Reintegration efforts include the move to have Andrew rejoin school, as well as join a support group. The effects of these interventions are yet to be witnessed, as the interventions are barely 3 weeks old, although the most significant one of note is Andrew’s decision to rejoin high school and continue with his education.

All the problems expressed by Andrew, indicate that his delinquent behavior is the result of neglect, as well as a lack of social control. There is therefore, a need to enforce closer external control, as well as provide a role model for him to emulate, both tasks the mother must take up. In addition, encouraging the mother to resolve issues she may have with her husband, he parents in law, as well as her own parents, could go a long way towards helping resolve the family issues at the root of Andrew’s negative behavior. In line with this, perhaps the best program for Andrew and his family to participate in is the family support program provided by the John Howard Society of North Island (Vancouver Island, n.d). 







Axelrod, P. (1997). The Promise of Schooling: Education in Canada, 1800-1914.

Cullen & Agnew (2002). Criminological Theories

Endres, K. (2004). The Youth Criminal Justice Act: The New Face of Canada’s Youth Criminal   Justice System. Family Court Review. 42(3). pp. 526–539

Mccaslin, W. (2005). Justice as Healing: Indigenous Ways. Washington DC: Living Justice         Press.

Vancouver Island (n.d). Youth Justice Programs. Retrieved from  …/pdf/youth_justice_booklet07.pdf 



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Explain what interventions (if any) were taken by patient from the time of getting ill leading up to the time of entering casualty.


A. Introduction:
1. Personal Information; – Name (pseudonym), age, sex, gender, ethnicity, religion. – Wt, ht, any chidren
2. Medical & Surgical History. – Past medical Hx. – Past Surgical Hx. – Obstetric hx(female)
B. Present Chief Complaints – Events leading to complaints
Explain what interventions (if any) were taken by patient from the time of getting ill leading up to the time of entering casualty. – What medical management and nursing management were given to the patient in casualty prior to the patient coming up to the ward. – State briefly how patient presented on the ward – Assessment of patient on admission
C. Medical /Surgical Management. – What was the patient diagnosed as? – Discuss the pathophysiology of the patient’s condition briefly. – What was the medical (doctor’s) management ordered for this patient. – What medication was ordered for this patient, list and say how each drug ordered assisted patient to feel better/ improved patients condition. – What Investigations/diagnostic tests were done? State briefly why you think these tests were done. – What is/ surgical management performed on this patient. – Describe briefly procedure and findings from surgical intervention done.

D. Nursing Management – List the nursing problems identified in this patient – State the nursing diagnosis formulated to address this problem – What was your desired outcome for your patient. – What nursing measures were done to meet your desired outcome/ alleviate this problem. (PRE-OP preparations, post –op care: IV, drains, tubes etc) – What are the possible complications the patient face and what interventions were done to prevent them from occurring. – State what topics will be taught to patient on discharge and discuss each briefly.. Recommendations: Explain what the patient should do in the future to continue recovery/ improve his or her condition.. This is your written submission.

Your paper will be graded on how well you complete each of the above sections, referencing according to APA style and your application of theory into the manifestation, treatment and intervention. Therefore: – Support all claims of what the disease is, why it occurs and how it is to be treated with reference to literature on the disease. – Make all citations to prevent plagiarism.

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Why not stick to what already works and has worked for a long time?

Why not stick to what already works and has worked for a long time?.



Enterprise resource planning is a broad set of business activities that manage purchasing and inventory management activities as well as finance and human capital. ERP Cloud Computing can be defined as “an approach to enterprise resource planning that make use of cloud computing platforms and services to provide a business with more flexible business process transformation” (Rouse, 2015). In simplistic terms, “Cloud ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning software that is hosted in a platform over the internet”

For many business entities, the biggest investment costs are in inventory, fixed assets and human resources. ERP systems manage those resources. Cloud ERP

The hope for cloud computing is that it will provide businesses with a way to transform how they use and pay for information technology. It might also eliminate the need for expensive servers and storage hardware. These attributes of the system can also lead to the reduction of operational costs. At the moment, cloud computing is seen as being beneficial for startup companies or new business organizations (Rouse, 2015).

Recent research has indicated that cloud ERP has the potential to outperform the traditional IT capabilities and reshape how IT services are used and consumed (Chen, 2015).

