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Cometetive Advantage Delta Airlines Essay

Our assigned organization in Delta airline and two organization researched last paper were Alaska Airlines, Inc (ALK) and Southwest. A competitive advantage is an organization having an advantage over its competition which results in greater sales, margins, and retaining more customers. Competitive advantages can include anywhere from an organizations cost structure, their product and service to customer support. One of competitive advantage that delta has with other two airlines is their employees.

Delta believes that their employees are taking the airlines where they only dreamed of through their hard work which is leading to a bright future which includes new ideas and opportunities.

Delta provides their employees with training that consists of emergency equipment, aircraft familiarization, door and window operations; equipment training for….

JetBlue Airways Case Essay

Problem Identification

Presently, David Barger, former COO elected CEO of JetBlue Airways (JetBlue), faces a key issue of slowing down their growth. The issue at hand is: What is the best path for JetBlue slow down their growth in the future airline industry?

External Analysis

Macro Economics Analysis For an analysis of the Macro Economics of the JetBlue, a PESTEL analysis is shown below for the United States. PESTEL Analysis Political: N/A

Economic: The United Sates was hit hard economically from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

This caused fare wars amongst competitors in the airline industry and domestic airline yields to drop twenty percent. These yields wouldn’t recover from pre attack rates until 2006. In….

Distribution At American Airlines Essay

American Airlines is a major United States airline. It was formed in 1930 as a passenger airline and merged with different carriers since its formation.

American Airlines’ operations grew rapidly after World War II. In 1921, American‘s corporate predecessor had only five small airplanes for transporting airmail. In 1946, American ordered 220 new planes.

1952 – American introduced the Magnetronic ― “Reservisor”, a mechanical console installed on each desk to help automate inventory control. The Reservisor offered major productivity improvements: A trial in the Boston reservations office served an additional 200 passengers daily, with 20 fewer reservations staff.

American and IBM collaborated on the design of an improved inventory management system, ultimately called the Semi-Automated Business Reservations Environment (SABRE)…..

Japan Airlines Flight 123 Essay

August 12, 1985- Japan Airlines flight 123 left Tokyo, Japan at around 6:10 in the evening, fourteen minutes later at an altitude of twenty four thousand feet, and three hundred knots, an explosion, oscillations, and cabin decompressions was heard and captured on the plane’s on board recorder. The captain on duty was seated at the right side of the plane and his co-pilot, who was at that time training for promotion to be a captain, was sitting on the left seat. A few moments later, the captain signals an SOS on the transponder and suggests that the flight return to Tokyo.

The airplane went down to twenty two thousand feet and went on doing violent movements; the plane, for about two minutes was….

Competitive Profile Matrix Emirates Essay

In order to construct a competitive profile matrix, it is necessary to determine critical success factors in airline industry. These are: strong management, organization of routes, availability of non-stop flights, qualified workforce, in-flight services and service promotions, price competitiveness, effective financial management, cost management. Main competitors of Emirates Airline can be divided into two groups: private airline companies and airline alliances. Key airline alliances posing strong competition to Emirates Airline are SkyTeam, Star Alliance and oneworld (Plunkett, 2011). AirAsia is a private company also presenting a significant competitive threat for Emirates Airline (Plunkett, 2011).

It is possible to see that also the competitive performance of Emirates Airlines is above average (2.55) and private companies like AirAsia generally have lower competitive capacity (Graham, Papatheodourou….

North South Airlines Essay


Northern Airlines merged with Southeast Airlines to create the fourth largest U.S. carrier in January 2008. The new North–South Airline inherited both an aging fleet of Boeing 727-300 aircraft and Stephen Ruth. Stephen was a tough former Secretary of the Navy who stepped in as new president and chairman of the board. Peg Jones on the other hand is the vice president for operations and maintenance.


Stephen’s objective is to gear the company’s financial performance towards stability and continuous growth.

This made him concern that the aging fleet of Boeing 727-300 aircraft’s maintenance cost may impede realization of this goal.

The significant difference in the reported B727-300 maintenance costs (from….

Environmental Analysis: Southwest Airlines Essay


Southwest Airlines Co. began its operations in 1971 and has been serving the industry for the past 43 years now (Southwest Airlines, n.d.). It is the major domestic airline, and ranked number one in 2014 by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (United States Department of Transportation, 2014). Back in 1971 the airline began its services in Texas in the cities of Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. The company has been ranked as the nation’s largest low cost carrier (Mergent, 2012). It offers the lowest fares, and has the lowest cost structure in the industry.

Southwest Airlines Co. also acquired AirTran Holdings Inc. in 2011 and now owns AirTran Airways. The company has been ranked 9th among the 50 most admired….

Porter 5 forces for JetBlue Airway Essay

Potential Competitors: Low

– Rivalry among existing firms is intense, which affect the profits to be low. It¡¦s unattractive to the potential competitors.

– High initial investments and fixed costs such as lease a fleet of safe and reliable aircraft, negotiate reasonable gate access and landing fees as well as high labor and fuel costs.

– There are the price competitions in the airline industry, which some major airlines offer the low-price fares that is very difficult for new entrants to gain enough profit to cover the investment and fix cost in this industry.

Rivalry among Existing Firms: High

– Currently, there are many major airlines such as Delta, United and American that exist in….

American Airlines Flight Essay

Through his 1997 Airframe novel, Michael Crichton describes Casey Singleton’s response after a plane that was manufactured by Norton Aircraft experiences an accident while in flight. Singleton is a quality assurance officer at Norton Aircraft. Does the story accurately portray an aircraft manufacturer’s response to an accident? By demonstrating that following the accident, Norton Aircraft works hard to ensure that it (Norton Aircraft) does not only ascertain the genesis of the accident, but also to try to exonerate itself from any culpability, Crichton presents an accurate picture of aircraft manufacturers’ reaction to plane accidents.

To illustrate, Singleton puts forth great efforts to investigate the facts behind the accident (Crichton, 1996). It is notable that a Singleton is not interested in the numerous aspects….

Environmental and Competitive Analysis of Easyjet Essay

This report has been written in order to provide an environmental and competitive analysis of the low-cost airline industry sector from the position of Easyjet. It will give a brief history into Easyjet and the low-cost airline industry. It will analyse the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external threats and opportunities. Competitors will be analysed through the use of porters 5 forces model. Recommendations will be made for EasyJet’s marketing strategies for the next three years.

Corporate History

Easyjet was founded in 1995 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou who based the firm around the low-cost, no-frills model of the US flight operator ‘Southwest’.

The concept of Easyjet is based on the fact that short flights within Europe are price elastic,….