Research Is Like Cooking Essay

Research Is Like Cooking Essay.

Research is like cooking isn’t anyone can learn the skills needed for great research, for many college students, cooking is like research in another way, instead of cooking great homemade meals who is sometimes take shortcuts and sell for what is quick easy in familiar, sort of like when we use our old familiar tools like google and Wikipedia for our research.

Why do we take shortcuts and settle for males of ramen noodles and pop tarts, there a lot of reasons, sometime were just too busy don’t have enough time to cook a formal meal, sometimes we leave things to the last minute anymore stuck making a meal with whatever we have on hand, with research we found that students advise others students to start early, so that they are stuck writing a research paper with only the resources they can find the night before the papers did many of the same guidelines that apply to cooking apply to doing research, in cooking as in research you have to plan ahead and know what you want to make, good cooking and good research both depend on quality ingredients, to write a great research proposal you will need to find high quality resources and just like you can create a full meal out of only a few ingredients you need a variety of resources to craft a convincing research proposal.

Finally just like the best restaurants in the city, such as Altavista or/and Altagracia restaurant make meals that they themselves would want to eat, you will find you do your best research when you pick a topic that you care about, a big part of planning ahead is knowing what you are making, you have to have a recipe, the same is true for writing a research proposal, you have to have a topic in a general plan for what kind of paper you want to write an outline of your research argument can serve as your recipe and it will have the added value of telling you what kinds of resources and ingredients you need to write your proposal.

The next step to follow is to go shopping, just like you turn your recipe into a shopping list, you need to turn your research outline into a list of the type of resources you need, by creating a shopping list you are taking control of the kinds of resources that you will use in your research proposal; instead of just settling for what you can find a way you have on hand and remember that the researcher doing is likely to require more than just books, you may need newspaper journal articles or you may want to consult some items in your library. One very important step in both cooking and research is the taste testing stage. Great chefs do lots of taste testing so that they can find just the writing the ingredients, but in the older making you need to do the same for your research, you should plan in looking at plenty of books articles in abstracts before you settle on the resources that you actually need.

Now you have your recipe and all the ingredients you need, it is time to create your meal. Remember that a great recipe calls for the chef of mix the ingredients together, just right so that they work together to create the final product, the same is true with the research proposal, you can’t just throw your resources into your paper, you need to suit the size them and relate them to one another and you need you to put your own garnish on your meal, put your own voice in your research proposal, so that is not just a summary of all your sources, if you remember the research is like cooking and then a requires a planning a recipe and great ingredients, you will produce research that is like the equivalent that you do a great meal.

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Research Is Like Cooking Essay

The Executive Chef Essay

The Executive Chef Essay.

The Executive Chef is possibly one of the most important jobs in all of the food industry. They are responsible for the food that is bought, prepared, cooked, and served to the customers. They manage the food quality and stock in a kitchen, organizing the food and observing the quality of the kitchen hardware. On an average day, Executive chefs will manage a team of chefs during working hours, check the quality and the quantity of the food and make note of any vital ingredients that are low on stock or need to be replaced, and to keep the working space clean and operational.

Being able to manage those tasks and work as a team to complete tasks are vital aspects of an executive chef.

Most chefs went to a college that specializes in the culinary arts, while others learned from years of working in the food industry. Most colleges offer a basic culinary arts program that covers the basics of food preparation and cooking.

Some colleges offer multiple culinary courses that specialize in particular aspects of culinary arts. The San Diego Culinary Institute has classes that take less than one year to finish and receive a diploma. They teach about everything that you need to know in order to run a kitchen or restaurant. Some Chefs open their own restaurants and manage both the cooking and the business simultaneously.

Running the restaurant as a manager covers the technical aspects such as the marketing, pricing, advertising, hiring, and the expenses. All of these responsibilities can be learned at colleges, like The San Diego Culinary Institute, or self-taught. The Executive chef position sounds more Hands-On and more innovative than being a manager. However, being both the manager and the Executive chef would be a very interesting experience and a great career. Being the executive chef of a restaurant pays between forty thousand and seventy thousand dollars a year.

Being a Chef is one of the top culinary career choices, and is the most beneficial in my opinion. Learning how to cook and use hundreds of ingredients to make almost anything you can think of, is a benefit all on its own. I feel that I would be good in this career because of my ability to help and serve people, as well as being able to manage projects and people. I enjoy the technical part of cooking, the way different people like different types of food and how to apply that to multiple people. I personally think that food is one of the greatest ways to bring people together.

My personality survey showed that I would do well in food-service, and that I would enjoy working with other people in a work environment. Being a chef would give me a fair amount of control and responsibility and allow me to use skills I already have, but also learn new ones. Being an executive chef would be a great fit for my learning type. It has plenty of opportunity for interaction with others, clear expectations and explicit instructions, emphasis on the practical value of what I’m learning, and frequent feedback to make sure I’m doing assignments correctly. The career I would like to peruse is an Executive Chef!

The Executive Chef Essay

How to Make a Cake Essay

How to Make a Cake Essay.

When you indulge in a sweet, delicious, fluffy cake, do you ever wonder what it takes to bake a cake? It is not a process that is done quickly and the cake is magically done, it only takes a few steps. It takes precision to put the right amount of ingredients into your cake, patience as you wait for your cake to bake, and of course, it takes imagination, and a good dash of fun to decorate your cake and have fun as your making it.

You can bake a cake either with a box mix or from scratch. Here you will learn how to make bake your own cake with a box mix.

