A Comparative Study of the ministry of Interior General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs-Dubai with UK Government


A Comparative Study of the ministry of Interior General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs-Dubai with UK Government


1.0 Introduction

In the study, a comparison of both the UK government and the ministry of foreign affairs in Dubai is going to get elucidated. The two get selected so as to bring an insight of the real issues reigning in both countries. The paper will look at the chronicle of aspects, governance and politics, economy, environment and organization, performance and strategy. In two instances, the issues arising from the investigation is going to get highlighted. Discussion of the findings is going to follow and in the end a way forward, and conclusion done.

2.0 History

It is a city with a large population in UAE and follows Abu Dhabi in second place in terms of size. Situated in south-East of Persian-Gulf, it places the city in a hub for international investors. It is a cosmopolitan and is now an international city. Dubai’s oil profits assist speed up the initial growth of the town. However, its investments are inadequate. The generation intensities are minute: nowadays, less than five percent of the emirates’ proceeds originate from oil. Tourism, real estate, financial services, and aviation are not the emirate’s model trade driving the economy. The city of Dubai gives international investors an urge to come and invest. It has the world tallest high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Besides the construction, the city has man-made islands as well as hotels coupled with big shopping malls. Even though, there are archaeological sites, the real inhabitants of UAE cannot get established. The town that was in the region was centers for trade between the western and eastern side. There are pre- Islamic arts such as the Umayyad arts depicting that people worshiped Bajar. The proximity to Iran makes it a suitable location for doing business and acted as a focal point for international tradesmen and was well known for its pearl trade (Davidson, 2008). Hence the ministry of Interior General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs-Dubai get to look provisions of services on behave of government of Dubai.  UK in history is known to set the pace for a number of countries during the period of colonization that spanned to various parts of the planet including Africa. They competed with France, Germany, and Portugal in territorial colonization (Rutherford, 2014).  The UK government has a website for assisting clients on any issues both residents and foreigners.

3.0 Structures

3.1 Governance

The nation of Dubai was ruled by Al Maktoum from 1833 and has been a monarchy where no election gets done apart from citizens taking part in the federal college election for federal national council of UAE. The municipality gets established for provision of services, and planning and has established e-government as one way of empowering the clients in service delivery.  In the judicial system, the law enforcement consists of a civil court, criminal court, and has sharia court. All these are to act in different capacities for the sake of dispute resolutions in Dubai (Acuto, 2014). Owing to territorial and long period of governance, UK has a well-structured system of governance that gets emulated by many nations of the world especially those it colonized.  Every country in UK has a separate system of governance grounded on devolved systems (Payne, & Phillips, 2014).

3.2 Economy and Business

The economy of Dubai gets erected on the basis of oil exploration. As at 2011, the GDP was approximated to be $83.4 billion. Currently, the revenues from oil and gas have gone down. It is approximated to be 7% with real estate taking the center stage with 22.6%; financial system is 11%, and trade is 16%. The decision of the government to invest in tourism in place of oil related task is valuable and thus people from diaspora get to come to Dubai in large numbers. The ministry provides guidance plan of how to start business, start with 51% ownership being the governments and the remaining is for the owner. In expansion of business, one needs to get establishment labor card, and immigration card and to employ large percent of local residents. The employees must get better pay and medical allowance to allow them get government card (Ahrens, 2014).

 In comparison with Dubai, UK’s economy is very stable and is ranked as the sixth in the globe. It is a place in the planet with a soaring cost of living where only the able ones can survive. It has in recent time encountered migration of people especially from EU states who are members. The policy of EU member states permits people of these states to live and work freely by any member nation with no hindrances. The provide support on how to get business capital, property regulations, taxes, employees’ benefits, patents, and good/services and data protection (Sanders, 2005).

3.4 Business Environment

The environment in Dubai is conducive in the region of Gulf. It emanated to be so since the diversification shift from oil dependent to other sectors of growing the economy, and it has progressed over the years to the state it is at present. It has attractive sceneries for tourism and thus persons from diverse parts of the planet visit the region. There is safety owing to low crime rates. It is attributed to the proper security mechanisms put in place. The attractive issue in terms of career in the salaries that is motivating. It gets attributed to free income levy to employees’ wages guarded by the law. The lifestyle get advanced and people long to working in Dubai as it gives a fast track on career progression as well as skills acquired to work in multinational companies in the region. The ministry’s conditions in supporting foreign affairs are diverse. In order to support and foster their services, the ministry has set up their websites. It is where clients go when they require immediate assistance. Furthermore, since the ministry is in proximity to the heart of Dubai, it makes it more accessible to the people (Cummings, & Worley, 2014). 

UK governance has the most interesting atmosphere of freedom and free atmosphere. The clients and the employees are free to exchange ideas for the sake of the client. The liberty to ask one’s rights is the driving force in the system of governance. Devolution has made every this decentralized down to the people. In every country under UK, they have their governance. The organization is one that is down to up. It is the employee at the bottom who get to have a say. The top management acts as direction pointers based on views of people at the bottom. However, there are cases where the management must determine on what to get accomplished based on the transformations. Technology gets fully embraced with complete system automation (Choo, 2002).

