Operating Systems Project Assignment

Description and Instructions:

The deliverables of the project should include A report with the following sections: 

o Abstract: summary of chosen problem. (2 Marks)

o Introduction: a brief introduction about the chosen topic. These should be demonstrated using text and diagrams. (2 Marks) 

o Background: a brief of the chosen topic (provide any terms or theories the reader should know about). (3 Marks) 

o Discussion: discuss the chosen topic thoroughly. ( 4 Marks)

o Conclusion: summarize the findings of the discussion. (2 Marks)

o References: The citation should follow the APA style. (1 Marks)

Your paper must be 4-6 pages, including references.

Topic:  Comparative survey between Desktop OS and Mobile OS in terms of various features like Storage, Memory requirement, boot time etc. 

Learning Outcome(s):

– Describe the OS mechanism for process management, threads, memory, storage management, I/O, file and concurrency management.

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Introduction to the Dynamics of Pile Testing

A Generic Example of the Final Report can be as follows:
Title: Introduction to the Dynamics of Pile Testing
By Your Name

This paper discusses ……

  1. Introduction
    The dynamics of pile testing …….
  2. Background
    Dynamics of pile testing is ….
  3. Body of paper1
    (Subtitle 1)
  4. Body of paper (Subtitle 2)
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations
  6. References
    Goble, G.G., and Rausche, F., (1986), Wave Equation Analysis of Pile Foundations. WEAP86 FHWA Contract
    Rausche, F., Goble, G.G., and Likins, G.E., (1985), “Dynamic Determination of Pile Capacity,” ASCE Journal
    of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 111, No. 3, pp. 367-383.
    Smith, E.A.L., (1960), “Pile Driving Analysis by the Wave Equation,” ASCE, Journal of Soil Mechanics and
    Foundations, SM, Vol. 86, pp. 36-61.
  7. Appendices (if needed)

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Class Project – Choosing and Securing Network Components

Class Project – Choosing and Securing Network Components
Problem Scenario and Overview
You have just moved into a new home, and you are looking to upgrade/replace some of
your Internet and networking devices. Suppose you have a budget of $1000 to buy the
new devices. Research and pick a new desktop computer and a new router for your
home, listing the specs while justifying your choices (like what you did in Assignment 2).
The specs for each should also include the pricing and a link to where you can
“purchase” it. This should be a complete thought. It could be one or more sentences.
After contacting your Internet Service Provider and getting connected, you now need
to secure all the devices, mobile, and stationary shown in the above diagram by fulfilling
the problem requirements below.
Problem Requirements

  1. Research and pick a suitable computer and router for your needs.
  2. All devices must be protected against intrusion from other people
  3. Devices must be secure against malware
  4. People using the devices must be security aware
  5. Internet access must be secure from unauthorized access and/or intrusion
  6. All devices must be up-to-date and properly functioning
  7. All critical data must be recoverable in the event of failure
  8. The digital communications environment must be safe to use and defended
    Problem-Solving Process:
    Part 1: Identify Strategies
    Here the problem is defined in detail. The scope of the problem is stated so that it is clear why
    this problem is important. The impact and risks of the problem are evaluated so that each risk
    is named with its likelihood of occurring and its level of severity. Actions are assigned to each
    risk that will reduce or resolve it. Finally, all the people that are affected are identified giving a
    clear declaration of their level of involvement with the problem. These people are called
    stakeholders. Also include in this document the computer and router you picked.
    Hint: you can brainstorm with your classmates in the Class Project Discussion Forum.
    Part 2: Propose Solutions – Evaluate Solutions – Evaluate Outcomes
    Here possible solutions are proposed and evaluated, and alternative approaches to solving the
    problem are identified and discussed (use the Class Project Discussion Forum). There may be
    many solutions to this problem. We will call them alternative solutions. Alternative solutions
    should be both creative and reasonable. The goal is to choose one solution. We will call this the
    recommended solution. Strive to clearly explain why this recommended solution is the best
    solution. You should have at least 2 possible solutions to evaluate!
    Questions to consider:
    Use these and other questions to develop and design your solutions. These are not questions to
    answer directly in your submissions but only to help you solve the problem and evaluate your
  9. How will the security solution be used and by whom?
  10. Are devices protected from unauthorized use and intrusion?
  11. Are the people using the devices cyber-security aware?
  12. Can the data on the devices be recovered?
  13. Is the environment defended against malware?
  14. What documentation and planning prepare for security problems?
  15. Is the Internet use safe from intrusion?
  16. Does your solution solve the whole problem for all the people involved?
    Submit the following:
  17. Problem Statement you designed in Part 1 (Word document or PDF).
  18. List of different solutions you designed in Part 2, and the recommended solution. Please
    highlight the advantages of the recommended solution over the other alternative solutions
    (Word document or PDF).
  19. Presentation outline and video (PowerPoint or PDF and working YouTube link). This video
    shows you how to post a YouTube link.
    Grading Criteria:
    25 points – problem statement that includes the scope of the problem, analysis of at least 3
    risks, and the people affected
    25 points – identification of at least 5 steps to secure the environment that includes the value
    and importance of each proposed step
    25 points – solution is evaluated and defended including the identification and use of at least 3
    security criteria
    25 points – presentation (outline and YouTube video) includes a description of the problem,
    consideration of at least one solution you did not use and the solution you did, pros and cons of
    the proposed solution, a description of the solution selected and the reasoning behind your
    solution selection

