Concerns about poor practice Essay

Concerns about poor practice Essay.

3.3.3- Evaluate ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported whilst ensuring that whistle-blowers and those whose practice or behaviour is being questioned are protected. Any person who wants to work with children has to go through a screening process to ensure they are suitable, and any convictions are known about. Despite these thorough checks some abuse still happens within schools by the staff. This is called institutional abuse.

There is a duty for all staff to follow and comply with all policies and procedures within the school to ensure that children are not put at risk so any concerns or worries must be expressed to the designated person or the Head Teacher.

If there are concerns that a colleague is abusing a child in any way, then immediate action is required. This action is the same as if the abuser was anyone else be it parent or stranger and the Child Protection Officer must be informed, or if they are thought to be responsible for the abuse then you can go straight to the County Council.

Although this is a very difficult situation , the first priority is the welfare of the child.


Aim of the policy

This policy sets out guidelines relating to disclosures, given by people who have reasonable concerns or misgiving about serious misconduct or malpractice within the school.

Key points

This policy applies to all staff, volunteers, supply staff, parents and pupils, and is intended to encourage staff to raise concerns within the school, rather than outside. All staff should understand their own responsibility to bring matters of concern about children, fellow teachers or volunteers to the attention of the Head Teacher, Governors or Hampshire County Council. The policy protects anyone who voices concerns of any of the following, from any repercussions. Conduct that is illegal or a criminal offence, physical or sexual abuse of pupils or others, contraventions of health and safety that could affect staff or members of the public, fraud or corruption or any unethical behaviour of a serious nature.

Employees are ensured an appropriate response to their disclosure and are made aware of how they can take the matter further if necessary. Confidentiality between all parties must be maintained at all times so any communication should be in writing and will be sent to the employees home address. There are some situations which must be reported to the Police. Any disclosure should be put in writing.

An employee can have a second person attend any meetings, be it a friend or Union representative. The policy gives protection to anyone who voices concerns in good faith, on discrimination, victimisation or disadvantage. Although there is no time limit in place for raising concerns , any delay could hinder an investigation and this may have child protection or serious health and safety implications.

Concerns about poor practice Essay

What Are You Proud Of Essay

What Are You Proud Of Essay.

Certain things happen in your life that you never forget; sometimes they’re happy moments, other times sad moments and sometimes they’re even powerful moments like when it’s your turn to be bullied. I’ve always thought that when your friends or you get bullied, by ignoring the bully would make them leave you alone but I realized it just makes things worse.

It was 3rd grade in Elementary School, a year that I realized something important. So far Elementary School was going great for me, I got good grades and had amazing friends who I enjoyed hanging out with.

That year ended up being the year I witnessed my friend get bullied, it wasn’t physical more verbal. People were saying things that weren’t true but hurt because it was my friend. Only because my friend didn’t do another girls homework. That ‘same girl’ was trying to get our classmates to turn against my friend. My friend never stood up for herself, she just took everything in and ignored the bully.

As the year went on the same things continued happening. This situation was brought into the New Year. I thought to myself “This is a new year, people shouldn’t be bullying others to do their homework when they should be doing it themselves. This has to stop because bullying ruins people’s lives but more importantly it’s starting to ruin my friend’s life.” When we came back from Winter Break, I decided to finally stop witnessing this bullying happen and do something to stop it. I said to ‘the girl’, making others do your homework will lead you to nowhere in life, do your own homework and stop making others do it.” We went back and forth in this argument and, finally she realized what she was doing, how bad it was and she apologized to everyone but most importantly my friend. After that, things started to settle, it was calmer and everyone was getting along.

From that year, I told myself that “If I see anyone getting bullied that’s my acquaintance, friend or anyone I would try and do something to stop it. This situation has made me proud because imagine if you were in that situation, you would want someone to help or stop this problem. Bullying ruins people’s lives, and makes them believe that the things what the bully or people around are saying are true even though they aren’t. This situation showed me how much power anyone has to stop bullying. I am so proud of what I stopped at a young age and believed in what I thought was right. Which is why this story was one of the many things that I am proud about in my life.

What Are You Proud Of Essay

Problems in School Essay

Problems in School Essay.

Education is the most important factor for the development of human civilization. It is one of the ways that can help us to achieve our goals in the future. However, there have been many problems raised throughout the year in regarding to what our school system should be practicing to improve education. These problems consists of self-discipline, longstanding bullying and the case about school uniforms should be lessen in order to have a positive dispositions on education.

Discipline and balancing is important in a student’s life.

