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Our War On Drugs Essay

A drug can be described as a chemical substance that influences how an individual’s body and mind works (Rees 2005 p.

5). It is uncommon today to hear the word drugs on televisions and read them in magazines. Drugs are virtually everywhere and there is continual development of these drugs. They are used by people for various reasons ranging from medicinal to recreational purposes. Drugs that are taken as medicines include antibiotics and penicillin among others. However some drugs are illegal. They include: cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, cannabis, heroin, crack, methamphetamines, LSD (acid), alcohol and magic mushrooms.

These illegal drugs are also known as recreational drugs and many are gotten from plants growth in various parts of the world. Amphetamines are drugs that can be inhaled, or….

Total Rewards System in the Construction Industry Essay


            In every business organization, compensation or reward is an important issue and is identified to be a motivating factor, for employees to perform well and contribute effectively to the organization’s growth and for the attainment to whatever goal the organization has. One of the organizations that needed to have a good reward system is the construction industry.

This is because the construction industry is composed of various workers: engineers, architects, electricians, technicians, foremen and laborers who are usually required to work even on holidays and weekends because construction projects have a definite time-frame and should be finished as demanded by the client and the weather.

Aside from that, construction workers are exposed to accidents, injuries and hazards, thus reward….

The Causes and Effects of the War of 1812 Essay

The War of 1812 was an important event in American history because from the end of the war forward the United States was respected internationally as a nation.

The causes of the War of 1812 are historically agreed to be the result of maritime issues with the British but the causes run much deeper below the surface and include even more historical events that are not generally referred to as the “be all, end all” cause of the War of 1812; however, there are three important factors when analyzing and evaluating the causes of the War of 1812 and they are the economic warfare declared by France, under the rule of Napoleon, against Britain, the War Hawks who were tired of diplomacy and who had ulterior motives, and….

Private Versus Public Warehouse Essay

Nowadays, manufacturing and services firms face growing challenges to increase profit margins amidst increasingly fiercer competition. Under such circumstances, industry analysts and supply chain experts suggest manufacturers and service providers to promote more effective supply and demand planning, management, and execution as the means to unlocking significant gains in margins. According to Search CIO (2007), SCM refers to management of information, materials, and finances along a chain of process from suppliers to manufacturers and then from manufacturers to customers.

The interests in the discussion of supply chain management occur since it relates to costs reduction in all aspects of business process especially regarding the inventory reduction that suggests manufacturer produce goods when needed.

In this situation, the selection of type of warehouses play significant role since it….

The Concept of “War” in the story, “Mother Savage” Essay

War is a very prevalent theme in most literary pieces. Since it seems to be an unforgettable yet typical occurrence in the history of our world, most literary writers make use of it as a major theme in their writing. In the story “Mother Savage”, Guy de Maupassant introduces the story of war in the late nineteenth century. He focuses on the life of peasants and explores war in one of the most indulging angles- through the eyes of the common people.

Apparently, the choice of character in the story outlines the way by which the author wants to define war.

He particularly chose an old mother that lives a simple peasant life in order to emphasize how war impacts people in the most basic level. Through….

Lessons from the Fog of War Essay

The War in Afghanistan was launched on October 7, 2001 by the United States and the United Kingdom in response to the September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda attacks. It marked the beginning of President George Bush’s Great War against Terrorism. The Iraqi War refers to the United States-led invasion of Iraq which began on March 20, 2003. The invasion was prompted by the common belief amongst the US-led coalition that Saddam Hussein had managed to achieve nuclear and chemical warfare capability that could fall into the hands of terrorists.

In both the cases the United States and its allies have got bogged down in situations where it they can neither afford to pull out nor up the ante and charge forward. Robert McNamara who was the Secretary….

Waris Dirie Essay

By chance, Waris was discovered by photographer Terence Donovan, who helped secure for her the cover of the 1987 Pirelli Calendar. From there, her modeling career took off, scoring advertisements for top designers such as Chanel, Levi’s, L’Oréal and Revlon.

In 1987, Waris played a minor role in the James Bond movie The Living Daylights. She also appeared on the runways of London, Milan, Paris and New York City, and in fashion magazines such as Elle, Glamour and Vogue. This was followed in 1995 by a BBC documentary entitled A Nomad in New York about her modeling career.

In 1997, at the height of her modeling career, Waris spoke for the first time with Laura Ziv of the women’s magazine Marie Claire about the female genital mutilation….

French and Indian War Essay

Many people came to the colonies looking for freedom to practice their beliefs unhindered, start a new life, or make economic gain. Both England and Great Britain wanted the land in the new world so they fought The Seven Years’ War, or the French and Indian War. During the war, Britain allowed the colonies to function mostly independently in a practice called salutary neglect. When the war was over, Great Britain tried to assume tighter control of the colonies. However, a long period of salutary neglect had changed the colonists’ thinking and way of life.

After the war, the colonies wanted to govern themselves, wanted to keep their economy from being drained and restricted, and wanted their rights just as English citizens back….

The Philippine-American War Essay

In the late 1800s, the U. S. became an imperialist power, competing to extend their influence throughout the world. The US had a few reasons for becoming an imperialist country. Their desire for economic growth, military expansion, and spreading their values and ideas compelled them to conquer other countries. But not all Americans believed that America should be imperialist. Those who disagreed with the pro-expansionist beliefs were afraid of conflict with other countries, the amount it would cost, and didn’t want to contradict the principles that the United States held.

The Philippines is just one example of U. S. annexation. In 1899, the U. S. defeated Spain in the Spanish-American war and acquired Spain’s colonies, which included the Philippines. The U. S. decided….

Promoting good governance makes vigilance awareness Essay

Vigilance makes preparedness to be watchful always and sense the happening around oneself. People always have wrong approach towards vigilance as they perceive vigilance as enquiry, fixing responsibility etc. Vigilance is not investigation but it is prevention. To punish and not to prevent is like pumping the water through a pump without arresting the leakages which result in wastage of water, energy and time. Why do organizations need vigilance:-

An organization protects itself from external dangers through creating security and posting manpower to guard against such threats.

The role of vigilance is to protect organization from internal dangers which are more serious than external threats. Responsibility of Employees in Vigilance Matters:

Vigilance officer should be own officer;All men are vigilance people-raising….