Keeping Pets Essay

Keeping Pets Essay.

Many people spend a huge amount of money on raising pets. In a world where millions are suffering from starvation or are under-nourished, I honestly think that such spending is unnecessary. There are good reasons for keeping pets. First, pets combat loneliness. Cats and dogs are a good companion for people living alone. Furthermore, keeping a pet can also be good for our health. There is evidence that raising or even just stroking pets can reduce blood pressure and stress, and many nursing homes have animals for just this reason.

Dogs also need exercise, so the owners benefit from walking too. In addition, pets are fun and great teachers! By playing, they remind us that life is not just about work and minding them teaches children responsibility. However, some people take pet ownership to extremes. For some owners, pets are an accessory or a display of affluence. Shows and exhibitions are held showing animals in ridiculous outfits or hairstyles, and vast amounts spent maintaining pedigrees and creating unusual breeds.

Secondly, the cost of some veterinary treatment can exceed the cost of life-saving operations for humans. This is clearly a misplaced priority. Finally, even a few tins of dogfood or catfood weekly runs into tens of billions of dollars annually worldwide. Should a cat be better fed than a human? To sum up, it’s clear that pet owners squander a lot on their animals. We need to consider what we are spending our money on and whether this money could be spent on improving the life of others around the world.

Keeping Pets Essay

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