Thanksgiving Day Essay

Thanksgiving Day Essay.

The holiday of Thanksgiving is a tradition started by the Pilgrims and Indians. Together they shared the fruits of the newly settled America. Thanksgiving Day is a communal celebration marked as a sense of gratitude people feel for all the good things in life. This is done by offering prayers, gifting your near and dear ones. Its origin can be traced back to the 16th century when the first thanksgiving dinner is said to have taken place. Besides, the fourth Thursday in the month of November is marked for the yearly celebration.

Thanksgiving is a time for gifting your family and friends. The day is a time to show your gratitude and respect to your elders, friends, your siblings and also your colleagues. Popular gifts include thanksgiving flowers, jewelry, baked cookie hampers, chocolate gift baskets, candies and wine.

Thanksgiving Day is a family festival celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in US and Canada. Thanksgiving Day Festival commemorates the feast held by the Pilgrim colonists and members of the Wampanoag people at Plymouth in 1621.

On this day people express gratitude to God for his blessings and give thanks to dear ones for their love and support. Feasting with family is an integral and most delightful part of Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Family feast is an important tradition during Thanksgiving. The entire family sits at the table during dinner and offer prayer to the Lord Almighty for his continuous grace. The traditional stuffed turkey adorns every dinner table during the feast.

Pumpkin pie, Cranberry sauce, Corns are some of the dishes cooked everywhere to mark the day. Finally, Thanksgiving gives Americans a day to spend time with family and friends. We all reflect, at the magical moment when we first sit down at the holiday table, how God has blessed the United States of America for two hundred and thirty-five years with an overflowing cornucopia, unfettered political and religious freedoms, and economic opportunity. Let us also pause for a moment to pray for and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to safeguard our freedoms who protected and defended their country.

Thanksgiving Day Essay

Ramayana and Diwali Essay

Ramayana and Diwali Essay.

Festivals are the lifeblood of all nations. They add charm and thrill to our humdrum life. India being a melting-pot of religious race an d cultures, it has a plethora of festivals and feasts. Among these, Diwali perhaps is the most pan-Indian festival celebrated with great pomp and mirth throughout the length and breadth of the country, largely in Northern and Central India. Diwali, better known as Deepawali among the Indian masses, is a festival of lights. There are many reasons why Diwali is celebrated.

It’s not just the festive mood in the air that makes us happy, or just that it’s a great time to enjoy before the advent of winter. The Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi incarnated on the new moon day of the Kartik month, hence Diwali is associated with Lakshmi. It is also believed that Diwali is connected with the triumph of Lord Krishna over the demon king Narakasur However, the most prevalent belief is that the festival marks the victory of Lord Ram over Ravana.

On this day, it is believed that Rama came back to Ayodhya after his victory over the evil king of Lanka, Ravana who had taken away his wife Sita. People greatly rejoiced the return of their beloved prince. They lighted up whole Ayodhya with earthen lamps, decorated their houses and welcomed them with pomp and ceremony. The present day celebration of Diwali is held in remembrance of this event. Diwali is generally celebrated in late October or early November, soon after the rainy season is over. A lot of preparation goes in before the actual festival. Houses are cleansed, white washed and painted. Every nook and corner of the house is swept clean. Thereafter, in the evening earthen lamps and decorative lights are put in and around the house giving an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

As the night approaches, children and people light up the sky with their firecrackers. The streets and markets bear a dazzling look. Illumination of every hue and color light up shops and buildings. Thus, there is gaiety, cheerfulness, merrymaking and fun everywhere. There is joy on every face. On this day every one puts on their best dress which has been purchased well in advance. Special meals and sweets are prepared. People exchange greetings and share sweets and meals as a mark of friendship and brotherhood. The festival of Diwali teaches us many values of life. More than anything else this festival symbolizes the ultimate victory of good over evil.

It teaches us that one day or other the evil existing in this world would be subdued by goodness and righteousness. Rama’s obedience to parents, Sita’s faithfulness, Lakshman’s unflinching love for his brother, etc. teach us many noble lessons of life. The festival is a national festival celebrated by everyone irrespective of caste, creed and race. It therefore, promotes unity, common brotherhood, and communal harmony. Hence, in a world like ours, broken by narrow domestic walls of religious fanaticism and social disharmony, a festival like Diwali can bring people together, heal wounds, and can help in fostering national integration. Diwali is thus, my favorite festival.

Ramayana and Diwali Essay

A firework display Essay

A firework display Essay.

The dull, murky water of Lake Windermere was surrounded by the happiness and laughter of the anticipating audience. Children spontaneously danced round the hypnotising bonfire, only to be outshone by the dazzling fireworks as they spiralled into the pitch black sky. Fragrant delicious smells filtered through the air as food was prepared. Bright lights and heckles from the games stalls lured the children in like a lion to its prey. Bonfire Night at Lake Windermere is a night to be remembered!

Fireworks lit up the sky like the neon glow of the Northern lights.

