Music Censorship Speech

Music Censorship Speech

“Without music, content life would be a mistake.” These exact words of Friedrich Nietzsche inspire me, ladies and gentlemen. What is the use of a society without music? Music is vital in our social existence since it is a tool of expression and social interaction. Censoring music is a spell of doom and an insult to a quest to realize perfect social order. Music is life, and no one can dispute that. I come from a lineage of musicians, and I comprehend the challenges they experience to produce appreciated music. These people aim to change society by expressing their thoughts. What if there is a prohibition of this kind of inspiration? Do you people think they will survive or turn to deviant ways in society?

Music Censorship Speech

Everyone has a right to expression and freedom of association. Musicians use entertainment to air their views about societal and political conflicts. Listening to such kinds of music and watching videos is informative and reveals the rot in society. Censoring of music acts as an information blackout to the entire world population since the hidden issues will go unearthed, and society will be plunged into a dungeon of hesitation and abyss. Ladies and gentlemen, editing some music audio and clip content lead to the distortion of the meaning of a song. A musician could not relay his or her message fully due to the deletion of the important parts. In a situation where the deleted content formed the real content that would lead to the appreciation of the music, a musician would lose market and live in a world of hopelessness. Think about his or her family. The losses they will incur from the music ban will lead to family instability and frustrations in life. Some family members might opt for crime to solve their financial hoodoos instead of focusing on moral obligations. What, then, is the importance of music censorship if it only leads to emotional instability and poverty in society?

Governments of various nations claim that some music content leads to immorality. Their claim is an act of hypocrisy. Government officials are the most corrupt individual that promotes immorality in the nation. Their perception of the music industry is ill-advised and a bid to control the entire society since they view music as a threat to the existence of their autonomy. Since music as a label leads to prominence, harassing musicians through proposing policies that can deter the success of musicians is unfair. It is discriminating for the authority to censor music since they cannot censor their immoral ways in society.

Global economies depend entirely on music as an entity that leads to the promotion of social order. Music censorship will translate to poverty and an imbalanced economy in the world. I do not think we need that. Everyone intends to live in a balanced economy where opportunities are common for perfect growth. Music censorship denies the largest people an opportunity to ply their trade and promote the economy fully. An imbalanced economy is a breeding ground for crime, violence, and conflict that no one intends to experience. We should rise up as a people that value their society and the welfare of everybody irrespective of the profession.

Ladies and gentlemen, our health is our life. Music acts as therapy toward realizing a healthy nation devoid of psychological disorders. A sedentary life leads to frustrations that arise due to obesity. Through music in the yoga classes, people practice and understand the need for physical fitness: the background music acts and therapy to such kinds of an individual with a mental disabilities. Editing some music content might deny them the right to recovery and promotion of a healthy nation. Musicians face enough problems in a society that censors their music will insult their professional competence. The issues of copyright, hacking, and piracy are some of the issues that musicians have toiled to tolerate in a society full of people who do not value other people’s means of survival. Can we still go ahead and add salt to an injury? It is disheartening to see a musician’s work washed down the drain due to censorship. If music could have been immoral, doctors would not have proposed using music as a tool for therapeutic sessions.

Music is a tool that promotes unity and salvages dire situations that need a public response. Editing some of the content will lead to infringements of the rights of people to access valid information and the denial of access to an in-depth world that is full rot and immorality. Should we stand firm and discourage the government’s role in editing musical content and banning certain music from public consumption? Are we ready for the change, ladies and gentlemen?”

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