Sometimes, the person who has the freedom to do anything she wants will have the tendency to lose self-discipline and balance between extracurricular activities and academics. There was a time in my life when I thought I would not be able to finish high school because I got distracted by the social life around me. We could only be young once, as the cliché goes. Indeed, I truly lived my teenage life to the fullest, to the point of over-living it.

In fact, I was still in my early teens when I started going steady with my social life than school. My mother had a hard time straightening my head.

However, the consequences of my actions had sadly taught me a lesson. I failed some of my classes when I was in freshman. Also, I joined volleyball and cheerleading in my junior year which completely gave me a hard time catching up with our lessons. I was forced to attend the after-school tutoring. Stumbling upon of having no discipline and balance between school, sports and social life are regrettably sad. Yes, I have a lot of learning, and acknowledge that school must be prioritized.

Second, bullying has a real negative effect on the victim’s life. Those who are constantly bullied can be pushed to the breaking point, where they could end up hurting themselves or others. I have a school mate back when I was senior, and he had trouble coping with things since his parents got divorced. Over the last few months, he has neglected his school works, and gotten a few face piercing that were prohibited in our school. A few of his classmates have become hostile towards him because of the sudden physical changes, and his lack of social etiquette. The controversy have suddenly escalated as they have pushed him onto the ground, kicked him in the stomach, and locked him in the bathroom.

Also, a few of the school jocks were standing in the hallway joking around when they spot their smaller classmate struggling to carry his school books. One of the jocks sticks his foot out and deliberately tripped the boy. They all laughed and called the boy names such as, “clumsy” and “dork”. Bullies pick on students who they think are physically weak, and unpopular with their peers. So, whether bullying comes in many different forms: both from cyber bullying to physical bullying, it is consider wrong and it has to stop.

Lastly, clothing has become a way of self-expression on how a person dresses, and it usually reflects on their personality. The most common issue is some students being harassed by other students for the way they dress, and how they appear. When I was sophomore, gang violence has become a big concern throughout my high school. Gangs choose colors to wear which lets people know to which gang they belong to. Students, who do not know of this issue, wear that certain color during dress down day, and some of them got hurt because they were not aware of the specific gang colors. Then, I noticed all students nowadays must go out and have the new fashion trends, and style.

However, not all parents are able to go out of their way to buy their children clothes. So, uniforms save not only the students for getting harass base on what they wear, but also for the parents who are already busy working to give and support our necessities. Uniforms cause children to be more civilized and mature in what they are doing. It is great for schools to implement a policy on school uniforms because it provides more focus to learning, reduces peer pressure, and increases school pride.

Attitude can alter every aspect of a person’s life, including his or her education. Student’s attitudes on learning determine their ability and willingness to learn. Furthermore, it is never too late to improve our educational system. Every school should be more advance and provide a good learning environment first because a highly effective school profoundly enhances student’s prosperity.

Problems in School Essay

Different Types Of Abuse Essay

Different Types Of Abuse Essay.

Indicators of abuse.
Factors that may lead to abuse.


To cause physical pain and injury to another person, making them physically suffer from harm. Signs for physical abuse would be quite easy to spot as you can look for marks on people such as bruising, bite marks, burn marks or even fractures. Another indicator could be that the marks on their body are repetitive say for example they have bruising on their body and then a couple of weeks later they have more bruises on their body, this could be an indicator for physical abuse.

Behavioural indicators could be that they cannot remember how the injuries occurred and makes up an excuse. They could also flinch if someone approached them unexpectedly. Poor memory and concentration levels could be a behavioural sign. Factors that could lead to physical abuse being an issue could be from care givers that have inability to cope with stress on adults and their behaviours, they could themselves suffer with depression which is a common thing amongst care givers and then they could take their depression and anger out on adults who are vulnerable, lack of support from other care workers could lead to physical abuse.

Lack of staff training could be the factor that leads to physical abuse. Sexual: any sort of non-consensual contact, touching vulnerable people in not appropriate areas and without their consent. Possible indicators for sexual abuse could be loss of sleep. Also bruising or soreness around the genitals, there could be indicators of torn, stained or blood in the underwear and there could be possible signs of sexually transmitted diseases in some cases. Even pregnancy could be an indicator to sexual abuse. Behavioural indicators could be flinching or not wanting to do personal care. There could be extreme changes in behaviour, bed wetting or frequent bathing to try and remove stains or to try and make themselves feel cleaner. Another indicator could be refusal to disrobe clothes for bedtime or showers whilst in front of people they would normally trust and who they are familiar with. Risk factors that could lead to sexual abuse could be things such as alcohol or drug use as the person giving the abuse would not know what they are doing as the drugs and alcohol in their body would be controlling them in a way which could lead to sexual abuse.

