Research Paper

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is a part of academic writing upon which an author or a student collects, collates, and analyses information through original research. Writing a research paper involves a series of activities which include coming up with an original topic, formulating a research question, and analysis of the findings based on the objectives. The main idea of a research paper is to expand knowledge.

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A research paper builds upon a subject and expands it through investigations as well as intentionally sourcing from other experts to establish what they already know about the topic area. Therefore, while writing a research paper, a student or an author digs deep into their specific field of knowledge and attempts to extract the most relevant piece of information that expands the topic.

A Research paper follows a structured formula through which other scholars can easily follow and interpret the findings of the research study. The format and structure allow other scholars or audience to develop into the research findings and the ideas that the research paper proposes.

What A Research Paper Intends to Achieve

A research paper is important since it equips and enhances an individual’s research skills since the exercise involves sourcing for materials.

A research paper intends for the author or the student to form their own opinions about a particular subject topic and critically develop it to the levels of research findings.

A research paper can also be used as a medium through which scholars and academicians create opinions, exchange of ideologies, and or opinions.

Passing and development of knowledge is an important component in the academic discourse, and therefore, a research paper facilitates this exchange.

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