I Search Paper Essay

I Search Paper Essay.

“Falling in love is like being thrown from a horse; if you let yourself go it doesn’t hurt as badly as if you try to save yourself.” This quote, quoted by Edwin Blanchard, gives you a little taste on the meaning of love. Love doesn’t have just one definition like many people believe, it has many definitions. Love is very complex and is needed by every human being. It doesn’t mean one has to be romantically involved with another person; love comes from people and things not realized by others.

Friends, family, spouses, pets, and belongings are just some examples of love. This brings me to my most interesting discovery of the word “love”.

Love is very important to everyone and is all around us. Even if you are a 40 year old man who has never been in a romantic relationship with anyone doesn’t mean you have never experienced love or the feeling of it because you can love anything.

By researching this word I have realized that I need love and I know that I will always have some sort of love in my life. Whether it’s my family, friends, pets, or my favorite heels. There is an endless amount of love in this world we live in and there is plenty to go around.

The biggest difficulty with this word was defining it. There are many thoughts and opinions on the definition of love. I don’t agree with all but I found one that I believe to be very true. To me love is seeing someone at his or her worst and their best and still loving them with all their heart. It is accepting the person for who they are and not changing them. Love also includes attraction, physical and mental, but most importantly it involves commitment, respect, loyalty, and trust. You can not force these things upon people, it is a natural thing. Love has a lot to do with fate, which I believe in.

The only reason why love cannot be forced is because fate will always lead you to your true love. When you find that person, you will discover that the love you have for that them is like some kind of attachment. They become a part of you and your life. Everything you do, you consider that one person. Love is all about caring for others. When you love someone you will do anything to make him or her happy, even if it’s just the little things. You will try to reach out to them every way that you can because you know it will make them feel some type of joy. Why would you want to do that for just one person to feel happy? You do it because you care about them and love them. Care and love are perfect synonyms for each other. You love someone because you care about them and you care about someone because you love them. Those feelings cannot be controlled.

It might sound great to be in love but there are also many negatives to being in love. There are many things in this world that are mistaken for love, and manipulated as the actual thing. One person can love another person more than the other person could love that person. Obstacles can often get in the way of love. They can sometimes kill a relationship and the love you had for one another. It’s all about fate; what’s meant to be, will be. And what’s not meant to be will only lead you one step closer to the fate that was chosen for you. But just remember that everyone will eventually find their one and true love and will live happily ever after.

I Search Paper Essay

The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick Essay

The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick Essay.

Belonging is a multi-faceted concept that involves intrinsic aspects of human nature that are reliant on the individual’s life-long bond with various social, political and interpersonal relationships. Belonging is also fundamental in shaping an individual’s core values and identity, thus it is central to the human condition. A sense of belonging is developed through strong relationships over time is explored in Steven Herrick’s novel ‘The Simple Gift’ and Armin Greder’s picture book ‘The Island’. In The Simple Gift we see how an individual’s interaction with others can lead to a sense of belonging.

Sharing common values and discontent with their family life enable the three protagonists to bond because of their shared experience of loss and deprivation. Billy Luckett, Catlin Holmes and Old Bill are all escaping the emotional and psychological pain associated with their respective families and as a result all three characters become alienated and is connected through this shared negative experiences.

In the poem Champagne, the use of criticism when referring to his father as ‘The old Bastard’ accentuates both Billy’s sense of alienation and sense of disconnectedness from both family and place.

The reason behind Billy’s alienation is not only because of the absence of any mother figure, but because of his dysfunctional relationship with his callous father, who has destroyed Billy’s sense of belonging or connectedness to the family. The nature of this relationship is conveyed when Billy’s father displays a violent episode in the poem ‘Spent’, where Herrick adopts flashback techniques: ‘he gave me a backhander when I was only ten’. As ‘actions speak louder than words’, his father’s negative impact on Billy’s ability to belong is made apparent when Billy chooses to be become homeless rather than remain at home with his father.

The difficulty associated with not being able to develop a sense of belonging to other people, places or shared events, motivates characters such as Billy and Caitlin to reject their family’s values as superficial and look for emotional security and a new environment of shared values through their growing relationship and love each other. Caitlin’s own dispossession from her family is similar to that of Billy’s because she sees them as materialistic and superficial. Disunity amongst the family can be seen through Caitlin’s negative interaction with her parents.

The novels negative undertone is revealed through the reference to Caitlin‘s parents’ social economic status and a ‘dad who spoils and buys your unnecessary crap’ and after listing the objects in her bedroom, the her defiant tone in ‘I’m not a spoilt brat OK/ spoilt to boredom/ but I’m smart enough to know that none of this means anything…’. This repeated hyperbole highlight the superficial value of her parents and it also creates a barriers between them, as Caitlin is searching for something more spiritual and lasting, rather than simply adopting the middle class values and traditions of her parents’ generation.

The same lack of harmony within family becomes a catalyst that strengthens their bond because it is based on mutual understanding of each other’s circumstance. This emotional bond is metaphorically represented as Billy reflects on how he feels about Caitlin and the impact she has had on him. He likens their relationship to: ‘a circuit plans/ Caitlin at the centre/ and me spinning crazily in her orbit’, the bond is symbolised as gravity: a strong force which pulls two particles close to one another. Their intimacy is marked by the euphemism: ‘I know what would happen and I know what I would want to happen’. The repetition of ‘happen’ emphasises their emotion understanding of what love truly is and how it has developed; unconditional and selfless.

It is the caring nature of their relationship that nourishes their mutual love and respect for each other. This in turn, strengthens their ability to both individually transform their lives. Caitlin accepts Bill’s poverty and homelessness, regardless of her background or her parents’ middleclass values and traditions. This experience of mutual acceptance and understanding is emphasised in her declaration: ‘I love Billy. I’m sure of him and I want my parents to know.’

Furthermore, Billy’s transformation is marked by his new profound approach to life which is illustrated I his peaceful mood as he sits in the sun with Caitlin b the Bendarat river bank. The beauty and serenity of the scene conveys a new positive approach to life which is juxtaposed with the sense of alienation and hostility which was evident at the beginning of the verse novel. Therefore, a functional relationship, with Billy and Caitlin’s interaction with one another induces a sense of belonging.

