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Principles Of Teaching And Learning In Teaching Math Essay

Students learn mathematics through the experiences that teachers provide. Teachers must know and understand deeply the mathematics they are teaching and understand and be committed to their students as learners of mathematics and as human beings. There is no one “right way” to teach. Nevertheless, much is known about effective mathematics teaching. Selecting and using suitable curricular materials, using appropriate instructional tools and techniques to support learning, and pursuing continuous self-improvement are actions good teachers take every day. The teacher is responsible for creating an intellectual environment in the classroom where serious engagement in mathematical thinking is the norm.

Effective teaching requires deciding what aspects of a task to highlight, how to organize and orchestrate the work of students, what questions to ask….

Assessment and Learners Essay

1. 1 Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development. The functions of assessment in learning and development are a regular process that allows the assessor to gauge the learner’s knowledge and skills against set criteria in the chosen qualification. This is completed at the begging of the qualification so the assessor can see if the learner has skills, competence and knowledge to complete the qualification. The assessments are on-going throughout the qualification.

The assessments give opportunity for the assessor to monitor the progress and performance of the learner and enable them to record achievements.

Within the assessments the assessor can identify learner’s needs. If it is identified that the learner is struggling it will give the opportunity to look at other….

Theories Paper Social Learning Theory Essay


Social learning theory is one of the most frequently looked at theories in the field of criminology. The theory clarifies that criminal and deviant behavior stems from imitation and reinforcement of one’s environment. Its applications attempt to describe why certain people tend to participate in criminal activities and why others abstain from it. Social learning theory specifies the importance of human interactions as well as the effect they have on manipulating the way individuals learn and participate in crime itself.

This theory was introduced into the criminological field by Ronald L. Akers, which originated from the differential association theory developed by American criminologist Edwin H. Sutherland (Akers & Sellers, 2009, p. 85). The social learning theory is widely recognized by many criminologists….

Personal Strategy Card Essay

B. Carefully describe the degree to which you use each of your Learning Patterns. (Refer to the Personal Learning Profile you developed for your Week Two assignment and any feedback provided by your instructor to determine if you need to refine your responses as you complete this section.)

Sequence: When I use sequential pattern on a use first basis I feel most comfortable, knowing that if I follow everything step-by-step makes completing assignments from beginning to end without interruption go smoother.

Using sequential pattern in my household makes things easier, because you find myself seeking order and consistency, even when I’m not trying to. Now, that I’ve learned about sequence learning I notice it at work more often, with my desk. Everything has….

Inclusive teaching and learning approaches Essay

The aim of this assignment is to gain an understanding into inclusive teaching and learning approaches as well be able to use them in my teaching. It will also explore how I can create a learning environment that engages and motivates students and my planning, delivery and evaluation of my teaching. The Warnock Report 1978 introduced the idea of Special Educational Needs and encouraged the thought process of statements and an inclusive education by suggesting that common educational goals were set regardless of the learner’s abilities or disabilities (Education and Skills Committee 2006).

This is is further supported by Hodkinson and Vickerman (2009) who state that educational need should be considered the priority and not an individual learning disability. Therefore, inclusive teaching is about allowing….

Assessment and Learners Essay

4 Understand how to involve learners and others in assessment 4. 1 Explain the importance of involving the learner and others in the assessment process Assessment is all about making judgements. A major argument for involving students in self and peer-assessment is that it helps them to develop the ability to make judgements, in particular about themselves and their work. This is an important life skill as well as an academic one.

If an assessor wants to observe a specific piece of evidence but is unable to because maybe it hasn’t occurred in any methods of assessment; this is where it’s important for others to get involved for example the managers or the colleagues.

The workers can motivate the learner when the assessor….

Learning Theory of Career Counseling Essay

The original theory (Krumboltz et al, 1976, Mitchell & Krumboltz, 1990), known as Career decision making social learning theory has recently been improved to the learning theory of career counseling (Krumboltz and Mitchell, 1996). The latest version tries to combine realistic ideas, research, and procedures to offer one hypothesis that goes beyond an explanation of why individuals hunt for various jobs. Most recently, Krumboltz developed and integrated thoughts about the function of chance when it comes to career decision making. Synopsis of the development of this theory is given below.

At the heart of Krumboltz’s thinking is Bandura’s Social Learning Theory (SLT). Bandura identified a total of three types of learning experiences which include:

The Instrumental learning experience This results from….

Learning Experience Paper Essay

From the moment we enter into this world from the womb, humans are bombarded with stimuli and other conditioning. This stimulus plays a significant role in developing who we are, how we perceive elements before us and as important, how we react to those stimuli or events. The course that we take on this journey varies greatly from person to person. The various theories and methods discussed in the proceeding paper will evaluate the potential results from these various stimuli and conditioning, where they derive from and how they impact our learning experience.

Throughout the world, there are few learning experiences that rival the association of sharks and the ocean and the subsequent fear that is elicited by people as a result. Some fear has….

Alternative Learning System Essay


The Alternative Learning System or ALS is a parallel learning system that provides a viable alternative to the existing formal education instruction (Guerrero, 2007, p. 2). It is a program by the Department of Education (DepEd), through its Bureau of Alternative Learning System that helps disabled people, cultural minority members, out-of-school youth, former inmates and/or rebels, industry-based workers, and others who cannot afford or missed the opportunity to go through formal elementary and secondary schooling.

It was first called Non-Formal Education when it began in 1984.

Its main focus back then was to help its students acquire technical skills that they can use for livelihood. Its focus diversified after its name was changed into Alternative Learning System in 2004…..

The functions of assessment in learning Essay

Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development – include initial, formative and summative assessment. (1.1) The fundamental function of assessment in learning and development is to ensure that learning has taken place. The role of the assessor is to evaluate the nature, ability or quality of a candidate against a set of criteria (informal) or to check that legal standards have been met (formal). The first step is to conduct an initial assessment at the beginning of any programme related to the subject being studied so to ascertain the learner’s prior knowledge and levels.

Initial assessments can also take the form of a skills check which identifies the learner’s preferred learning style; functional skills such as Maths and English and competency with ICT…..