Industry experts have their doubts however, with the system. Integration of existing systems with the cloud.  Due to the immateriality of the service, it is harder to distribute than a product.




When an operational difficulty arises, an IT investment may be necessary, and considering the multitude of benefits post-implementation, the ERP cloud computing solution is incomparable. ERP cloud computing does far more than just allow a single tenant cloud to utilize a tiny portion of the endless virtual world, it streamlines business operations, increases worker productivity, and creates a stronger business model to expand from. Smaller sompanies are takign advantage of this technology option in order to level the playign field and  To portray the benefits of ERP cloud computing, this section will describe the greater efficiency of a firm’s value chain and cost savings that consolidation of technology   (Tian).

ERP cloud computing solutions allow a firm to better utilize their technology by supporting the functional and operational structure of a its value chain (Tain). Each section in a value chain has the opportunity to utilize an ERP cloud-computing technology option, and by streamlining each of the value chain modules information processing becomes more efficient and organized. Furthermore, each part of the chain (finance, human resources, supply chain, etc.) becomes more advanced and enhances an already valuable process. Essentially, employing an ERP cloud computing solution results in more control over uncertainties in the environment and marketplace, meaning better decision making and more efficiently resolving conflicts. “TOIP (theory of organizational information processing) suggests that […] ERP systems can help a firm better handle uncertainty, thus reducing performance volatility” (Tian). Performance within the value chain becomes more stable in an unpredictable environment.

Effective value chain processes results in increased productivity and cost savings in the costly operations of maintaining quality technology.  More specifically, greater opportunity to save on software costs and reduced financing for IT assistance and troubleshooting (“Costs of Cloud Computing”). That being said, as most companies satisfy their corporate social responsibilities by moving towards “greener” operations, utilizing ERP cloud computing supports lean management methods and helps remove unnecessary waste throughout a company’s life cycle. Less waste means greater productivity and greater productivity means more efficiency. So, through consolidating and streamlining technology platforms companies are able to invest in other areas, such as R&D and expansion (Columbus). Expanding on the advantage of consolidation, ERP clouds allow the option of virtually unlimited storage and less investment in backup and recovery due to hardware and software difficulties.


Automatic Software Integration

Easy Access to Information – Anywhere, Any Time Collaboration

Quick Deployment




Many problems may occur over the lifetime of any computerized implementation. There are three very important factors to why ERP Cloud Computing can be ineffective and they are  security, cost, and service. When looking at these factors one begins to notice the potential disadvantages and wonder if cloud computing should be considered as a viable option for a business with data/information of value. One must also consider what you are getting from your provider and weather they will protect your data and offer you continued service or go out of business in a short time and stop providing you with the needed help you need to keep operations running smooth. When considering the demerits I will be talking about the downsides a company might face and the probable risks of entering into a cloud computing agreement.

When referring to “The Cloud,” a more simplistic way to describe it is the extent of security for personal and corporate data in a virtual locker. With that being said, data breaches are a possible risk to be taken seriously. With all of the recent data breaches in major corporations, such as Target in 2013, many consumers are rightfully debating the security of all data storage systems. Furthermore, security transcends past virtual breaches, by looking at those who have access to store and manage it. People who have direct access to the servers could easily take advantage of their position and steal crucial company information. As a company looking to invest time and money into a remote system you want to know if your files will be safe and in the technologically savvy world we are in, “Can you be sure of that?” By having your data stored on a local drive you are ensuring that it will only be accessed from that machine and not have the chance of the data being in an accessible location. So, by considering using the cloud you are opening yourself up to the opportunity of a breach into your personal data.

The second factor can actually be looked at as a positive and a negative. The negative side to the costs of implementing cloud services is the implementation and training of how to use the new technology. In regards to the implementation, downtime can be a key factor in this process as you will need to move all current data to the new servers which can strain the network and can be a slow and daunting task. Not only by moving all of this data you need to know how you want it organized and how and who can access what by authorizing permission to all your staff. This rolls me into my second point on cost is the training side of the new technology. Many companies still have an older generation of workers who may not have grown up with today’s advanced technology and although the learning curve may be great, even for younger staff must be trained on the extensive new system protocols. The training may consist of making a new account, showing how it works, explaining the new categorizing method and how to access the data from home. All of this I have listed sounds like hours of training needed for each employee. There may be cost reductions but when you look at the negative side of cost do the savings beat the additional costs incurred with the implementation of the cloud.