In the poem Comfort Billy reflects on his previous isolation at Wentworthville High school and his inability to establish meaningful relationships with other students Billy had known for years: ‘I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t want any’, ‘I kept myself in my bedroom, reading and avoiding my father’. Herrick juxtaposes this feeling of isolation that Billy felt in his unhappy home setting with the happiness and comfort he experiences when reading his books at Westfield Creek. Billy’s attachment to this natural world is revealed through the repetition of, ‘I love this place,I love the flow of cold clear water over the rocks, and the wattles on the bank and the lizard’s sunbaking, heads up, listening’.

This evocative use of descriptive detail is used to personify Westfield Creek as Billy’s favourite classroom where he spends half of his school days reading the books he had stolen from the Megalong Bookshop. Later, when living in Benderat, when Billy gets his first pay from his job at the Golden Crest Cannery, he reflects: ‘I wanted to spend the money quickly, so I could go back to nothing, go back to being rich and penniless again.’

Billy realises that he wants to stay in the town and rather than stealing ‘the thick silver ring with the green emerald stone’ which reminded him of Caitlin’s eyes, he pays the jeweller $100 for the ring. This illustrates profound changes in Billy’s moral behaviour which has come about through a shared relationship with Caitlin. Their relationship is not based on materialistic values because the relationship has given him the inner confidence to overcome his socially deviant behaviour and gain a sense of connectedness to significant others to in his world.

Another central character who also suffers the negative isolation and feelings of alienation and disconnectedness from society is the fifty-year-old alcoholic, old Bill who billy first meets in an old train carriage, euphemistically referred to as the Bendarat Hilton. In The Hobo Hour Billy describes him in vivid details: ‘His grey beard was stained with smoke, his long hair swept back, his face lined’. Old Bill soon becomes Billy’s surrogate father and after a brief meeting Billy discovers it is his birthday and offers him the carton of cigarettes he stole from his father. As Old Bill gets up to go to bed ‘to sleep off his sorrows’ he spontaneously welcomes Billy: ‘Welcome to the Bendarat Hilton, I’ve been here since March 2nd, 1994, May your stay be as long as you wish it’. Billy’s ‘Simple Gift’ of kindness towards Old Bill, has a profound impact on their relationship and Old Bill’s Socially deviant behaviour.

It is through the mutual support and respect for one another that these two homeless characters begin to bond. In the poem Old Bill’s Fall, Old Bill Reveals the tragic details associated with the death of his ten-year-old daughter Jessie who ‘Fell out of a tree and landed bad in a coma’ and the impact this tragedy had on his life. The significance of the personal disclosure of these painful events is revealed through the repetition of first person narrative: ‘I sat beside her.

I held her hand, I talked to her and when she died, I went home and took to that tree with an axe’. In sharing the pain associated with Jessie’s death with Billy, Old Bill is able to achieve peace through the positive experience of closure and this begins to transform his life. This personal transformation of Old Bill is symbolised by the key that he gives to Billy and Caitlyn to his house in order to prevent the young couple being separated by the authorities, and Billy being sent back to his Longlands Road home. Old Bill is not just giving Billy the keys to his home, he is starting to let go of the past.

The short chapter titled Locks and Keys describes Old Bill giving Billy the Key to his family home. This is an emotional moment in the book as Old Bill is moving forward with his life. He will no longer remain stagnant and stay in his train carriage. Billy wants to share the moment with Caitlin, so he does not enter the house until she has finished school. Together they cross the threshold. ‘I insert the key, and turn it slowly and push the door. I reach behind for Billy’s hand and we walk inside.’ It s through Old Bill’s ‘Simple Gift’ that Caitlin and Billy are able to start their new journey together as the leave behind the isolation and alienation associated with their childhood.

In The Simple Gift, it can be seen that belonging and not belonging is represented through the various shared relationships that are transformed through the individual character’s connections to places and significant events. It is through the acceptance of shared experience and kindness that allow the central protagonists an opportunity to overcome the tragic events of their early life and establish a new positive beginning. Despite having to face homelessness, isolation and social deprivation, Billy and Old Bill both find independence and personal growth through their relationship in Bendarat. Billy also transforms his life by establishing a new home with Caitlin. It is through these shared relationships all f the central characters learn how to reconnect with society and establish a strong sense of belonging to the world around them.

The Simple Gift by Steven Herrick Essay

Self Disclosure Essay

Self Disclosure Essay.

The main objective of human service professional is to help his clients. During assisting process, human services need to communicate very carefully with his/her client to establish the trust so that they can build up good relationship as a client and helper. It is obvious to client to disclose information about themselves to the human services with the hope to get solution for their problems. In such situation, as a human service professional, it is highly recommend to express warm empathy toward the client, but however self-disclosing to the client can be controversial and can shift focus from their client to themselves.

Alternatively, self-disclosing something to client as human service might help to express that human services understand the aspect of their client’s situation in that moment.

Ed Neukrug confirm that “Kileinke (1994) identifies two types of self-disclosure: content self-disclosure, in which the helper reveals information about himself or herself; and process self-disclosure, in which the helper reveals information about how he or she feels toward the client in the moment” (77).

In the case of Maria, who has just diagnosed with cancer learns about her Navigator Sonya also went through the same situation then it can bring positive hope as Sonya can set a very good live example of cancer survival after facing the entire obstacles. If they can reveal where they came from and communicate in Spanish to seek a common ground to build up relationship then why not it is an appropriate as human service to confess her about her being diagnosed with cancer in the past? In addition, Lawrene Shulman state that “when clients experience the worker as a real person rather than mechanical, they can use the worker and the helping function more effectively… The client who does not know at all times where the worker stands will have troble trusting that worker’” (Knight).

In other words, if Sonya discloses Maria about her past experience then she can take Sonya as a real person instead of only helper which will encourage Maria to trust her. Hence, Sonya should share her own personal information to help Maria as it help them both to build good relationship. Whereas, self-disclosure can bring negative effect to client if it is not properly handle. Sonya situation as helper should always give her first priority and focus to Maria rather than herself. According to Knight, “Critics argue that self-disclosure inevitably leads to boundary violations, transforming the professional relationship into a more personal one and discouraging transference, Furthermore, it is argued that self-disclosure reflects lack of self-awareness on the part of the clinician and is manifestation of counter transference”(2012). Therefore, as service professional, Sonya should be very careful while sharing her experiences to Maria. Otherwise, She can lose her focus on her client and make her feel that she approached the wrong person which might lead Maria to seek for other human professionals and move away from her willingness to deeper sharing information with Sonya, At the same time, if human service can hurt their client by sharing large proportional of information about her.