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Do you know what the term computer forensics means?

Do you know what the term computer forensics means? Many people do not nor do they understand the techniques involved to find and obtain evidence. Computer forensics is part of digital forensic science, and the goal for the investigator is to examine forensically with the goal of identifying, obtaining, and analyzing digital information. Depending upon the skill of the investigator, the limit to analyzing electronic data is limitless. As with experience, the more skilled one is with computers, the application of software, and digital data, the more knowledgeable the investigator will be with his or her exploration of evidentiary data.

Reflect for a moment on your computer devices and your knowledge of how they operate, and think about how and what you might recover as evidence.

In a 10–12-page paper, discuss the following topics:

· Identify the components of a computer that should be photographed in a crime scene, and explain why.

· Upon entry into a cyber crime scene, explain actions concerning the computer that are emergent and what may result if you do not take action immediately?

· The hard disk drive on a computer contains the data stored in and by that computer’s use. Why does that component have the most value in a cyber crime scene?

· Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) cut up and compartmentalize data in an encrypted file, making them hard to access. What is  encryption, and why is it a concern in a cyber-crime scene investigation?

· Warrants for the content of a hard drive are normally restricted to the relationship of evidence to the crime being investigated. What restrictions are there for crime scene investigators on the data seized while executing the warrant?

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Unit 4 Lab: Working With Compressed Files in Linux

Unit 4 Lab: Working With Compressed Files in Linux

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Perform basic file management.
  • Manage disk quotas.
  • Manage file permission and ownership.

Course Outcome:

IT275-2: Configure the key features of the Linux operating system.


Managing disk space, file permissions, and compression are necessary parts of being a system administrator. In this week’s lab, you will perform these activities and compress files in Linux.

Lab Instructions

Review the Unit 4 Lab Rubric (under Course Resources, then Grading Rubrics) before beginning this activity.

  1. Using the techniques discussed in the readings, complete the lab in A Cloud Guru called “Working with Compressed Files in Linux.”

    You will have 2 hours to complete the lab. Please download the lab guide for the usernames and passwords needed for this lab. You are going to ssh using PuTTy to the server outlined in the lab guide and run the command echo your name `date`. Note: The ` symbol is next to the number 1 on your keyboard.
  2. Take screen captures of the aforementioned information, along with the output in the “Try out different compression methods,” “Create tar files using the different compression methods,” and “Practice reading compressed text files” sections.
  3. Finally, write a paragraph on what you have learned in this lab and any items you still need to have explained.