When selecting a provider, one must consider the company’s reliability, customer support post-implementation, and market stability. When you run into a problem when it comes to important data that may only have one location you do not want it getting deleted by accident. You are looking for the highest quality service and implementation of your new purchased service. Why not stick to what already works and has worked for a long time? When you introduce a new outside company to come in and take over you need to deal with the way they take care of your data. The new company needs to have adequate storage devices, networks and staff to run it all that is knowledgeable of the whole process. Another service that could cause you problem is your internet provider. When you are on the cloud this is all done over wireless internet and if you don’t have consistent, efficient and safe internet for your data to flow you will be moving slow and even stalled in doing work. When one of your staff members is on a deadline or on a call with a client and needs to access a certain file and can’t because the internet is down you are going to lose business and profits. This reverts back to the cost point made earlier. You need reliability and a third-party company coming in and implementing their processes can cause more than they fix

Why not stick to what already works and has worked for a long time?

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Extensions policy The university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions will usually only be considered if made via the online system and based on medical or compassionate grounds.

Extensions policy The university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions will usually only be considered if made via the online system and based on medical or compassionate grounds..

LAWS19032 – TERM 1, 2017
Marks: 40% of the overall assessment for the course
Submission: Online via Moodle
Format: One file in .doc or .docx(MSWord) format.
Submissions in any other file format (e.g. .zip) will be treated as a non-submission.
Due date extended: Week 8 Thursday (04-May-2017) 05:00 PM AEST
Return to students:Week 10 Friday (19-May-2017)
Extensions policy:
The university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions will usually only be considered if made via the online system and based on medical or compassionate grounds. Any extension application should be made before the due date for submission. Medical conditions should be supported by a medical certificate, and, since students are expected to start the assignment early, temporary or last-minute conditions are usually not grounds for an extension. Professionals are expected to manage their time to meet their obligations, so work or personal commitments are insufficient grounds for an extension.
The university’s plagiarism policy will also be strictly enforced. If plagiarism is found, a minimum penalty is likely to be zero marks for the assessment. It could be worse.
Part A: Case Analysis (1000 words) 15 marks and 15% of the subject
In doing this task, you are to interpret and analyse sections of the Corporations Act (2001) and cited cases in the given case and then answer a series of short questions.
Read Shafron v Australian Securities and Investments Commission [2012] HCA 18 (3 May 2012) –
Answer the following questions:
1. Summarise the facts of this case.
2. Outline the scope of s.180(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
3. Discuss whether MrShafron breached s. 180(1) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
Part B: Problem Question (500 words) 5 marksand 5% of the subject
The case selected relates to legal principles that are covered in the unit. The second part of the written assessment is based on a hypothetical factual situation relating to business transactions within a business structure. Students are required to discuss and analyse the likely outcomes for the parties concerned, including their rights, obligations and remedies, identifying the legal issues and applying legal principles to the hypothetical scenario.
Jean, Aldrin and Sanal are executive directors and equal shareholders of ‘Grand Rialto Pty Ltd’ (Rialto), an Australian east coast residentialdevelopment company which builds townhouses in the trendy inner suburbs of Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Jeans works in sales and marketing, and Aldrin and Sanal in legal and finance respectively. Aldrin and Sanal arealso non-executive directors and equal shareholders in a business consultancy company called ‘A&S Consultants Pty Ltd’ (AS).
Rialto has never distributed a dividend despite it being very profitable.Jean wants to buy a 2017 Jaguar F Type sports car, buthis salary package is not enough to buy the sports car. At the next director’s meeting he puts a motion to the board to distribute a$100,000 dividend to each shareholder. However, both Aldrin and Sanalvote against a dividend distribution and tell Jean that the business is still growing and in need of funds. Jean wants to see the most recent financial statements, but Sanal claims that the statements have not yet been finalised.
Jeanreally wants the sports car so heoffers Aldrin and Sanalhis shares for a reasonable $100,000. The shareholder’s agreement limits the sale of shares to existing shareholders at a reasonable price. However, Aldrin and Sanal decline Jean’s offer and pass a motion at a shareholdersmeeting that Jeanbe dismissed as a director because he is acting in an erratic manner and not fit to be a director.
As Jean begins to clear out his desk, Richelle, the bookkeeper, hands Jean the most recent financial statements that show that AS has been paid $300,000 in consultancy fees in the last 3 months. Jean is furiousover his dismissal and the AS payment because he believes that the payment is unreasonably excessive.
Solve the issues as to whether Jean has any rights, obligations, and remedies in the circumstances.
Part C: Short Essay (not exceeding 1500 words) 20 marks and 20% of the subject
The third part of the written assessment is an essay requiring that students research and analyse various aspects of the company structure.
The company structure is generally unpopular in Australia because the owners of a company must act in the best interests of the company rather than themselves, and may lose control of the management of their company.
Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

