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Review Case Study Dogfight over Europe: RyanAir Essay

1. Overview of RyanAir

RyanAir was founded in 1985 by Tony Ryan who former has been worked in Aer Lingus. It established to provide schedule passanger airline services between Ireland and UK as an alternative flight to the state monopoly carrier, Aer Lingus. Initially, RyanAir was a full-service conventional airline, with two classes of seating and leasing three different types of aircraft.

RyanAir’s objective was to maintain its position as Europe’s leading low-fare airline, operating frequently point to point flights on short-haul flights, mainly out of regional and secondary airports.

Its strategy was based on providing a no-frills service with low fare designed to stimulate demand, particularly from budget-conscious leisure and business travelers who might not have travelled at….

Target Audience For AirAsia Essay

Target audience: 10 marks The target audience should be described using multiple segmentation variables.


AirAsia’s main customers are still those who could not previously afford to fly, but its passenger profile is changing as it adds destinations and increases brand awareness.

“The economically disadvantaged are there, and the main market is still the mass market -that will never change -but we are reaching markets that we never dreamt of,” says Fernandes. “Goldman Sachs executives in Singapore, for example, are very happy that we opened up Singapore-Bandung as it allows them to them to meet clients in the Indonesian city.

Our corporate business has gone up 400% because companies want to save money and, once they fly us,….

Strategically evaluation the airlines based on your choice using the SWOT analysis Essay

SWOT are meaning of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. First, we discuss the strengths of Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific established in 1946, it’s a long history experience base on Hong Kong. It is a large-scale international airline around the world, includes flights to Asia, Europe, Africa and USA. The services that this airline provides are passenger transport and cargo services to 167 destinations in 42 countries and territories around the world.

The Cathay Pacific is a strong financial position from Swire Group and its acquisition of Dragon Air is the market leader in Asia.

The Airlines is a strong relationship with Air China and China Government are increased shareholding in Air China, it is a majority shareholding in Air Hong Kong with….

External and Internal Environmental Analysis Essay

External and internal environmental analysis is a critical component for an organization seeking to achieve its goals. The follow information within this paper presents a complete external environmental and an internal competitive environmental scan for JetBlue Airways. The information provided identifies and analyzes the most important external environmental factor in the remote, industry, and external operating environments. When addressing external environment it speaks to a set of forces and conditions outside the organization that can influence its performance. The most common forces include political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal (or PESTEL).

The paper will further identify and analyze the key internal strengths and weaknesses of JetBlue Airways. When addressing the internal environment it speaks to the key factors and forces within the….

Singapore International Airlines Essay


Singapore Airlines was founded in the year 1947 as the Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) during the British invasion at the Tanah Melayu. After the events Independence in 1957, the Malayan Airways Limited has changed its name to Malayan Singapore Airlines (MSA). However, the company name should be changed again as a result of the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965. This company was separated in two different entities which are the Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and the Singapore Airlines (SIA). As defining the image of the company, sarong kebaya worn by the flight attendants or crews that can be seen until now have been designed by French Couturier Pierre Balmain.

Question 1: Describe what is so special about SIA’a five….

Secondary Research Qantas Airlines Essay

1. If Qantas Frequent Flyer wanted to understand what their competitors were doing, what types of secondary research should they conduct? There are mainly two types of secondary research :, * data that came from the firm itself which is known as internal secondary data * data that has been published by other organization which is also known as external secondary data. The easiest way that Qantas can understand what their competitors were doing is by searching through data on the internet, information from agencies such as industry bodies, government agencies, libraries and local councils.

Advantage : they do not require Qantas to spend money on expensive surveys and it is also very accessible Disadvantage : results might not be up to date and it….

Collapse of Kingfisher Airlines Essay

Kingfisher , Sony and Kodak have one thing in common . i.e. They are finding it difficult to reinvent themselves. They are trying hard to be a phoenix but will they truly rise from the ashes or simply fade away is the real question.

Let us take the issue of Kingfisher here. One of India’s most high profile airlines few years back , now in shambles. It is really interesting to ponder that in same market scenario, one of the competitors of Kingfisher is flying high and high.

Yes, Indigo Airlines is the most profitable airlines in India. The question is the difference between discipline or grandeur. What makes one company succeed, while another, in the same operating environment, falter? One of the….

Cometetive Advantage Delta Airlines Essay

Our assigned organization in Delta airline and two organization researched last paper were Alaska Airlines, Inc (ALK) and Southwest. A competitive advantage is an organization having an advantage over its competition which results in greater sales, margins, and retaining more customers. Competitive advantages can include anywhere from an organizations cost structure, their product and service to customer support. One of competitive advantage that delta has with other two airlines is their employees.

Delta believes that their employees are taking the airlines where they only dreamed of through their hard work which is leading to a bright future which includes new ideas and opportunities.

Delta provides their employees with training that consists of emergency equipment, aircraft familiarization, door and window operations; equipment training for….

JetBlue Airways Case Essay

Problem Identification

Presently, David Barger, former COO elected CEO of JetBlue Airways (JetBlue), faces a key issue of slowing down their growth. The issue at hand is: What is the best path for JetBlue slow down their growth in the future airline industry?

External Analysis

Macro Economics Analysis For an analysis of the Macro Economics of the JetBlue, a PESTEL analysis is shown below for the United States. PESTEL Analysis Political: N/A

Economic: The United Sates was hit hard economically from the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

This caused fare wars amongst competitors in the airline industry and domestic airline yields to drop twenty percent. These yields wouldn’t recover from pre attack rates until 2006. In….

Distribution At American Airlines Essay

American Airlines is a major United States airline. It was formed in 1930 as a passenger airline and merged with different carriers since its formation.

American Airlines’ operations grew rapidly after World War II. In 1921, American‘s corporate predecessor had only five small airplanes for transporting airmail. In 1946, American ordered 220 new planes.

1952 – American introduced the Magnetronic ― “Reservisor”, a mechanical console installed on each desk to help automate inventory control. The Reservisor offered major productivity improvements: A trial in the Boston reservations office served an additional 200 passengers daily, with 20 fewer reservations staff.

American and IBM collaborated on the design of an improved inventory management system, ultimately called the Semi-Automated Business Reservations Environment (SABRE)…..