Three Types of Shoppers Essay

Three Types of Shoppers Essay.

Do you like shopping? Most of the people like to go shopping. When you go shopping, do you always buy something? Probably your answer is ‘No’. Sometimes, people go to the mall or supermarket without any buying purpose. In my case, I like to go to the mall just to look around new products. However, some people may think I am a time waster because I do not buy anything. Like this, everyone has different thinking about shopping tendencies. Also, they have different kinds of habits.

Therefore, shoppers can be classified as intelligent shoppers, impulsive shoppers, or window shoppers according to their shopping habits. First, many people want to be intelligent shoppers because of their good shopping habits. Before going shopping, planning is the most important task for intelligent shoppers. Normally, they make shopping lists according to their needs and budget. It is a very effective way to save not only time but also money. Besides, they check the store fliers to get store information every day, so they take lots of discount opportunities such as coupons, promotion, or holiday sales from that fliers.

It is very helpful to buy their planned items with cheap prices. Also, they take advantage of the price exploration on the internet to find lower price products. These habits made them as smart shoppers. In addition to intelligent shoppers, impulsive shoppers who buy based on their impulses are common. These shoppers do not make lists about what they want even though they have a plan to go shopping. For that reason, their instant feelings can control shoppers’ mind easily.The beautiful displays can attract impulsive shoppers and make them open their wallets. Also, salespeople can persuade impulsive shoppers. For example, when these shoppers receive compliments about fashion coordination from salespeople, the shoppers will buy the products even if they may not know well what they want to buy.

Nowadays, some people want to get rid of stress by spending money. Although this behavior can be a good way as retail therapy, it has side effects like bankruptcy because of credit card disbursement. As a result of this, impulsive shoppers must train how they control themselves while they are shopping. The final type of shoppers is window shoppers who like walking around the mall without purchasing. At the mall, there are many people who hang out with friends or family. Their purpose is not shopping although they spend their time at shopping malls. For instance, my friend goes to shopping malls every day after school with her friends.

She does not want to go home, so she enjoys her time looking around the window displays. Furthermore, window shoppers often visit luxury shops and try on many expensive items in these stores, but they do not buy anything. However, they earn vicarious satisfaction by making an attempt. Additionally, window shoppers say window shopping is the best way for planning and checking for next purchase. To sum up, most of the people have some habits among intelligent shoppers, impulsive shoppers, or window shoppers. These three groups of shoppers can be found easily at any shopping mall. People should identify their own shopping habits in order to reduce risk of over spending money and buying unnecessary things, so that they could be wise shoppers.

Three Types of Shoppers Essay

UNlQLO-Hong Kong Essay

UNlQLO-Hong Kong Essay.


This essay sets out to strategically analyze UNIQLO which IS a new Japanese ca wear brand invest in Hong Kong. I will analysis UNIQLO internal factor and external factor. After that, I will recommendation some area of digital marketing to UNIQLO

Company background:

UNIQLO is the well-known casual clothing brand in Japan, and to Show footprints across four continents, 17 places. UNIQLO is mainly developing the” business market in Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan. In a few years, UNIQLO upgrade to the world‘s fourth largest casual wear brand, just behind ZARA, H&M.

and GAP. Also, Giordano is the main local competitor of UNIQLO in Hong Kong.

In 2005, UNIQLO started to invest in Hong Kong. They open the first branch in Tsim Sha Tsui. Today, UNIQLO is one of the popular brands in Hong Kong where have 22 branches. Many teenagers or student will buy their clothes because. there have many types of clothes such as T-Shirt, coat, jacket, sweater and jeans.

Internal analysis:
Business Model

UNIQLO is a business to customer (B2C) company, as their company philosophy is MADE FOR ALL’. They want everyone can wear the best quality casual wear. So their product lines divide to man, woman, kids and baby. Also, UNIQLO products have different series such as casual wear, formal suit, underwear and sportswear. They want customer can purchase their clothes more concentrate and convenience.

