Guns Should Be Banned Essay

Guns Should Be Banned Essay.

Handguns are the cause of so many deaths amongst the people of the world today. In the past few months there have been so many awful tragedies due to the access we all have to guns. The repercussions of gun violence make up 50 percent of today’s disasters claiming lives ranging from babies to adults and even elderly. The government needs to make guns less accessible, and the law along with the law enforcement need to really enforce the laws they make.

This is a very serious issue we must tackle globally, and not just in Australia.

The school massacre in Connecticut caps off a year of killings in the US with men having committed 16 mass shootings in locations including health spas, a night club, a high school, a hospital, a funeral home, a university, a coffee shop, a soccer field, a cinema, a shopping mall and a primary school! Politicians say that the victims are in our thoughts and prayers, but what can be done to prevent such horrors in the future? I believe that too many lethal weapons are available to too many people.

Most US states have no owner licensing or gun registration, no requirement to provide a good reason to own a gun, no ban on semi-automatic assault weapons and no limit on the number of guns a person can own. Thanks to the reforms to our gun laws after the 1996 gun massacre in Tasmania, Australia has all of the above. It took Australia thirty five deaths to put bans on the use of guns, which had a huge success as the number of gun deaths have dropped by half and there hasn’t been a massacre since 1996. Every year this law saved 200 lives and 500 million dollars.

Commentators in the US say they have come to see the mass killings as an inevitable feature of the American way of life, which means they know it’s going to happen again and again. But as mentioned above Australia’s experience shows that it doesn’t have to be that way. This doesn’t mean Australia is perfect though, as there are always flaws. Thirteen years after the gun reforms a woman with a history of chronic paranoid schizophrenia walked out of the Sydney Pistol Club with one of its weapons and killed her father.

It’s a scary thought that nothing is stopping a person taking a handgun from a club and using it however they want, as the reforms outlawed semi-automatic long arms, but not hand guns. Most massacres are committed by people with no criminal record or no known history of mental illness. This means you can’t predict who will be the next crazy killer to go on a rampage, therefore we need to be strict on weapon use and who can actually take or own one of their own. So if handguns or guns in general weren’t that accessible and so easy to get a hold of, most of this senseless violence would not occur.

I believe that if the proper laws are fully enforced we would have fewer criminals and much less death. For countries all around the world, it’s sad when a fourteen year old kid can get access to a dangerous firearm it’s just senseless. I know banning guns will not stop all violence as some people will go to huge lengths to still get that one weapon, but I can assure you it will have a dramatic decrease in the deaths and violence in any country around the world.

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Guns Should Be Banned Essay

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Concealed Carry Right Should be limited Essay

Concealed Carry Right Should be limited Essay.

Because of the establishment of concealed carry legislation by all states over the years, it has been increasingly possible for almost every American citizen to carry concealed weapons in public places. As unfortunate and horrifying gun violence tragedies like the Newtown School Shooting and Sandy Hook school shooting repeatedly occur, whether citizens should have the right to carry a conceal handgun in public has created a massive uproar. People have different views about this issue. Just as the Second Amendment states that every human being has the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, many gun-rights advocates believe that reasonable citizens have the right to carry any kind of concealed weapons for self-defense purposes.

On the other hand, people who argue against the right of concealed carrying claim that the Second Amendment does not state that law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed guns in public and they may consider concealed handguns as an inefficient form for defense purpose as it creates more chances for potential crimes and injuries.

As you can see, both sides have made very strong argument. Even though citizens without criminal records have the constitution right to keep and bear firearms, citizens’ rights to carry concealed handguns should come with limitations outside the home. In general, allowing individuals to carry concealed weapons does not benefit both of them, citizens and the public since it is not effective for self-defense and creates more chances for gun violence. To begin with, the United States has always been a nation of individuality. In the past, all Americans advocated armed self-defense to fight for liberation and to protect their lives from violence. In the era of emancipation, writers such as WEB Du Bois also supported that guns are necessary tools to defend African Americans’ lives. Hence it is not surprising that gun ownership is legalized in the United States. Needless to say, guns have become a part of American culture.

