Gay marriage Essay

Gay marriage Essay.

The sanctioning of gay marriage is a moral way forward and has positive outcomes in all aspects of life. Homosexuality it seems is a modern concept in terms of today’s news, especially as the legalization of gay marriages are now at the forefront of today’s current issues. The facts are, homosexuality is not a modern concept or a modern way of life, from as far back as history will allow us to delve it is believed that homosexuality in men has always existed.

Many ancient writers, such as Strabo and Athenaeus, wrote that the Gauls or Celts commonly practiced homosexuality.

Aristotle wrote that the Celts “openly held in honor passionate friendship (synousia) between males”. Diodorus Siculus wrote that “Although the Gauls have lovely women, they scarcely pay attention to them, but strangely crave male embraces (arrenon epiplokas). (Norton) As we have moved through the centuries and certainly more towards the end of the last century and into this one, it has become a lesser taboo subject than it once was.

The media has brought to our attention, positive and sometimes negative reactions to people who practice same sex relationships.

Even celebrities have, in some ways, brought about a wider recognition of homosexual behaviour and thankfully this has allowed a certain extent of acceptance. The familiarity of reading and viewing such issues has enabled a greater reception and a recognized tolerance for the gay community. From a libertarian point of view, we are discouraged and prohibited from causing any racial or discriminatory behaviour towards others; be more open minded towards differing lifestyles and opinions, and this should not be any different towards homosexuals, or those seeking to enter into a gay marriage.

Ostracizing homosexuals only leads to and breeds a misunderstanding and a promotion of discrimination. Homosexuals do not choose to live this way out of defiance or rebellion; they are born this way and should not be made to feel victimized. A further hindrance in the fight for legalization is the concept that allowing such justification would give confidence to those individuals having the need to marry their pets or walk down the aisle with their blow up dolls. This argument is preposterous as in the first instance there can never be an entry into marriage between any beast and a human.

The beast has no ability to speak and cannot therefore agree to marriage, the same goes for a doll or any animate object. It is difficult enough in this day and age to maintain any kind of relationship and being involved in a gay relationship is no different, perhaps in some cases it is harder, however as society has struggled to come to terms with this behaviour, it should be reminded that any relationship, if it is a healthy relationship, is a good relationship regardless of who is involved and their chosen sexuality.

The legalization of gay marriages will support and promote homosexuality and this should be regarded in a positive way for all those concerned. Studies repeatedly demonstrate that people who marry tend to be better off financially, emotionally, psychologically, and even medically. (Cline) A communatarian standpoint would be that though the above concentrates solely on the personal benefits, the same can be realised when considering the families of gay couples and the communities they live in.

The acceptance and legalization of their unity promotes a healthy attitude and has a constructive influence on others, consequently this influence creates routine, stability, positive role models and a preferred society to live in. Homosexuals are not harming anyone with their intentions of marriage, it is simply the next level of their relationship and they should not be denied this as their right. “When your government puts into place laws that prevent people from being equal they set the stage for those who discriminate to feel justified.

” (Hosty) Legal classification has and can be changed; society and tradition have changed without the need for a legal approval therefore there seems no reason to uphold the argument. It has been said that homosexuality weakens the definition of marriage and that the belief and crusade for legalization will encourage and increase ‘fake’ marriages. Yet who is to say that this does not occur in heterosexual marriages. Attempting to pocket homosexuals into this category of behaviour is a poor attempt of a weak argument and should be disregarded when looking for blame in this area.

The procreation debate is another common case of contention, many believing that marriage should then result in reproduction and in endorsing homosexual behaviour the human race will suffer. Homosexuals do not influence heterosexual people; there will not come a time when there are no heterosexuals left due to homosexuals. Homosexuality is not a recruitment agency. It is not clear why straight people would stop procreating if gays could marry.

The factors driving people to reproduce — the needs for love and to love another, the purported instinct to propagate one’s genes, religious obligations — would still exist if Adam and Steve could marry. No couple has ever been required to procreate in order to marry. No couple has ever even been required to be able to procreate in order to marry. Sterile couples and old couples can marry. Couples physically able to procreate but who do not want to procreate can get married. (Carpenter)

Tradition and family values have also featured in the arguments against gay marriage, yet the world seems to be content to develop in technological and other social customs. No laws have been introduced to prevent heterosexual couples from living together outside of marriage, nor have there been any actions taken against single, heterosexual women adopting children, yet when it comes to homosexuals and the idea of them legally binding their love, this is unacceptable. According to The Bible it clearly condemns all sexual behaviors outside of marriage between one man and one woman.

Homosexual behavior is explicitly condemned in both the Old and New Testaments as an abomination and a violation of God’s standards for sexuality. (Coalition) Yet this is not a law, it is a book of beliefs, a book that many people claim to believe in, yet fail to live by its words. Only choosing what is to suit personal purpose is this referred to. Many people, who claim to believe in The Bible, and its beliefs in respect of homosexuals, do not take into account their own lives and that perhaps they flout the Books scriptures.

None of us live perfect lives, yet there are numerous bigoted people who drive for the argument against something as inoffensive as a homosexual couple showing their love. Statistically speaking it is known that homosexuals live 20 years less than heterosexuals therefore the argument continues that legalization would be encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle. Numerous conflicts make homosexual behaviors abnormal, including rampant promiscuity, inability to maintain commitment, psychiatric disorders and medical illnesses with a shortened life span.

The sexual practices of homosexuals involve serious health risks and illness. Specifically, sodomy as a sexual behavior is associated with significant and life-threatening health problems. Unhealthy sexual behaviors occur among both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Yet the medical and social science evidence indicate that homosexual behavior is uniformly unhealthy. Men having sex with other men leads to greater health risks than men having sex with women, not only because of promiscuity but also because of the nature of sex among men. (Fitzgibbons)

Heterosexuals also live unsavory lifestyles; drug users, criminals and sexual predators all come in different shapes, sizes, gender and color, being homosexual is not primarily unhealthy and if society were to accept this lifestyle more readily, perhaps the gay community may adapt their lifestyles and take less risks. A loving and stable relationship, albeit a homosexual one, generates maturity and respective values towards one another. Throughout history there have been many definitions of marriage. Usually; A legally recognized union of a man and a woman by ceremony or common law.

(Services) but more recently this has been generalized to identify marriage as two people who are married to each other. The emphasis being on the word ‘people’ implies that there has been an easing of attitude, therefore why would this definition change? If marriage is indeed meant only for procreation purposes, why are infertile couples allowed to enter into marriage when there will be no child borne from the relationship? There are heterosexual couples who have married in later life, with no desire for children and they do not come across such obstacles when making their decision.

