IT Department Training Manual

 IT Department Training Manual

Case Scenario

As an advanced PC technician, you are part of a company training program in which you will learn more advanced skills to service client computers and train new technicians. You will take the information and documentation you had in the training manual developed in Hardware and Software I and continue to add your new skills to provide a team training manual that builds on your previous work. You should also know that your new technicians only have the basic skills, like you did when you first started, so you must be very clear when documenting these more advanced techniques and procedures. You are trying to position yourself for more responsibility within your organization by showing some supervisory potential.

You are creating a training manual that will be used by the new technicians that have limited experience in the field. Begin your training manual by using this template to describe what is required to install and configure a consistent operating system on a computer in the organization. Be general, so it addresses the major critical steps and considerations to prepare and execute a load of Windows operating system on a computer.

Your process should be 4-6 pages and:

1). Describe the computer’s hardware specifications that must be checked before loading the operating system. What resources from Microsoft are available to assist with these checks?

2.) What steps should be taken before loading the new operating system if the computer currently has an operating system or important files?

3.) List two issues that might occur during the operating system installation.  How should the issues be determined and resolved?

4) The sound and network cards are not working after the installation. How can the drivers be checked? How should these issues be resolved?


Author’s Last Name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume Number(Issue number), Page numbers. Retrieved from http://URL for journal home page OR database permalink

You should use NoodleTools to create and format your reference page, then export to Word—copy and paste here.

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