3.5 Residents’ Information

In the residents tap, the ministry is doing great task in ensuring the people from diverse parts of the planet get their documents for residency and travel within Dubai in a very short time. The internet is one of the methods employed to give clients information that get required from time to time so as to avoid being acquainted on the bad hand of the law. It provides options of selecting schools, marriage, parenting, divorce, and job search.  In comparison with UK, Dubai’s performance is still low. The crime reporting section gets highlighted. UK as well has an elaborate site with all elements that a client requires ranging from crime and justice, environment, housing, visas and immigration, working and jobs. It optimally presents their undertaking and efficiency is what clients enjoy most (Borman, & Motowidlo, 2014). 

3.6 The strategies Employed 

In looking at the strategies, both Dubai ministry of foreign affairs and UK government gets grounded on giving the clients the best within a very short time. Their website get to elaborate on many services that any client can look for thereby easing them of over-crowding. It is with this respect that both have laid down structures begged on culture, management of change, and design. The culture embraced by the two embraces use of togetherness and hospitality-thus making the client feels at home. They perceive client as a priority is service delivery. The strategy of management of change gets to come in line with the adoption of changing modern work-place and technological advancements (Greenwood, & Langley, 2014).

4.0 Issues/problems

4.1 International laws

The international laws are in a number of cases hindrances to the discharge of duties to the clients by the ministry. These laws are stern and rigid giving them difficulties in serving clients as envisaged in the ministry’s mission. For instance, the laws governing trade globally compel them to impose measures that scare away potential investors and thus barring big businesses to the country. UK, on the other hand, encounters the same issues even though they have the upper hand since it is among one of the nations bestowed in drafting these laws. In most instances, they are to their favor (Khani, & Mohammadi, 2014).

4.2 Terrorism and Related vices

It is an act that has been a problem to the international community. People for the Middle East get tagged with association and funding of terrorist groups. These are a great barrier to dealing with people from the diaspora. In UK, it is as well an issue. Gangsters have high skills of raiding people’s residences as well as banks and steal from them. It gets attributed to the engagement in drugs (Canter, Sarangi, & Youngs, 2014).

4.3 Environment and related issues

The environmental laws governing the environment are widespread and cut across the nations of the world. These are instances geared to guarding the planet for future generation. The ministry of foreign affairs gets a lot of challenges owing to people, businesses, and other sectors of government not adhering to these laws. It puts the ministry in a bad picture with the outside worlds. As a result of this sanction is in many occasions imposed to the nation (Thomas, 2014).

4.4 Drug Trafficking

Drugs such as cocaine and heroin are drugs trafficked across borders. These are drugs that cannot be allowed in any nation. The ministry gets a lot of challenge in dealing with the issues. It is because the trafficking is in a number of instances linked with prominent people in the government and are sometimes forced to go against the law. It is a case as well in UK in that trafficking gets done by people with high esteem in the government. Owing t this is very difficult in combating it completely. There are instances where laws have to be made strictly to punish anybody caught in the drug cases. In UK, the governance instills stern measures on anyone found to be part of the trafficking (McSweeney et al., 2014). 

4.5 Human Trafficking and Human Rights

People get to Dubai through means that do not concur with the rules prevailing. There are culprits engaging in human trade. They ferry people from various parts of the world especially the developing nations at a fee. It is done contrary to the laws and without passing through the ministry of foreign affairs. It poses a big challenge to ministry (Davidson, 2008).

The Government of Dubai has been in the lime-light of torturing foreigner people. There are cases where expatriates get their passport held up by a company one is working for the reason of making the person lack freedom.  Also, house managers get mistreated and tortured by their bosses.  These are some of the cases of violating human rights. The ministry of foreign affairs is got in the mix not knowing what to do. People from other nations coming for employment in Dubai come with a positive attitude of getting to reap according to their skills, but they end up being slaves. In UK, the issues are not as augmented as in Dubai. The government of UK has set laws and regulations that guard the rights of an individual. People engaged in trafficking get to face the wrath of the law (Rainey, Wicks, & Ovey, 2014).

5.0 Discussion

In the investigation, it is apparent that both country’s’ governance not the same. In UK, there is complete devolution where every country gets to handle tasks that national government would have done. It makes services faster, and the people at the ground get services at their door steps. The foreign ministry of Dubai is centrally located only in Dubai. It implies that people must come to the city so as to get services. Even though, UK is a mature nation, it gives a challenge to Dubai to entrench full democracy in their systems of governance. The issues raised are in a way comparable. However, the issues are more rampant in Dubai. It gets attributed to laws that are not followed to the later. Dubai legal systems are still not tight thus paving a great challenge to the foreign affairs ministry in implementing these laws.

6.0 The Way Forward

In order Dubai to be the center of attraction globally, it has to embrace full democracy and allow devolutions of state functions to the people. It is through this that the people are going to enjoy the fruits of democracy.

The foreign affairs ministry through the government of Dubai must enhance law enforcement system. It allows culprits defiling the law culpable of stern punishment. In order to speed up efficiency in services delivery, full automation is mandatory.


Dubai is a nation that is growing at a fast pace. When proper laws, structures, and automation get done, it is going to be at bar with developed nations of the world and act as an example to developing nation. Proper laws and enforcement will eradicate all the vices and hence reduce issues at hand.





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