Chinese peasant and Communism DBQ Essay

Chinese peasant and Communism DBQ Essay.

Between circa 1925 and circa 1950, the relations between the Chinese peasants and the Chinese Communist Party became out of hand due to the peasant rebellions/uprising groups present, the tension between Japan and the communist party, and most notable the mass reform during this time period.

In 1927 the rising leader of the Chinese Communist party was acknowledging that soon the upsurge of peasant rebellion was soon, and that will soon rise up and overpower the wealthy landowning class. (DOC 1). In 1941 a Japanese official report had noted that due to extreme similarities between the peasants and local communist guerrilla unit.

These similarities would’ve made it hard from a commoner point of view to distinguish between the two groups, and allowing the rebels to remain hidden easier. (DOC 3). William Hinton of the Chinese Communist Land reform reported that in 1948, the arming of the peasants to fight Japan had a substantial effect.

Arming of the peasants gave them a trouble-free way to rise up and make the landlords pay for their abuse and make them repay the overcharges and restore land to proper owners.

(DOC 6). As the peasants where preoccupied in their uprising the Communist party struggled to attract the peasant population to their side in fighting Japan. An Additional document that may help strengthen this argument would be a journal from a noble in a city or town close to the heart of China where the uprisings where present.

As Communist China strived to attract the peasant majority to fight against China it brought quite a lot of tension throughout the state. The attraction began in 1942 with a report from the Communist Central Committee implying that the peasants contribute to the basic strength of the Anti-Japanese War. That they must improve life for the peasants and grant more rights if they even wish to have them voluntarily fight for them.(DOC 5). A report was released in 1942 that gave descriptions of the result of Japanese attack on Chinese soil. Most of the statistics used in the report may have been false in the communists endeavor to gain the peasant population.(DOC 4).

However in the communists pursuit they had persuaded some people of the peasant community. A conversation between a teenage peasant and his grandfather explained some of the goods that communism had brought to the Chinese. From the grandfather’s point of view, Communism had brought nothing but greatness to the Chinese state, but at the time period such claims would often be argued, thus building tension.(DOC 2). With the prevalent tension and the armed peasants it led to a mass reform during this period. An Addition document that may help in this would most definitely be a journal from a pro Communism and anti Communism to see the variety of views on the group.

With the uprisings become stronger, and tensions building greater it led to a massive reform across the state. The reforms began first in 1948 with the arming of the peasants in China to fight against Japan, with the peasants armed it had prompted rebellion against the landlords taking the power from them and taking back what was originally theirs. (DOC 6). With the picture of the peasant sticking their tongue out to the landlord shows how the power has shifted quite massively. The fact that struggle meetings where organized in the land reform process quite well shows that the peasants have the power now.(DOC 9). In the same year of 1950, along with change of power there was also a change in life for women, and rights for them.

There was establishment of a democratic marriage system prompted equal rights to women and freedom for whom they partner with.(DOC 8). Prior to the new marriage system and land reform it was prompted by the abolishment of the landlord class, and a peasant land ownership was established. Giving the peasants more freedom in their lives, then leading to the equal rights for woman and marriage.(DOC 7). With all the various reforms during this time the peasants point of view must be confident in their abilities how they have essentially rose to the top. I feel another good document to support my claims would simply be a report from a Communist general on his views of the massive reform the peasants had ignited.

Throughout circa 1925 and circa 1950 across the Chinese Civil War and Anti-Japanese war the relations between the peasants of China and the Communist party grew out of hand. Due to the increasing of peasants uprising and rebellions, in addition to the tension built between the anti Communism and pro Communism peasants, and to finish the mass amounts of reform occurring during the era.

Chinese peasant and Communism DBQ Essay

Aristotle’s Critique of Plato’s Theory of Limited Communism Essay

Aristotle’s Critique of Plato’s Theory of Limited Communism Essay.

Platonic communism advocates for abolishment of private families ownership among the upper and the lower class in favor of communism. This is what Plato in the Republic referred to as the ideal city . From the writing of Aristotle in Politics, this idea of Plato has been the center of criticism. Most of the critics have claimed that the idea is a cause of confusion. Aristotle has aired his worries about the nature and extent of communism in the society. Aristotle has also argued in opposition to stipulation of communism in a perfect political society.

According to Aristotle, in platonic communism there is no clear explanation on the way the lower class is meant to live. This is problematic especially given the fact that this is the class that constitutes the majority in the society. Aristotle like many other critics claims that people cannot be in a position to live devoid of private property and families .

