Fable & Story Essay

Fable & Story Essay.

The paper revolves around a fable that talks about the systems development and implementation in a certain organization, for which the managers are discussing the methodologies, project management, training users, involving users in gathering the requirements, and communicating among them. Mr. John is the director of IT department, Stephen is the CEO of the company, and Harry is the Leader selected for the new project.

Stephen: Hi there John, I have heard you have some kind of proposal for the company; what’s that?

John: You’re right, and the company desperately needs to introduce some change in its IT systems.

Stephen: I’m eager to listen to it; please go on with your proposal.

John: Sir as we all know that the information database system of our company has been experiencing some shortcomings in the recent past, and is not able to assimilate the changes of this dynamic environment efficiently. Hence, our company needs to introduce and implement a new ERP system as soon as possible that matches the needs and demands of changing requirements of our company, customers, suppliers, and industry.

Stephen: Hmmm… Agree… So, have you come with the methods to bring it on considering the cost benefit analysis along with SWOT analysis? Listen John, (leaning forward) this is not an easier a job, and surely requires perfection in every aspect as to prevent losses from huge investments.

John: Yeah, I understand… (Sigh)

Stephen: What’s up with the project management and other problems that might come up in the introductory and implementation stage? How are we going to handle all that? And yes, what about the costs or investment; can we afford it at this time of situation?

John: I’m totally aware of such issues that might stir up Mr. Stephen, and to overcome or prevent them, we must have a leader for this project. You know Mr. Harry I guess, don’t you? Due to his excellent leadership skills, he would be the project manager who would look around and lead the overall implementation of new ERP system.

And yes, costs are high but affordable; you know we are not in a situation to sacrifice our company’s productivity and efficiency for just an additional one time investment. Harry, explain the rest to Mr. Stephen about how would you handle the training programs, information gathering, and communication.

Harry: Well Mr. Stephen, our employees would definitely need to be trained since the new ERP system is a lot different than the existing one. We would hire expertise from different companies who have the same ERP system, and on-the-job training sessions would be arranged for few weeks.

Stephen: Sounds good, but what about the requirements that the employees would feel to have for the purpose of customizing their work needs and have familiarity with the system?

Harry: Hmmm… For that, the ERP system would help them… Yes, the system has different modules for different usages in different departments. Moreover, employees would be provided with the tools that are necessarily required to accomplish a given task.

John: (interrupting in between) definitely, and as far as the communication of this change and problems are concerned, there would not be much issue. The reason is that our company already has an open-book management policy and a friendly atmosphere that encourages communication and socializing (Daft, 1997).

Stephen: Hmmm… Considering all that reasoning, I’m impressed. Sure guys, let’s go on. Bring the new ERP system here. J


Daft. R. L. (1997). Management. Fourth Edition. U.S.A. The Dryden Press

Fable & Story Essay