For example, If Sonya mention her treatment took her really long to cure from cancer then Maria can be overwhelms and discourage. Thus, the amount of self-disclosure should be proportionally delivered to client at the right time. Therefore, Sonya by sharing her own personal information could also hurt to Maria if she feels put off by Sonya’s focus on self and express her own personal problems. Satisfied clients are the true advertiser of any services provided by human services. Self-disclosing is one of the tools that help human services to build up relationship with his clients which alternatively help human services to maximize his clients in future. Self- disclosing information to client can enhance the worker’s professional attractiveness and the client’s trust in the worker and willingness to self-disclose and be honest (Knight).In other words, Self-disclosure to client helps to form good relationship to human services and assurance their clients that they care about them which indirectly assist human services to spread the rumor about how well he did his best to comes up with solution to help his clients.

Furthermore, Edwards, Murdock and Hanson confirmed that “[r]esarch also indicates that clinicians are particularly likely to self-disclose to client similarities and parallel experiences to convey empathy and understanding and to disclose their qualification and credential to convey reassurance. According to Knight, Barnet and Berman stated that [t]ransparency also has been found to enhance the client’s feelings to trust in the clinician, convey normalization, validation and understanding of client feelings and result in a lessening of symptom distress. Hence, it is also true that self-disclosure to the client is the method of showing her genuine and humankind toward client which indirectly help human services to increase his/ her popularity. Maroda also believed that the practice of staying in control at all the times in front of client likely to lose touch with who we really are (Knight). That means, due to excising not to disclose and control the feelings of human services can lead to change the person who we are. So, in a way, disclosing about Sonya cancer to Maria can bring benefit for Sonya as it help her to be herself and build up trust with Maria which help to increase her clients in future. Sonya as counselor, revealing about her cancer to Sonya can be great source of inspiration but Sonya might not feel the same way as Maria as it can take her to those painful memories which might ruin Sonya’s day.

Domenici and Guthrie stated that Self-disclosure has been criticized as being disruptive forces in the working relationship and has been questioned on the ethical ground (Knight). In other words, it means that it can generate disruptive environment to stay focus on the client issues where as a service professionals lead more difficult to take decision on ethical ground. Furthermore, when Internist Howard Beckman try to inspire older patients by talking about his active 80 years old mother who was worked great until she get 94 years. By then his clients get use of asking his mother and when he tells them about how she is struggling for her life then his patient began to worry about his mother and wonder how good doctor be if he is not even able to keep his own mother healthy ( Rubin). Similar to Sonya, if she reveals information about her personal life, then there are chances that Maria could misjudge her.

In my opinion, if the client feels the service professional as a real person who act as mechanical then they can come out with solution more effectively and efficiently. Even in the case of Maria, if Sonya reveal her past experiences with cancer then Maria can realize that she was also went through her problem and she knows her best about her situation which help to bring them together to come out good solution of the problem. In addition, Roger stated that “[the] client who doesn’t know all times where the worker stand will have trouble trusting that worker.

Furthermore, according to Knight, Roger also stated that “personal self-disclosure that is therapeutically relevant-akin to self-involving disclosure- encouraged client self-disclosure and trust and conveyed empathic understanding” (2012). In conclusion, Self-disclosure to client as service professional is not black and white. It depends how and when to reveal about themselves with full awareness about the consequences to the client for their benefits. So, self-disclosing about Sonya cancer to Maria can be beneficial if she is aware of what and how much proportions of information should be shared and its future consequences.

Self Disclosure Essay

Hardship: Friendship and People Essay

Hardship: Friendship and People Essay.

Everyone in life have to been through hardship, it’s depend on own characteristic to solve it. People who never give up when they met their own hard times will always met their success. Sometimes we will just get jealous of some of the person who success but in reality we did not know how they feel when they met their hardships and how much did they pay off to their success. We will never know in case we met the same problem as them.

Normally I do feel suffering in the early age from family problems and generally I will have to fight for life, but when I achieve what I have done, it’s always a big task for me to have done. I may choose to be more confident and take more risk to challenge myself to successfully finish the task on time. I often have big aims and wanted to be perfect for the task but I feel that I never been through happiness and enjoyable when hardship just crush on me.

To deal with a hardship life, I do realize what are the problems and solving it independently. Next, strongly believe in myself by say “I am going to survive this hard time!”, Always have the positive heart to keep away the negative thoughts in mind. Sometimes, I do talk to friends about my problems so they could just be my listener. As if they’re good friends, they will understand and help through the hard times and to give more opinion to make me stay claim and think positive. We must also try to focus on the good things in life’s to believe that this will be a pass and makes us become a stronger person.

More over , to keep my expectations low and I will rarely be disappointed. Where I can find the real me with happiness and enjoyable life’s. This may not seem right to me until I spend some time thinking about how it applies to my own personal life. I used to believe in faith or maybe I could consider that God, the universe or nature provide us with the tools for any situation; whatever the source, it is up to us to use those tools to keep body and soul together.

Lastly ,we must also be prepared to let time assist emotional pain come over us. As for emotional rough times, there is an old saying that “time heals all wounds”, and that everything looks better from a distance. Sometimes I do let myself crying to release the stress whatever that may bring me feel likes continue on the another day and if my emotional distress is something that makes me feel down and depressed , I will always seek for some professional help. By following the flow everyday life , we will all make it to finish line. Hardship is just a temporarily , so if things are going good , enjoy it because it wont be last forever. But , if things goes bad , don’t worry because it can’t last forever either. What I learn is to stay positive and think positive, they are the best medicine to solve the hardship that I had faced it also build my confident to success.

Appreciate the moment with friends

In my life, I do appreciate the moment with friends whenever we decide to go for outgoing. We do make memories of laughter, arguments and lots of emotional express. Those who truly treated us as their good friend, they will always forgive and forget on our own mistakes and teaches us when theirs problem and the mistake we had did.I’m thankful that I had met two good friend when I was form 1, which can be my sister because they are elder than me two age different. Whenever we need help, we are able to help each other and never count for the small things.

We did lots of unforgettable moments such as party together , celebration , hangover , girls talk , sharing outfit and many more. Sometimes we couldn’t effort to buy for birthday gifts but we do make a best friends scrapbook to keep as a memories. Once awhile we do have, arrange some sleepovers often when we had bad moods or watch after the horror movies together and many more.

