Influence of Entertainment Media Essay

Influence of Entertainment Media Essay.

Entertainment is a fun, enjoyable, leisure activity for consumers to amuse their time with. People do what they need to survive, meet their basic needs, and can fill up the rest of their time with entertainment. Therefore, it is no wonder that the media is able to invade entertainment such as film, television, Internet, books, games, and music, to aggressively persuade the consumer minds. It is nearly impossible not to be influenced by the multitude of entertainment media in the world today.

Because of the media’s ability to remain in entertainment, Americans are exposed to all kinds of influential material.

The information provided through these materials can increase one’s ability to learn, communicate, and become a knowledgeable citizen in today’s world. However, this material also has the ability to influence society’s norms, which can result in brainwashing, or worse, an individual who ignorantly follows. The various forms of entertainment media have shaped American culture and its values.

Upon the discovery of the United States of America, books, games, and music were the main forms of entertainment. However, these forms were not a common part of the everyday American’s life due to the basic need of survival.

Instead of leisure time, Americans would work throughout the day to attain food and shelter, leaving little time for entertainment to make its way into their daily routine. Therefore, the media did not use many forms of entertainment during this period in time, due to the lack of demand. Once the Industrial Revolution hit, the amount of leisure time the average American could allot each day skyrocketed. With the increased leisure time came an increase in demand for entertainment. Throughout the following years came the introduction to television, films, and the Internet.

The demand for this entertainment followed with the attempt and success of the media entering into the entertainment world, and thus into the daily lives of the average American. As of recent, one of the most influential people in the entertainment media industry is Oprah. She is well known for giving her “blessing” on products and services, she promotes books that turn to best sellers almost instantly, and she has brought new audiences to Broadway.

This single individual has so many followers that if she “were a nation, her 51. million weekly viewers and magazine readers would equal more than the population of Canada” (Ulrich, 2006, para. 21). This shows just how much of an impact entertainment can have on American culture. It is no secret that entertainment media can influence an individual both consciously and unconsciously, but what is unknown to some is that the general public now has the power to express themselves through entertainment. Time, a top-selling magazine, stated that “you control the media now, and the world will never be the same” (Blummer, 2006). This statement has shown how American culture has changed over time.

Individuals can express themselves through a variety of sources, such as YouTube, which past generations did not have access to. Entertainment media’s strength is based on how well they can manage their trends. With this management comes the molding of societal behaviors and attitudes. Although the 21st century has expanded the ability for the individual to view his or her opinion, overall, media has kept its influential power over the human mind throughout the use of entertainment. Until the social norm is to be an informed individual, entertainment media will continue its hold on society norms.

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Influence of Entertainment Media Essay

Cirque Du Soleil Essay

Cirque Du Soleil Essay.

1. What was the level of IT alignment at Cirque du Soleil in 2008?

We can observe how an art and stage performance company used IT like no one could ever imagine. Cirque rooted IT in all its business processes. Cirque Memory is a knowledge repository used to store all relevant information on artists’ make-up and costumes, sets, and staging. Advantages of Cirque Memory are to transfer knowledge across, ongoing improvement, knowledge, growth, improvement, good memory, ill-structured, design. IT life cycle, different departments for each thing e.

g costume, makeup, props etc. The Cirque Memory was a reliable data source and provided valuable information to its employees anywhere in the world with the help of numerous applications. IT played an important role in the different processes of the touring cycle of the organization namely, creation, design, preparation, diffusion, logistics and resource management. In the creation phase, Cirque Memory recorded information, like scenography, choreography, and intentions behind the work. IT guaranteed that each aspect of the creation process was captured in the Cirque Memory and it was available to its employees anywhere in the world.

The design stage involved the diverse artistic attributes, from costumes, accessories to aerobic equipment.

Cirque Memory had applications to assist the design process. In the Makeup Application recorded make-up related details for individual artists. The preparation phase is very important for any artist and an effective preliminary procedure helps an artist to feel confident before a live performance. IT played a significant role here as well. The fitness application, Kin-Cirque Application, helped in monitoring every artist’s individual fitness needs. In diffusion stage also IT played an important role in connecting Cirque with the customers. The Cirque website was very intuitive and facilitated the customers to access the products and services conveniently.

The approach helped Cirque to review its marketing approach as well. The logistics are really important for any arts performance. The IT team developed an Electronic Document Management System to record the technical information relating to the equipment. “IT road cases” enhanced the way information was available at the touring sites. The performance resource management process incorporated all the activities for managing the human resource needs to mount a performance. We can clearly see from the above description that IT effectively standardized the procedures at every stage of the touring cycle of Cirque.

2. What was the level of tension between the business needs and IT capacity? How did it evolve over time, if any? Explain.

