College Football vs Nfl Essay

College Football vs Nfl Essay.

Many compare the National Football League (NFL) with college football but the two are not extremely similar and should never be compared. Yes, besides a few minor rule changes the NFL and college football are the same game; but there is much more to football then the rules. College football is better than the NFL for a wide variety of reasons. First, there exists more passion in college football all around the sport. Passion cannot be measured in anyway but can be observed and understood by the fans, coaches, and sports community.

Players care more about the game and less about money, while the fans have great passion for the university they attend or attended.

The lack of an influence money has on the game is admirable. Also, tradition is so vast in college football a game day experience cannot be compared with those of the NFL. The special rivalry games and in stadium events makes college football great. Rivalries, passion, playing rules, and timing are few of the reasons why college football is better than the NFL.

Along with great activities like tailgating, the wonderful scheduling, the entertainment, and the comeback friendly rules college football has the best case for why it is levels above the NFL.

Passion is sought after in all sports, and is the most apparent in college athletics. Money determines everything in pro football and the large impact it has is just too obvious. The same cannot be said for college football. The great passion and emotion seen in players and coaches, and their loyalty to their team helps make college football a lovable game. The football team at a university represents the town, the state, and what the community stands for. College football players are said to be passionate, play hard, hard workers, and fearless. NFL players are most known for complaining and not wanting to be hit hard. There is passion in every play and intensity like no other in college football. It is just a drag watching the NFL because most of the time there is no passion, it’s just guys playing for that next paycheck (Fisher).The fact that the student athletes play for opportunity and the love of the game is invigorating to all sport fans. College football has been said to be more pure of a game.

This means they play for the chance to make the league, and are about the game. Another reason passion is more reflected in college football is the lack of salary related hold outs. This refers to the many major star athletes who have large contract disputes and skip on camp and all team activities until they are paid more money. Players risk team success for selfish personal reasons. Prime examples of a player negatively affecting a team with a hold out are Albert Haynesworth, Terrell Owens, Michael Crabtree, Maurice Jones-Drew, Chris Johnson, and many more. These players put personal motives over team goals; it is inferred that the star athletes prefer money over team success. There has never been one single hold out in college football. Historically players in contract years have shown just a little more effort to ensure they make a few extra dollars when their pay days come around (Eliesen). Stats go up and so does the amount of work put in.

This shows that players give more effort when money is on the line. The impact money has on the NFL makes college football that much better. Another issue with the money influence of the NFL is players will switch teams for more money, wins, or a bigger market. Not just some players, all players. In college you can transfer for academic or personal reasons but there are consequences. In 2010-11, 6.4 percent of Division I student-athletes transferred from one four-year school to another four-year school. Included in that figure are 969 football student-athletes.

All of those student-athletes were required to sit out a year of competition (NCAA). In the NFL it is expected that a player would turn their back on their team and city for more money or a better personal opportunity. In college it is discouraged, frowned upon, and penalized against. The players passion for the game, loyalty to their teams, and absents of holdouts and other money related issues are the start of a long list of reasons why college football is better than the NFL. The passion shows the college players are about the game, not the money.

The tradition of college football is unlike that of any sport. The significance of it is immeasurable. To start college football has outstanding rivalry games. They are better than the NFL rivalry games simply because they have existed longer, are closer games, in a larger variety, and the fans and schools hate each other more. Classic examples include Army versus Navy, the iron bowl, Ohio State versus Michigan, USC versus Notre Dame, Miami versus FSU, The red river rivalry, the civil war, the dual in the dessert, the world’s largest cocktail party, LSU versus Alabama, and several others. Compare that with Dallas against Washington; the best rivalry in the NFL. Not a comparison. Every team in college football has a rival. Iowa State has Kansas State. Indiana has Illinois. Baylor has Texas Tech. Cincinnati has Louisville.

It’s not what you think of when you think Auburn/Alabama, Ohio State/Michigan and Texas/Oklahoma, but even the lesser-known powers have rivals that riles up the fan bases. The NFL? I challenge you to name the Carolina Panthers’ top rival (Wilson).The atmosphere surrounding the towns and the great rivalry games out perform the NFL’s weak rivalry match ups. Next, fans have more to route for in college. The fact that the students and alumni get to support the place they graduated from cannot be matched. For NFL fans most of them root for the city’s team you were born in. For college football fans the team you cheer for could be across the nation because you had a family member go there or your family has always cheered for them. For college football fans it doesn’t matter what city you live in (Fisher).