Lab Requirements

Your lab document should include:

  • Required screenshots, as outlined in the Instructions tab, pasted inside a Microsoft Word document. Multiple screen captures are okay.
  • A paragraph describing what you learned and what you still have questions about.
  • Both in-text citations and references for all sources. For more information on APA style formatting, go to the resources under the Academic Tools area of this course.
  • No spelling, grammar, or APA style errors.

Also, review the University policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.

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Internet Systems Technologies Comparison

Internet Systems Technologies Comparison

Internet system development refers to how web developers try to encourage website security and streamlining coding. It is also a web development process and involves planning, constructing, modeling, and maintaining the internet based on computer systems. Categorically, internet system development is integral in creating proficient systems associated with active and adorable ways of handling operations and activities and the implementation of easy ways of using web contents and infrastructure. The rationale is to heighten the system security. It is also helpful in ensuring the development of an exceptional graphical user interface.

Various types of web development software

They all provide better guides to the most often used software for development, accessibility, and usage. For example, Server side, Client Side, and multimedia technologies are the most commonly used web development tools and equipment. In most cases, client-side technology implores HTML and explore cascading style sheet, that are significant codes which run inside a specific network browser (Saračević, Šabanović & Azizović, 2016). It allows the web browser to fully download files from the web page, ensuring that Pine Valley Furniture performs its operations with ease. The HTML actions at Pine Valley Furniture will allow all the available information viewable regardless of the presence or absence of internet connections as long as the browser is open. Though JavaScript and ActionScript are the best and frequently used variables by clients in different organizations, they have had significant variation in the application process. HTML is useful for Pine Valley Furniture because it is a mark-up technology essential for organising business presentation materials. The handwritten HTML code, as compared to another internet system, remarkably castigates explicit business transaction models that can be used to safeguard the overall system development. As a result, HTML will allow all pages to be downloaded and accessible faster for active and efficient business processes. Though other styles have ensured the availability of various platforms that business operations and activities can be conducted to obtain a good outcome, HTML has made interactions in business processes, thus very necessary for Pine Valley Furniture.

Additionally, on the server-side, which aids in securing the company’s features and secrets, HTML has remained useful. In most cases, the codes in this category are used in expediting data movement from the webserver to the primary source. The rationale and the data kept in these platforms are thus valuable in controlling all the activities and operations essential for the business activities’ success. This technology runs business operations and activities while creating a sound association between significant entities in the company. At Pine Valley Furniture, this web source’s adoption will muscle the control process and programs that are very rigorous, building a steady transaction process. Categorically, the server-side technology source code such as HMTL stays on the main internet servers and ensure that all clients are adequately and reinstated adequately for the better. HTML is the best for business operations because it can integrate with several databases such as PHP and XML in ensuring that it meets the outlined business goals that an organization might what to achieve. The codes in HMTL, as opposed to those in javascript, can be used in transforming, formatting, and defining all the XML documents pertinent to quality standard adherence.

Moreover, for the business operations and activities at Pine Valley Furniture, PHP from the server side is also another best web development compared to the others. The business processes and transactions ease learning and operations and various open sources that can be used to explore other associated conditions. PHP is simple and works with ease to support several operating systems. Thus, it can create a lucid operational process within the company. PHP provides more comprehensive functionality and coordination for safety enhancements in business processes when looking for web developments with special business operations functions. The developer may only choose a single platform and discern the rest in this platform, though the process may require thorough evaluation (Sarwo, Gaol & Randriatoamanana, 2017). Based on the strategies, goals, and objectives of Pine Valley Furniture, PHP will help in developing these duties and make massive improvements that might be needed for specific features that are required for a programmed operational process. All companies, regardless of size and place of operation, require better web developments and platforms that can be used to measure the credibility and functionality of the overall goal of the premise. At different Pine Valley Furniture operations stages, coordination is mandatory to balance various entities. However, this is only possible if all considerations are taken into account, and the developed browser is capable of compiling different web technologies to make information accessible.

