Big Nate Essay

Big Nate Essay.

In the beginning, Nate has a dream that he’s in school and that he has to answer a question and he doesn’t know what the answer is to the question, so he just finds an excuse for not doing it. And then the bell rings. But then it’s really long, not like a school bell but an alarm bell. And then Nate wakes up and turns the alarm off and puts the covers back on and goes to sleep again.

And then his dad comes and says, “Time to go to school.” And then Nate is snoring. Then his dad nabs the blanket and then Nate wakes up and then he goes to eat breakfast. And then his dad says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. (Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?)

Middle: Nate goes to school and he gets a whole bunch of detention slips. He also forgot his lunch since he was in such a hurry and then he only got a fortune cookie.

But the fortune was “today you will surpass all others.” Then he got really excited about that. And then he tries a whole bunch of things to surpass all others. And then when he tries to set a world record for speed eating, he ends up with a really sick stomach.

At the end, Nate turns in all his detention slips and he got a detention slip in every single class. Not only did he get all those detention slips but he also got one from the principal. (Uh oh!) and then he sets a new record for getting the most detention slips. The moral of the story is never try to skip school. There will always be a consequence.

Nate did surpass all others by getting the most detention slips that a student has ever gotten.

Big Nate Essay

If I Be a Millionaire Essay

If I Be a Millionaire Essay.

If I were a millionaire, then my life would take a dramatic turn from what it is now. Iwould adopt the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The first thing that I would do, if I were a millionaire, is to help my parents. My parentsare poor and live in a small house. It would be a dream come true if I could buy them a bigger,better and more spacious house. They would also be able to live a life of luxury, as I would beable to hire servants to help my mother with her domestic chores.

My father would finally gethis well-earned break. He has been selling vegetables in the market all his life and has workedhard.

If I become a millionaire, I would ask him to stop working, as he is old and needs to rest. Iwould not want him to die in harness. Money is definitely a boon and can be a friend. My life would change too.

I would finallybe able to afford to buy better clothes and would even be able to afford some designer labelslike Gucci or Channel. Furthermore, I would no longer be seen riding my motorcycle, as Iwould be driving a fancy car.

To maintain this image would mean that I would not be able tosocialize with some of my friends at the teh tarik tall. I would now have to dine at the bestclubs in town and rub shoulders with only very special people. With more money, I would definitely be able to go on holidays and see the rest of theworld. I would finally be able to fulfil a long cherished dream of helping the poor. I would beable to donate to charitable organisations, not only in Malaysia but also in other countries. Being a millionaire definitely means having more fun. It also means having a better lifeand seeing many of my dreams come true.

If I Be a Millionaire Essay

Dream Interpretation Essay

Dream Interpretation Essay.

Dreams connote several things about a person and about their lives. Dream can be related to what people aspire as they grow up or what their ambitions are. Other defines dreams as what people usually thinks of, what things usually occupy their minds. It is the different visions, thought and sensations that individuals have in their minds while they sleep (Washington. edu 1). The formation of dreams occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) while sleeping. It is when the subconscious is connected to the conscious mind.

However, dreams are penetrable. It is possible to have contact with a person sleeping, according to studies conducted (Medicine Net, 1). In this paper, I will be discussing my dream journal for the week. The paper will include a table which consists of the fragments of my dreams every night. The paper aims to give interpretations of the dream, whether it is a wish-fulfilling dream, manifest and latent contents of my dreams, and dreamwork. The unconscious part of a person’s brain has a bigger percentage in the composition of the ‘iceberg’.

Technically, the unconscious part of our brains has more storage capacity than the conscious mind. It is where a person’s complete memory is stored, as long as the person is still alive (Washington. edu 1). It is also considered the major memory holder of a human brain. Even though the person is already old and is experiencing memory gaps, the complete memory is still inside the unconscious part of the brain. Even if the memory is so old, it will still be retained in the subconscious part of the brain. From the unconscious mind, it is where dreams usually originate.

However, dreams are usually forgotten the moment a person wakes up from their tight sleep. One can hardly remember what dream they had, whether it is a good one or a not so good dream. In my personal experience, the number of times I remembered my dream was less than the times I forget my dreams. Although there is a feeling or sensation that remains in us after waking up, there are moments when we cannot remember how we felt the feeling. However, it still feels good to know that we dreamt of something good instead of not dreaming at all.

