Creative ownership, rights, personal ethics Essay

Creative ownership, rights, personal ethics Essay.

Creative ownership pertains to the right of an individual to possess his creative works such as discoveries, know-how, art works and writings In such, creative works are subjected to intellectual property rights wherein the creators or the owners are granted the rights to reproduce, modify or make an adaptation of his work, display or perform publicly and distribute either by sale or donation. As the right owner, full credit will be given to him for his work allowing the general public to access his work.

However, to maintain the balance, time limits are set on the creator’s control over a particular work. Levels of human intellectual activity, innovativeness and effort to produce creative works vary amongst individual and define the quality and depth of the creative works. It is but ethical to commend and attribute the creator of his personal portrayal and output. It will encourage the creators and authors to do more of the creative works and further develop their crafts.

Although the copyright owner can sell the rights, he has the moral right to be cited as the original author, the right to object to distortion or defacement and the right to object to be named as the author of mutilated copy. Although the U. S. Intellectual Property Law keep on modifying especially to the number of years the creator have a full control of his creative work and the cost of the patent or right, it generally aims to protect the right of the creator and writer from piracy and false claims. Consequently, the benefits and the rights to own and sell the creative works awarded to him will be on his control and discretion.

At that, proper acknowledgement and credit will be given to him coupled with the creator’s prestige and satisfaction which will contribute to his fulfillment. REFERENCES: http://web. mit. edu/tlo/www/community/guide1. html. Guide to the Ownership, Distribution and Commercial Development of M. I. T. Technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Five Cambridge Center, Kendall Square Madhavan, Mahesh. Intellectual Property Rights (Primer). JISC Legal. 2006 www. law. duke. edu/journals/dltr/articles/2005dltr0012. html

Creative ownership, rights, personal ethics Essay