Web developments in companies such as Pine Valley Furniture come with a high expectation and great value from web developers. In most cases, the programmer aims to make the codes readable for business operations and access to customers exceptional. The values associated with adding web development technologies capabilities such as website credibility and increased interaction and connectivity with the companies’ audience ensure a comparative business operation. Additionally, the website credibility offers a company a more straightforward way of showing how credible it is and the importance of online business representations while helping visitors turn into valued customers (Benmoussa et al., 2018). As a result, the design is an integral piece of information and need to be adopted most strategically. The inhibited design at Pine Valley Furniture speaks volumes about a business. It allows the company to show expertise, skills, credentials, and experiences associated with other qualities pertinent to its growth and development.  Categorically, all these rationales combined help gain confidence and trust from the company’s customers; this makes it a more straightforward approach to meet its goals. According to Valacich & George (2017), a website helps a company such as Pine Valley Furniture reach many physically unreachable consumers and other customers pertinent for the growth and development of the entire business process.  The interaction with the company’s consumers or audience is vital in generating more business. Most businesses may have interactive websites that are developed to allow their interactions with consumers. Through this, Pine Valley Furniture company produces good content for customers and clients related to the firm. These contents can be added to a significant company’s content before they are shared on social media.

To sum, internet systems developments act as a vital zone where most web developers can encourage website security and streamline Web coding. Internet systems developments involve several operations that can build a concrete business system for a firm’s success. Overall, at Pine Valley Furniture, the process an integral approach as it creates proficient systems to get more customers and consumers for the company.


Benmoussa, K., Laaziri, M., Khoulji, S., Larbi, K. M., & El Yamami, A. (2019). A new model for the selection of web development frameworks: application to PHP frameworks. International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering9(1), 695.

Saračević, M. H., Šabanović, M., & Azizović, E. (2016). Comparative analysis of AMF, JSON, and XML technologies for data transfer between the server and the client. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences4(2).

Sarwo, H. L. H. S. W., Gaol, F. L., & Randriatoamanana, R. (2017). Object-Oriented Metrics to measure the quality of software upon PHP source code with PHP_depend.

Valacich, J.S., & George, J.F. (2017). Modern Systems Analysis and Design (8th ed.).

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My Dream Computer

My Ideal PC

#1. Introduction

Understanding that life is continuous learning and discovery process has, over the years, fueled my need and wish to build my dream computer. In my early days, I used to dream of having a computer that was just stylish, had cutting-edge designs and that could support and play my favourite computer game, Grand Theft Auto. My entire perspective about computers changed when I joined this class and was introduced to another dimension of computing       

Anyone who dreams or wishes to have a computer envisions a device that can satisfy their immediate and future needs. As a perpetual student, I would desire to acquire a superior pc that will guarantee an excellent experience during the execution of my work and leisure. Computer systems vary and can be categorized in the lines of their storage capacity, processing capabilities and speeds, their output video and sound quality, their workability, speciality among other features. This is for the reason that there are several computer brands in the market today such as Dell, Apple, Toshiba, HP, Asus among many others that all compete to different customer needs. Such electronic-based firms have concentrated on satisfying client needs that they offer a wide range of models of machines in which customers can pick from. With the Continuous innovation and accomplishments in systems hardware capabilities, computers are bringing imaginations closer to reality. (O’Neill (née McLoone) & Robshaw, 2010)

My computer needs are practically based on the ability to have lighting processing speeds and vast storage capacities. Playing computer games is not something I do very often but I spend countless hours on Youtube and other social networking sites watching videos, reading content and liking pictures, therefore, I would consider the good screen size and its optimum resolution capability. Downloading documents, audio files, videos and software’s is very important especially for future references offline. According to Aswani (2010), PCs should be equipped with high resolutions and graphics capabilities, which is crucial in gaming. To be able to store everything I need continuously, I need a hard disk with terabyte storage and above. Such HDD size will allow me to partition my storage and arrange school-related data and leisure accordingly. I would also like a to accommodate the Linux operating system in dual boot mode therefore good storage will surely come along way.