The sounds and colours exploding from them were phenomenal. A colossal rocket pierced the night sky as it crackled and popped skyward to its doom. Catherine wheels spun like banshees trying to escape the clutches of its captor, finally slowing to an undramatic end. Sprays of crimson lava spewed from the fountain firework like a mini volcanic eruption. Everyone seemed to stop and watch in wonder as the blood red haze from the traffic light entranced them, the spell finally broken when a wave of aluminous green light gave them the signal to move along.

Juices drizzled and sizzled from the burgers. The smell of salt and vinegar wafted through the air, as succulent hot dogs were grilled on the barbecue. Children buzzed around like bees pursuing the sweet smelling nectar of popcorn and candy floss as it lingered in the air. Bonfire night favourites, sticky toffee apples and treacle toffee, are being devoured messily, but tasted as sweet as honey. Parents despair as over enthusiastic children scream and shout, only to be tamed by the promise of treats from the eager stall owners. Fluffy animals are dangled everywhere. Delightful squeals echo around the amusements stall, as the game is finally conquered and victory is obtained and the priceless spoils are handed over.

Excited children hopped around the raging crackling bonfire as they magically created mystical images with glowing sparklers. Cold, weary parents are drawn to the warmth and comfort of the roaring flames, as it slowly breathed life back into their chilled bodies. The heat turned their faces red like fresh juicy cherries. The bright yellow and orange flickering blaze captivated and memorised the crowd, and the inferno roared like a dragon as it spat and spluttered singed wood and charcoal. Like a cat, the flames licked the scrawny Guy Fawkes at the top. He stood there, lifeless, dressed in tatty old clothes with bright red eyes, and looked like the devil as he was engulfed and consumed by the intense fire. Smoke filled the air. It tasted bitter, and snaked and slithered into the watching eyes of the crowd making them glisten and sting.

Couples, hand in hand, romantically sauntered down to the icy waters edge. Together as one they would light their lantern, kiss gently, and then snuggle together to watch as it gracefully glided and twirled across the glistening lake like a prima ballerina. The silence, tranquilly and romance was broken as children raced to the lake eager to be the first one to light one of the special lanterns. Their hands shook as they tried so hard to be careful with the wafer thin lantern. As they cautiously set the lanterns down onto the rippling water, it gradually edged its way into the dark unknown. The once murky dark lake was now lit up like a Christmas tree, with fireflies shimmering across its surface.

Bonfire Night drew to a close. Tired, weary children were snuggled up like little lambs in their parent’s arms, all ready for their warm cosy bed, their favourite teddy bear, and a good night kiss from Mum and Dad. Couples arm in arm gradually walked home. A relaxed and content glow on all their faces after a fun filled evening. The once raging bonfire was now just glowing embers twisting and turning like fireflies. The night sky returned to its peaceful existence. The smell of gunpowder was everywhere, and the lake mirrored the night sky with the lanterns twinkling like stars.

A firework display Essay

India is a country of festivals Essay

India is a country of festivals Essay.

India: A Land Of Festivals INDIA, the world’s second largest country, has over 1 billion inhabitants, who speak 18 major languages and more than 1,000 minor languages and dialects. It features an infinite variety of landscapes and unsurpassed cultural richness. With so much diversity embedded within one culture, it is easy to understand why India is called “a land of festival and fairs.” Every day of the year there is a festival celebrated in some part of the country.

As in any old civilization, most of these festivals have religious ties.

Because India is still a predominantly rural nation, many of its festivals also welcome the coming of natural phenomena like the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Thus, festivals often commemorate the sacred bond felt by the Indian villagers to their land. Nevertheless, there are those festivals, such as karwa chauth, practiced with great austerity by women of the Hindu faith in devotion to their husbands, which are not festivals as such, though there may be something of a festive air attached to these occasions.

English: Diwali Chakra in Displaly

English: Radha celebrating Holi, c1788. (digitally…


Some festivals are observed throughout the country, or in a greater part of it; others, such as the famed snake race of Kerala, have peculiarly regional associations. Yet others, most notably Diwali and Holi, have been instrumental in bringing the diaspora of Indian communities back together. In remote places like Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad, Jamaica, and Guyana, these festivals are celebrated with a pomp and vigor not always witnessed in India itself, indicating the intensity of India culture even after it travels away from the subcontinent.

Among the most popular of all festivals, Dussehra symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. It takes place sometime between late September and early
October. Every region observes this ten-day festival in a special way.

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India is a country of festivals Essay

Remembrance day Essay

Remembrance day Essay.

I am sitting here in the comfort of my home thinking about Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is about remembering the men and women who risked their lives for our country and its people. If you stop and think about it we wouldn’t have homes or all the luxuries we have if it weren’t for the soldiers who fought to make our country free. I can’t imagine how it would feel to sleep and fight in trenches when we have nice warm comfortable homes.

I think the men and women would have been very scared for their families and themselves, but also proud to be fighting for their country.