Whenever we went for out going activities we will never left out and we plan events together that are unique to the group. Sometime we do also oftenly hang out the whole week , we get bored of the places we often when and don’t know where to head to next. Besides that , we accept differences between us and different of opinion we given. It’s not fun being friends with closen sometimes it gets bored but we still apologize to each other when we went wrong and forgiving and never hold past mistakes against each other.

In the other hand , we do acknowledge teach other when we have done something well. Give us the attention on what us deserve. Between me and my friends are always jelousy around but we always be aware of our feelings and do not sabotage our friendship. Acknowledge our feelings and understand each other because we are still humans. Sometimes we do talk about good things as well as bad. Get to know the good sides and bad sides of people. A real friend will know when your being unreasonable, call you on it, love you and still be your friend without missing a beat.

Understand that friendships isn’t hard, even the really good ones, can experience times when you don’t spend much time or talk to each other often. It isn’t what we do when we’re apart, it’s what we do when we’re together.

Disappointment in my college life.

Does disappointment really make one stronger? Personally, I think that disappointments help one to be stronger. Everyone has felt disappointed at least once in their lives. When someone disappoints you, you will feel sad as the person has not tried his best in that particular area.

My first disappointment in my life was when my first time in college they are quite friendly and helpful but after getting longer times, they started to not to talk to me as I know problems are on me. But I’m still cruise why can’t my fellow classmates just tell me correct me by my mistake by just ditching me aside by not care how I feel. As longer as I know, I do used a words to hurt them and they just couldn’t accept me.

People that know me more they will know that I’m a character that straight forward and less talking on jokes. I really don’t know why this thing happen just in college but not the others of my friends. But I still feel satisfied that I am not alone, there’s is still many close friends beside me.I appreciate people who appreciate me and accept whom I am.

As the day getting on , . I became frustrated from lack of response from others, and the high school I attend is so groupie, trendy, and obnoxious. I guess most are that way, and I want to accept it and be happy, but it’s really hard. I try to think positive and sit aside. I had say sorry to them but they wouldn’t accept my apologize is fine. Being alone is not that bad , be happy for other people, really try hard. Jealously is a terrible feeling but to be real nothing to be jealous of. Really, it is. But then, right after that, I’m in tears because I really am so happy for them to see them much happier than before. Sometimes is the best answer by not knowing and getting to know some unwanted answer.

Stay to be more positive and just let it be the flow, I will not be facing them every day just week days and the few hours. I can be more stronger after the foundation course it will be a new life again for me to know more new friends and get to avoid my mistakes again. New friends can be make again , but once first impression was gone it never be back again. This may turn me to a better person and learn from mistakes, mouth are theirs , heart are theirs . I’m thankful that I could met this classmates which turn me into a lesson.

Performed in front of audience

Ever since, I join the team members of Buddhist society . I have been more volunteering myself by performing dancing and singing in front of the audience with my team mates , located at shopping mall every year in the event of Wesak charity event. The feeling was so nervous because there will be lots of people that will going to watch.

With a new and hopeful outlook on life, one completely different from my prior mechanical life and personality, I came back with much higher self-confidence and determination to show the light on others. As I was ready and willing to meet new people and have another change in my life by performed in front of the audience nearly for years.

The beginning of the first year was hard , I was trying to get more involved with many activities so that I could really help to perform myself and also giving ability to stand on stage while enjoying the moments in it. To be honest, I’m not those kind of open minded and daring to stand on the stage but thankful that my team mates never give up by teaching me on dancing and singing. They give the hopes and they always tell me nothing to be scared of , enjoy the moment is the most important because the stage isn’t always for us to stand on. Chances maybe less after the age grows older. Anyway, staying on track, this year I have developed an insecurity with getting up and enjoy myself.

Even dancing and singing in front of audience is sometimes a challenge. I used to do these things naturally, but now I am constantly asking myself if I’m nervous, if I can dance and sing why not just give it a best shot. I feel strange about this whole thing, because I feel like I am more outgoing, and should be able to carry that with me to the front of the audience. Now it’s been a while, so I think I’m finally accepting my weirdness. I just need to deal with it when I’m up there. I know I’ll get nervous, so what can I do while up there feeling helpless?

Doing practice is one main of the reason for you to have a good performance and I’m sure that you always heard the old saying, “Practice makes Perfect.” there’s no reason for you to be afraid because if you had a confident you can perform it well. Fight for the fear with the facts, practice more on stage will never to be a fear anymore.


Volunteering is important for numerous reasons that benefit of the community and the volunteer ourselves. When I donates a handful of time, it make the difference made is inspiring and it shapes a community for the better while the experience improves myself donated the time. Volunteering is what makes a community because it brings people together to work on a goal. People who volunteer for reasons which may be as varied as to learn new things, meet new people, gain skills, feel good and enhance life among others. This the reason why I had join the team of volunteering in Buddhist society.

While doing volunteering means by doing every job I will not expecting people for any repayment. Expecting for repayment is return a waste of effort by doing volunteer, rather than going out to find sales jobs or many job that pay more higher payment. I do take my free time by going for volunteer rather than being at home sleeping, playing computer games and more. I feel more happier by helping others than wasting time, sometimes exam around the corner I will also not miss the opportunity to volunteer out and study at the night , it was tiring but it was much happier and enjoyable.

In addition, sometimes I do when for volunteering with them by organization to orphanages, community centers and more. Helping to carry out their duties, not only gain experience but we can learn the large variety of skills. I love when it comes to the end month, there’s lots of places that I can go for and lots of activities will be having with the Buddhist society members. We must plan every single activities in just few hours and get ourselves ready to bring along the memorable day for them by joining us for the camp. Volunteer must able to express ideas to show the importance of hard working and diligence, this is where I find myself more independent than before and by doing volunteer work I do also learn to cooperate with the team members .i will not only enhance my general knowledge, but also learn how to deal with problems, challenges as well dealing with different types of personalities peoples surrounding me.

Thus, volunteering is not all about work, it can be an enjoyable experience as I meet lots of new people and forge new friendships. It is a great way to encourage participation and be a part of the society. When I feel valued and needed, it builds your self-confidence and self-esteem. As in socializing opportunities increase, I learn to develop a compassionate and open mind, making the entire volunteering experience fulfilling and worthwhile. The miracle is not that what I do this work , but is that I feel much happy to do it .