However, when hearing news of mass shootings recently, most people from outside the United States think they must have happened in the United States. And it is because the majority of the deadliest mass killings in the world took place in the United States in the past few years. Accordingly, a comparison study on twenty-six developed countries that held by the Harvard Injury Control Research Center at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that the United States has the highest level of gun ownership per capita and also has the highest rate of gun homicides. (Bagnall) Guns increase the gun violence in the society and further infringe on the base philosophy security of the United States. Lao-Tzu’s philosophies create persuasive argument on gun issues. As he suggested in Tao-te Ching “weapons are the tools of violence; all decent men detest them. Weapons are the tools of fear; a decent man will avoid them except in the direst necessity and, if compelled, will use them only with the utmost restraint” In his opinion, law-abiding citizens should have no need for weapons.

If people were unable to carry concealed guns, there would be probably less need for protection by concealed weapons. The goal for the society is to reduce violence as much as possible. As a matter of fact, allowing unstable people to carry concealed guns in public makes it easier for them to use guns to commit as many gun-related crimes in public as possible. Janet Bagnall, a columnist who writes for the Times and Colonist Newspaper has made a strong argument that “where guns were more available, there were more homicides.” Carrying concealed gun is not a way to protect people, but to put other people at risk of an injury or even death as it increase chances that people shoot each other when they are intoxicated, nervous, or irritable. Precedent Obama was quoted in an Apr. 2, 2008 article saying, “I am not in favor of concealed weapons. I think that creates a potential atmosphere where more innocent people could (get shot during) altercations.” (ProCon) A person from other countries such as England or Costa Rica or Japan is less likely shoot and kill someone when he has the impulse to do so since lethal weapons are not easily accessible in those countries.

However, it might be easier for that person to misuse his guns and be involved in criminal activity if the person happen to be an American citizen and own a murderous weapon, as America is a country flooded with guns. The high gun owner rate makes guns more accessible for criminals. In addition, people with concealed weapons even kill many more people in cheaper, quicker, and easier ways than if they did not have handguns. For instance, the shooting spree on the campus of Virginia Tech that killed thirty-two people was less likely to happened or killed less people if the gunman couldn’t carry a handgun. It is true that “guns did not kill people, people kill people.” Since handgun is primarily designed to kill people and not for sport or other purposes, it is not a toy that should be carried in a person’s purse. It is true that the high ownership of guns is out there in the United States, and no one can guarantee that it can be completely reduced by banning concealed carry. However it would stop insane and violent people from using guns easily in public places and then gradually reduce gun violence.

What is more, concealed weapons are not effective for self-defense in bars, theaters and other public places. Many people with concealed guns are more likely to be attacked than a victim who has no gun, as they are not properly trained on conflict resolution and thus unable to fight back to the attacker or to solve the conflicts. For instance, just imagine what would happen if guns were taken away from citizens and used to overpower them or other people in public places? According to the data sets that were provided by the Violence Policy Center, only 0.8 percent of victims of both attempted and completed violent crimes involved using guns as self-defense behavior between years 2007 and 2011. The most reliable data show that guns were used only 338,700 times in self-defense, and this includes off-duty police. Truly handguns deter criminals from committing crimes such as burglary in people’s homes.

Given that there are more than 300 millions guns in the United States, it is impossible to suggest that guns are an effective form for self-defense in public. Allowing citizens to carry a concealed handgun does not lessen the chance of being attacked. Instead, it increases the chances of unintended public shootings. Aristotle made a strong argument in the Nicomachean Ethics, a wise man will never put himself into needless danger. Carrying guns will never be intelligent action as it potentially put one’s lives into danger. If citizens are permitted to carry concealed guns in public areas, criminals are also more likely to be armed.

The reason is that there is always a chance that victims would be armed. Moreover, killing with guns is not necessary even it is for self-defense. Applying Aristotle’s virtue ethics, living is necessary to be happy. Caring about others is human nature as people are social animals. But killing with guns will absolutely unnecessary for personal happiness as it may lead to horrible thing happen on other people. Gun violence is not the only way to fight against violence. There are still many other ways that citizens can defend themselves in public.