Good examples of great tradition are Oregon’s uniforms, dotting the I in Ohio, Chief Osceola, war eagle, Howards rock, the dog UGA, and the play like a champion today sign in South Bend. Literally, 100 more traditions could be named. Traditions such as those just don’t exist in the NFL. There isn’t the same level of tradition in the pro game (Killoren). Stadiums, fight songs, bands, and the college campus on game day, pep rallies, are all things that are just not seen in professional football. The tradition in college football is evident and changes the game completely. Most importantly the strong and vast group of rivalry games in college makes the NFL division games appear as friendly competition.

A main reason why college football is better than the NFL is because in college the timing in all around better. By the timing, I mean the rules that influence the time and the scheduling. College football starts a week earlier which means over 120 division one college games have been played before the NFL starts. College football has more games in general and starts off football season right. Next, is Saturdays are better for watching and playing football than Sundays. Nobody wants to go to work the day after a crazy game. People need Sunday to relax after a crazy tailgating and game experience. To me, there’s nothing better than going to bed on Friday night knowing that you have nothing to do on Saturday except watch college football. Even if you find a few hours to watch your favorite NFL team, you still have it hanging over your head that it’s back to work in the morning. That feeling always tends to take the wind out of my sails (FanNation).

Who wants to be out late on a Sunday night at a prime time game? How about Saturday? There is a big difference between the two. During bowl season we get to see 35 prestigious match ups of team with winning records in solid football games over a 23 day period. Right over the holidays when everyone has school and work off there is football on every day. This is set up nicely for viewers. Seniors get a last chance to represent themselves and their school in the bowl game that they have worked so hard to earn. Lastly, college has comeback friendly rules that the NFL do not have. Stopping of the clock on a first down, one foot in bounds for a catch, chains must be set before clock starts, and clock stopping all game when you get out of bounds keep college games entertaining and help you see more action.

According to a Wall Street Journal study of four games from week 16, the average NFL game features just 10 minutes 43 seconds of action (Chase). The comebacks that have determined champions and the outcome of high profile games are because of the comeback friendly rule book of college football. College football is more entertaining than the NFL for many reasons but bowl season, the comeback friendly rules, Saturdays over Sundays, and the extra week of football are just some vital examples.

The pregame activities, tailgating, the more logical football rules such as overtime standards, and ESPNs outstanding coverage give college an extra edge on professional football. College game day travels to the biggest game of the week and perform a 3 hour special on campus live in front of an audience with different guest stars, storylines, and gimmicks each week. Hands down NFL Countdown can’t compete with College Gameday (Fisher). Also, college goal line which updates all the score nationwide is very popular around the country. In college football the sport is played the right way. If a player hits the ground he is down, in the NFL he can get back up and run if not touched. This leads to many missed calls and slows down play. The overtime rules are better in college because you can’t tie. Yes, in the NFL there is the terrible possibility of a tie. Also, each time gets a chance and the better team is awarded the victory.

In the NFL it’s more about the coin flip than the play. Parties on campus, pep rallies, and fun halftime events like the famous Dr. Pepper challenge are great add ons to college football. The college life sparks parties and pep rallies. Some schools even cancel classes the day before a big game. Students camp out to get tickets and great scenes like that are noticed all around the country. The weekend gives students a break. What more would students want to do than party and route on their schools football team. Lastly, tailgating is bigger in college football.

Fans have all of the next day to relax so they enjoy their tailgating. Only 30 percent of the tailgaters actually make it inside the stadium. People do not tailgate a week before for an NFL game. College students start tailgating that Sunday or Monday after that last game they just went too (Fisher). College fans take tailgating very serious and make a 3 hour game into a week event in which they can relax, watch football, eat good food, and reunite with friends and family. The activities around college football separate it from the old boring games on Sunday.

College football has passion, traditions, entertainment, and an incredible environment that the NFL lacks. These reasons were choose from a list of 200 reasons college football is better. Upsets, unpredictability, cheer leaders, the Heisman, coaching dynasties, the spread offense, uniforms, new programs, and other reason were not even discussed because college football has such a huge variety of great attributes. This makes college football more appealing to the fans and viewers. Understand that all these reasons build on the case of why college football beats the NFL. Yes, the players are less talented when they are younger. It should have been made clear that the game is about more than this though.

The college players do not only care about money. Love of the game, the tradition, the entertainment, and the rules are a few of the prominent reasons college football is better. However, Most of these reasons cannot be based of scientific facts or stats. The reasons listed are based on what is the best game to watch and support. A personal opinion and judgment is what makes this argument worth demonstrating. It cannot be proven through facts and data but there are numerous reasons that help show the point that is trying to be made. All the evidence is there and all that is left to do is choose what reasons makes college football better than the NFL. There are many to choose from.

College Football vs Nfl Essay

How much does the air pressure within a football matter? Essay

How much does the air pressure within a football matter? Essay.

