Gregor’s Metamorphosis as Allegory Essay

Gregor’s Metamorphosis as Allegory Essay.

Think of a real­world situation that relates to this/these idea(s). The isolation of an individual results in a spiritual death that dehumanizes the lonely person. In what ways is Gregor “dehumanized” by his isolation? What about his life leads him to feel isolated? “He found it difficult to bear lying down quietly during the night and soon eating no longer gave him the slightest pleasure. So for diversion he acquired the habit of crawling back and forth across the walls and ceiling.

He was especially fond of hanging from the ceiling.” ​ (Kafka, 1915) Gregor is left alone most of the time. the only time he isn’t alone is when his sister comes to feed him. Isolation has brought out more insect like characteristics in Gregor. He feels more comfortable hanging upside off the ceiling like a bat. A normal human cannot enjoy being upside down like he did.

The transformation and the fear that he will hurt or scare his family members A real life situation that relates to this passage is the history of African Americans and Jewish people.

they were not treated like every other human because of their difference from the masses and the majority. they were separated and isolated through internment camps or crop fields. keeps Gregor from approaching them. Meaningless work or drudgery alienates the individual from living an authentic, meaningful life. Find a quote that describes Gregor’s “meaningless work.” How does this make him feel? “What a demeaning job I’ve chosen! Day in, day out, on the road. The stresses of selling are much harder that the work going on at the head office, and, in addition to that, i have to cope the problems of travelling, the worries of train connections, irregular bad foo, temporary and constantly changing human relations which never come from the heart.

To hell with that!” (Kafka, 1915) Gregor works with a company he does not enjoy because he wants to pay off his parents’ debt. He works somewhere which provides no benefits to him. Gregor is unhappy and stressed with his job as a traveling salesman and this makes him feel like a person that is being overworked. A banker who hates her job but does it to fend for her family. Hh sits at a desk all day, get short a very short break with long working hours and gets a small pay. It was once her dream to become a medical doctor but she failed medical school and had to pick the only profession available to her. In the complicated modern world, the search for meaning is futile (or pointless). Dysfunctional family dynamics can destroy an individual.

Find a quote that demonstrates the “dysfunction” of Gregor’s family. How does this make him feel? “She had grown accustomed, certainly not without justification, so far as the discussion of matters concerning Gregor was concerned, to act as an special expert with respect to their parents, and so now the mother’s advice was for his sister sufficient reason to insist on the removal…furniture, with the exception of the indispensable couch.” ​ (Kafka, 1915) Grete, has started to take care of Gregor’s daily food and needs. Recently, she has developed a selfish and all knowing attitude towards matters concerning her brother. She wants the family to rely on her to take care of gregor. She even became presumptuous and decided to take away gregor’s furniture. Gregor realized the meaning the furniture has to him and he didn’t want to A teen in the rebellious phase does things to get her parents attention. Her parents do not pay attention to her the same way they do her younger brother. so, she monopolizes the brother and volunteers to take care of him hoping to get noticed and rewarded.

Gregor’s Metamorphosis as Allegory Essay