Analysis of Space Jam Essay

Analysis of Space Jam Essay.

There has never been a time when popular culture has been more pervasive and influential in American society. With advances in technology and creative innovation, outlets for popular culture have expanded greatly and are virtually innumerable. Through the consumption of television, music, magazines, movies, newspapers, blogs, and memes to name a few, American citizens and others around the globe are inundated with ideals and images that work to mold their collective psyche by impacting every facet of their daily lives and by providing a critique of modern-day society.

Perhaps much of the influence of popular culture lies in the fact that its primary function is to appeal to the masses; therefore, it is widely and easily accessible to an extremely large audience. Many people in this audience partake in popular culture simply to be entertained; however, they fail to realize the extent to which it shapes their way of thinking in areas such as education, politics, the economy, racial relations, and overall global relations.

The analysis of popular culture is an essential practice for the sheer fact that it has such an overwhelming presence in our lives.

Space Jam, a highly popular movie made in 1996, blends elements of animation, comedy, sports, and renowned American icons to spin a tale that is not only highly entertaining but provides tropes and narratives that are teeming with insights and critiques of American society. The first step toward analyzing any piece of popular culture is to lay out and understand its explicit plot, or storyline. Space Jam is an enjoyable film starring world famous basketball player Michael Jordan and the characters of the Looney Tunes franchise as the main protagonists of the story in a partially live action and partially animated cartoon world.

The film begins with an introduction to Michael Jordan’s childhood days with his father as he practices basketball. His father’s ultimate goal for his son’s career is to be a professional baseball player even though Michael’s exceptional talent as a basketball player is apparent from an early age. After this opening sequence, the movie fast forwards to the present day in which Michael has chosen to retire from a successful NBA career to pursue professional baseball. This transition is not an easy one, and even though he maintains a strong fan base from his previous athletic career, his performance on the baseball field is somewhat mediocre.

One day while he is playing golf with a few friends, he gets unceremoniously pulled through a hole in the golf course and finds himself in Looney Tunes Land. As we learn about Michael Jordan’s struggles with his sports transition, the cartoon side of the story is also being laid out for the viewing audience. On an alien planet in an alternate universe, the audience is introduced to Swackhammer, the owner of failing amusement park, Moron Mountain. In a last fail attempt to improve ticket sales and save Moron Mountain, Swackhammer decides to kidnap the Looney Tunes to work as enslaved entertainers.

He sends his small alien minions, the Nerdlucks, to kidnap the Looney Tunes, which include iconic characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Elmer Fudd, Porky Pig, Tweety and Sylvester, the Tazmanian Devil, and Lola Bunny. The Looney Tunes strike a bet with the aliens: if they can beat the Nerdlucks in a game of basketball, they can have their freedom. The Nerdlucks use their powers to steal the talent of five major NBA stars (Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley) to become the Monstar team.

Realizing that they are no match for the Monstars alone, the Looney Tunes kidnap Michael Jordan to help them. Jordan agrees to be a part of the team and attempts to train them for the big game. After many practices, Jordan realizes that the Looney Tunes may not do well in the game, and he makes a deal with the Nerdlucks in which he agrees to work for Moron Mountain in the event that the Tunesquad loses in exchange for the freedom of the Looney Tunes. The final game ends with the Tunesquad beating the Monstars with an unbelievable dunk from Michael Jordan.

At the conclusion of the film, the Looney Tunes are free, the stolen talent is returned to the NBA players, and Michael Jordan returns to the real world and his basketball career. There are numerous tropes, or repeated themes, present in this movie that teach important lessons and give insight into American ideals. The first trope present in Space Jam is the theme of ‘Americans vs. Aliens’. This theme revolves around the fact that the alien Nerdlucks invade Earth, more specifically Looney Tune Land, in order to kidnap the Looney Tunes.

A repeated trope in many forms of popular culture, the underlying elements of Americans versus aliens are hostile takeovers, aliens being labeled as enemies, and American resources being stolen by those beings. In this case, the resource being taken is the Looney Tunes. The Looney Tunes can be considered an abstract form of a resource in light of their value as an entertainment commodity and position as a prominent American brand. The appeal behind this trope lies in the ideal that aliens carry the allure of the unknown; there is a mysterious component to them that is not easily understood to human beings.