We experience forgetting our dreams, whether good or bad, because of repression or active forgetting, where forgetting dreams are sometimes intentional (Washington. edu 1). The following table shows the fragments of my complete dreams every night for one week. I mentioned just tLast Monday, the main topic of my dream was about craving for a French fries. I kept on talking to almost everyone included in my dream to join me eat French fries. In the end, I was able to get the fries I have been craving for the longest time in my dreams.

On Tuesday, my dream included my falling teeth which really were alarming for me for some friends told me that falling teeth in dreams signals death. There was an earth quake and my teeth were trembling together with the earthquake, hence, falling from my gums. Wednesday, I saw a pregnant woman in my dream. However, I cannot totally see who the person was. Her face was not clear and was having difficulty understanding what she was telling me. Thursday, my dream was all about my love interest. In my dream, we were having fun, holding hands and kissing.

I think it is a very sweet dream for me because I dreamt of the person I adore. This is the dream I really liked the whole week, which inspired me to think of dreams before going to sleep. Friday, I dreamt I was falling. What is weird about this dream is that I always dream about this event. I usually have dreams falling off from somewhere. After having this dream, I always wake up sitting in my bed and having hard time breathing. On the other hand, my Saturday night dream was one of the most fearful dreams I had. I had a failing subject in one of the major subjects I have in the curriculum.

In addition, I have professor Snape as my professor in my major subject, potions. It was kind of weird since I failed a subject without any justifications. It was one of my dreaded dreams to have, to think that I was enrolled in Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Finally, Sunday was also one of the freakiest dreams I had. I was running from someone or something that I really do not know. So when I woke up, I was very tired from running (in my dreams). Although the first dream was kind of shallow, I think this dream is a manifest content since it was just craving for something that the French fries is a food that can be easily obtained.

I can easily eat fries whenever I want since that there are a lot of establishments that sells fries. Falling teeth are interpreted as a bad omen by some people. According to online interpretations (Dream Moods 1), falling or decaying teeth can be interpreted that health is in danger. In this context, I think that this is a latent content of the dream, that there are hazards in health in the back of my mind (Dream Moods 1). There are some things that I am afraid of, especially getting sick. Dreaming of pregnant women, on the other hand, projects an event of development and growth.

This could be interpreted as a wish-fulfilling dream or a latent content activity for I am hoping to be successful in life. Dreaming of pregnant women giving their blessing could be a great sign of success for me in the future (Dream Moods 1). My Thursday dream, about my love interest, is all about how our relationship is in the waking times. This means that whether we are having bad times or good times, it can be reflected in my dreams. With this interpretation, I can say that it is a manifest content for what is happening while I am in my conscious state is happening in my dreams as well.

Falling, which is one of the most usual dreams I have, signals a struggle in life but redemption of oneself after the struggle. For me, it is one the truest dreams I had for there are times when I experience great struggle towards life and that is balancing my time for things that is quite important to me. There are times when failure is necessary for me to accept the struggles coming along my way. This is a manifest content in dreams where what is happening in the actual is also seen in dreams; a reflection of what is occurring in the conscious mind.

An interpretation of dreams being failure is subject to different things. In the context of my dream is a failure of a subject from a fictional school. It may connote my attitude towards studying, that I am not exerting much effort into it. It signals me to be more earnest in exerting effort to study and excel in my academics. Running alone in dreams connotes a losses and despair that might happen in the conscious mind. Great adjustments are needed to be able to adopt to the event ‘running’ which represents sudden changes.

This is a latent content in dreams for this is not yet happening in the present. It is like foretelling what will happen, although not accurate, in the future. It is very evident that the later nights in my week showed a sign of changes and threats in my current conscious mind. There is a pattern in my sleep that is clearly shown in my dreams which I consider latent content for it is in my unconscious mind and I am not worrying about this stuff in my waking or conscious life. References Bewitchingways. com. 01 February 2008. 05 February 2008 [http://www.

bewitchingways. com/dreams/wish. htm]. Dreammoods. com 17 September 2007. 06 February 2008 [http://dreammoods. com]. NIU. edu. 2002. 05 February 2008 [http://www3. niu. edu/acad/psych/Millis/History/2002/dreams. htm]. NUS. edu. sg. 05 February 2008. 02 February 2008 [http://courses. nus. edu. sg/course/elljwp/dreamwork. htm]. Medicine Net. 14 March 1999. 06 February 2008 [http://www. medterms. com/script/main/art. asp? articlekey=8672]. Washington. edu. 05 January 2006. 05 February 2008 [http://courses. washington. edu/freudlit/Dreams. html].