Extensions policy The university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions will usually only be considered if made via the online system and based on medical or compassionate grounds.

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dont have time for this

dont have time for this.


Assignment 1: Discussion—Terrorism


Given the nature of terrorism, psychology has a significant role in understanding it and treating its devastating effects. Terrorists are deemed fanatics that are both willing to kill and die for their causes. Understanding terrorism is, therefore, necessary and of paramount importance, including understanding which psychological factors render terrorists to be so susceptible to extremist ideology.


Using the readings for this module, online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following:

 Explain how and why individuals become involved in extremist groups. Describe the function they perform within the group. Identify the motivational factors that drive terrorism.


Write your initial response in approximately 300 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


dont have time for this

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Power Point/ On time please

Power Point/ On time please.

Assignment 2: Estimating the Benefits and Costs of Your Choices 

According to studies of graduates of bachelor-degree programs in psychology, entry-level positions tend to pay relatively little and may be relatively unsatisfying. Although the positions, pay, and reported job satisfaction of psychology majors tend to significantly improve many years after graduation, those who enter the workforce immediately upon graduation risk at least a few years of less-than-satisfactory employment (Landrum & Elison-Bowers, 2009; Rajecki & Borden, 2011).

Although graduate school can be a route to a better paying, more satisfying job and career, it is quite expensive. According to the APA (2003), a doctoral degree results in most students entering into debts worth $50,000 to $75,000 or even more. The median debt incurred for a master’s degree is approximately $25,000 (Kantrowitz, 2011).

Using your textbook, the Internet, and the Argosy University online library resources, research choices such as entering the workforce immediately upon graduation or enrolling in a graduate school. On the basis of your research, respond to the following:Select one of the options: entering the workforce upon graduation or attending graduate school. Identify at least five benefits and at least five risks associated your chosen option. For example, if you choose to enter the workforce immediately upon graduation, identify the benefits and risks of doing so. Cite at least two sources of this information.Design a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation illustrating the risks and benefits. Include at least one graph, chart, or table to add to the presentation’s visual appeal.If you have chosen to enter the workforce, imagine you are designing the presentation for a job fair at which you are a recruiter trying to convince new graduates of undergraduate programs to work for your organization.If you have chosen to enter graduate school, imagine you are designing the presentation for a professional conference where you hope to recruit undergraduate seniors to apply to your graduate program.Include one slide with a speech or a persuasive narrative, in your own words, to persuade students or recent graduates to make one choice (join the workforce or enter graduate school).Include at least one slide addressing recent trends in the job market and analyzing whether this is an optimal time to enter the workforce or to continue your studies in graduate school.Include at least one slide addressing the pitfalls recent graduates from bachelor’s degree programs face and how best to avoid those challenges. One pitfall must be related to the financial risk of or the debt incurred as a result of making each choice (joining the workforce and continuing school).

Click here to review a tutorial on how to design a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.Support your statements with information from academic sources, one of which can be your textbook. Be sure to include in-text citations and a reference list on the final slides of the presentation.


American Psychological Association. (2003). Frequently asked questions
           about graduate school. Retrieved from

Kantrowitz, M. (2011). Student loans. Retrieved from

Landrum, R. E., & Elison-Bowers, P. (2009). The post-baccalaureate
           perceptions of psychology alumni. The College Student Journal,
           43(2), 676–681.

Rajecki, D. W., & Borden, V. M. H. (2011). Psychology degrees:
           Employment, wage, and career trajectory consequences.
           Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6(4), 321–335.