Talk to a stranger soon become close friend

I have a friend, Elynn. Which is a girl that I know in Facebook , I know is a risk of knowing a social network friends but not all are bad peoples. She is a great friend to be know. We have known each other for over five years, and what I have learned from her are is being positive. She do smiles and think positive always , she never feel regrets on her life before , even though bad luck on her she stay the smile on her face. She is really a weird girl that I know among all.

Elynn always told me that important benefits of positive manners is an increased life span, less depression , get a great resistance to the common cold , knowing better of own mental and physical on thinking and coping times of stress . Besides that , a more natural ability to form relationships and cement bonds is passionate for her personality.I still remember when I had a broke up with my ex boyfriend she is the one who always be right besides me , concern me till now she is still the girl that who cares me like her own sister from different families. Her passion makes me respectful, and I learned from her that being passionate to what you love is more valuable than anything. Sometimes I do think if she was a boy , I think most of the girls will be chasing her as a boyfriend but sadly she is a girl that has a boyfriend from the year I know her which always be with her. They seem to be a sweet couples without argument but even if there is she never give up on her relationship.

Another thing that I also learn from her is her courage of facing frustration. Although Belinda has so much love to her profession, she inevitably experiences frustrations. However, she is always capable of overcoming the difficulties, the braveness amazing me a lot. For example, she had to work and earn for her expenses in her degree of physiology fees, she did not ask any expenses from her parents , all she do is being independent and life for her own lifes. Although the process makes her suffering, her strong courage supports her to face frustrations without fear. In addition, looking at the bright side is also a significant thing that I learn from Elynn is she never complains about her life and her wisdom inspires me to become a optimistic when looking at everything on her.

When we do have free time , we went and visiting our as we become tourist bringing each other to know lots of interesting places and nice facilities restaurant. I am glad that I had make a worth friend that teaches me lots of stuff. She is such a good friend , which like a mentor to me teaches me many lessons and I really learn much from her , I really supported her to become a physiologist , she had the capability of facing frustrations and the wisdom of looking at the bright sides.

Hardship: Friendship and People Essay

‘In the Country of men’ by Hisham Matar Essay

‘In the Country of men’ by Hisham Matar Essay.

‘In the Country of men’ by Hisham Matar elicits the condition of survival in an oppressive society. The concept of loyalty and betrayal is at the heart of the novel. It values the characters that fight to hold on to the people and things they value no matter the cost. The struggle between loyalty and betrayal is denoted in the novel by relationship between Faraj and Moosa, friends and family and Ustath Rashid and Faraj. The struggle between loyalty and betrayal is illustrated through the bond amid Faraj and Moosa.

After Faraj returns from the torture of the revolutionary committee, Moosa says he ‘can’t bear looking at him…The betrayal in his eyes’ because Faraj ‘melted like butter’ when interrogated by the revolutionary committee. Moosa perceives this as betrayal since so many others have died including ‘the students closest to us’ for his cause. Moosa ‘looked up to him like an older brother’, and ‘would give [his] life for him’, but after this incident he was too ashamed to look at his face, Moosa says ‘his voice scorches me.

This is worse than death… this is the blackest day of my life’. Thus he cannot cope with Faraj’s failure; he grapples to sustain his allegiance to Faraj and soon afterwards deports to Egypt. The Relationship between friends and family further demonstrates the struggle between loyalty and betrayal. When Najwa’s friend’s salma’s husband is taken away, Najwa withdraws her friendship and even instructs her son that ‘this is a time for walking besides the wall.’ On one hand, this can be seen as a great betrayal between the two friends, as Najawa is effectively abandoning Salma in her time of greatest need, however conversely it illustrates her undying loyalty to her family.

Rather than compromising her family safety, she is willing to cease all interaction with the girl for that is described as ‘two lost sisters who had finally found each other’. Ustath Rashid’s does not betray his friend Faraj at any cost. Ustath Rashid refuses to implicate his friend Faraj as the originator and the leader of the ‘resistance group’. The ‘Democracy Now’ book Suleiman rescues from the fire was initially gifted to Faraj by Ustath Rashid. It is inscribed ‘To my eternal friend and comrade…With my undying loyalty’ and thus Rashid keeps his word as this friendship means more than his own life to him. Thus when he is publically interrogated before the execution, Rashid lies to protect Faraj, saving his life even when he cannot save his, knowing there is a family out there who will be losing a husband.

‘In the Country of men’ by Hisham Matar Essay

Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario Essay

Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario Essay.

A salesperson may manage many other salespeople. A salesperson is managed by only one salespeople.

A salesperson can be an agent for many customers. A customer is managed by one salespeople. A customer can place many orders. An order can be placed by one customer. An order lists many inventory items. When the order is made for number of inventory items, the date and the amount is recorded.

An inventory item may be listed on many orders. An inventory item is assembled from many parts.

A part may be assembled into many inventory items. Many employees assemble an inventory item from many parts. While the employee assemble, if any fault, it is identified with fault-log-id, fault-log-name. A supplier supplies many parts. A part may be supplied by many suppliers.

Draw the Entity- Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario:

UPS prides itself on having up-to-date information on the processing and current location of each shipped item. To do this, UPS relies on a company-wide information system.

Shipped items are the heart of the UPS product tracking information system. Shipped items can be characterized by item number (unique), weight, dimensions, insurance amount, destination, and final delivery date. Shipped items are received into the UPS system at a single retail center. Retail centers are characterized by their type, uniqueID, and address. Shipped items make their way to their destination via one or more standard UPS transportation events (i.e., flights, truck deliveries) .

These transportation events are characterized by a unique scheduleNumber, a type (e.g, flight, truck), and a deliveryRoute. Please create an Entity Relationship diagram that captures this information about the UPS system. Be certain to indicate identifiers and cardinality constraints.

Draw the Entity- Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario:

The company is organized into DEPARTMENTs. Each department has a name, number and an employee who manages the department. We keep track of the start date of the department manager. A department may have several locations. Each department Controls a number of PROJECTs. Each project has a unique name, unique number and is located at a single location. We store each EMPLOYEE’s social security number, address, salary, sex, and birthdate. Each employee works for one department but may work on several projects. We keep track of the number of hours per week that an employee currently works on each project. We also keep track of the direct supervisor of each employee. Each employee may have a number of DEPENDENTs For each dependent, we keep track of their name, sex, birthdate, and relationship to the employee.