Dream Interpretation Essay

Dream Deferred Essay

Dream Deferred Essay.

In a dream, a man was walking amidst a seemingly endless desert in the Middle East. At a distance, he saw a patch of land abundant with date nuts olives and a fountain-a mysterious oasis in the middle of the dessert. In his desperation to save his life from hunger and thirst, he walked towards the place. However, he was horrified with what he saw when he came closer. The land was destroyed before his very eyes. At the same time, he heard screams of anguish and death from the place.

The man woke up from his nightmare- but could not shake the image out of his memory. It is once said that visionaries were born in dreams, and dreams are born out of visions. But so many dreams are deferred by the sudden awakening, in which awakened to visualize the bareness of facts and trace from the threshold of dreams. In today’s world, many have told about fragilities of society and frailties in life.

Would there be enough reasons to find an answer in a society that has been divided by conflicts and the dogma of deceit?

Could there be enough rationality to justify conflict of ideas being worsened by war? These questions may be meaningless but in a sense explains the obsessions of a dreaming man. This paper will discuss the typical American dream—of what can be done to visualize orderliness and reach out a dreamed legacy for the Middle East. Partnership for Reform Would qualifying the partnership for reform mean apolitical to the socio-religious-political life of the Middle Eastern people?

Could apolitical be defined as maintaining the neutrality to the societal condition and cultural beliefs? How partnership for reform be then achieved without prejudice? The partnership for reform may be determined by recognizing and exposing a public interest—the interest where people enjoy the way of life; a life without fear and misery but peace, harmony and prosperity—that is not vindicated by the plagues of war.

At a glimpse of the dailies between the consciousness, the partnership for reform is a day of celebration for the American families for the homecoming of their loved ones serving the Armed Forces; as the US Congress called the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, and as the President held its intrastate policies to foster diplomatic ties in the interstate political-religious affairs in the Middle East.

What future can bring by this development may recoil to the governmental reform on fostering diplomatic ties. The Middle East governments has opened its cultural exchange as the rest of the Arab states [to include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine and Lebanon] paved its way to a unified democratic processes, and the leaders of these Arab states convened to political and economic planning that resembles with the creation of the European Union.

Reflective of the partnership for reform is the unification of the Arab States that brought about subsequent political change. First, when the Islamic fundamentalism was supplanted with a neo-Islamism that isolates the Islamist paganism in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which many members of the Al-Qaeda has renewed their Muslim faith and intensely abhorred the doctrine of Bin Laden who is now in exile somewhere in Africa.

Second, the leaders of the Arab States vowed to bring justice to the people of the world by eliminating and disarming themselves with weapons of mass destructions, and prosecute the individuals and government personalities that conspire and condone terrorism. The US-Middle East partnership for reform is jointly envisioned by the people and governments to reach out legacy of peace and world order. One of the first 100-day plans is the institutionalization of welfare and services to revitalize the rehabilitation process on the effects of war.

This “healing of wound” of the war is likewise appealing to the member countries of the United Nations to spur the reform in Middle East by supporting the creation of livelihood projects for displaced families and generate employment opportunities by restructuring the economic base. The program of “re-education for all” is being established in order to improve the level of literacy and social awareness of people who once denied with the right to education as brought about by war.

On the other hand, the democratic processes are being renewed by holding an Islamic Convention that will study the promulgation of Constitutional Assemblies in Islamic States. The constitutional assembly thus far takes into effect the modification and reforming of political-religious rights of Middle Eastern people to restore its cultural heritage and obliterate the stigma of jihad (holy war) with its Judeo-Christian brethren. It is then the partnership for reform harnesses the well-being of the people and rekindles its Islamic faith for the life of the world.

Thus, the partnership for reform may be a dreamed legacy in 2012. Conclusion The dream for Middle East may not only be a mock article but everybody’s dream specifically by the progressive minds of the Middle Eastern people, and likewise the typical American dream. It may be said that the plagues of war in the Middle East has its in-depth origin from the socio-religious-political-economic perspective. But what is much been said about is the macabre tales of economic interest patterned by deceit and political overpowering. What

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Dream Deferred Essay

Dream Diary Essay

Dream Diary Essay.

One of the dreams that I frequently experience is the one that deals with snakes. At least once a week, I tend to dream of scenarios where I attack snakes and kill them one by one. This kind of dream really bothers me because I am actually diagnosed with ophidiophobia or the fear of snakes and the idea of just being close to these animals horrifies me. Another dream which I usually encounter is the one which centers on school-related problems.