Submission Details:Apply APA standards to cite your sources. Use the following file-naming convention: M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.ppt.By Wednesday, April 22, 2015 , deliver your assignment to the M4 Assignment 2 Dropbox.Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsCorrectly identified five benefits and five risks associated with the selected option, showing application of research and analysis. Cited at least two sources.20Created a visually appealing presentation explaining the risks and benefits of the selected option to the relevant audience.20Included a slide with a persuasive speech or narrative designed to persuade others to choose either the workforce or graduate school.15Included at least one slide with a discussion of recent trends in the job market and an analysis of whether this is an optimal time to work or seek a higher-level degree.15Included at least one slide addressing the pitfalls recent graduates face, ensuring that one of the pitfalls mentioned is financially related.10Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.20Total:100

Power Point/ On time please

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Forum 400 word due Sunday 600 pm Eastern time

Forum 400 word due Sunday 600 pm Eastern time.

This is a capstone forum requiring consolidation of information learned and skills acquired during the course term. Here you will share with classmates a research study proposal you have developed that could be used to investigate a social-psychological issue.  Social Psychology focuses on the impact of social environments on individuals or groups. 

For this forum a longer initial post is required for capstone work.  A minimum of 400 words is required.  Replies to your classmates’ initial posts should be minimum of 200 words.

Two examples of social psychology focused studies are: 

A study that researches the impact of public awareness ad campaigns on public attitudes toward the severely mental ill

A study comparing types school administrator response to reports of bullying and victims’ willingness to report instances of bullying to their parents.

Developing your research study proposal and sharing it with fellow learners will give you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned this course term about conducting research and engage in collaborative, respectfully constructive dialog about your proposed research design with tips and ideas from your fellow learners available for use refining it.  The latter mirrors what practitioners in the field regularly seek from colleagues when planning research activities.

Begin your post with why a particular specialty area within the larger general field of psychology might want to study the particular topic you are proposing, before moving on to the details of your proposal.  There are multiple specialty areas in psychology about which students learn in the completion of their undergraduate degree program.  Our BA in Psychology PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology and PSYC102 Professional Careers and Education in Psychology courses cover these but if you need refresher, is an excellent source of information about psychology’s areas of specialization).

The following information is required for your proposal.  In your post, please place the heading My Research Proposal over this portion for ease of everyone being able to distinguish between the above and your actual proposal:

1. Proposed study’s topic and focus
2. Hypothesis (can be in a form of question or stating the Ho and Ha) 
3. Participants (also sometimes referred to as “subjects”)
4. Proposed sampling method 
5. Data gathering method 
6. Method of analysis (The type of statistics you would use to analyze gathered data; not stats formula details, but which stats you would use).
7. An explanation of your study’s contribution/s to the field (the benefits to individuals, group’s and society as a whole of the study results.  Example: Using the first hypothetical social psychology study above, if we find that public awareness ads are associated with improved changes in attitudes toward the severely mentally ill might we use such study results as a means of advocating for Federal funding for expanding advertizing efforts; or if study results show no to little association between ads and public attitude changes, might we better serve the severely ill by pursuing other means of reducing stigma?

Forum 400 word due Sunday 600 pm Eastern time

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Last week we discussed the importance of ongoing communication with kids especially when it comes to sex and relationships). By the time kids reach the late adolescence stage their relationships are more complex as are the issues they face. Based on the

Last week we discussed the importance of ongoing communication with kids especially when it comes to sex and relationships). By the time kids reach the late adolescence stage their relationships are more complex as are the issues they face. Based on the.

Last week we discussed the importance of ongoing communication with kids (especially when it comes to sex and relationships). By the time kids reach the late adolescence stage their relationships are more complex, as are the issues they face. Based on the reading and your personal experiences, what do you think will be the most challenging part of parenting a child in this stage of development? Why? How, as a parent, can you provide support and guidance while remaining in the role of a parent?Now we will transition into the stage of adulthood. In your own words, tell us what it means to be an adult? With the economy the way it is many adults are moving back home to live with their parents. Many adult children are taking care of their aging parents. What are some of the challenges that arise (in either scenario) and suggestions for dealing with them?

300 words with 2 citation

Last week we discussed the importance of ongoing communication with kids especially when it comes to sex and relationships). By the time kids reach the late adolescence stage their relationships are more complex as are the issues they face. Based on the

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