Most important, the Second Amendment limits the concealed carry right. Every constitutional right comes with reasonable restrictions when it begins to threaten the nation and other citizens. In other words, although individuals’ freedom of religious belief is advocated by the constitution, they are still not allowed to practice human sacrifice, as it is a violation of human rights. In the same manner, individuals can get themselves into troubles of libel and slander, defamation even though they have freedom of speech. Hence gun rights are not an exception either. It is true that the Second Amendment guarantees that individuals with clean records are allowed keeping arms for defending themselves and their property lawfully at homes. The law clearly states that reasonable citizens have the right to bear arms and keep the government secure. But it does not mean that they can carry guns everywhere.

According to Adam Cohen who is a former member of the New York Times editorial board, the Supreme Court in Heller declared “America has a long tradition of bans on concealed weapons – and of courts upholding them.” Therefore, the Second Amendment does not extend to the right to carry a concealed weapon in public. Law-biding citizens can keep their guns at home and that is enough. Guns do not make sense for solving problems and are not going to not make today’s society better. To sum up, carrying concealed weapons in public threatesn the constitutional order. Recent mass shootings have become one portion of the long-term trend of gun violence in the United States.

As mentioned above, the dangers of concealed weapons in public places are something that should no longer be ignored. Without doubt, there are only two reasons for carrying guns in public. One is to prevent individuals from danger and another is to commit a crime. If everyone are not allow to carry concealed handguns in public places, then why is there a need for individuals to carry guns? Though it is unlikely that the debate between gun ownership and concealed carry rights will ever end; one thing is certain, legalizing concealed carry may obviously cause more lethal crimes to occur. The American political system needs to find a balance between security and freedom. Banning concealed carry is something the federal government of America should take into considerations.

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Concealed Carry Right Should be limited Essay

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Gun Violence Essay

Gun Violence Essay.

The issue of gun ownership and gun violence is highly controversial and has become highly controversial since the recent multiple massacres/shootings in schools and theatres. Controversy ensues between individual beliefs of who can own guns and how to control gun violence. The recent massacres/shootings bring into stark, shocking reality that gun ownership isn’t as controlled as it should, leading to gun violence. As quoted from Steve Mostyn, a Texas trial lawyer, “Lemme tell you…I own thirty-five guns.

You know I like to shoot. Last week I went to a local gun store near my house and bought three thousand rounds of ammunition…The same month…he sold an old rusted Jet Ski trailer for $200. The buyer showed up, hooked the trailer to his truck, and drove away. A few days later, the man asked Mostyn to meet him at the local DMV so they could fill out some paperwork necessary to transfer ownership of the trailer.”

Steve continues, “So I had to go downtown and take the time to fill out a bunch of forms about an old trailer…You know how much paperwork I had to do to buy three thousand rounds of ammo? Nothing.

(pg 25)” Steve, who supports tighter background checks when buying guns and ammunition, brings to light the reality that guns are being sold with a seemingly careless attitude. One side of the issue believes that gun violence is to blame on video games, the media, and weak federal gun prosecutions. The other side of the issue believes that gun violence is to blame on weak/no background checks when buying guns. These background checks include checks of serious previous and/or current mental health issues. The NRA (National Rifle Association) believes that gun violence is mainly a result of the media, video games, and weak federal gun prosecutions.

Gabrielle and Mark, the authors of the book, are just one voice amongst many Americans who believe weak/no background checks are the cause of gun violence. Honestly, I agree with both sides. I believe that video games, weak federal gun prosecutions, and weak/no background checks are to blame for gun violence. I don’t think the media has a large influence on gun violence. America’s long-standing traditions and mottos of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness include a footnote of gun ownership.

I think that some-most Americans take the definition of protecting these American ideals too far with gun violence. Every American has a right to concealed carry, open carry, and gun ownership for the protection of individuals, families, and the home. To go out a massacre humans because of mental instability and inappropriate contextual belief of American values is wrong. My belief, along with other citizen’s beliefs, is important in the issue of gun violence/gun ownership because it is a controversial issue that rests largely in each American citizen’s hands. The government and legal officials’ roles is to help ensure that whatever decision is taken in this issue is enforced.

Gun Violence Essay

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