Upon Danielle Savoie’s Vice-President of Information Technology and Knowledge Management arrival at Cirque du Soleil in April 2000, some members of the staff and even managers were wondering about the role that information technology (IT) could play in an organization where creativity, imagination and inspiration were paramount. Some even considered IT as useless and too expensive. Danielle Savoie’s first mandate had been to find effective ways for IT to support the upcoming substantial growth planned by Cirque. To achieve this, she had to convince the top management team that IT could be more than just a cost center. IT team at Cirque was very positive in concentrating the needs of the evolving business processes at Cirque.

The IT applications provided reliable information to the employees that were extremely critical to the overall growth of the business. 3. What are the key requirements, in terms of IT architecture, of the support provided by IT at Cirque du Soleil? Cirque had reached the rationalized data architecture stage of Ross’ IT architecture evolution. To achieve this architectural stage following steps were necessary, support knowledge management to capture, leverage and transfer knowledge across processes and across projects was the most important role of IT. Cirque was able to do so mainly because of the vision of the Danielle Savoie. IT at Cirque had progressed in a way to support innovation at every level.

Cirque Du Soleil Essay

Favorite holiday destination Essay

Favorite holiday destination Essay.

Cameron Highland, which is situated in the state of Pahang, is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Malaysia. With its cool weather, lushly greens and well-preserved colonial buildings, Cameron highland is certainly the perfect get-away location where both locals and foreigners should spend their relaxing holiday there.

In hindsight, from a small Hill station, Cameron Highland has developed into a very popular resort. Nowadays, the resorts on Cameron Highland are built not only for the residents of this country but also to woo overseas vacationers as well.

Cameron Highland, which is famous for its cool and temperate climate plateau is an ideal alternative escape spot from the sweltering heat of the lowlands in Malaysia. Furthermore, with its picturesque view of the surrounding, which is filled with beautiful flowers and mountains, it’s simply breathtaking.

Cameron Highland, which is, now well developed with numerous luxurious resorts are certainly attracting a lot of visitor. Most of the resorts are still packed with visitors although the rental is still a little higher.

Besides that, a couple of the newest attractions are the newly developed nine-hole golf course, a number of newly renovated quaint hotels and old bungalows, in which many of them are built according to the English cottage of the Tudor period. In addition, these houses are large, which gives an airy environment to the tenant who can enjoy our country’s tropical climate.

Agro-tourism is yet another activity on Cameron Highland that draws visitors from every nook and cranny, where they would be able to spend their time visiting in the orchards & plantation farms. Because of the cool weather on Cameron Highland, varies of flowers and fruits are able to grow, where some of the nearly extinct orchids and roses can be found on Cameron Highland. Thus, there is an abundant variety of roses, 200 to be precise can be found here. This cause some flower lover comes to visit frequently.

They range from Abraham Lincoln, Kiss of Fire, Alpine Sunset, and Princess De Monaco to Lovely Lady. Be amazed with the Green Rose, a rare variety-distinctively different from the rest in its colour, characteristic and form. Some of these roses are made into jam and perfume whilst, some of them are valued for medical properties. With those flowers discover the most fascinating, beautiful species of butterfly and insects indigenous to Malaysia. These specimens include scorpions, chameleons and insects such as ‘Moving Leaves’ Rhinoceros and Stag beets, and of course the ‘Rajah Brooke’, Malaysia’s national butterfly.

Besides that, Strawberries, which are only produced from the Strawberry farm on Cameron Highland is yet another unique and proud product of Cameron Highland. Strawberry is often seen as the trademark of the hill’s resort too. The brand name is known as ‘Fresno’. One should not leave the strawberry’s farm without a jar of it. However, the main attraction is nonetheless the succulent strawberries, which is popular among the tourists as most of them are freshly plucked and immediately processed for sale to customer.

Vegetable farming is also an important crop here, especially tea. Sungai Palas Tea Estate, which is one of the four tea estates on the Highlands, is the manufacturer of the world renowned ‘Boh’ Tea. Tea planters were among the earliest settlers in the Highlands. Large areas of the slopes are covered with high quality tea bushes. On a fine day, one can see the colourfully clad tea-pickers fast at work among these bushes. Some of the tea plantations have even organized visits to their factories where visitors can observe the process of tea production, from the drying of the tea leaves to their fermentation before packing. Visitor could even purchase some tea, the main product of the highland, as a souvenir.

Lastly, one must make sure not to miss out the Market Square and night market on Cameron Highland, which is also another place of attraction. As a result of the cool weather and the various plantations that grow on Cameron Highland, people would come to visit or do their shopping here as they can get a variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Merchandise souvenir items ranging from T-shirts, teas, blowpipes, to memorabilia are also available here.

Cameron Highland is indeed the most favourable holiday destination in Malaysia. With its cool fresh air, it is certainly the most suitable place for the tourists and city tenant to retreat temporarily from the busy life and pollution of the city. Without doubt, Cameron Highland is the place to travel and to relax for both local and foreigners.

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Favorite holiday destination Essay