The air pressure within a football can make a considerable difference to the distance traveled and flight time of a ball. Air pressure is a vital aspect when considering distance traveled and flight time of a ball. If the force that is being applied to the ball remains constant, and the air pressure within the ball is the variable then we are able to draw a conclusion of how much difference the air pressure makes.

If the air pressure within a ball is increased, then the gas within the ball becomes more elastic.

Elasticity enables an object to release energy that is received during a collision. This is called an elastic collision. When the ball is kicked, the gas within the ball compresses and then expands, and some heat and sound will also be generated. Therefore, the more pressure of the gas within the ball, the more efficient the compression and expansion of the gas becomes. However, with a slightly deflated ball there is less elasticity, so instead, the ball will absorb most of the force from the kick just by becoming deformed.

Before an Australian Football League game, each football used is inflated to 62 – 76 kPa. This is used as the regulation air pressure of a football for the AFL. Studies conducted by Dan Whiteman, a 14 year old boy, have shown that a ball inflated to any pressure under or over the recommended pressure will decrease the distance that the football will travel through the air. This same theory also applies toward the bouncing of balls. The more pressure that is held within the ball, then the higher that the ball will bounce when compared to a deflated ball.

The air pressure within a football can play a much greater role if the ball is not inflated to the recommended levels. However, the effect of the air pressure varies depending on how much the ball is deflated. Small variances of air pressure within the ball can cause a dramatic impact on the distance that the ball travels. This can become especially crucial in a game situation where the ball is not pumped to the correct pressure. If one player is aware of the air pressure within the football, then that player may choose to stand in front of his opposition as the ball will travel a shorter distance than expected. This tactic could also be employed in a game of American Football where the kicker must take a punt for goal. If the pressure within the ball was to be minimized, then the punt may not make the distance needed to score. The bouncing of a football is also another example of how the air pressure could change some aspects within a game. If the pressure was lowered, less elasticity would exist within the ball and consequently the ball would bounce much lower than a correctly inflated ball.

In conclusion, the air pressure within a football does matter. This pressure can influence the distance of the kick, and the height of the bounce of the ball during a game. When playing with a football not inflated to the ideal air pressure, it can cause an unfair advantage to one team if they are aware of the deflation. The distance that the football may travel may vary buy ten – twenty percent if the ball is not correctly inflated. The air pressure of an Australian Rules Football in games must stay between 62 – 76 kPa at all times so that the game remains fair towards both sides competing. The air pressure within a football if not inflated to recommended levels makes a significant impact on many aspects of the game. Therefore the air pressure of a football must remain constant between 62 – 76 kpa.


How much does the air pressure within a football matter? Essay

Professional athletes deserve high salary Essay

Professional athletes deserve high salary Essay.

To begin with, those athletes with high salaries have some special talent which normal people cannot have in certain areas. Athletes are experts at some specific sports such as basketball, football, swimming and so on. It is hard for average people to reach that level, no matter how hard they try. People who watch the game can obtain happy experiences and enjoyments, which may enrich their lives and benefit their health. A number of common people become obsessed with sports and start playing basketball or football or something else after watching particular exciting games on television.

Moreover, an excellent performance of a player can earn honor for his country. When the athletes get the gold medal with the national flag on their back and enjoy the cheers and yells from the audience,they make a great contribution to the reputation of their countries. Thus, they deserve a high reward like good salaries. Another reason of equal importance is that these famous athletes sacrifice something to get what they have.

For example, almost all athletes suffer from injuries because of heavy training and physical competitions to win the games.

In addition, they are too occupied with training and social activities that many of them spare no time with their families. What’s more, they have to face the fact that common people are not only interested in their performance in the game, but also curious about their personal lives. They have heavy duty on their shoulder to behave well since many eyes have kept watching on them. If they make a mistake, no mater how small it is, the overwhelming criticism from the public will do great harm both physically and mentally.

Take Tiger Woods for example, the sex scandals have severe adverse impact on both his family and career. Besides from above points, another factor for my inclination is that the strong characters of professional athletes especially the successful ones earn the respect and favor of the public. Their spirits, perseverance and courage inspired various people and even influenced their lives. For instance, many teenagers take Kobe Brain as their idol, not only for his excellent performance but also for his insistence strong will.

When they meet difficulties, they are more likely to behave the way as their idol do. Hence, the famous athletes deserve what they earned. Admittedly, the income of those famous athletes is far beyond the normal level. However, do not be jealous of these professional athletes, although we all admire the millions of dollars they made. As the old saying goes, no pains no gains. They use their talents, great efforts and strong will to earn their own paycheck.

Professional athletes deserve high salary Essay