Then main objectives of UNIQLO’s marketing program are enhancing its brand image, In the target market and maintaining relationships with customers through digital communication. Digital marketing communication is very useful which can attract the potential customers. For example, we are developing the online shopping system to our customers. It can attract the potential customers who are looking our website. Also it can build our brand image, increase our market share. In addition, we are planning to cooperate with local university, Sponsor some clothing to their student. Establish long term relationship with media channels.

Target Customer

UNIQLO slogan is “MADE FOR ALL” their target market would be anyone and everyone, no matter what yours gender, ages. In UNIQLO, you can purchase what you need.
However, they will not set their products prices too high as they want everybody can afford it.
In Hong Kong, teenager and student are their main target customers because teenager and student are care more about their dressing than adult.

Competitive Analysis

(International competitors in Hong Kong)
UNIQLO is the world’s fourth largest casual wear brands, their ,main competitors are H&M, GAP and ZARA. These three companies also sell inexpensive causal wear and thief style is very similar. (What about Giordano, Bossini)

GAP & ZARA are UNIQLO big competitor because they want to develop their business in Asia too. They want to infuse the Europe style to Asian. However, UNIQLO is a Japanese company, their products maybe have some Japanese style. In Asia, Asian like Europe style more than Japanese style. 50 it will affect their sales in Asia.

In digital marketing, I find online shopping system only GAP website have, UNIQLO, H&M and ZARA haven’t online shopping systems. Also, GAP have the after sell service, it can help customer to reduce the risk of shopping online. Nowadays, customers like shopping online because they can know the news products and purchase them on the internet, it is more convenience than shopping in branches. ln Hong Kong, UNIQLO only have 22 branches, not everywhere can see UNIQLO stores, so online shopping system can really help UNIQLO to promote their products.

However, UNIQLO has used other social application such as ‘LINE’ to interactive with. customers. For example, UNIQLO every week will send message in their fans page, they will ask some question, if follower answers their question correctly, they will give some discount to them. It seems more interesting because customers can interactive with UNIQLO.

(Local Competitor)

Recommendations Part B(Strategy)

ESPN has become part of the American culture for more than forty years. This provision mummy Sports information is becoming integrative to the global phenomenon. In general. world-of-mouth marketing can be cleverly driven Into electronic marketing and social network marketing via the social media in the form of online communities and forums, blogs and social network. Such includes Facebook. Twitter and YouTube.

Electronic marketing and social network marketing will be important for ESPN (Dijkmans. Kerhof & Beukeboom, 2014) to continue to keep their position in world culture and remain as one of the top choice of quality sports information provider among consumers. The social network marketing will continue to reach their target customers. ESPN must help her customers in engagement with ease to exchange her brand virally. The business branding of ESPN is to be extended onto Google+ aside Facebook and Twitter since this platform supports the best practice tactics in viral marketing.

After all, these social media platforms are to be integrative with EXPN website via the Cell phone technology by the implementation of
mobile apps with updates
the call for action buttons
site structure with search functions enhancement
retrieve of comment posting on social platform in display on home site(and vice versa)
Google analytic tools (Pan, 2014) in tracking the status of EXPN against her Competitors

The implementation allows for provision of
1 visual content sharing of images and videos (for gasping of attention)
2 educational and insightful content to attract more serious people (parents and Young adults)
3 Provide frequent and consistent updates of content of new stories and sports- specific blog posts
4 Provide prominent sharing button of social media platforms for easing Customers in sharing the content

ESPN needs to focus on her sport cultural customers especially in creating her evangelists by asking them to encourage their peers into using ESPN. In particular, the youth audiences would be highly influential to continue to appreciate the service of ESPN and help to pass that same appreciation down to their next generation as it has been a part of their culture.