 Additionally, a good set of output speaker will be imperative since I listen to many music genres and watch many videos every day. As a perpetual scholar, always researching something new, internet capability is of primary concern. The ability to be able to quickly surf the internet without encountering processing issues despite running multiple programs such as a word processor in the background is crucial as it ensures completion of assignments and academic papers. My coding projects and classes utilize a sizeable amount of memory and processing power therefore that too will come into play as well.

Security of my documents and files is also a key factor in my dream computer as unauthorized users will not be granted access to my files. Computer attacks such as viruses and ransomware are continuously increasing in the modern world, there is a need to have measures such as firewalls and antiviruses that can contain this situation. Portability of the computer will be essential since I will be constantly on the move from one classroom to the next. An effortlessly portable and less strenuous computer will be of high consideration.

#2.  Computer Specifications

The motherboard would be the first thing I select after choosing a good exterior casing to enclose all the computer components such as the power supply, 2.0 ports, audio and video ports and the cooling fans. When choosing a good casing, the Sentey Slim 2421 Flex Case with LCD Case comes in mind as it can support both Mini ITX and Micro ATX motherboards. Additionally, its stylish compact design and black glossy exterior outlook support most if not all power supplies available in the market as well as the profile cards. It also has a unique sliding bay that supports video and audio ports, 4*2.0 USB ports as well as a cooling fan compartment. After assessing the casing, I would look for the motherboard and I settled on the Asus P5Q Pro Turbo Motherboard. This motherboard is equipped with 4 RAM slots with 2*240 pin DIMM which I consider adequate for my envisioned use. Choosing a good CPU is a very important step since it is the brain of the computer. Therefore, the CPU I have chosen for my dream computer is the 8-core AMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 8-core 4.7 GHz Socket AM3+ 220W. This guarantees high optimized processor speeds of 4.7GHz as well as high power since it has 8 cores powered by a 64bit data width. These speeds will largely contribute when running multiple computer programs simultaneously.

After picking the CPU, the next logical step would be to get a good CPU cooler to control the overheating of pieces of equipment due to high processing speeds its subject to and in the long run this will reduce wear and tear. A good CPU Cooler for my computer would be the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU Cooler. This quiet cooler as suggested in the name is a great way to cool down the PC so that I can simultaneously listen to my playlist rather than listen to the sound of a roaring fan.

Once the CPU fan is installed, getting a good RAM is the next step toward attaining a Dream Computer. With the motherboard, I selected supporting four 240 pin DIMM – adding a good memory package of Corsair Vengeance Blue 16GB (2×8 GB) DDR3 1600MHz (PC3 12800) would adequately boost my machine. With adequate RAMs in place, A good internal storage device such as 4TB 3.5” 5900RPM Seagate Hard Drive and also an external 2TB Western Digital hard drive would guarantee that the system has a large amount of storage. The external drive would secure my backed-up data should anything physically happen to the computer. In the past, I have lost my data as a result of hard disk failure and it is such a disaster trying to access assignments and important documents once the drive is has malfunctioned. A backup is extremely necessary for important data.

As an entertainment pc, my computer would be a more of a working system therefore I would opt for a faster and quieter machine that would make zero noises during use. Nonetheless, my audio and video features would need to be of top-notch quality so that I can listen to the tons of music albums while I work or relax. I chose the Z PCIe 24-bit 96 kHz sound card from Creative Labs for these capabilities. While the cost of this peripheral is well below $100, the card can produce a relatively excellent signal to the ratio of noise to close to 116db creating a crystal sound when recording sound or listening to audio files. To adequately get in full the clarity of the sound, a good set of speakers would have to be used hence prompting the adoption a surround sound system that is firstly certified by the THX, can effectively yield good sound within the right amount of power and that can be durable over an extended period.

The next component in my computer would be an appropriate video card that would take pictures and videos on my display monitor come to life. Gaming may not be my hobby but I do enjoy watching funny video clips on crisp display, therefore, i would select the EVGA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB SC. As pointed in the name, the component comprises of an inbuilt fan for self-cooling, a support 4-way SLI, a 12GB memory and a 1.13GHz core clock. While the rest of the components are worth well under $1000, this expensive component clocks over and above $1000 and is probably the most expensive part of the dream computer puzzle.