The element of otherness is both intriguing and frightening to the American people; therefore, the socially constructed fear of foreign entities is prevalent and leads to aliens being portrayed as the ‘bad guys’ or enemies in many plotlines such as this one. Good versus evil is another trope present in Space Jam, and is perhaps the most prototypical of all themes because it is present in every story since the beginning of time. The setup of the good guys being the Looney Tunes and the bad guys being the Monstars is evident from the beginning of the movie.

This setup gives the audience an easy decision for which team to root for. The appeal of this trope is easy to identify because it plays upon one’s natural inclination and socially constructed normative values to root for the good, honest side as opposed to the bad side. This triumph of good versus evil provides a positive and familiar ending that is preferred by American audiences. There are not only repeated themes in this movie, but also storylines that make themselves apparent throughout the plot. The first narrative to discuss is ‘freedom from oppression’.

Although this may seem like a serious storyline for a movie made solely for entertainment, oppression is certainly present in the form of Swackhammer’s plan to enslave the Looney Tunes to perform as entertainers for his amusement park. This storyline has some ties to America’s darker times in history in which slavery was common and minorities were cruelly discriminated against. This, in a way, provides a critique of America’s past because it shows the injustice of slavery and frowns upon the exploitation and subjugation of people.

This narrative also has some appealing qualities in that the audience likes the ideal of the underdog rising up to fight for their rights and win freedom from their oppressors. Space Jam skillfully blends two American iconic figures, Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, in a way that heightens its entertainment value and appeals to the overall audience of adults and children alike. As we can see in many events such as the Olympics, American citizens take pride in their sense of unity, competitiveness, and hard work, and they almost always rally behind the American team.

This is apparent in the film as the audience is primed to cheer for the Americans (i. e. Tunesquad) and their victory against the alien enemies. This presents, in a sense, an ‘America is best’ mentality in which Americans are the heroes and victors in almost every scenario. This clear display of patriotism and American exceptionalism is prominent in this film and helps to explain the overarching psychological appeal of Space Jam to an American audience.

Analysis of Space Jam Essay

Place You Should Visit In Jamaica Essay

Place You Should Visit In Jamaica Essay.

Did you know that Jamaican is amongst the most chic and interesting island found in the Caribbean, that one would wish to visit? Are you aware that the beaches in Jamaica are thought to be among the purist and most beautiful in the world? They have clear blue waters coupled with white sand which makes a visit to Jamaica a really wonderful experience. Let us first explore Jamaica in general, Jamaica is one of the Caribbean islands and it is the third largest.

It has 14 parishes forming three significant countries. Its capital city is Kingston and it is one of the interesting sites to visit.

It is worth to note that Port Royal was ones the capital city of Jamaica but it fall into the sea due to earth quakes. The capital was moved to Spanish Town, and then moved to Kingston. So when you are in Port Royal you can see the remains of the old capital. Jamaica is a cosmopolitan country, with different cultures of German, Irish, English, Indian Chinese and African and all this groups have contributed to the culture in one way or another.

Jamaica offers beautiful scenes, rich culture, delicious food, superb hotels and reliable and good transport system.

Imagine being at a height of 2000 feet above sea level! This is what you will get by being up at the “Murphy hills” which have the highest view point of (2000feet above the sea level). And we have views of mountains, valleys and lavish nature. At the top at the Murphy hill will enable you to view the, the Ocho Rios-which is the pier for cruise, ship, the Blue Mountains, and if the heather is good you may be able to see Cuba. You should not miss to enjoy valley tubing at the White River; the experience offers a breathtaking sight.

The river is beautiful and also, it divides two of the adored parishes in Jamaica, St Ann and St Mary. When the river passes through the coconut plantations, and the bamboo wood one feels the different pace and moods of this river, it more adoring to watch the locals in their river side dwellings along the river. You will also go through many tough rapids and exciting lagoons. And of course, we have beautiful well kept gardens of the river at the Valley Park which has gift shops, bars, and restaurants.

