Negative Effects of Electronics Essay

Negative Effects of Electronics Essay.

Are you a fan of Electronic Devices? I think everyone here can agree that they are, but do you have any idea of how these modern devices affect our daily lives? Some may disagree that Electronic Devices have bad effects, but do we really know what truly comes with the box of electronic device’s we have worked hard for.

Electronic devices provides us millions of possibilities, one of which is getting in touch with friends and families, which only now has been much more convenient than ever through cellular devices, and also to provide us with entertainment through games and other multimedia’s such theatre’s.

These Devices do serve a lot of functions in our modern lives. Also, most electronics nowadays are very handy, and allows us to make our tasks lighter and much easier, but the question is. Are these Electronic Devices really harmless?

One of the most common effects of over usage of electronics are Sleep Problems.

Late-night texts, to phone calls may keep a person from sleeping even if he or she is not reading nor answering them, and in reality, Roughly 75% of our World’s population uses cellular phones. We might not experience this at first, but overtime these effects will come in to play.

Another effect of over usage of electronic devices is “Obsession.” Some people ignore rules stated in schools and in public roads just so they may reply the person texting them. Obsession can also affect one’s Academic Learning, some would rather play games over their computer rather than doing their academic chores.

Despite these negative effects, I think most of us would agree that we would not have the lifestyle we have today if it weren’t for these advancements of our technology.

Negative Effects of Electronics Essay