From a utilarian aspect, a child will only develop positively in a loving and stable relationship; this can take place in a homosexual relationship just as well as in a ‘conventional’ relationship. There will always be a form of resistance where change is involved. Fear of the unknown, lack of knowledge and more importantly, ignorance will all factor in this struggle to change people’s opinions. The legalization of a gay marriage should not be about the sexuality of the couple; it should be about recognizing and celebrating a couple’s love for one another.

Marriages have changed erratically over the years, respectively considered to be ‘uncool’ or ‘unnecessary. In the past it was thought to be sinful to live with a partner and not enter into marriage, yet our views of this have changed. It is perfectly acceptable to have multiple partners and to cohabit with your chosen partner yet when it comes to those individuals who chose to live together and get married from the same sex, this is not acceptable. There are innumerable ‘slippery slope’ theories that have no ultimate backbone to their arguments.

Anyone it seems, no matter what they engage in, be it any kind of sexual deviance, religious beliefs, personal lifestyle choice, they are given permission to say “I do”, however, if those same people were to be homosexual, their permission would not only be denied but they would suffer judgment and prejudice from those standing court. A persons future happiness should not be determined by small minded and judgemental bureaucrats. It may be a more practical method to way up the statistics of the general public as they are, after all, the majority of the society we have to live in.

The statistics overleaf highlight the conclusion that there seems to be an opposition from the middle aged generation, unable to move on from tradition and their political persuasions. (Times) Carpenter, Dale. Independent Gay Forum – Gay Marriage and Procreation. 18 March 2004. 20 March 2008 <http://www. indegayforum. org/news/show/26665. html>. Cline, August. Gay Rights, Marriage & Homophobia: Ethical & Political Issues: Arguments for Gay Marriage: Moral and Social Arguments for Gay Marriage. 20 March 2008 <http://atheism.

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Gay marriage Essay

A Respectable Woman Essay

A Respectable Woman Essay.

In A Respectable Woman Mrs Baroda follows the same course as Mildred in the beginning her interest in a man by feeling “piqued” at his lack of interest in her. The simple fact of the physical presence of the man is again what awakens the woman’s sexual interest as Gouvernail’s silences and indifference seem hardly designed to attract her. Again like Mildred Mrs Baroda is confused by the difference beetweeen the social role she expects her guers to play and Gouvernail’s actuality.

Gouvernail does not register either Mrs Baroda’s indifference or her imposition of her presence upon him (other expression: G. does not respond to … to do smth.) Without takinf any action or even engaging in the social niceties, both men are the unwitting instigators of dramatic developments in the self-knowledge of others; they are catalytic to momentous change in the lives of the women they encounter.

Mrs Baroda becomes helpless in the face of her own physical desire; she resorts to flight and refuses to have any contact with G for more than a year.

When in proximity to him she shas been consumed by the conflict arising from her struggle to keep hold on her identit as a “respectable woman” whilst attempting to control her newly awakened !physical being!. An ending to the story which would restore Mrs Baroda to her place as the embodiment of the title “A R W” is offered to the reader when the invitation to G is once again extended: “Ihave overcome everything” You will see. This time I shall be very nice to him”. What her husband taes as the overcoming of her dislike could also, of course, be the overcoming of her passion or, alternatively, the overcoming of the scruples which prevented her from pursuinf the attraction. The two latter interpretations hang suspended as possibilities above the story.

However, whatever the reading of these lines , the fact remains that the intimacy of this married couple – evidenced by their informal sharing of the dressing-room, their liking for each other’s company, their “long, tender kiss! – has been and amy again be threatened. There is no certainty, no stabiklity, no emblem of a highly ordered society such as marriaag,e which is not susceptible to disruption by thedemands of physical desire.

The story allows us to lift Mrs Baroda out of her closed reading as “A R W” ans to place her in an umber of alternative situations; the possibility exists for her to continuer as that woman or to use her reputation to conceal a quite different existence .We do not know what will happen but our reading of Mrs Baroda cane never be quite the same again because doubt has been planted by the ambiguous ending of the story and, having already witnessed both the power of feelings that shake her and her resolution to controla them, we are forces back into the body of the story in order to suspend judgement.

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A Respectable Woman Essay

The Unlikely Tragic Hero Essay

The Unlikely Tragic Hero Essay.

In his essay on tragedy, Arthur Miller once wrote “the tragic feeling is evoked in us when we are in the presence of a character who is ready to lay down his life, if need be, to secure one thing–his sense of personal dignity.” This insightful view of the common man’s ability to be a tragic hero is emblematic of the female protagonist, Mrs. Alving, in Henrik Ibsen’s controversial drama Ghosts. In her fight to pull her family together and become the archetypal wife Mrs.

Alving learns of life’s tragedies- she loses everything she loves and all she has built in the name of dignity.

Regardless of the deleterious internal effects on her psyche, Mrs. Alving protects and uphold her values. She respects marriage; she knew her husband was unfaithful, yet Mrs. Alving did not end the relationship as she wanted to uphold her matrimonial vows. She recalls “soon after, I heard Alving come in too. I heard him say something softly to her.

And then I heard – oh! it still sounds in my ears, so hateful and yet so ludicrous – I heard my own servant-maid whisper, ‘Let me go, Mr. Alving! Let me be!’” (1.405). Though she fights to understand the truth, she has nobly held her tongue to save her boy and let her husband die honorably.

Although she believes it is a bad idea to leave the newly built orphanage uninsured, she protects Manders from public indignation by complying with his anti insurance idea; this becomes a regrettable decision when the orphanage burns down. She still respects Manders’ ability to function under the laws of society, but when he makes note of the ignominious progressive books she has been reading Mrs. Alving becomes defensive. She explains, “here, in my loneliness, I have come to the same way of thinking, Pastor Manders. But I have never dared to say anything” (1.351). While she has a strong belief in progressive ideas, Mrs. Alving would never shame her family by outwardly expressing them.

Mrs. Alving respects her family enough to realize they will be hurt if she does not hold everything together. She imparts only fond memories of Mr. Alving to her son Oswald and reminds him of the familial ties which they must live by. As Oswald refers to his father saying, “and yet he managed to do so much in the world; so much that was good and useful; although he died so early” the reader realizes how delusional his vision of his father is (1.295).

Deeply obliged to both her son and her late husband, Mrs. Alving fights to cover up the truth of her marriage and provide the best for her son, striving to protect his innocence and morality. She believes she can save her son from anything, though as her marital situation worsened she could not bear the thought of keeping her son in such an environment, she explains “I had to bear it for my little boy’s sake. But when the last insult was added; when my own servant-maid; then I swore to myself: This shall come to an end!” (1.411). She did not want him to suffer from the actions of his father, thus she sends him abroad.

