Daniel Bernoulli

Research some popular games of chance that Daniel Bernoulli would have studied. Be prepared to explain the expected outcomes of these games and how this relates to the study of Probability. Find at least 2-3 different sources of information.

2. Create a new Microsoft Word (.doc / .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) document on your computer, and write 1-2 pages (please see formatting information below) explaining the people identified above, their games of chance, the outcomes of these games, and how it relates to the study of Probability in your own words. Please cite 2-3 references from websites that are reputable (they have a “.edu” extension).  Note: headings, titles, references, blank lines etc. do not count towards the more than one page requirement.

Please follow MLA formatting (Purdue Owl MLA Style Guide):

  • Double spaced
  • 12pt font
  • 1″ margins
  • Indent paragraphs
  • Include a Works Cited page (separate page, not included in the 1-2 page requirement)

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Assessing Capacity for Workplace Analytics

Assessing Capacity for Workplace Analytics

Workforce analytics requires the employee to provide the Chief Human Resources Officer with the best ways to recruit qualified personnel. The organization is established to attain a predetermined goal that requires specialized skills as well as other diverse labour force (Guenole, Ferrar, & Feinzig, 2017). Thus, assessing the workforce capacity help in establishing the best suiting skills either from within the company or outsourced from the job market by a recruiting agency. Workforce analytics also involves collecting data to determine the capacity of an employee in decision making, critical thinking as well as in determining the willingness to help another member of the staff. 

Question 1

Hypothesis statements

  • Better capacity to think help employee to make good decisions
  • Willingness to develop others among employee increase productivity

The above hypothesis requires a set of data to test their plausibility. For instance, while measuring employee capacity to think a data analyst require to collect the following employee age, level of education, and creativity. On the other hand, test for employee capacity to think and ability to develop other [QAD1] requires one to collect the following data; employee age, year worked in the organization, amount of remuneration as well as education level. The variables for testing the two hypotheses requires internal sources. This is because determining the capacity to think and willingness to develop others in an organization can only provide accurate data among workers. However, the data can be collected from a different group, but it is supposed to come from within the study population.

Question 2

The management is an integral part of learning the day to day activities of the work force. An organization is established to accomplish certain predetermined goals (KPMG International, 2015). For this reason, management look for specific skills in the job market to recruit their staff. Thus, the management of an organization is the main stakeholder of the recruitment, training, and monitoring of the achievement of workers. Therefore, the management is a key stakeholder in testing employee’s capacity to think as well as a willingness to develop other.

The other stakeholders involved in testing the ability of the workforce are the employees. The worker plays a vital role in the production processes in an organization. Therefore, it is prudent for the organization human resource department to ensure they have the best skills to achieve their mission and goals. The data required for measurement of the efficiency of an organization must emanate of the workforce. The staff are the target group of study from which the management need to invest its resources to increase the delivery of services and increase its revenues.

Universities and colleges institutions are stakeholders that help determine the wellbeing skilled labour. People go through school to learn and attain skills that can help them in their life. The skills impacted among students, include financial literacy, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork. Thus, it is easier to identify workers who have gone through school from lower levels to the highest level by the way they conduct their activities. Thus, determining the level of education by engaging employee education background would help determine the capability and willingness to help among organization staff.

Question 3

In a circumstance where there is no existing data for analysis, an organization can partner with other stakeholders to determine the best suited skills in the market (Deloitte, 2017). For instance, an organization can reach out to university institution to enquire on the skills that they teach on their students. Through this, a recruiting organization can look for graduates from an institution that impact the skills that they require. Through this one can recruit the best staff without conducting data analysis. Moreover, a recruiting company may request a learning institution to train a specified skill to the employee rather than looking for experienced workers. This saves the cost of recruitment and improves the capacity of the company’s employee.

An organization can also consider looking for skills among its staff or within other competing organizations. Moreover, lack of expertise in conducting analytical study can prompt a company to outsource service delivery. In-house recruitment is cost effective and efficient mode of recruitment. This is because a recruiting firm chooses among the best performing workers to take hold of new positions. This is done by the organization internal HR determent rather than recruitment of new agency to the job for the company. Given that the processes are within the organization the company has an advantage of rewarding performers and thus inculcating a culture of hard work in the work place.

In-source recruitment is not so different from in-house recruitment. It involves using the company’s resources to recruit new staff. This may involve promoting an existing employee to new positions or hiring new staff know by the company may it from among its stakeholders. In-source recruitment helps the company to sustain its culture and a smooth transition process (Guenole, Ferrar, & Feinzig, 2017).  On the other hand, the company may find it in-house or in-source recruitment to be limited in their demand for better skills. In this circumstance, the company may opt to high a competent agency to do a recruitment process and find a competent employee for the company. Thus, outsourcing involves an organization hiring recruitment agencies to work for them.

The best method of recruitment that assures of quality hire is outsourcing. Recruitment agencies dedicate their time, resources and energy in finding the best skills in the market for a particular position. In addition, outsourcing present a company with a varied choice of a pool of talent to choose from. Moreover, outsourcing saves an organization resources by engaging a qualified expert to their job while concentrating on production or service deliver (Guenole, Ferrar, & Feinzig, 2017). Though this the company does not interrupt its operations and accord it, employees, the maximum time to deliver on their targets. Outsourcing model of recruitment is scalable. The processes are conducted in view of the peak and trough in the job market. Therefore, a firm is assured of skilled staff when opening for new departments.

For an organization to succeed it needs competent staff to drive the agenda set out by the management. Thus, this requires a concerted effort by the Human Resource department and the management. The management of a firm has various ways through which it can conduct its recruitment mainly through workforce analytics, in-house recruitment, in-sources recruitment, and outsourcing recruitment. All these help a company gets skilled labour to fill in new positions. Among this outsourcing is the best as it saves on the company’s resources and assures of the best skill in the market. A recruitment study of the employee to determine their capability is expensive and disrupt the processes of the organization. Moreover, in-source and in-house recruitment motivate employee but deny the company of the best talent.


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Guenole,N., Ferrar, J., & Feinzig, S (2017). The power of people: Learn how successful organizations use workforce analytics to improve business performance. Cisco Press.

KPMG International. (2015). “Evidence-based HR: The Difference between Your People and Delivering Business Strategy.” KPMG International. Retrieved from https://assets.kpmg.com/content/dam/kpmg/pdf/2015/04/evidence-basedhr.pdf.


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How many solutions does your quadratic have based on the discriminant?

Present a quadratic equation in ax2 + bx + c = 0 where a > 1.

1. How many solutions does your quadratic have based on the discriminant?

2. Pick TWO ways to find the specific solutions or show that there is no solution:

a. Quadratic Formula

b. Graphing

c. Factoring

d. Square Root Property

e. Completing the Square

3. Why did you choose those two specific methods versus the others?

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