Draw the Entity- Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario:

A Bus Company owns a number of busses. Each bus is allocated to a particular route, although some routes may have several busses. Each route passes through a number of towns. One or more drivers are allocated to each stage of a route, which corresponds to a journey through some or all of the towns on a route. Some of the towns have a garage where busses are kept and each of the busses are identified by the registration number and can carry different numbers of passengers, since the vehicles vary in size and can be single or double-decked. Each route is identified by a route number and information is available on the average number of passengers carried per day for each route. Drivers have an employee number, name, address, and sometimes a telephone number.

Draw the Entity- Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario:

A lecturer, identified by his or her number, name and room number, is responsible for organising a number of course modules. Each module has a unique code and also a name and each module can involve a number of lecturers who deliver part of it. A module is composed of a series of lectures and because of economic constraints and common sense, sometimes lecture son a given topic can be part of more than one module. A lecture has a time, room and dateand is delivered by a lecturer and a lecturer may deliver more than one lecture. Students, identified by number and name, can attend lectures and a student must be registered for a number of modules. We also store the date on which the student first registered for that module. Finally, a lecturer acts as a tutor for a number of students and each student has only one tutor.”

Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the following scenario Essay

Southwestern Ohio Steel Company Essay

Southwestern Ohio Steel Company Essay.

Southwestern Ohio Steel Limited Partnership (SOSLP) was a supplier of steel to many large and small organisations. It had approximately 500 customers and its top 25 customers constituted two – third of the company’s sales. SOSLP customers had a long standing relationship with its customers which was established through mutual respect, loyalty and good business understanding. Matworks was one of the important customer of SOSLP which had a long standing relationship and assured business with SOSLP every year. But however from past few years Matworks number is declining in SOSLP’s top customer list.

Also their order quantity is also declining Y-o-Y. Recently Dan Wilson, Vice President of SOSLP received a letter from Mathworks with a strange request of SOSLP’s participation in sponsoring a portion of Matworks annual sales meeting. SOSLP has never promoted in such a way nor do they have any budget allocation for such kind of promotion. But however Mathworks being one of the key customer it was not so easy for SOSLP to turn down its request as the decision taken now would determine the future relationship between SOSLP and Mathworks.

Promotional activities of SOSLP:

SOSLP believed in long term relationships through loyalty, honesty, integrity and open, cooperative practices hence their spending on additional advertising and promotions were less than 1 percent of sales. Few activities carried out informally were gifting mugs, specialty advertising pieces, an occasional lunch or tickets to a Cincinnati reds baseball game. Although on one occasion golf outing, snacks and drinks was organised but it was not in the planned itinerary of SOSLP. Following is our Letter of transmittal to Dan Wilson.

Subject: Decision report on letter from Matworks which requests sponsorship Please find attached the decision report on Matworks. We have prepared a detailed report outlining the implications for each possible course of action. We have tried to address both the short term & long term problem. This is followed by recommendations based on the evaluation of options. We are submitting this report for your consideration and necessary action. We hope you find the report satisfactory & in tune with your requirements.

Alternatives Available with SOSLP:

1. Accept the request from Mathworks and participate in sponsoring a portion of Mathworks annual sales meeting 2. Reject the request from Matworks for sponsoring in the annual sales meeting Analysis of Alternatives:

Alternative 1:

Learning about competitors – Through interactions the following information can be gained in regards to SOSLP’s competitors – 1.The products and technology they are offering 2.Their selling strategy (risky or conservative) 3.Their customers 4.Their budget and promotions New business opportunities – Valuable insights about Matworks competitors who can be potential customers Relationship building – Further relations can be solidified and may be fruitful in the future when the salespeople move to other organizations. Improve corporate image – This type of promotion and
advertising might be the new marketing trend in the industry to build corporate image and hence SOSLP will keep u with it by going ahead with the 1st alternative Up-to-date research- Through such events information can be collected about trends in the industry and latest innovations and offerings thus providing a platform for up to date market research.


Money – The amount of sponsorship requested is considerable even for a part of the event. Consider SOSLP’s 3 % profit margin on Matworks sales of $672,000 which equals to $20,160 thus even considering the lowest amount $5000 will amount to nearly 25% of profits. Changing the budget – After the govt. imposed omnibus trade act such activities had to be reported and hence the budget had to be accordingly changed for accounting, taxation purposes and future such occurrences. Restructure the marketing strategy – The existing strategy although did not explicitly prohibit such promotions but also was oriented more towards service quality and open co-operations rather than promoting through giving customers various gifts and additional incentives.

Hence this needed to be changed in order to accommodate such promotional activities. Decrease the profit margin – Hence recalculating the profit margin that is profits will be to the tune of $15,160 on sales of $672,000 which turns out to be 2.25 % will be cause of concern for SOSLP especially when they maintain their price rigorously. Prices will rise after the promotion adjustment – In order to accommodate such promotional activities in the future SOSLP will have to increase prices to maintain same level of profit thereby losing out the value for proposition advantage it holds over its competitors. Alternative 2:

Pros :

Save money – At least $5000 will be saved by not sponsoring any part of the Matworks annual sales meeting. Stay within budget – As customer sponsorship has not been done in such a scale before hence there is no budget allocated for it and thus partaking to such an activity would lead to going overboard with the budget. Follow company strategy – As stated earlier the company policy has always been to maintain long term relationships through service quality, honesty, integrity and open cooperative practices. Thus keeping in line with this strategy will lead to the 2nd alternative. Avoid future sponsorship requests – This may be a onetime request but accepting it would lead to approval of entertaining such requests either from Matworks or any other customer in the future. Avoid displeasing other customers – In the past such requests from other customers might have been turned down or it may also occur in the future and hence such rejection will lead to displeasure if 1st alternative is exercised.


Loss of business opportunities – The event will host the top sales persons and Executive Management staff of Matworks who are high potential sources of information in regards to industry trends, competitors, new leads and new business development. Decline of corporate image – Such a promotional activity will help build the corporate image of SOSLP which might be one of the new advertising campaigns moving forward .Hence if not capitalized SOSLP might lose its corporate image. Possible loss of sales – Exercising 2nd alternative might ultimately result in complete loss of the Matworks account for SOSLP. Indicating a loss of $672,000 per year. Not supporting Matwork’s morale – Matworks have been hit hard with the recession and reduction in military spending and hence are losing out business. Thus if their morale is not boosted they will lose more sales and hence directly impacting their annual purchase from SOSLP.