Continually fighting to protect those around her, Mrs. Alving only hurts herself in the process. She invites Captain Alving’s lovechild, Regina, to live and work in their home to ensure she receives a fair education. It is only later that she becomes aware of her son and Regina’s relations- an incestual relationship made possible by Mrs. Alving’s kindness to the young Regina by letting her live in their home. In behaving under the societal guidelines and ignoring her husband’s despicable actions, Mrs. Alving only pushed him further away. The absence of a faithful husband created a perpetual loneliness in Mrs. Alving and though she found peace of mind in sending her son Oswald abroad, his absence devastated her and their relationship would never be repaired.

Plagued by the internal guilt of her husband’s unfaithfulness, Mrs. Alving concludes that their environment pushed her to become the societal façade of a wife. By viewing life through society’s vantage point, Mrs Alving became a dutiful wife, who unfortunately fell into the mechanic motions of a wife’s day-to-day duties. Upon realizing her fault, she apologizes to her son saying, “they had taught me a great deal about duties and so forth, which I went on obstinately believing in.

Everything was marked out into duties – into my duties, and his duties, and – I am afraid I made his home intolerable for your poor father, Oswald”(3.122). Mrs. Alving sees how she added to her husband’s unhappiness and thus tries to make up for his wrongdoings. She dedicates the orphanage to him, even though he was unfaithful to her. She believes in showing respect, and making sure her husband is remembered in the light which others knew him. She believes she will have fixed everything once she rids herself and her family of the true memories of her husband.

The morality of society’s ability to coerce the family unit to function under traditionally acceptable conditions has been questioned throughout history. Henrik Ibsen enables his readers to become aware of the horrible truths that lie behind closed doors in his contentious 1881 Norwegian drama, Ghosts. Mrs. Alving suffers from the conflict between the external pressures of society battling what she believes is moral. Her societal training has taught her how to gracefully handle any situation- sweep your troubles under the rug and wait for them to creep out when you are most vulnerable.

The tragic events she faces throughout this play result in the domino effect which stems from the intricate web of society-pleasing lies she has spun since marrying Captain Alving. Eventually Mrs. Alving comes to the understanding that societal dignity is not a panacea; one’s ability to complete the tasks of a dutiful wife will not save a marriage, will not show a child love, nor will it create a fairytale ending. Mrs. Alving does not live happily ever after, rather she is left isolated. She will continue on in her dignified lonesome state of living.

The Unlikely Tragic Hero Essay

Same Sex Marriage Essay

Same Sex Marriage Essay.

This study describes the advantages and also the disadvantages of couples of the same sex being married. It aims to explore how it affects the society and most importantly the church. Same-sex marriage, popularly known as gay marriage, is a socially or legally reorganized wedlock between two persons of similar social gender or biological sex. Although the idea of same-sex marriage can be traced back to ancient times, it is not legally reorganized at the national level. The issue of same-sex marriage is one that has attracted a lot of controversies world over.

In many nations, it has attracted conflicts in such issues as social, moral, political, religious and civil rights. So I asked some concern individuals of what is their point of view in this certain phenomena.

There are many reasons that have been given for opposing same-sex marriage in the Philippines, most of which are variations of well-established facts. While most of the arguments do not hold water, a number of them have basis.

Most opponents of same-sex marriage in the Philippines believe that marriage is meant for man and woman. Most people believe that marriage is an observance of religion and, therefore, same-sex individuals should not be allowed to form of union. It is indisputable that children born form heterosexual parents benefit a lot from both parents. A good proportion of Filipinos believes that children have a right of being raised by two parents.

While scientific research has proven that children reared by same-sex parents are just as healthy as children brought up by heterosexual parents, most people believe that same-sex family set ups results into moral decay in children. In every aspect of the law, particularly laws relating to marriage, no mention has been made regarding same-sex marriages. This means that from a legal perspective same-sex marriage is not condoned. From a legal perspective, the dictionary defines marriage as a state of being in sexual union with an individual of the opposite sex as husband and wife. In legal terms, marriage is a binding relationship between two parties, of the opposite sex, which joins their belongings, lives and income. Marriage is reorganized by law, and dissolution of marriage can only happen by court process for divorce.

According to the church, marriage was established in Eden by God to be a lifelong union between a woman and a man in a caring companionship. To the church, same-sex marriage is a sin that has perverted the idea of God about marriage and family. Most priests and clergymen believe that same-sex marriage is a manifestation of brokenness and disorder in the human relation and inclination as a result of sin. While all human beings are subject to the fallen nature of humans, the church believes that through the grace of God people live in harmony with the world. To the church, same-sex marriage is disgusting and unnatural.

Same-sex marriage is equally unnatural. While the satisfaction and pleasure may be the same as heterosexual sex, it is definitely the way the human body was designed to have sexual intercourse. For example, most people argue that the fact that same-sex lesbian couples use dildos and vibrators to pleasure themselves is proof enough that sex was meant for a man and a woman. The same way, anal sex in gay couple is a proof that sex was designed for the opposite sexes. Most churches believe that sex is meant for married couples to express their bond and intimacy and most importantly to reproduce.

Reproduction is necessary and essential because death is imminent and dead people have to be replaced for sustainability. To the church, the institution of marriage is not constructed arbitrarily; rather, it is based on the complementary natural differenced between women and men- how they associate, support, complement, and encourage each other. To insist that people should keep the traditional and ethical understanding of marriage is not an attempt by the church to put marital restrictions. The church is simply acknowledging God’s intention for marriage. It is the church’s opinion that sexual revolutions have had negative repercussion on the institution of marriage. Good examples are out-of-wedlock births and no-fault divorce.

To the church, the institution of marriage is a keystone to human civilization and developments, and any issues pertaining to marriage must be conducted in radical and untested social experiments. While opponents of same sex-marriage in the Philippines believe that marriage is religious institution, a lot of marriages take place government offices and courts without necessarily passing through the church. Same-sex marriage supporters believe that issues of marriage are societal issues and should be separated from the church.


The idea of same-sex marriage is a new one and has attracted a good amount of controversy. Every adult has a right to marry and be married. However, as people exercise such right, caution should be taking not spoil the whole idea behind marriage. Marriage is important for the continuity of humanity, and any alterations to this institution will mean an alteration to humanity. While it is important for us to acknowledge and accept change, changes such as same-sex marriages should not be accepted or acknowledged in haste. If same-sex marriage gets legalized in the Philippines, as a legal tantamount of heterosexual marriages, it will have many repercussions in numerous areas.

For example, sex education in schools will be forced to teach both heterosexual and same-sex marriages as being equal. Parents who would insists that their children should not be taught same-sex marriage will be considered as illiberal bigots; the will be at odds with the law of matrimony and its resultant curriculum. The institution of marriage should be looked at from all perspectives. Marriage provides husband and wife; mother and father and is a conduit by which children are born. The relationship between children and parents, the family unit, are all grounded in a marriage relationship between a man and a woman; not same sex relationships.

Same Sex Marriage Essay

Advantages of Arranged Marriages Essay

Advantages of Arranged Marriages Essay.