That is only but few places that are a must see, but there are many other places that one can visit like the lush jungles found in the Cranbrook flower forest, and a ride in the capital city of Kingston which offers an opportunity to visit the bob Marley museum and many other attractions. Jamaica is well known for its tasty food and enticing recipes. These mouth watering foods include, curried goat meat, stew peas together with rice, not forgetting the national food, “ackee” and salt fish. When it comes to fruits we have many types of mangos that Jamaica has. Examples are, East India, Hairy mangoes, Bombay, and Julie.

Other fruits are June plums, etioti apples and naseberries these are very refreshing o take on warm afternoon. It is also well known that Jamaica offers the well known blue mountain coffee which is sold allover the world is another attraction to sample. After you visits if you will tired and drained then you can unwind with the local drink which is Jamaican white rum believed to be a cure for jitters. The trip will not be complete without visiting some night clubs which offers a pleasant and enchanting experience as Jamaica has some exciting reggae musicians and calypso maestros.

The enticing music and delicious food served in this places offers an enjoyable evening. While in Jamaica you will have so many options on where you can stay as we have many hotels, good villas, together with condos that one can chose from. This offers services for singles, couples or families. The best place to stay is the Ocho Rios since it is centrally located within the many attractions that are very interesting to visit, such as the Dunns River falls. In addition there are a number of restaurants, which offer spectacular views.

Another place that has some of the country’s best lodgings is the north coast, it boosts of good established hotels that provides fine diners and splendid sightseeing sites. It is here that you can get an opportunity to visit the Rose Hall, which is the past home of Annie Palmer, that includes a mansion build on numerous acres of lush green grass that is now a hot attraction for tourist. It is worth noting that credit cards are accepted in many big hotels but in small restaurants and remote guest houses don’t accept them.

So you can use your visa card to get some cash as ATM’s are installed in many towns. Moving about in Jamaica is fun as it has a warm tropical weather and the roads are in good condition although you can’t miss to get a pothole in some areas. When you are in Kingston the roads are ok. And one doesn’t need to worry about the transport as there are taxis whose drivers’ are careful and polite. You can also fly to various locations get to see attractive scenes from the air. If you are not afraid of water, you will have a chance to cruise in the waters.

Your trip can’t be complete without buying some of the items from Jamaica. For crafts, the Ocho Rios at the Soni Plaza offers best deals, but of you have to bargain. You will get crafts mart, t-shirts, carvings and some general stuff. If you want to buy jewelry, some good watches, perfumes and rings you better go to a duty free shop. You can get better discounts for example at the Royal shop. Another place you can get good bargains of crafts items is at the Negril, here you can purchase a Jamaican craft at a very good price.

Hey, if you need a souvenir to carry back home then the place to go is the sunshine plaza in Negril. Still if you want to shop without stress, you can go at the Halfmoon Shopping Village, here they are a lot of items to shop from, and examples of the item you will get includes, cigars, clothing, beach items, souvenirs, and some duty free items. Still wondering what to carry home? Why not carry this; the famous Cuban cigars, jerk seasonings or the Jamaican Appleton Rum, that you can get at the airport on when you are going back home.

Conclusion Visiting Jamaica is absolutely dazzling! The place offers lots of excitements think about the wonderful beaches with clear blue waters and white sand. What about the Blue Mountains with Dunn’s water falls which are 600feet deep. And don’t forget the luminous lagoon which is among the most magnificent marvel that is in Jamaica. And as you explore the village of the nine miles you will be reminded of the King of reggae, as here is where he was borne.

You will get the chance of visiting the house he lived and get first hand information of his life, and his experiences as a young boy, his passion, and you will get to know about the exceptional religion of Rastafarian and crown you tour by visiting his mausoleum. But, despite all that beauty one has to take a few precautions when visiting Jamaica, you have to be prepared for mosquitoes so carry some lavender oil to repel them. And don’t forget taking some anti malaria drugs to protect you from getting malaria incase you are bitten.

A word of caution is to the ladies, please don’t venture out in the night alone, men here don’t have manners and can harass you and touch your sensitive parts! Other wise being in Jamaica for a vacation is so beautiful and breathtaking leaving you with life time memories. Welcome to the Caribbean island and a life time experience.

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Place You Should Visit In Jamaica Essay