With such a graphics card in place, the rightly sized monitor with optimal resolution would do justice to the other components. I would select the 23” Acer H236HLbid with a 1920*1080 widescreen resolution capability, a 60Hz refresh rate, 16:9 aspect ratio and a response rate of 5ms to adequately deliver the expected output. With all hardware in place, a proper power supply system would be required to guarantee that all devices can be adequately powered up and that there is no wattage loss of any kind. I estimate that all selected devices would require a projected wattage 265W. this would therefore require certified and relevant power supply hence the ATX power 80+ Gold Certified 750W EVGA. While this option carries a lot more power than I essentially require, I am not troubled by the system overload I might experience as a result. Additionally, installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) would be a logical decision as it would serve as a battery backup in case of a drop in voltage to deplorable levels or a failure in the main power supply. A UPS would therefore guarantee the correct and orderly systems shutdown of the computer and other connected devices.

Finally, with almost all the key components in place, the remaining piece to finish my dream computer would be a mouse and Logitech illuminated keyboard to allow to the access relevant applications that would also need to be installed in the system. when looking for software to install in the system, I will consider software’s that will be compatible with the Windows operating software. I would make certain have installed the entire Microsoft suite to guarantee that my classwork is handled smoothly going forward. I would also install a relevant integrated development environment (IDE) and compiler to help me handle my programming classes. For my entertainment, I would install social networking applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and iTunes. Nonetheless, security is a top priority therefore I would install antivirus such as Kaspersky and execute firewalls that would protect my system against malware, viruses and unwanted intruders to the system.

#3. Diagrams of

ComponentSpecificationPictureRationale (Reason for Purchase)Cost Estimate (Amazon.com)
KeyboardLogitech IlluminatedThis part has an excellent backlight that aids during data entry. Its slim has letter etching on every key added shortcut ay the top of the component$90.00
CPU Coolerbe quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU CoolerThis part guarantees an effective cooling system with increased air circulation and less noise$89.99
ProcessorAMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 8-core 4.7 GHz Socket AM3+ 220W  This processor is a super-speed component with an 8-core with its clock speed set at 4.7 GHz$245.00
MotherboardAsus P5Q Pro TurboThis part has exceptional overlocking and top-class capacitors. Its power design is comprised of an 8-phase layout, it has a great express gate and an intelligent energy-saving system.$289.99
RAMCorsair Vengeance Blue 16GB (2×8 GB) DDR3 1600MHz (PC3 12800)   This component is having high performance and can dissipate heat as a result of its aluminium design$74.99
Hard disk-4TB 3.5” 5900RPM Seagate Hard Drive -2TB Western DigitalThese components act as System files storage and provide Backup$65.00 $99.99
An Operating SystemWindows 10 Pro  This part is the latest version of the Microsoft OS Windows. Its key features include automatic work saving, quick and easy access to features.$165.00
Graphics cardEVGA GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB SCThis item provides a graphic performance with 4k capabilities, 7010 MHz effective memory clock and is a virtual reality ready$1,150.00
Sound CardCreative Labs Z PCIe 24-bit 96 KHzThis component supports the production of crisp sounds$119.99
MonitorAcer H236HL bid 23-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor  This item has excellent resolution and an IPS colour performance feature$289.99
AntivirusKaspersky Total SecurityThis part secures the system and blocks dangerous threats. Easy user interface and has regular updates$29.99
TOTAL (Excluding Taxes)   $2709.93

#4. Summary

The most important components during specification is the graphics card, RAM, storage, processor among others. I have come to understand that there are different features a system offers and have been able to compare the various merits of using a high-end computer. Secondly, I have learnt that there are several computers in the market today all created to serve a particular niche, therefore, a computer I not just a computer if it has not been tailored to cater for your direct needs. Additionally, I have learnt that in the assembly of computer parts to make your dream computer, the purpose of the dream computer must stand out in choices and the decision-making process concerning the ability of technological incorporation into the system. I am an enthusiast and more importantly a student about life, therefore, owning a superior system that can service my desires and needs such as fast processing, durable and sizable storage spaces can go a long way in helping me achieve set objectives on time.