Marriage is a union or an institution in which two individuals are bound together legally, religiously or otherwise. It occurs as a result of several motives such as emotional, physical, legal, religious, financial, etc. Marriage is not always between two individuals of opposite genders and not everyone involved goes into it of their own free will. In ancient history, women barely had rights of their own and were considered properties of their families and properties of their husbands after marriage.

This belief went on for centuries until the 19th and 20th centuries when people in Europe, America and a couple other continents began to make several legal changes to improve the rights of women.

For these reasons and many more, marriage has become one the most debated issues in societies today. It is said to be one of the subjects that brings about chaos and confusion in families and societies and that its disadvantages vary on the type of marriage in question.

Arranged marriages are one of the many types of marriages people are most skeptical about. Some people even feel that it causes more havoc in families than any other type of marriage. Arranged marriages are mostly practiced by royal families all around the world and in most cases, it is considered not as a union between a man and a woman as husband and wife but as a partnership or an alliance formed between two families.

Although arranged marriages may not be completely beneficial to the couples in some cases, it tends to have more advantages than disadvantages in the society today because it reduces the rate of divorce in societies, it guarantees a wider range of happiness in families and it is a secure form of marriage (country reports on human rights practices 2008). To begin with, there are fewer cases of divorce in arranged marriages today and this is as a result of a few precautions taken before a marriage is actually arranged.

Firstly, marriages are usually arranged either by the parents of the individuals, a close family member or a matchmaking agency. They (especially the parents) all ensure that the couples that are paired together are compatible in every way (Mayzin 2013). Thorough background checks such as religious, social, financial, cultural and even medical checks are carried out on both individuals. Secondly, divorce is not tolerated in most, if not all, of the societies where arranged marriage is practiced (Zuberi 2013).

To elaborate further, arranged marriages are common in countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and there is very little tolerance for divorce in these countries. Lastly, most arranged couples try to resolve their problems amicably to avoid embarrassment from their parents. As stated earlier, when a marriage is arranged, the union is not only between the couple but also between the two families so when couples in arranged marriages have misunderstandings, they try their best to resolve them as quickly as possible in order to prevent their parents from finding out about it and interfering in their private lives.

Due to this, the couples end up saving their marriages unconsciously by making sure none of their misunderstanding lasts longer than is necessary. In addition, arranged marriages tend to guarantee a wider range of happiness to the couples involved. To start with, although some of them get off to wrong starts and the first few years do not appear to be as blissful as expected, the couples learn to coexist with each other sooner or later.

When they realise that hating and loathing each other is nothing more than a waste of valuable time they should spend to get to learn more about their spouse, they tend to loosen up and, with equal effort from both sides, learn to care for each other. In most cases, the initial feeling of hate eventually turns to love (Lee 2013). Also, the couples in arranged marriages have a lot of similar interests. Most couples in love marriages tend to engage in oral brawls when it comes to family matters and decision making in general because of lack of common interests on certain issues.

Like cases as these are rare in arranged marriages due to the critical scrutiny conducted by the parents and family members of the couples before they are labelled as a perfect match. Finally, most love marriages occur as a result of spontaneous decisions made due to irrational thinking. Take for instance, the movie, “A few best men”. A man and a woman went to an island for a short vacation and while they were there, they met and fell in love instantly. Or so they thought.

They spent their time getting to know each other and after ten days, the duration of the vacation, they felt they knew all there was to know about each other so they decided to get married. They had a great honeymoon and promised to be with each other forever. After a few months, they began to have several arguments due to their many dissimilar preferences and countless clashes of interest. Then reality struck; their blissful marriage was over and they had gotten to the stage where they both felt miserable and couldn’t stand each other.

A couple more months and they were divorced and had gone their separate ways. Moreover, arranged marriages can be considered as safe marriages because of the following reasons. First of all, there are no social inferiorities between the couples in arranged marriages due to the many similarities in their backgrounds. For instance, if an arranged couple attends a social event together, neither of them would feel out of place because they both have similar upbringing and have both had comparable social experiences.

Also, couples have low expectations in arranged marriages because they barely get to know much about their spouses before they get married. They just trust that their families have made the right choices for them so they go along with it and hope for the best to come out of the situation. Due to this, the couples have low expectations of their spouses and sometimes their partners turn out to be amazing; this strengthens the foundation of the marriage. In situations where this is not the case, the little expectations minimizes the level of disappointment.

Finally, there are rarely cases of domestic violence in arranged marriages. Just as stated earlier, before a marriage is arranged, thorough background checks are conducted on the potential partners and if as much as a hint of violence is spotted in the background of either of them, the person is not likely to be chosen as a spouse. Furthermore, opponents argue that arranged marriages could also be considered as forced marriages. In some cases, this argument could be legitimate because some couples are forced into marriage for family and societal benefits.

For example, some parents force their children, especially the female children, to get married to people from wealthy families with high social standards because of some financial difficulties their families might be facing at the moment or plainly because of a craving for family name and social recognition. In other words, this argument could also be irrelevant and inauthentic for the following reasons. Firstly, arranged marriages these days are optional and are only carried out with the children’s consent (Should arranged marriages be outlawed? 2013).

Before a marriage is arranged, the potential couples are brought together, introduced and are given unlimited time to get to know each other. After this phase is completed, the individuals are left to decide whether or not they want to spend the rest of their lives with the person in question. If after this, neither of them is interested in the other, the topic is dropped and a new search for another suitable partner begins. Lastly, forced marriages are obsolete and are against the law (Travis 2000). A law has been enforced that parents forcing marriages on their children is against the law and could be charged with a criminal offence.

With this law enforcement on their necks, parents would not dare to marry their children off against their will. In conclusion, arranged marriages have been said to solve several problems such as incompatibility in couples, difficulty in finding a spouse, inferiority complex, etc. Although arranged marriages may not be completely beneficial to the couples in some cases, it tends to have more advantages than disadvantages in the society today because it reduces the rate of divorce in societies, it brings about peace and harmony in families and it is a secure form of marriage.

Advantages of Arranged Marriages Essay

The Mats Essay

The Mats Essay.

The story assigned to our group is ‘The Mats”. And based on our discussions and group meetings, the interpretation we all agreed to make is the “reader-based interpretation”.

The Mats, written by Francisco Arcellana, is a short story depicting a very typical Filipino value – a deep sense of close family-ties and bonding. In this particular story, a man -depicted as a very loving and thoughtful father/husband- seems to still not able to move on from the unfortunate departure of his three children.

The Mats

The depiction of the family is about a typical big Filipino family with family members leading out roles in a very typical Filipino traditionalist lifestyle, that is; father/husband as the breadwinner and wife/mother as housewife and loving, obedient and submissive children.

The basic plot of the story is about the most memorable homecoming of the breadwinner of the family, the father, who came home from his periodic inspections which were celebrated everytime these happened. But during this particular inspection to the South, he “met a marvellous matweaver – a real artist” according to him.