This argument is against that of Plato that most people are not able to live without private properties and families . This criticism would be untrue if it is possible for any person to exist without private properties and families.

There is no evidence anywhere of people who exist communally. The criticism of Aristotle is right owing to the fact that the Republic does not completely or clearly address the issue of the way the lower class is to survive. It does not address particularly the issue of whether the lower class is to exist communally or not . This is the reason why Aristotle is justified to claim that the question is not completely resolved. Many of the current scholars agree with the fact that the communism in the republic targets the rulers, and that the lower class exists in a way that does not need to be referred to as communistic.

In the Republic, it is clear that a communism of children and women will only occur amongst the rulers . The argument of Aristotle is simple and clear that Plato does not take a clear position in his limited communism ideology . This reveals the fact that Aristotle’s criticism of Plato’s theory of limited communism as put forth in the Republic is justified and thus fair. Bibliography: Plato, The Republic Of Plato: Second Edition, New York: Basic Books 1991. Aristotle, The Politics, London: Penguin Classics, 1981

Aristotle’s Critique of Plato’s Theory of Limited Communism Essay

Censorship in north korea Essay

Censorship in north korea Essay.

Would you live in a place where there is no worldwide internet, no phones, or where none of any kind of your usual advertisements do not exist? (rhet) Well, in North Korea, millions live without knowing what it is like to live your kind of life where media is usually freely distributed and absorbed everywhere. The North Korean citizens are constantly being malnourished of information with the exception of the government’s propaganda. To clarify, the North Korean regime’s extreme media censorship should be suspended allowing the citizens free access to all kinds of media.

To begin with, the North Korean government’s extreme censorship of media is corrupt, since it can help increase influence over the public and control over the dictatorship of the country. How? The North Korean government censors media that does not have anything to do or anything that challenges against their communistic judgement, main focus of suppressing one’s idea to strengthen control. Adding to that, the country rarely allows foreign visits inside the border fearing that their citizens’ views and opinions for the party will alter, with many people questioning the government’s authority.

In North Korea, a huge percent of the media is made and distributed by the government, including TV channels by the government, radio stations by the government, their own computer operating system by the government, and even the internet is supplied by the government. (repetition) People’s rights and freedom can be upheld if only the North Korean Government suspend their rights to extreme censorship of media. Do you really think their censorship of media is acceptable?

(rhet) Secondly, the North Korean government’s extreme censorship of media should be suspended as it may lead to an oppressed and uneducated society limiting creativity and entertainment. Media, making life more rich with ideas and creativity. Media educates us in every aspect. Censoring huge amounts of media can drastically alter the people and the society, similar to how a flower cannot develop without water and light. Furthermore, In North Korea if you are caught with non-domestic media, you can face severe punishments, even death. Censorship of media in North Korea may have its drawbacks but it surely has some good side to it as well.

The DPRK’s media censorship has some judgment that is mean well for the country too such as protecting social unity and national glory. For instance, this is shown through big events like the Olympics or the World cup when North Korea broadcasts only when their country triumphs or they win a match. This demonstrates how the DPRK uses censorship to strengthen their country’s morale and patriotic spirit. On the other hand the morale and patriotism can interfere with one’s own thoughts allowing the communist government to easily control you.

Surely you wouldn’t want to live in a world where that happens? (rhet) Last but not least, the censorship of media can lead to isolation and the ignorance of the globally advancing world. The censorship of media in North Korea can drastically affect the growth of a nation. According to the chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt says, “As the world is becoming increasingly connected, their (North Korea) decision to be virtually (internet) isolated is very much going to affect their physical world, their economic growth and so forth”.

Think of how poverty can drastically affect the nation if censorship continues — millions of men, women, and children can be homeless and hungry, changing into a third world country. (emotional appeal). How would you feel if your close relatives lived in a world like that? (rhet) Extreme censorship is a tactic used by the immoral communistic government of the DPRK. Censorship has it ups an its downs, but the negative sides of this are the most concerning. Dulling up life is one thing, causing global isolation is worse, and using censorship to manipulate citizens is the worst.

(Climax) To conclude, the North Korean government’s extreme media censorship should be suspended. Censorship in North Korea is used mainly for the governments own purposes — not for the people. With so many wrongful reasons of the censorship, should people just allow that to continue? (rhet) Henry Steele Commager, a famous historian once said, ” censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion”.

Censorship in north korea Essay