Harlem Renaissance Essay

Harlem Renaissance Essay.

The Harlem renaissance is considered to be one of the most important periods in the history of African Americans literature. It marks the period between the early 1920’s and the late 1930’s when the African Americans demonstrated their capabilities in the literature art. The literature in the Harlem renaissance has been rated as one of the greatest attempts to define the identity of women in the American society. The period saw the rise of African American writers both men and women in literature who demonstrated that the African Americans have equally literacy capabilities as their white counterparts (Hatch, 2002).

The Harlem renaissance has been closely linked to the African American modernism. However, relating authenticity of literacy work by the African Americans or modernism and the African American writers has been a big mistake. This is because of the assumption that the terns refers to African Americans. The term modernity can be understood as the tendency of thinking and doing things in the modern way.

However, the term has been used inappropriately in relation to the authenticity of the literature work by African Americans.

The development that took place in the African American literature work during the Harlem renaissance is clear evidence that this assumption is a big mistake. This is because the authenticity of literacy work is not determined by race. The birth of the African American literature in the early 19th century fitted well in the traditions of the American society. Many people see this as the real modernism where the art and literature reflects nationalism. The Harlem renaissance therefore made American literature new by eliminating the European influence of the 19th century and introduced nationalism and modernity in American literature.

In many ways, the events of the Harlem renaissance contributed to the birth of the African American literature and art modernism (Kuenz, 2007). Mexican Revolution The Mexican revolution in the early 20th century was an important event towards the establishment of Mexican modernity. Though the Mexican revolution was an armed revolution where illegal rebels were involved, literature played an important role in the modernism of Mexico. A group of revolutionist used the cultural representation to push their agenda forward. These group involved writers and literacy artists who used their literacy work as weapon to fight in the revolution.

The main aim of this literacy representation was not only to drive the autocratic government out of office but also to eliminate the authenticity in the 19th century Mexican literature and introduce modernity (Gallo, 2005). The Mexican writers in the Mexican revolution played an important role in the modernization of the Mexico literature in the 20th century. It is not a coincidence that the Mexican revolution took place at the same time literature and art in the country was undergoing some changes and becoming modernized.

This is because literature played an important role in the revolution. Cinemas and plays as well as poems and verses written during the revolution introduced nationalism themes which were not only designed for Mexican audience but also for export. This way, modernism reintroduced the uniqueness of the Mexican society and national identity. The revolution did not only revolutionize the Mexican political leadership but also broke the traditional styles of literature which had a large impact on the culture of the Mexican societies (Pick, 2010)

Harlem Renaissance Essay