He wrote a letter about this event to his family that said “I shall have a surprise for you. I asked him to weave a sleeping-mat for every one of the family. He is using many different colors and for each mat the dominant color is that of our respective birthstones. I am sure that the children will be very pleased. I know you will be. I can hardly wait to show them to you” and when the letter arrived home, his family was so giddy and excited about the event. They kept on talking about it and they read the letter again and again when they could.

“Mats” played a big role in their own “family culture”. “They had such a mat in the house, one they seldom used, a mat older than any one of them. This mat had been given to Nana Emilia, the wife/mother, by her mother when she and Mr. Angeles, the husband/father, were married, and it had been with them ever since. It had served on the wedding night, and had not since been used except on special occasions. It was a very beautiful mat, not really meant to be ordinarily used. It had green leaf borders, and a lot of gigantic red roses woven into it. Nana Emilia always kept that mat in her trunk. When any one of the family was taken ill, the mat was brought out and the patient slept on it, had it all to himself.”

For us, that particular and special mat was an emblem, a symbol of tranquillity and good health and a refuge from being sick. It was a symbol of healing and beauty and elegance because of its intricate design and embroideries. We imagined it as a really lovely and beautiful mat with the golden woven name of the husband and wife.

But because of the rarity of its usage and where it’s almost usually used, as a sleeping mat of a sick family member, it became “associated with illness in the family, even serious illness”. Taking out those mats because of those happenings made this like a ritual.

For us, although it symbolizes good health and a refuge of being sick, it also kind of depicts a symbol of suppressed sorrow and agony as some of the children who took refuge on that particular mat died and were not fortunate enough to be rejuvenated by the healing powers of the mat.

Anyway, so when the night came, the father arrived and was with his family again. Depicted in the story was that every homecoming was celebrated so we believe that during this time, there’s a huge dinner for the family. We can see them really happy for the foundation of the family has come back. We can imagine the many stories being shared at the moment, the joyous laughters shared upon the family table. The “pasalubongs” or “souvenirs” being put aside, fruits and whatnot.

Despite the momentous moment and hundreds of random offset topics being brought upon, all of them thought of the wonderful mats brought by the father, Mr. Angeles. We can really imagine, basing on their background of being super mat-lovers, the excitement they had of seeing and receiving their respective mats. Just like one of our groupmates who shared the similar feelings contained about every homecoming of his soldier father the super excitement of receiving the things promised that are said to have acquired a tremendous price of beauty and sentimental value. He said it really felt super exciting to finally see and receive the promised things that his father told them. It was a different kind of excitement compared to normal feelings of excitement, because this kind of excitement, our groupmate said, was built upon months and months of waiting, just like in the story although we think it was just for days, but still the similarity of the situation is there.

So anyway going back, when the time came to distribute the promised ever wonderful mats woven by a “real artist” as how the father described him, we can imagine everybody were so elated and cannot wait for their respective glorious mats. We can even imagine the children and even his wife affectionately teasing him to finally distribute the mats.

“Finally, after a long time over his cigar, Mr. Angeles rose from his seat at the head of the table and crossed the room to the corner where his luggage had been piled. From the heap he disengaged a ponderous bundle.

“Taking it under one arm, he walked to the middle of the room where the light was brightest. He dropped the bundle and, bending over and balancing himself on his toes, he strained at the cord that bound it. It was strong, it would not break, it would not give way. He tried working at the knots. His fingers were clumsy, they had begun shaking.”

Maybe because of their affectionate persistence, we thought the father was nervous and was shaking because of the pressure they put on him. We found it cute and funny. Anyway, the bundle was loose and the mats were ready to be distributed.

The father gave everybody their respective mats with their respective names on it, each has their own unique and intricate designs that symbolize what they do and what defined them like a lyre for Marcelina, the eldest child, who was a music student like one of our groupmates also a pianist; Jose, the second child, had symbol of Aesculapius as a symbol for his being a medical student. The wife got a mat woven in the middle was her name and beside it are woven flowers –the cadena-de-amor – which we thought are symbols of his love to his wife. Cadena-de-amor symbolizes chastity and purity so we thought maybe that was why he thought to decorate his wife’s mat like that. The husband/father got himself an austere, meaning simple, mat but of purple and gold, which we think these colors symbolize superiority and/or royalty as fathers are metaphorically referred to as “king of the castle”.

When everybody got their respective mats, all of them bursted into complete happiness and gratitude. We can imagine the big smiles they were wearing now at the time, but the during the happiest hour of the night Nana Emilia, the wife, noticed there are mats that were left unopened yet. She wondered and exclaimed that “there are some more mats”. What our group thought was that because of her inquisitiveness, it ignited the tension of the story. Because of this the mood began to change abruptly.

The father, Mr. Angeles, replied “Yes, Emilia, there are three more mats to unfold. The others who aren’t here…” The moment we began to read these lines, we felt goosebumps inside us. We can see and imagine that everybody just froze and began to feel really tensed because everybody knows what their father meant. We can see the extreme sudden change of Mr. Angeles’ face from being really happy to being an empty, dull and straight face. We can picture out too Nana Emilia sweating like a river because of the awkwardness and nerve-wracking situation they were experiencing at the moment. She couldn’t speak at all. All of the children became automatic statues and mannequins only that they breathe of nervousness.

Mr. Angeles slowly unfold the mats, and the mats were empty, no symbols or whatsoever but just plainly names of the unfortunate offsprings he dearly loved and couldn’t let go yet. Everybody knew the name “but somehow the name, the letters spelling the name, seemed strange to them.”

As we were discussing this particular situation now of the story between the group,we kind of felt too as if we were there at the moment feeling the heavy pressured and tensed environment that was set around them. Then suddenly silence was broken and Nana Emilia “found her voice” and said “You know, Jaime, you didn’t have to”, her voice hurt and surely frightened. Mr. Angeles replied, “Do you think I’d forgotten? Do you think I had forgotten them? Do you think I could forget them?” He then shouted the names of the children, who already passed away, and dedicated them the mats he bought for them. During our group discussion we agreed this was the most intimate situation ever in the story.

We can hear them crying and soggy because of the tears uncontrollably flowing from their eyes especially from Nana Emilia and their children pleading their father to stop. Nana Emilia even asked him to stop but Mr. Angeles, as what we imagine and feel, even became more angry and said “Is it fair to forget them? Would it be just to disregard them?” “His voice had risen shrill, almost hysterical; it was also stern and sad, and somehow vindictive. Mr. Angeles had spoken almost as if he were a stranger. Also, he had spoken as if from a deep, grudgingly-silent, long-bewildered sorrow.” The words exploded in silence.

As what the story said and what we can imagine, all of their faces were glued to the face of their father no matter how much they wanted to look away from him, what we can see is how tragic that night was and how the mood changed from extremely happy to extremely scary and tensed. “There was a terrible hush.” Indeed, it was the most memorable homecoming they ever had.

