The Feasibility of Malunggay Extract (Moringa Oleifera) as Cockroach Killer Essay

The Feasibility of Malunggay Extract (Moringa Oleifera) as Cockroach Killer Essay.

I. Background of the Study In our society today their are lots of people who are trying to find out how to kill dirty insects in their house one of this example is the cockroach. In our house their are lots of cockroaches flying over our heads, in our things and any parts of the house. In support of that problem I created an insecticides to kill cockroaches and it is Malunggay Extract as a Cockroach killer.

II. Statement of the Problem This study aims to make malunggay as a cockroach killer.

It has specific question to be answered: a) Does malunggay extract can be a cockroach killer? b) Can people use this a a cockroach killer?

III.Hypothesis a) A malunggay extract can be a cockroach killer. b) People can use this as cockroach killer.

IV.Significance of the Study At present our people is tired searching for money, people are also tired of those cockroach living in their place that can cause disease.

So it is significant because people will not buy those commercial cockroach killer they will just pick a malunggay leaves and extract it then spray it to the cockroach.

V. Definition of Terms Malunggay-Moringa is the English name. It is called Malunggay in Philippines and Sajina in Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. It grows very wildly in hot tropical climate. Moringa is a wonderful herb known all over the world– but only recently in the U.S. It may provide the boost in energy, nutrition and health youíve been seeking. This book reveals Moringaís nutritional content, medicinal properties, where to get it, the best results. Moringa is a remarkable discovery, which can make a tremendous difference in your health and quality of life. Mounting scientific evidence shows what has been known for thousands of years by people in the tropical parts of the world: Moringa is natureís medicine cabinet.

It is best known as an excellent source of nutrition and a natural energy booster. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, it replenishes your body and provides what you need to get through a hectic weekday or active weekend. As the candles multiply on top of your birthday cake, you may find yourself slowing down and saying, ìI just donít feel eighteen any more.î Moringa gives back some of the energy you thought was lost. Yet this is not a sugar-based energy. Itís not something, which makes you hyper for some period of intense activity then leaves you drained. In fact, Moringa is also relaxing…it helps to reduce blood pressure and assure a good nightís sleep.

How does it contribute more energy and greater relaxation at the same time? The answer seems to be Moringaís well-documented detoxifying effect. University laboratories around the world have studied Moringaís ability to purify water…attaching itself to harmful material and bacteria, and allowing them to be expelled as waste. The evidence points to this same process going on inside your body. It produces long-lasting energy without hyperactivity… a nerve system at rest… a blood system not under pressure…a gland and hormone system in balance.

Other health benefits identified by people who use Moringa continue this same pattern: immune system strengthened, skin condition restored, blood pressure controlled, headaches and migraines handled, diabetes sugar level managed, inflammations and arthritis pains reduced, tumors restricted and ulcers healed. A body thatís not fighting damaging internal elements is better able to use the nutrients, which come into it to build healthy skin, bone and muscles, as well as the all-important hormones, which keep your body in balance. And Moringa is loaded with nutrients.

Each ounce of Moringa contains seven times the Vitamin C found in oranges, four times the Vitamin A of carrots, three times the iron of spinach, four times as much calcium as milk and three times the potassium of bananas. One of the best attributes of Moringa is that it is also quite tasty and a welcome addition to your kitchen. The leaves, pods and flowers of this versatile tree are all edible, each with its own flavor. They can be served fresh with meals, or be reduced to powder and used as a food supplement.

Cockroach- (or simply “roaches”) are insects of the order Blattodea. This name derives from the Latin word for “cockroach”, blatta. Among the most well-known species are the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, which is about 30 mm (1 inch) long, theGerman cockroach, Blattella germanica, about 15 mm (1/2 inch) long, the Asian cockroach, Blattella asahinai, also about 15 mm (1/2 inch) in length, and the Oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis, about 25 mm (3/4 inch). Tropical cockroaches are often much bigger, and extinct cockroach relatives such as the CarboniferousArchimylacris and the Permian Apthoroblattina were several times as large as these. Cockroaches are generally consideredpests; however, only about 30 species (less than 1%) infest urban habitats.

The Feasibility of Malunggay Extract (Moringa Oleifera) as Cockroach Killer Essay