1pg Clinical Psychology

1pg Clinical Psychology.

Project description
You have been requested by the court to conduct an evaluation of a person charged with assault. Specifically, the judge wants to know if this individual is intellectually, cognitively, and psychologically competent to stand trial.
Based on information learned so far from the text:
•Discuss what assessment instruments or types of tests you would include in your assessment.
•Describe the specific information you need to obtain from the clinical interview and past history of the accused.
•Discuss the issues regarding the limits of confidentiality you would discuss with an individual accused in such a case.
•Discuss how the article you read for this assignment might pertain to this scenario.

TEXT: Kaplan, R. and Sacuzzo, D. (2009). Psychological Testing: Principles, Applications and Issues (7th Ed.). Belmont, CA: Cengage Publishers

1pg Clinical Psychology

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