The Mats Essay

Unfaithful Essay

Unfaithful Essay.

Why do men and women cheat? There are several reasons why men and women are unfaithful. The biggest according to Neuman is “opportunity and unhappiness” (25). Relationships are built on love, and sometimes two people forget to communicate causing unhappiness. When an opportunity comes along to talk with someone about our problems we usually do so. Does it always lead to cheating? No, not always. People form relationships to get to know one another, they begin a commitment based on their love, and they seek happiness in life.

Whether happiness revolves around marriage and kids or a significant other to spend life with, all relationships have problems. Cheating on your spouse or significant other is just one factor in an unhappy relationship. A recent study conducted by marriage counselor M. Gary Neuman estimated about 2. 7 men will cheat and most wives will be completely oblivious and may never find out (Oprah). The reason men cheat isn’t simply because they want sex. Men often cheat because they miss the feeling of being admired and feeling a woman positively responding to them (Author 202).

Usually with their partner they feel criticized and undermined.

Men need to feel they can make their partner happy as well as feel admired and trusted. Men are motivated by knowing “they can get things right” for their partner (Author 202). When constant arguments arise this means there are deeper issues at hand, rather they are about a woman feeling the loss of an emotional connection and bond with their man. Not enough connection feels like abandonment. In an attempt to regain a connection women complain, and tell their men what they “are not doing right” (Author 202). Unfortunately men don’t know the complaining and criticism is actually a desire for connection.

Men begin to believe they aren’t doing things right and there for lose self-esteem. Once the pattern starts of a man distancing and a woman complaining the man can become discouraged. This becomes a vicious cycle that ultimately leads to cheating and destroys relationships. When he tries to “do the right thing”, he soon gives up when their isn’t any type of positive reinforcement and the appreciation he longs for doesn’t come instantly. He needs to persevere and appreciate his partner more in order to break the cycle. If he continues to distance himself it makes the lack of connection worse and his partner feeling more abandoned.

At these times some men are vulnerable to cheating on their partners to get a sense of self esteem and affection they long for. They attempt to re-experience what it is like to have a woman’s positive attention. It’s not really about sex at all. It’s about the need to be admired. Women cheat as a last resort when they feel taken for granted by their partner. Women wish to feel appreciated, desired and special to their partner. Some women are more vulnerable to cheating if they have a friend who cheats, it makes cheating seem more acceptable.

Often when a woman decides to cheat, it is because their partner has ignored their attempts to emotionally re-connect (Author 202). Women cheat because their partner does not listen to them. They begin to feel lonely and depressed. This is when women become vulnerable creating a perfect recipe for infidelity. It’s hard for women to repeatedly bring up issues as they fear being seen as “nagging. ” According to Neuman if a couple can sit down, listen, communicate and address the real issues at hand a resolution more than likely may occur (88).

In other words talking about each other’s issues like mature adults is a healthy way to avoid infidelity. Some men have learned to avoid conflict rather than listen and sort things out they do something temporary or wait for the issues to die down. What they don’t realize is that a bit of the love and connection their partner feels for them also dies when issues are not taken seriously and addressed. Women reach a point where their feelings for the partner has been eroded sufficiently for them to be vulnerable to getting their needs met elsewhere.

On the unconscious level an affair is an attempt at problem solving. It’s curious how cheating partner’s unconsciously let their partners’ know they are cheating as if they want the main issue to come out into the open. Cheating interrupts the emotional bond between a couple. The break in trust hurts, shocks and shakes the betrayed partner. A break of trust can be worked through in relationship counseling resulting in a stronger partnership. It’s a tough process and it takes time to work through the root issues to a develop a more realistic informed trust. Informed trust replaces blind trust.

Unfaithful Essay

Reflective Paper on Gay Marriage Essay

Reflective Paper on Gay Marriage Essay.

Today many people have their own opinions and beliefs when it comes down to the topic of gay marriage. I personally feel that gay marriage should be legalized. Yes God said, “That marriage is to be between a man and a woman. ” My question is, “What gives people the right to judge or tell another human-being who to love or how to love? ” I personally feel it’s insulting to one’s integrity and people should be able to express their love how they see fit.

For centuries the United States has been known for its civil rights and freedoms. Many Americans are angered by the idea of same-sex relationships and marriages.

The biggest reason to why heterosexuals are against gay marriage is based primarily on their religious beliefs. So I’m wondering, “What’s wrong with the idea of two people being together who love and care for each other wanting to spend their lives together? ” Of course the gay community is greatly misunderstood because many people who aren’t living a homosexual lifestyle just refuse to listen.

Most of these individuals would rather be close-minded to the topic, rather than trying to understand the daily struggles and what it means to be gay in America or any other country for that matter.

Same-sex couples aren’t asking for special treatment, but just to be treated the same as a straight couple. The ethical theory that provides the most support for same-sex marriage is utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is a natural way to see if an act is the right thing to do (or wrong thing to do) is to look at its results or consequences. Theories allow us the opportunity to identify the problem and then find ways on how to resolve them. One example would happen to be the ninth commandment, “Thou shall not lie. Given this statement we a human-beings, tend to lead busy lives and in order to not go against what we may have said, we’ll lie. We do this to keep from hurting one’s feelings. In doing this we as people look at the consequences of our actions to determine how we can make the situation better. It also states that there is an obvious solution that is fair and that may be one that appeals to common sense also. If we can mix races and people are allowed to get married just because. Then why aren’t same-sex couples allowed the exact same opportunity?

What makes people so against and afraid of allowing others to love and be with the person they choose? In a utilitarianism mind-set, society can’t say who should have a relationship. Much of the controversy rises from the decision on how one chooses to define or view marriage. Even though, it was between a man and a woman, man and a man, woman and a woman. Relativism is a concept that points of view have no absolute truth or validity. In contrast, people who are supporters of gay marriage tend to look at the glass “half-full” instead of just basing their decisions primarily on religious beliefs.

Both sides have a very valid argument when it comes down to discussing this topic. From past occasions of inequality, gay rights are the next big step to creating change and an equal society. Many people of the Republican Party feel that allowing same-sex marriages will change how people view religion and family values. A large majority of people and organizations that are for gay marriage feel that not allowing same-sex marriage to be legal feel that it’s a violation against the law of the Equal Protection Clause.

It’s the clause of the 14th Amendment that prohibits states from denying any person within the jurisdiction of equal protection. So for the laws to not allow same-sex couples marry is going to create a lot of controversy and scrutiny. Homosexuality is defined as the quality of being homosexual or as the erotic activity with another of the same sex. Up until the year of 1973, being homosexual was known to be a mental disorder, which was stated as such in psychology journals. Many often feel that legalizing gay marriage will lead to the legalizing of other things.