With The overload in computer brands and components in the market today, it has been extremely challenging, confusing and overwhelming to get the right product to match my needs due to product similarity, ambiguity and most importantly information overload (Nieman, 2009). Nonetheless, if I had the chance of building this system according to my personal needs, the biggest thing that would concern me other than the costs would have to be the compatibility of the individual components since a mismatch would mean that the system would not work smoothly or even work at all.


Aswani, K., & Srinivas, S. (2010). Concept lattice reduction using fuzzy K-Means clustering. Expert Systems with Applications, 37(3), 2696-2704. doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2009.09.026

Nieman, A. (2009). Cyberforensics: Bridging the law/technology divide. Journal of Information, Law & Technology, (1). Retrieved from http://go.warwick.ac.uk/jilt/2009_1/nieman

O’Neill (née McLoone), M., & Robshaw, M. (2010). Low-cost digital signature architecture is suitable for radio frequency identification tags. IET Computers & Digital Techniques, 4(1), 14-26. doi: 10.1049/iet-cdt.2008.0165

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An 8-year-old girl comes to your ambulatory care clinic complaining of left ear pain for the past 3 days

An 8-year-old girl comes to your ambulatory care clinic complaining of left ear pain for the past 3 days. She had a respiratory infection a week ago. On physical examination, the tympanic membrane is bulging.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What else should you ask the client?
  2. What teaching would you reinforce to prevent the recurrence of otitis media?
  3. What expected outcomes would be specific to this situation?

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Use SSL Labs to test and score the TLS certificate of your company, school, or personal website.

ISEC 650 Homework 8

Please use APA style formatting.


Network administrators hide the IP addresses of the internal workstations and servers from the Internet by enabling Network Address Translation (NAT) on perimeter devices. Does this mean that these internal endpoints are secure? Does NAT contribute to the security of the networks? Explain and justify your responses. Please review existing literature for the security implications of NAT.


Use SSL Labs to test and score the TLS certificate of your company, school, or personal website. (Note that you should find a TLS-configured website)


Share the screenshot of the result like below. Summarize the discovered weaknesses of the TLS certificate. If there is no weakness discovered, please summarize the top-notch security features of the TLS certificate.

Question 3 – Weekly Learning and Reflection

In two to three paragraphs of prose (i.e., sentences, not bullet lists) using APA style citations if needed, summarize and interact with the content that was covered this week in class. In your summary, you should highlight the major topics, theories, practices, and knowledge that were covered. Your summary should also interact with the material through personal observations, reflections, and applications to the field of study. In particular, highlight what surprised, enlightened, or otherwise engaged you. Make sure to include at least one thing that you’re still confused about or ask a question about the content or the field. In other words, you should think and write critically about what was presented and what you have learned through the session. Questions asked here will be summarized and answered anonymously in the next class.

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Review existing literature and industry publications and explain the benefits of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for one of the following cases:

ISEC 650 Homework 9

Please use APA style formatting.

Question 1

Review existing literature and industry publications and explain the benefits of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for one of the following cases:

1) Malware detection

2) QoS/Traffic prioritization

Please also include the business importance of DPI as if you are explaining it to your CEO or another important non-technical person.

Question 2

Does DPI support (compatible with) TLS? Explain. If yes, how does it work with TLS? Describe.

Question 3 – Weekly Learning and Reflection

In two to three paragraphs of prose (i.e., sentences, not bullet lists) using APA style citations if needed, summarize and interact with the content that was covered this week in class. In your summary, you should highlight the major topics, theories, practices, and knowledge that were covered. Your summary should also interact with the material through personal observations, reflections, and applications to the field of study. In particular, highlight what surprised, enlightened, or otherwise engaged you. Make sure to include at least one thing that you’re still confused about or ask a question about the content or the field. In other words, you should think and write critically not just about what was presented but also what you have learned through the session. Questions asked here will be summarized and answered anonymously in the next class.

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