I remember last week when I dreamed about the upcoming examinations where it was being illustrated that the tests will involve complex questions and I will achieve failing marks. Due to his dream, I committed myself to a more intense study habit in order to avoid the bad ending that I have dreamed of. Lastly, I also dreamed of random events where I travel from one place to another by riding a plane or train. These dreams are usually blurred but the theme, which is to transfer from one place to another, is consistent.

By applying the lessons that I learned from school, it can be said that my dream regarding snakes can be explained using Freudian concepts where it was mentioned that the act of killing snakes symbolizes desires which I wish to accomplish in real life but are prohibited by the norms of society. It means that I unconsciously want to kill snakes in order to win over ophidiophobia, an event that is fulfilled in my dreams. Cartwright’s theory, on the other hand, explains the nature of dreaming about school-related problems by saying that dreams are our mind’s way of offering possible solutions to our numerous concerns.

While the dream about random traveling can be explained using Hobson’s theory; it was explained that dreams are side-effects of the normal activations during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of our sleep. It suggests that dreams do not have emotional factors as determinants but are mere by-products of the brain’s complex activity. Consequently, these lessons made me realize that there is a variety of theories that offer possible explanations to dreams. However, man should only use these dream interpretations as guides and not as sole determinant of his life.

Dream Diary Essay

Dream journal activity Essay

Dream journal activity Essay.

My three day journal experience was an interesting experience. I was very focused on the physiological and cognitive elements of my being. I will plan to continue becoming more aware of the interplay between the physical and emotional well being through journaling. Day one was a day of negative emotions. As a result, my body seemed to reflect this. I was unable to sleep the night before this day and as a result my body was tired and weak. All morning my body was hard to manipulate even to get out of chair.

I reflected weariness in my face; several people asked me if I felt ill.

I was actually in pain; my body physically ached. I almost felt like I was coming down with the flu. My thoughts were slow in coming to me, and I found it hard to concentrate. After lunch, my body and mind were shutting down. All I could think about was taking a nap. Nothing else seemed important.

Luckily, my friend Will showed up to cheer me up. He made me smile and that made my whole body feel lighter. I forgot about my problems for the moment. Later, I realized that I had not eaten well or slept well for a few days. This is why my body hurts.

I was not able to think clearly about anything and was becoming more and more confused when I tried that night. My eyes began to sting, so I just decided to go to bed. I am worn out by thinking; I just want to be able to escape my thoughts for now, even though I know it is just for a little while. Day two was much better. I woke up rested, for once, so I was off to a good start. I felt like I had lots of energy; my body didn’t hurt and my mind was clear. I decided to catch up on the work that I had let get away from me. When I did, I felt much better both mentally and physically.

I was motivated by this high feeling to stay more in tune with my body’s needs even though I had a lot of things on my mind. As a result of finally getting things done, I was able to relax my mind and my body. The feeling of accomplish accomplishment felt so good that I resolved to meditate more in order to preserve this calmness. Day three wasn’t quite as good as the second day but much better than day one. I got another good night’s rest, so my body felt fine. My mind was not as clear, though, because I was worried about a meeting that I had later that morning.

After the meeting, I was confused. I had so many decisions to make that I found it hard to focus on anything. I got nothing accomplished, so I started getting upset. However, I was able to recognize that my feelings of uncertainty were normal, even though I hated them. In addition, I realized that my body felt fine, unlike the first day when I really didn’t know what was going on at all. At least I have something to focus on now. Once again, that evening, I reached out for support and companionship of a good friend. Even though I was tired, she helped me feel better.

I went to bed early again that evening, Overall, I realized that my emotions do affect the way I think and feel. First, if I don’t get enough rest, my body shuts down. When that happens, I can’t think at all. First and foremost, I must make sure I get enough sleep. After that, I have to remind myself to focus on the things that are bothering me. When I give them an identity, I can deal with the emotions. When I don’t give them an identity, they conquer me. Finally, I realized that I respond positively to friends and conversation.

I will continue to seek this out when I have the opportunity. I noticed that I was better able to articulate my problems on day three because my body was more rested than I could on the first day. I realized that emotions of uncertainty and confusing really weigh me down. By sleeping well, eating well, and meditating, I can stave off these feelings. When they do creep up, I need to address them other than escaping from them. Short term escapes only compound my emotional concerns and ultimately make my body shut down. I will definitely continue this exercise.

Dream journal activity Essay