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The Exorcist Movie Analysis Essay

”The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you! The power of Christ compels you!!! …” Father Merrin&Father Damien Karras from the movie -The Exorcist- This quote had been said like 10 times in quick succession in the movie ”The Exorcist” and may have the right to be the most influental and memorable quote of the movie. Of course in order to underline the variety of ”exorcism”, the director of the film William Friedkin had to feature this quote out, which is actually a quote from Bible.

But not only this one but also the other quotes -especially the obscene ones- have right to be the most memorable quotes from the best horror movie in 70s, ”The Exorcist”. But why do people….

School Ties Essay

Explain two of the main ideas/themes revealed in the film you have studied and show how these have been conveyed. When people feel that they do not belong, they tend to try their hardest to befriend their peers surrounding them. They also do not want others to have negative views of them due to prejudice. In the film School Ties, directed by Robert Mandel, David Greene himself shows the theme of alienation to the audience. The reactions of others towards David show the theme of prejudice.

Robert Mandel has delivered these two themes through various characters, using a variety of visual and verbal techniques. At the beginning of the film, when David first arrives at St Matthews, he is amazed at the elegance….

Family Relation Portrayal in Korean Films Essay

It has been said of cinema that it is much lesser an art that it should be because it cannot afford the unpredictable. Therefore it seeks the security of successfully established formulas (Encyclopaedia Britannica 904). This may be the reason why Korean films, like most Asian films, tend to focus on domestic issues. The most important part of Korean life is family, and Koreans are proud of their excellent relationship among family members. Members of the family are tied to each other by very strong bonds.

Over the years, however, the Korean family has undergone tremendous change in terms of structure and function. These changes in family structure and function are dramatically mirrored in Korean films. Korean films show viewers about how the….

In Whose Honor Essay

The film “In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in Sports” produced by Jay Rosentein introduces a topic that is new to many viewers. In the film, he explores through interviews and school controversies the misuse of Native American culture through school sports mascots. Most of the people who embrace school mascots, such as those used by teams named the Chiefs, Indians, Braves, and Warriors unknowingly promote a stereotype of Native American culture that serves to embarrass and further alienate the people from their heritage.

The fight to stop these unfair stereotypes are undertaken by many activists and their heroic stories are chronicled throughout this documentary. Issues with the mass media and it’s effect on shaping perceptions of people as a powerful force are….

Do the Right Thing: Independent Cinema Essay

“Do the Right Thing” (1989) is a drama-comedy film crafted by writer-director producer star Spike Lee which delved into issues dealing with Brooklyn existence, racism and bigotry which exist in areas found in metropolitan New York. Tolerance is normally maintained but feelings are always threatening to spill out the key point of Lee’s film. Most of the actions take place in Sal’s Pizzeria, a 25 year-old Italian-American establishment in the African-American community (Do the Right Thing; 1989).

Sal has two sons, Pino and Vito who were all working with delivery person Mookie.

In one of the scenes, Mookie was talking to one of his African-American friend in the pizzeria when the issue of “blackness” was again brought up. His friend asked Mookie who….

One Good Turn Deserves Another Essay

When someone does you a good deed, you must never forget it. You must look out for the opportunity to do a good deed to that person. If you do not get that opportunity then you must pass on the good deed to someone else. It is quite a strange fact of life, that a good deed done to another always bring some kind of reward to the person who has done the good deed. Hence you must always return good with good.

People go throughout their day encountering random acts of kindness in many various ways. Whether it is simply acknowledging someone who walks right past you by saying hello and smiling, or just holding the door open for someone entering behind….

Devil in a Blue Dress Rhetorical Analysis Novel vs Film Essay

The hardboiled mystery novel, Devil in a Blue Dress, by Walter Mosley was first published in 1990 and was acknowledged by former U. S. President, Bill Clinton, as one of his many favorite novelists (Easy Writer). Taking place in post-war Los Angeles, the story is narrated by an African American laborer, Easy Rawlins, who is transformed into an L. A. detective after being pulled in to the affairs of local townspeople. The successful novel continued onto screen adaptation in 1995 and was directed by Carl Franklin and starred Denzel Washington, who also financed and produced the film (Easy Writer).

From a well-liked hardboiled detective novel to a contemporary film, viewers and readers are restricted from several rhetorical devices and techniques displayed in either….

Film Music Critique Essay

Action, suspense, love, and drama are all the makings for a great film. None of these key features to a film could have any substance or feeling without the help of music. Composers play a big role for setting the tone of the movie, developing characters, moving along or supporting action, and depicting the time and place the movie is taking place. In the movie Heat, Elliot Goldenthal does just that. Goldenthal was born in NY in 1954 and studied music under John Corigliano and Aaron Copeland.

His partner is Julie Taymor and he won an Oscar for the movie Frida which Julie directed.

Goldenthal has composed for several films as well as concert halls, theater and dance. He also has written an….

Human Rights on Film: Regret to Inform Essay

Life taken for the purpose of valor and nobility shows a terrible disparity between actions and reasons. Hollywood, when tackling the issues and conflicts of Vietnam War has the tendency to give more focus on how to show the life of a soldier in reference to their personal relationships. They are sometimes forgetting the crucial portion to discuss the political and social aspect of war. Vietnam War had been featured in some literary works, written and in film, and it is unusual that it had been perceived in a point of view of widows, who seems like the victims of war’s aftermath.

Widows of Vietnam War, when used in art, tend to create subject of sentimentality but not with Barbara Sonneborn’s award-winning masterpiece,….

The Titanic Essay

The Titanic

Within the context of film industry, the film Titanic by James Cameron belongs to epic romance/ disaster genre. The film, released in 1997, was a global box office hit because the director provided equal importance to history, fiction and romance. To be specific, one can see that the film’s plot is based upon the history of RMS Titanic. On the other side, the main characters including the protagonist and the heroine (Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson) are fictional characters.

Besides, the element of romance between the main characters (Jack and Rose) is the film’s main attraction. Thesis statement: The critical analysis of the film Titanic proves that the innovative mode of storytelling (flash back and other techniques), Acting,….