Her role as an advisory agency for her sports customers allows the advantages at two levels (Domegan, 2008). At commerce level, cross-selling is possible between ESPN and her other business partners and such saves the operation cost of her sports partners and the time cost of their Customers. At marketing level, her mission and vision in helping the

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding the UNIQLO strengths and weaknesses, and for identifying the opportunities open and the threats of UNIQLO. Used in a business context, a SWOT Analysis helps UNIQLO carve a sustainable inche in its market

1. Strengths:
-Products diversification
-Great service attitude

First, UNIQLO’s products have many types such as formal suit, sportswear and casual wear, it can provide more choice for customers purchase in the same place.

Second, shopping in UNlQLO can enjoy the best service. When the customers entered the stores, the staff will say ’Welcome to UNIQLO’ and show their smile face to customers to keep the impression better. Also they will solve all about products question to customers. I think this is better than other competitor.

Third is UNIQLO products price, they offer discounted prices which increase footfall in store. Also, their price is cheaper than other casual wear shop, but their product quality will not decrease.

2. Weakness:
-Employee flow too much
-Can’t shopping online
No membership (preferential)

First, UNIQLO invest much money into training which increase the human resource cost. UNIQLO always have the employee outflow, it will waste their training and money. As UNIQLO hasn’t enough employees discount and welfare so they are difficulty to attract teenager join.

Second. UNIQLO hasn’t online shop, they only have online website. Customer only

In Hong Kong, the local competitor is Giordano which has 73 branches that more than UNIQLO 22 branches. So, Giordano‘s market share is more than UNIQLO so much. Also, Giordano has perfect online shopping system. it attract more customer purchase Giordano product. This is the main different between UNIQLO and Giordano. As Giordano has these kinds of service, they can help customer purchase convenient. Giordano’s advertisements do very well and enough that make them to be a well-known brand in Hong Kong.

Product Analysis
As teenager and student are UNIQLO target customers, their products need to be younger and colorful.

Also, UNIQLO is always crossover with some famous designer and other brands such as +J Collection, SPRZ NY, Jeffrey Fulvimari and Disney. It will make UNIQLO products more special and limited. UNIQLO products are very diversification which has four main series products such as women, man, kids and baby.

UNIQLO products can fulfill yours need because they have different product lines such as sportswear and casual wear. Their goal is everyone has the chance to come in UNIQLO to purchase.

Corporate Social Responsibility

UNIQLO not only a business company, they also is a social responsibility company. They have the concept is through clothing to bring the social have the good way development.

UNIQLO sponsor some famous sports athlete such as NOVAK DJOKOVIC, Adam Scott, KEl NISHIKORI and SHINGO KUNIEDA. UNIQLO hope they can promote their brand to the world and attend more charity function. The aim is through the star effect to attract more people to care the poor countries.

UNIQLO also has the clothing recycling program, they will send the old clothes to the disaster affected countries such as 2013 Nov Philippine typhoon disaster. They donate many recycle clothes to victims.

Market Analysis:

Situation Analysis

ESPN is the leading American cable television network of sports entertainments, entering its first year of operation in cell phone venture in 2003. its premium products were well received and niche marketing has been the key to develop brand and product awareness as well as grow the customer base. ESPN offers sophisticated cell phone with highly specialized content at sports information, serving the growing web industry.

The entrance to the Western European markets in 2009 demonstrated the business design and its distinctive capabilities of ESPN as being a leading multinational sports entertainment company. ESPN is shown successful at marketing, capabilities such as understanding customer value, creating customer value, delivering customer value, capturing customer value, and sustaining customer value.

Market Summary and Target Customers

ESPN possesses good information about the sports entertainment and knows the specifics about the characteristics of a particular sports entertainment follower. This knowledge and the accumulated customer base of customers can be leveraged to better the product and service provision in addressing the needs of the target customers.

The common attributes of the target markets of ESPM are as follows: Entertainment Speed Sportsmanship Excitement Culture

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis evaluates an organization to assess the internal and external factors, Which in turns impacts on the market organization of the organization. The assessment is Critical in the development of goals and the implementation of strategies (Kotler & Keller, 2009). The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company. and describes the opportunities and threats facing ESPN.

UNlQLO-Hong Kong Essay