Our Recommendation is to go ahead with second alternative based on the following observations – Localised Market – Weight of steel makes cost of shipping over 200 miles prohibitive hence leading to a localised market where SOSLP has had a presence over the last fifty years thus leading to very limited loss of business opportunities. Moreover such longstanding presence has ensured thorough knowledge of the competitors and their developments. Market Leaders – SOSLP has already established themselves in the market with their superior service quality and trusted customer base providing revenue of $250 mn annually hence decline of corporate image will be minimal and can be improved through other activities such as providing cost effective solutions of maintaining inventory for customers.

Long Standing Relationships – Through their Business Strategy they have developed long standing relationships with their clients and hence they can further continue to build fruitful relationships through this strategy rather than going for a complete overhaul they can incorporate certain cosmetic changes such as providing additional benefits with bulk buying to keep up with the industry trends. Market diversification – SOSLP’s strategy of 4 subsidiaries has ensured minimum impact from losses of losing an account such as Matworks (.2688% of total revenue) Plus Matworks itself is on a declining path hence it would be better idea to save money and invest somewhere else to get better market research. Other methods such as performing different customer feedback survey can be conducted to have up-to-date research.

Southwestern Ohio Steel Company Essay

The relationship Benedick and Beatrice Essay

The relationship Benedick and Beatrice Essay.

The relationship Benedick and Beatrice have is unusual throughout the play, particularly as deception plays a major role in bringing the pair together. Firstly they are deceiving themselves into believing they feel nothing for each other, and wage a ‘merry war’ trading witty insults, then both are tricked into believing the other is enamoured of them. The result of this is the positive resolution of their relationship: an emotional declaration of true love, and finally a sincere and very open relationship, all ironically caused by deception.

At the very first mention of Benedick in the play, in Act 1, Scene 1, Beatrice begins a witty assault, and the audience soon realises that she is deceiving herself about the nature of her true feelings towards Benedick. Her reference to Benedick challenging Cupid pokes fun at Benedick’s supposed image of himself as ‘loved of all ladies’: she argues he is arrogant and that this is unlikely. However, this early reference linking Benedick to Cupid is a hint to the audience of their love to come.

Although Beatrice’s remarks are ruthless, the fact that they are so witty, and said by Beatrice in an amusing, not a sour tone, shows us that she doesn’t really mean them. The audience can see this, and Shakespeare reinforces this idea using the character of Leonato to explain the ‘merry war’ between Benedick and Beatrice.

Therefore the audience is able to watch with anticipation and amusement when we see this merry war in action. Benedick enters, and Beatrice soon strikes up their conversation with the merciless remark, ‘I wonder that you will still be talking, Signior Benedick: nobody marks you’. We can instantly see how similar the pair are as Benedick retorts immediately, clearly possessing just as much wit as Beatrice: ‘What, my dear Lady Disdain, are you yet living?’, teasing her about her age and the fact that she is notorious for her scornful character. The conversation continues as each play upon the words of the other to form a new razor-sharp attack.

Their conversation is full of sex-antagonism: Benedick says he is ‘loved off all ladies, only you excepted’ and Beatrice remarks that she would rather ‘hear my dog bark at a crow than hear a man swear he loves me’. This gives us insight into their characters, as both are dismissive of the opposite sex, and resolutely believe that they will stay unattached. Yet even as they argue their similarities make the audience realise how perfect they would be together, and that both Beatrice and Benedick are deceiving only themselves that they do not love the other.

This self-deception becomes even more apparent in Act 2, Scene 1, the scene of the masked ball. Shakespeare uses physical deception in this scene to bring Benedick and Beatrice closer together. Benedick’s desire to ascertain what Beatrice truly thinks of him is a certain sign of the love he feels, yet is hiding from everyone including himself. He decides to learn Beatrice’s true opinion of him when he is masked, realising that she would never tell him if she knew who he was. However, Beatrice realises who he is and continues the ‘merry war’, delighting in insulting him once more, ‘He is the prince’s jester, a very dull fool’.

Benedick’s private response to this, later on in the scene, is significant, for Shakespeare once again uses deception in the very language Benedick speaks. Benedick expresses an unexpectedly strong reaction, declaring that Beatrice’s ‘every word stabs’ and feeling that she ‘misused me past the endurance of a block’. Benedick’s feeling of hurt and indignation could be interpreted as an unmistakable hint, clearly revealing his true feelings about Beatrice. Conversely it is possible that Benedick’s strong reaction is purely anger towards Beatrice, and that he genuinely begins to think negatively of her: ‘all disquiet, horror, and perturbation follows her’.

In her conversation with Don Pedro, Beatrice gives a hint of a reason as to why there is such animosity between her and Benedick. She implies that they had former dealings, ‘he leant it me awhile’ that he professed he had feelings for her, and she returned them doubly, but then he proved to be false. Although Shakespeare never returns to this idea of previous courting between the two, it may still be useful in understanding their relationship, and it is interesting that it implies that deception existed between them before.

By this point in the play, the audience and the other characters in the play have realised that Benedick and Beatrice are perfect for each other, even if they won’t admit it to themselves. Shakespeare uses the character of Don Pedro to think of a scheme, the ‘gullings’, involving positive deception: to stop Beatrice and Benedick deceiving themselves and to bring the pair to the positive resolution of their relationship. Don Pedro explains that he formulates this idea simply so that ‘the time shall not go dully by’, yet the reason may be that he is a romantic character in the novel, and as such can see the hidden love between Benedick and Beatrice, and wishes them to discover it and find happiness in the positive resolution of their relationship. Benedick has already revealed to the audience that he cares for Beatrice, but is just deceiving himself that he doesn’t. Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio, people that Benedick trusts, deceive Benedick into believing that Beatrice secretly loves him, guessing and hoping that he will realise the strength of his true feelings for her, and stop deceiving himself that he feels otherwise:

The gulling scene begins with Benedick’s soliloquy in which he describes his perfect girl; he describes Beatrice without realising, yet the audience does, and it is very obvious to us that he is in love with her already. Benedick’s opinions and general view on women seems to have softened by this point in the play, as he doesn’t mention his fear of betrayal, and when describing his perfect girl, he describes personality, not looks: he explains she would be ’rich’, ‘wise’, ‘virtuous’, ‘mild’, ‘noble’, and then goes on to say that ‘her hair shall be… of what colour it please God.’ This humour reassures the audience that when resolved, Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship will not change entirely, yet will not continue to be an argumentative relationship: it will be light-hearted. Benedick’s façade as a love-scornful bachelor already seems weak and hardly credible, and we can see that he is nearly ready to discover his love for Beatrice. The deception only works because the three men make it very convincing. Benedick is certain that Leonato wouldn’t take part in deceiving him, he even says ‘I should think this a gull, but that the white-bearded fellow speaks it’. Leonato’s very presence causes Benedick to be deceived.