First thing you will need a boxed cake mix. You will need a boxed cake mix, a large mixing bowl, a large cake pan, an electric mixer or a large mixing spoon, a spatula, and measuring cups and spoons. You will need to wash your hands and work area.

Read through the directions on the cake box to be sure you have everything you need. Then, gather all of your food items in your work area, organize it according to the order you will use them in making your cake. Be sure to preheat your oven to the appropriate temperature before you begin. Next, put the dry cake mix into your large mixing bowl.

Then, put the prescribed amount of water, oil, and eggs into the mix. Then, with the electric mixer or mixing spoon mix the batter until it is smooth and free of clumps. Next, grease the large cake pan with the shortening. If you wish, you can wrap your fingers with wax paper to keep them from getting greasy. Then, flour the pan lightly. If you do this over the garbage can it will be easier to clean your work area later. Next, pour the cake batter into the cake pan, using the rubber spatula to scrape all of the batter off of the sides of the bowl.

Be sure the batter is level in the pan so it will rise evenly. Next, place the cake on the top rack of the oven and bake for the amount of time specified on the box, the time is usually around thirty minutes. While the cake is backing clean up you work area. After the cake is done remove it from the oven. If you push a toothpick to the bottom and it comes out clean it is done. Turn off the oven and let the cake cool. After the cake has had time to cool, you are ready to spread the icing on the cake and decorate it however you want. Cut however you prefer and enjoy.

How to Make a Cake Essay

Home-Style Cookies Case Essay

Home-Style Cookies Case Essay.

1. Briefly describe the cookie production process.

The company uses batch processing system, wherein the process begins when the management gets orders from its distributors. Production schedules are then made which are based on the orders received. In the beginning of every shift, a list of the cookies to be made that day is delivered to the person in charge of mixing. The ingredients needed are activated through a master list containing all the ingredients to ensure accuracy. The ingredients are then transferred to the mixers then to a cutting machine.

After that, the cookies are heated to an oven and moved to a cooling rack. When the cookies are all cooked, they are manually packed. Lastly, the packaged cookies are labelled and sealed.

2. What are two ways that the company has increased productivity? Why did increasing the length of the ovens result in faster output rate?

First, the company has increased productivity by cutting the non-filled cookies diagonally, so more cookies can be baked any time.

Second, automating the ingredients lead to reduction in the waste of ingredients and helps on the cut back with human error when mixing the ingredients. Increasing the length of the ovens result in faster output rate since it enables more cookies to be baked at once. The bigger the oven, the more cookies we can bake in it which means the faster the output rate.

3. Do you think the company is making the right decision by not automating the packing of cookies? Explain your reasoning. What obligation does a company have to its employees in a situation such as this? What obligation does it have to the community? Is the size of the town a factor? Would it make a difference if the company was located in a large city? Is the size of the company a factor? What if it was a much larger company?

I think that the company is making the right decision by not automating the packing of the cookies. It should resemble the human factor in its product. One of the most important steps before packing the cookies is the removal of broken or deformed cookies. An automated process is unable to conduct this critical step. It is critical that this step is done as it would depict the image of the company producing a good product. All companies have a moral obligation towards their employees. If the company has built on a structure that would help employees stay gainfully employed, the company should honor the commitment it has on its employees. A company that is committed to its workforce sends a message to the community that it cares and is dedicated to its employees. People of a community would be more proud to support such a company with integrity and commitment.

Yes, the size of the town is a factor. If the company is located in a small town, it is much easier for them to penetrate the market and to actually show the values it has within its company. Yes, I think it would matter if the company is located in a large city, as it is quite challenging to catch more customers in larger cities, because of the increase in competition. Yes, the size of the company is a factor. The bigger the company is, the easier it is for them to hook customers, as the customers would perceive that it is already established and trusted. It would benefit the company more if it were larger, since it could hire more people and has capacity to help the community more. However, it is very important for companies to take note that whether it may be big or small it should always focus on productivity and efficiency to provide absolute customer satisfaction.

4. What factors cause the company to carry minimal amounts of certain inventories? What benefits result from this policy?

Minimal amounts of inventories are caused by many factors. First factor is the quality of the cookies. Since the company is set on providing a product that is high quality and does not use preservatives or additives, they use minimal inventories to retain the freshness of the product and to avoid waste of resources. Second, lower inventory costs, the lesser the inventory the lower the costs. Third, less need for storage space, since there is minimal inventories used, minimal space is also utilized. Lastly, satisfied customers, because of the freshness and high quality of the cookies the company provides satisfaction to its consumers.

5. As a consumer, what things do you consider in judging the quality of cookies you buy in a supermarket?

The main factor in judging the quality of the cookies is by its quality or freshness. Fresh or high quality cookies would catch more customers. Second, the ingredients, if natural ingredients are used I would be more enticed to buy cookies. Third is the packaging of the product, its outer appearance tells a lot about a product. I would buy a product which has a really nice and neat packaging.

6. What advantages and what limitations stem from the company’s not using preservatives in cookies?

By not using preservatives, the product would appeal more to customers, as more people now are health-conscious. It would also lessen the costs of the company, since fewer ingredients are needed. On the other hand, not using preservatives limits the shelf life of the cookies.

7. Briefly describe the company’s strategy.

Mainly, the company focuses on providing high quality cookies that appeal to a particular market niche. The company also centers on its customers and employees. Through this, it gives a possible effect on its community and gains the support of the people.

Home-Style Cookies Case Essay