Flanders Field is a poem that was written by a doctor during the war. You probably hear it every Remembrance Day, because it is one of the most popular poems about this event. We also wear poppies on Remembrance Day to show all of are respect for the soldiers who fought for us and never made it home.

I think it would be so difficult for the families of the soldiers, who were at home, not knowing if their husband, father, or son was alive or not, wondering each and every day. And what about the families who received the message or had someone come and tell them that their husband, father, or son had been killed, was taking by enemies, or just went missing.

Just listening to the people who went to war and lived tell all of their own war stories is very interesting but scary knowing that these things actually happened and will keep happening. And having all the memories and experiences is amazing as well as just hearing them and trying to picture them and fell how all the soldiers must have felt. In a few years all of our veterans will be gone. So since they shared their stories and memories with us, when they are gone, we will have to pass on their stories on to our children and grandchildren, and try to make them as exciting as when we got told them.

Some of the people, between the ages of fourteen and sixteen mostly, lied about their age because they were so patriotic and dedicated to our nation. Remembrance Day is a day everybody should think that people were risking their lives for us so that we could have a free country. It is very sad to think about the people who go to war because some may never return and we may never see them again.

There are wars going on as we speak. Now, let’s stop them and never start another. Let’s keep the earth full of love, happiness and peace. Lest We Forget.

Remembrance day Essay

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro Essay

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro Essay.

Carnival is celebrated everywhere in Brazil, but in Rio de Janeiro, the celebration becomes a fantastic spectacle during the summer months (February, and March) in the country. It is wild, wacky, frivolous, and most say, quite enjoyable.

Passionate, exuberant Rio comes alive when Carnival begins. As the temperature heats up, so do days of seemingly endless parades, balls and parties in Cidade Maravilhosa, or the “Marvelous City”, as Rio is sometimes called. It has to do with people, with the color, with the music, with the spirit of the Brazilian people.

The whole country stops for four days. It is amazingly cheerful, and full of joy, like a perfect world wide party.

Carnival is a party where everybody lets it all hang loose. It is time to forget inhibitions, wear a wild costume, play a character, and live our fantasies. Carnival has a different effect on each person, but it was created just with one objective for everyone and that is to have a lot of fun, to forget our routine life, worries, responsibilities and to adventure at least once in our lives, because this experience no one will ever forget.

However, I have had the chance of being there with my friends from Ecuador, and it is just unbelievable and difficult to describe. All those bright colors, people singing, dancing samba as wild animals in a free place, make one thinks we are just at home. Nevertheless, this country is so warm, so full of friendship and emotion that it seems as if it is a jungle alive, and listening to the loud sounds of different animals. We feel the silence of the wind blowing in the body sharing joy as a group of kids with no worries in a playground. In the beginning one could feel pretty shy, anti-social, scared of what one is going through, like kids who have just come to a new place, or meeting new friends. Once they begin moving, they can’t stop. That is how we were, just knowing one person in Brazil. But it was the most touching feeling ever.

As soon as we got there, people started inviting us to many places to see different presentations. One of the best was the floats that carried special guests named “destaques.” At the top of each float, we could find the main floatee. It was like the cherry in the ice cream. Framed by hundred of feathers, they wore costumes that were incredibly luxurious and expensive. For us, floats were the really feast to our eyes. Many had special effects such as a bird with flapping wings and a dragon spitting smoke. Every time a float passed by us, it was like kids who pass that unique energy to other people, even though most of the people who were in the floats were adults. The emotion, brightness, the feeling of freedom they carry with them is as contagious as a person who gets a cold and passes it to other people; one can not avoid that feeling.

The next day we went to Copacabana, a wild, unique and adventure beach. We could hear the waves breaking on the rocks, like glasses falling into pieces. The water was as clean and light blue as the peaceful sky. When we got back to the hotel, we decided to go to the Sambadrome. People were selling beer, food, and everyone else just trying to walk by. It did not take long before the scalpers found us and we bought two tickets for $6 each. There is no way to properly describe the colors and pageantry of Carnival at the Sambadrome. I will simply say it is one of those things that has to be seen in person to be properly experienced.

Each of the Samba Schools of Rio has its own turn to go down the street, with floats and costumes and its own Samba theme, in a well choreographed order. Each school has 85 minutes to get all of it is revelers from one end of the street to the other. It is all a huge competition with some sort of award and ceremony performed at the end of the two day event. On each of the first two nights the show starts at 7:00pm and does not end until after 6:00 the next morning. On this first night with our bad seats we mad it until 3:00am but agreed to come back the following night and get better seats.

For some reasons we could not go back the next day but we really enjoyed our time in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro taught us something; that smiling, happiness and no stress are very important to bring with you to this warm country, where they have the friendliest people on the planet, eager to meet you and share their wonderful Brazilian culture. For us, it was not a Carnival cruise, but a land tour and festival where we were part of the Carnival party.

Being in Rio was to reborn as a child, having that excitement when a kid gets the first toy, and will not ever forget it. Definitely, our heart pounded with excitement those few days and has been the most amazing days we have ever lived.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro Essay