The three men introduce the idea of romance naturally into their conversation with a song about love and man’s inconstancy, to make sure they get Benedick’s attention. Claudio is present because he is already connected with love in the play due to his relationship with Hero, which makes his views seem more plausible. It is also convincing because they debate whether or not to tell him, and then decide against it. They also point out the faults in his personality: ‘the man…hath a contemptible spirit’, as they point out the virtues in hers: ‘she’s an excellent sweet lady’, which makes their supposed decision not to tell him about Beatrice’s love even more credible. Shakespeare uses the character of Don Pedro as the main force behind the gulling: it is he who leads the conversation; he is calm, thoughtful, wistful and therefore very convincing. For Benedick to be able to admit the love he has for Beatrice, he needs to truly believe that she is in love with him, and for this reason the gulling must be made convincing.

This fact verifies what the audience has seen since early in the play, that Benedick has always loved Beatrice, but has just suppressed this love because he believed she didn’t return it: he has been deceiving himself. This is also immediately clear from Benedick’s reaction to what he overhears. Although he is at first incredulous, by the time he has overheard the entire conversation he is convinced ‘this can be no trick’. Shakespeare brings an end to Benedick’s self deception as Benedick immediately decides to return Beatrice’s strength of feeling, saying ‘love me? It must be requited’. Benedick goes back on all his previous comments about women and love, agreeing with the men’s compliments to Beatrice, and deciding he will be ‘horribly in love with her’. Although humourous, his reaction still very moving, as it is so clear that he cared about Beatrice before this moment and has only just recognised this within himself.

At this point in the play it is harder for the audience to perceive Beatrice’s hidden love for Benedick, although we can still see that they are perfectly matched. It is Hero and Ursula who deceive Beatrice into believing Benedick is secretly in love with her, and they are successful in making her realise her true feelings for him. This second gulling is just as credible as the first, as the two women use many of the techniques that were used on Benedick: they make Beatrice realise that she is too scornful of men, forcing her to assess herself and consequently discover her true feelings. Their conversation is carefully planned: Hero realistically doesn’t praise Benedick more than Claudio: ‘He is the only man of Italy, always excepting my dear Claudio’ and Ursula, as a servant, isn’t too critical of Beatrice ‘she cannot be so much without true judgement’.

The two speak eloquently and metaphorically, in verse, which is traditionally most romantic. As a result Beatrice is utterly taken in, although her initial reaction is one of shock and disbelief: ‘What fire is in mine ears? Can this be true?’. Once Beatrice is deceived into believing Benedick loves her, she decides instantly to change herself for him: she vows she will ‘tame’ her ‘wild heart’, and lose her traits of ‘contempt’ and ‘maiden pride’. Her conscious decision to change herself so that she can be with Benedick demonstrates her former love for him, and her instant passionate reaction proves that she had indeed been deceiving herself, and has loved him all along.

The deception devised by Don Pedro allows Benedick and Beatrice to end their self-deception and acknowledge and embrace their genuine feelings for one another. Benedick and Beatrice’s relationship is created on a foundation of deception, yet ironically is strengthened by this. It is in Act 4, Scene 1, that the characters Benedick and Beatrice declare their love for each other, and we see the unquestionable positive resolution of their relationship; despite the fact that it is tested by the events in the other plot of the play: the collapse of Hero and Claudio’s engagement.

Benedick and Beatrice do not deceive themselves or each other any longer, Benedick professes ‘I do love nothing in the world so much as you’, and Beatrice likewise tells him ‘I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest’. This is a wonderful contrast to all the deception it has taken to bring them together, and also to the relationships of the other characters in the play: as Claudio and Hero’s relationship has at this point in the play disintegrated due to deception and an innate lack of trust. Deception unquestionably plays a significant role in this positive resolution of their relationship: Benedick and Beatrice have ultimately discovered an emotionally open relationship as a direct result of deception.

The relationship Benedick and Beatrice Essay

“Saturday Climbing?” by W.D Valgardson Essay

“Saturday Climbing?” by W.D Valgardson Essay.

Saturday Climbing dives into the world of the complex relationships that take place between teenagers and their parents. In this particular situation, Moira is the teenager who is trying to explore the uncertainties in life while dealing with her father who is very cautious of her experiments. As the story evolves, there are many ideas that she accepts and rejects. There are also things that she hopes for throughout the story as well as fears that she thinks about. Valgardson demonstrates that parents need to exhibit faith their children in order for them to have a smooth transition into an independent life.

There are many ideas in Saturday Climbing that Moira accepts and incorporates into her thinking. The main idea is that she learns and starts to value the way her father thinks of life and how he wants the best for her. He was grateful for her confidence. Moira showing confidence in her father while he is climbing a hill is quite symbolic for this feat.

She is showing confidence in her father and he is grateful for it and that confidence is what eventually evolves their relationship. Confidence represents faith in many ways, thus Valgardson indirectly uses this to demonstrate how independence is key in building a strong relationships between teenagers and parents.

From every corner of the room came cries of bitter disappointment and resentment. This shows that Moira clearly rejected the idea of rock climbing initially. She decided to give it a try and the activity eventually grew on her. The cause for the initial rejection of the activity was to be independent from her father but once she saw other kids climbing with their parents, she started to enjoy herself. In this situation, Valgardson states that healthy relationships lead to a life filled with more independence and happiness.

Valgardson uses symbolism throughout this story to touch on various aspects of the relationship between Barry and Moira. The rope symbolizes the strength of the relationship between Barry and Moira as the rope seems week but it is actually much stronger. As the saying goes, You cant judge a book by its cover. The cliff represents the struggle in the relationship as Barry tried to fight his inner-struggle. Eventually as the story progresses Barry is able to conquer the cliff and Moira is finally given the independence that she longed for. Valgardson demonstrates how parents go through a struggle within themselves to trust their childs decisions and give them enough independence to let them mature as adults.

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“Saturday Climbing?” by W.D Valgardson Essay