Informative Speech Essay

Informative Speech Essay.

I do not exercise because I do not want to sweat my hair out! My hair is easier to maintain and work when it is relaxed. I just can’t get enough of that creepy crack. These are some things African American women with relaxed hair have said at one point or another. Whether going natural or choosing to continue to use relaxers is a big decision. For those that have been relying upon relaxers for some time, going natural doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.

There are several ways to go natural and still have healthy hair, determining what your hair needs in terms of products and nutrients.

Deciding to take the long road of the big chop or deciding to take the short road to transitioning where you gradually clip your ends every few months are factors that people find daunting when complex plating on an embark to a natural hair journey. Going natural or using relaxers has been a big debate in our communities over the last few years.

Going natural has essential become a movement that some feel is here to stay while others feel as if it is just a phase. I can assure you that going natural is not as scary as it seem.

By looking at my hair would you know that I was natural if I didn’t tell you I was? Well I am and have been for two years now and I love it. I will not go back to a relaxer there is so much more for me to do with my hair now that I am natural than it would be if I had relaxed hair. If you choose to go natural you must first determine the nutrients and products your hair needs, because every person hair texture is different and what it might take for one’s head it might not take all that for the other. Discover your hair type; I have two different hair types which is 3c on top and 3b at the back.

Your hair needs lots and lots of love and nutrients. Keeping your hair moisturized is the number one most important rule when going natural. According to cosmetologist and owners of Ms. Jessie’s hair care line Meko and TT Branch, said that products that are rich in nutrients and moisturizers are: Shea butter, jojoba oil, argon oil and olive oil also coconut oil. Being natural, it is important to know how much your hair absorbs because like I said before it take more for some and less for others so you want to make sure your hair is getting all that it needs.

It is always best to use sulfate free and alcohol free products because they are not good for your hair. They will cause stripping and that will lead to damage of your hair. What is stripping of the hair? Well stripping of the hair is when your hair losses all its nutrients and life. It will lead to thinning of your hair that is when your hair sheds extremely too much and then you will not have that full healthy looking hair. Some people choose to do the big shop that is where you either cut all your hair off or you have it shaved. I have tried this method and I think it works best for me.

Others may beg to differ so they decided to go the transitioning route. That is where you do not cut all the hair off at one time you just clip the ends as you go every few months until all the relaxed part is cut out. The natural process does take time but if you stick with it you can achieve your length that you so desire to have. You must eat right, exercise, take your daily vitamins (I prefer Biotin) and drink plenty of water, also make sure you get you recommend hours of sleep. Listed below is a list of good food for your hair.

Informative Speech Essay

The Effects of Hair Relaxers Essay

The Effects of Hair Relaxers Essay.

For a long time, hair relaxers have been used to straighten hair thus making it easier to style. These hair relaxers straighten hair by destroying the protein composition of hair and the most effective active ingredients in these relaxers are Sodium Hydroxide and Guanidine hydroxide (Baran & Maibach, 2005). Hair is primarily composed of keratin which is a form of fibrous protein that is made up of long amino acid chains (polypeptides). In these chains, the amino acids are linked to one another through chemical bonds which are known as peptide bonds.

These polypeptide chains are linked to each other through salt, disulphide, and hydrogen bonds (Dale, 1997). These hydrogen bonds contribute greatly to hair strength and in fact their contribution forms a third of the total hair strength (Dale, 1997). These hydrogen bonds are so weak that they are easily broken by heat and water. Salt bonds just like hydrogen bonds are weak physical bonds and are broken easily by agents such as weak acid or alkaline solutions as well as pH changes.

Unlike the other two, disulphide bonds are chemical in nature and are stronger and less.

However, they are susceptible to alkaline solutions. These disulphide bonds links the sulphur atoms found in cysteine to each other and they are the ones primarily responsible for hair’s strength. More hair strength is contributed by betaine. In an investigation done by Pulliainen et al. (2009) using high performance liquid chromatography, natural betaine was established to be a part of hair and it is believed to provide hair strength by helping to maintain the function of protein.

There are two types of keratin-soft and hard-and the one found in hair is the hard type. This type of keratin is insoluble in water and it is generally resistant to degradation by various agents for instance proteolytic enzymes (Sustaita, 2007). The keratin proteins in a hair fiber forms 65-95% of the fibers total weight (Keratin. Com, 2009). Hair is composed of various chemical elements which include carbon, hydrogen, sulphur, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Hair relaxers act on hair in two major ways-physical and chemical. The chemical action is due to breakage of disulphide bonds following the action of the alkalis found in hair relaxers. Since the disulphide bonds are the ones primarily responsible for providing hair strength as well as determining hair curls, breakage of these bonds leaves the hair soft (relaxed) and thus it can be manipulated (Dale, 1997). These alkalis also break the salt and hydrogen bonds further softening the hair.

The physical action comes about due to the breakage of the bonds leaving the hair free of natural curls thus it can be straightened by combing. In other words it changes hair physically from curly to straight thus giving it a new shape. Following application of hair relaxers, the structure of hair changes due to breakage of bonds but these bonds are reformed. Use of water and heat during relaxing breaks hydrogen bonds but these are reformed when the hair is dried and cooled.

The broken salt bonds are reformed by use of neutralizers (acids) which normalizes the hair pH. Disulphide bonds are also reformed following application of neutralizers but their position changes so that they hold hair in the new straight shape. The neutralizer also re-hardens hair. From the discussion above, it is clear that the hair relaxers targets the protein components of hair and it does this by destroying the bonds that link polypeptide chains together. After this breakage, neutralizers are applied and hair dried to reform these bonds.

The Effects of Hair Relaxers Essay