Such as pedophilia and polygamy which are controversial subjects but not as much as gay marriage. Even though comparing pedophilia and polygamy to gay marriage is a little much, people feel that allowing gay marriage goes against their morals, their views on society, lives they want for their children, and the future. For some violating same-sex couples civil right is worth it in the end only because they want to protect the value of a man-woman type marriage. To deny gays and lesbians the right to marry is in violation of their civil rights as a citizen of the United States of America.

Legalizing gay marriage is not to attack how one feels and how they view things, but so that those can have a chance at equality also. Gay marriage is a very emotional topic and is going to be for years to come. So many people feel that homosexuality is wrong and not normal and therefore believe that homosexuals don’t deserve the right to be married. People are going to debate on whether gay marriage is “right or wrong”, that’s just the way it is. For most of it Christian groups have been the “chief of state” when it boils down to same-sex marriage.

Growing up in a Christian faith home we were taught that God loves everyone. So answer this question, “Does that circle of people not include gays or lesbians? ” The Constitution gives our rights thanks to the founding fathers of our country. As Americans is this country we have many rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of worship, and so many more. Even though there are many rights, some are limited to an extent. In today’s society are government is controlled by politicians who make a majority of the decisions. Even though we are given freedoms for some reason we are scared of using them.

The U. S. seems to be huge playing field, but then we have individuals who decide to take away balls, swings, slides, etc. Why do they get to take these things away? Gay marriage will continue to be a critical topic in today’s society, that’s just fact. A recent study shows that there are approximately 2, 900,000 homosexuals living in the U. S. Some chose not to give out there sexual orientation. The only states where gay marriage is legal are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, Maine, and Washington.

The following countries allow gay partnerships which are Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, and Finland. A same-sex couple is not allowed to file a joint tax return in order to lower their taxes or allowed to visit a hospital if an illness was to occur. In this case only next of kin are allowed to make hospital visits. I feel that by allowing gay marriage across the country will then give equal rights for an individual. It will decrease the amount on violence among people and will bring the country together.

People often ask, “Why can’t same-sex couples be fine with just the choice of civil union? ” They say this because they couldn’t possibly understand the difference between marriage and civil union. Civil union is the legal status that ensures to same-sex couples specified rights and responsibilities of married couples. Marriage is the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage. Civil unions don’t allow the same assurance that marriage does. In our case marriages are known worldwide, as for civil unions they only exist in the state in which the couple live in.

Marriage for same-sex couples happen to be way more beneficial in this case. Say for instance in a civil union, if one of the partners passes away, the living spouse cannot receive Social Security or any benefits from the government. This leaves that person in a financial crisis even though they had been with them for years. In a marriage, couples are entitled to receive their spouse’s Social Security or for that case any other benefits in case of death. This guarantees them definite financial security and rights that will protect them.

In a marriage, as a couple you can move from state to state, or country to country and still be granted the same rights and protection. Where as in a civil union if you move to another state they’re rights are long being protected, that in which they were when they were living in the state they happened to be married in. One of the biggest benefits of marriage is the right to adoption. Several states don’t allow gay adoption or allow second parent adoption if an event such as loss or separation happened. Adoption is the act or process of adoption a child. Second parent adoption is when one person adopts the child of his or her partner.

There are 16 states that definitely allow joint gay adoption which are; Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D. C. , Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. One of the most widely cited arguments that happen to be against same-sex marriage rights is that it will harm children that happen to be raised in the “silver lining” of these relationships. Studies from social science research show that the evidence from this statement is not a supported argument. Scientific literature shows that children who happen to grow up with one or two gay/or esbian parents cope as well in emotional, cognitive, social, and sexual functioning as children raised in a heterosexual household.

The optimal development seems to be influenced more by the nature of the relationship and interactions within the family, rather than by the structural form it takes. Since the year of 2002, studies have shown that children with same-sex parents do as well as children of parents of the opposite sex. This has allowed major psychological and health organizations such as (The American Psychological Association) and many more to support same-sex marriage and parenting.

The word GLAAD stands for (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). This organization creates change. GLAAD amplifies the voice of the gay community in order to keep equality at the forefront of America’s cultural conversation. Their impact on newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, television, movies, and so much more, which transforms attitudes to bring about real change. They hold the media accountable for the words and images they produce. When the media is allowed to be a platform to defame and stereotype the LGBT people, that’s when GLAAD steps in to take action.

They leverage 25 years in media relationships and countless hours of media advocacy in order to send important messages against homophobia and discrimination. They strengthen other organizations so that they can leverage media, engage in local communities, and advance social change. Right at this present time GLAAD happens to be working with local organizations in more than 30 states to build support for equality. By collaborating with LGBT leaders and advocacy groups, happens to be the “key” to increasing the visibility of the gay community, changing hearts and minds, and securing full and lasting equality.

Suicide is the third most leading cause of death among adolescents and non-suicidal self-harm occurs in 13-45% of individuals within this age group. This make this particular incident a major public health concern in today’s society. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth are particularly at risk for engaging in these behaviors. Even though, not much is known to what are the specific risk factors associated with suicidal ideas and self-harm behaviors within the population. A history of attempted uicide, impulsivity, and prospected LGBT victimization, and low social support were the reasons behind an increased risk of suicidal ideas. Lesbians are two times more likely to attempt suicide than straight woman, and gay men are six times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers. Attempts by gay and lesbian youth account up to 30% of all completed suicides. Gay teens are three times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers and gay youth are four times more likely to make a suicide attempt requiring medical attention.

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth. This organization was founded in 1998 by James Lecesne, Peggy Rajski, and Randy Stone, who are the creators behind the Academy Award winning short film called, “Trevor”. That is a timeless coming of age story about love, loss, and to learn how to be yourself. The Trevor Project is determined to end suicide among LGBTQ youth by providing life-saving and life-affirming resources.

Which include 24/7 crisis intervention lifeline, digital community, and advocacy/ educational programs that create safe, supportive, and positive environment for everyone. The vision is to provide a future where the possibilities, opportunities, and dreams are the same for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Inclusiveness is one of their mantras. This organization believe that everyone should be treated like a human-being, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, religious practice, ability, or size.

The Trevor Project is also a Champion of Change, an honor that was presented by the White House for their innovative work to save the lives of LGBTQ young people. In conclusion, I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand the argument on whether homosexuals should have the right to marry and live their lives the way they choose. As citizens of this country, we all deserve the right to experience and have happiness. Isn’t that normally part of forming relationships? It transpires when we fall in love and are able to love the one we have chosen to be with. Even, if our partner happens to be of the same or opposite sex.

