Dog Training Essay

Dog Training Essay.

Training dogs has become my personal hobby for the past __ years. While I do not gain any financial benefit from this activity, I am able to derive entertainment and satisfaction from it. In fact, it has allowed me to gain additional information about dogs, grow emotionally, and increase my patience, respect, and compassion. First, my exposure to dogs enabled me to learn more about the canine species and their behavior. Dogs have specific characteristics that vary based on their breed. For example, the temper of a Golden Retriever is different from a Lhassa Aphso with the latter being relatively upbeat than the former.

Second, I was able to grow emotionally and become more considerate of others. Dogs are one of the most affectionate animals both towards other dogs and human beings. It is the faithful and loyal nature of dogs that I find very moving and exceptional, to a certain extent. As I become immersed with them every day, I am able to enhance my ability of expressing my own feelings and become appreciative of others.

Lastly, I became more patient, respectful, and compassionate. Training dogs requires a great deal of patience especially when the dog refuses to cooperate.

However, I learned to devise strategies that would increase my patience by infusing respect and compassion in my work. I reminded myself that I have to respect the limitations of others and become more compassionate with individual differences. Indeed, dog training, as a personal hobby, benefited me in more ways than one. It taught me values that are essential for everyday living, such as respect, patience, compassion, emotional growth. To top all of these, I gained valuable information through an entertaining and fulfilling way.

Dog Training Essay

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