That shouldn’t matter because “love is love”, no matter how you see it. For me I feel that same-sex marriage shouldn’t have to resort in ethical controversy, it should be left alone. I feel this way because since the age of fourteen I knew that I was gay. Throughout middle school and high school I kept it a secret and didn’t tell anyone. It was very hard because I was scared that if I came out my family, friends, and my peers wouldn’t accept me. I went through phases of anxiety, anger, lonliness, depression, and an attempt of suicide. All because I kept who I truly was locked away all because the fear of rejection.

That’s a very big “pill” to have to swallow. By deciding to keep this a secret I wasn’t able to live out my truth and be who I truly am. Recently at the beginning of this past year I decided that it was time to come out to my family and friends. It was one of the most hardest and scariest things that I’ve ever had to do but I know it had to be done. Now that I have the acceptance of my family and friends I’m now able to live my life and be truly happy. It’s as if I had been suffocating for so long and now I can breathe again. I can’t explain it but it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

I want every teen or young adult struggling with who they are to be able to be okay and love themselves on the inside as well as the outside. There’s a saying, “God doesn’t make mistakes. ” So for every person that’s ever been told that they’re a “mistake” just know that mistakes are okay because no one’s perfect, but never ever lose your passion to express and be who your are. I just feel like I’m finally able to live out my goals, dreams, and ambitions I have for my life. It’s as if I have been given this new lease on life called “joy”. I refuse to let anyone or anything take it away.

Reflective Paper on Gay Marriage Essay

Baby Thesis Essay

Baby Thesis Essay.

State of the Problem

This study aimed to established and look into the factors leading to the parent-child misunderstanding of the high school students and their parents of the Saint Patrick’s Academy in School Year 2014 -2015.

Specifically, this study also sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the level of the closeness of the parent and teenage child based on how often they are communicating? 2. What are the factors that really affect the parent and teenage child communication? 3. What are the common problems between parent and child?

Significance of the Study

The result of the study would be beneficial to the administrator, guidance counselors, teacher, parents, students, to the future researcher and to those aspiring to have a family someday as well.

The study would be of great help to those parents and teenage child whose experiencing such kind of communication gap.

To the administrator, it would serve as a guide to create some programs encouraging to the good communication of parent and child.

To the guidance counselor, it would serve as a help to improve their skills in guidance counseling and it would guide them to more understand the students they guided.
To the teachers, it would serve as a help them to understand those students with such experience.
To the parents, it would serve as guide not only to improve their respond and communication with their teenage child but also to understand more what their child wants to express.
To the students, it would serve not only as a help to be aware of their communication to their parents but also as a guide in improving their understanding about their parents.
To the future researcher, it would serve as guide for their future research/thesis.
To those aspiring to have a family someday, it would serve as a guide to have a good parenting.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The study was focused on the factors leading to the parent-child misunderstanding among the high school students of the Saint Patrick’s Academy and their parents.
The subjects of the study were 398 students enrolled in the School Year 2014 – 2015 and their parents or their guardian.

Definition of Terms

Consanguinity. It is the property of being from the same kinship as another person. Affinity. It is the relationship, especially by marriage as opposed to blood ties. Matrifocal. It is the relationship between a mother and her children. Conjugal. It is the relationship between a husband, his wife and children. Thenuclear family. It is the another term use for conjugal.

Generation gap. It is the differences of outlook or opinion between people of different generations. Miscommunication. It is the failure to communicate adequately. Peer Group. It is a group of people of approximately the same age, status, and interests. Harrassment. It is the aggressive pressure or intimidation.

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Baby Thesis Essay

Traditional Marriage Essay

Traditional Marriage Essay.

Question:”Traditional marriage is an outdated concept”To what extent is this true in your society. Marriage is defined as a man and woman being together by legal ties. Although the world are becoming modern nowadays. The concept of traditional marriage is still being practiced. The beauty of marrying opposite gender ,the construction of family tree and the responsibilities in a marriage world remains unchanged as the time passes. However, there is a side effect of the modernity that has defeat the purpose of marriage which is the marriage of same gender that are recently increasing.

These factors do not affect the tradition of marriage wholly. Marriage has only occured between different genders. It has been that way since the olden days, occasionally it occurred to be the other way. Although there are the opposite of traditional marriage in this aspect, the number of traditional or normal marriage will forever overpower the non-tradition marriage that was actually brought up by the modern people.

Singapore is a conservative country, therefore any act that is out of the country’s law is either known as crime or nuisance.

In this aspect, Singapore has not legalized any sorts of marriages except for normal marriage ,also known as traditional marriages. Therefore, the concept in this bearing is not considered as outdated as it is still used in many religion and country. In the scope of family structure, a marriage is performed to indicate the readiness of a couple to build a family. Marrying and building a family is part of the traditional way of a family strata. Nothing could change the society perspective towards a complete family. The society belief will always stick to having a child after marriage rather than before marriage. The child that is born out of wedlock will face social stigma if the society know that the child is born illegitimate. As the government encourages parenthood as a part of increasing the population scheme, it can happen legally after marriage. Therefore, the purpose of traditional marriage is not taken as outdated as the concept of building a family through marriage is still preserved and I believed that the society will also belief that way as not only it protects the family name and reputation but also keeps the modesty and purity of the family’s background.

A traditional look in the responsibilities in a household is divided into the strength and gentleness of the role being played by each figure. Traditionally, the man as the head of the family will be in-charge of the income coming in and out from the family expenses. Thus, the man or husband will have to go out and work for the family while the woman will take care of the household chore and their children. As a woman, the gentleness and love being potrayed in a family resulting to the woman being the most suitable candidate as a mother and wife. Up till now that custom is not majorly changes. Based on Singapore’s statistic newsletter in 2011 the amount of married women who are caretakers including housewife is 68.8%.Hence,this shows that the divided responsibilities that are stated traditionally is still being practice in this 21st century.

Although, the tradition customs are not altered critically, the juices of the modernity affects the tradition as time passes by. The tradition of opposite gender marriage is already given a touch of rebel. The purpose of marriage is defied into same sex marriage whereas traditionally a marriage can only occur between a man and woman. As a record of 21,000 LGBT typed of people join 2013’s pink dot event held at Hong Ling Park which is the corner to express freedom of speech. Although there is an increase in LGBT as tears pass by, Singapore being a conservative country will never allow any such behaviours such as requesting same sex marriage under Section 377A of the Penal Code (Singapore) and section 354 of penal code(outrage of modesty) , to be approved in Singapore.

Therefore, those who desire to get married to their ‘same-type’ partner will have to fly to United Kingdom to get married as UK is among the countries that legalized LGBT marriages. In conclusion, the traditional concept of marriage is still going on overpowering the modern concept of marriage in terms of opposite gender marriage, responsibilities in the household and structure of a family. Although, it cannot be denied in certain aspect modern influence have cause a whirlpool in the society such as LGBT as to having them being part of the society even if there are many negative responds towards them. Therefore, by continuing the legacy of practicing traditional marriage ,the modern insane concept can be abolished.

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Traditional Marriage Essay