Coercive sexual fantasies of a staff member or even friend or family in some cases, which could lead to the abuse. Impulsive and antisocial tendencies, preference for impersonal sex, there could be a childhood history of sexual and physical abuse and then they may want to push that onto someone else or could have been witnessed family violence as a child and may think it is acceptable to do certain things. Emotional: Any act including confinement, isolation, humiliation, intimidation or treatment when diminishes a sense of somebody’s identity and dignity. Possible indicators of emotional abuse could be bedwetting or diarrhoea, frequent headaches, nausea, abdominal pains. Behavioural indicators would be something like mental or emotional development lags, poor relationships with people. Runaway attempts, complains of social isolation or severe depression that could be suicidal. Factors that could lead to emotional abuse from someone who has a low self-esteem themselves and would like to emotionally beat someone down to make themselves feel better, or the person giving the abuse could have suffered from emotional abuse in their childhood and feel that they got treated a certain way so they want to pass this on to someone else.

Factors could also lead to a group of staff members for example and they are all emotionally abusing a service user which they could find amusing but it is actually classed as abuse. Neglect: a passive form of abuse which is leaving the victim who maybe is unable to care for himself or herself but cannot provide care for themselves. You could see neglect by having poor physical conditions, bed sores. The carers normally don’t take care of the service user. Inadequate food supply or water that is not available. Skin rashes related to the bedding being unchanged and urine soaked in the bed. Inadequate living conditions, no toilet or commode. Behavioural indicators could be fear or withdrawal, depression, implausible stories, anger, denial and anxiety. Reasons someone could suffer from neglect could be things such as ignorance or denial that an adult needs as much care as they do. The abuse can be intentional or unintentional. The person in charge of care could have mental health problems or problems from their home life and take this into work and not be interested in caring for adult and therefore neglecting them and their needs.

Exploitation/financial: Telling someone what they can and cannot buy or making them share control of their bank account and the person does not have control over their money. Signs of financial abuse could be if a person who had a disability is accompanied by family or a staff member who appear to pressure the individual to make a transaction. People accompanying an individual to speak for him or her and not allow the individual to speak for themselves. An indicator could be a sudden increase in checking overdrafts or unusually large cash withdrawals or to transfer to other accounts from a joint bank account. Someone else could sign or forge an individual’s signature. Another indicator could be not allowing an individual to discuss legal or financial issues or matters with others. Indicator could be a staff member or family member taking money from the individual without telling them and leaving them with nothing and leading them on saying they have more money than they really do, or taking control of their money and managing their money and tell them what they can and cannot spend money on. Unexplained inability to pay for bills such as shopping bills or house bills could be a sign of abuse.

Staff members may not record when service users receive their money so they could take advantage of their money without consent of the service user. By not keeping records of what the service users money goes on it is easy to lose track and the amount of money been spent. A staff member could be short of money with their personal issues and use a service user’s money without anyone knowing and because stuff is not being recorded it can be hard to spot money being taken. Self-harm: there is self-harm, deliberate self-harm, self-injury and self-poisoning which are mostly done without suicidal intentions but just a relief maybe for some. Self-harm is causing deliberate harm to your own body like cutting or burning your skin, pulling your own hair out. Self-harm behaviour includes acts that can cause short and also long term damage for example under eating or binge drinking and drug abuse. Any of these signs could be from self-harm, unexplained cuts, bruises or cigarette burns usually are around the wrists, thighs and arms. Signs of depression such as low mood, crying a lot and no motivation.

Signs of low self-esteem such as them blaming themselves for any problems and thinking that they are not good enough for something. Signs of misuse of drugs or alcohol and been pulling their hair out. Factors that could lead someone to self-harm could be down to family problems at home, relationship problems, if they are not doing well in education and then start to doubt themselves feeling like they are not good enough and feel like self-harm is the only release. Being bullied could be a factor for self-harm. Also drug or alcohol abuse. Another factor is that you could be coming to terms with your sexuality and be unhappy to maybe tell people what your sexuality is. Coping with cultural expectations such as arranged marriage could lead to self-harming. Institutional: maltreatment of a person from someone who has power over the victim. Institutional abuse is about who abuses and how that abuse comes to pass. An indicator could be no flexibility in bed time routine or people left on a commode or a toilet for a long period of time for no reason. Inappropriate care of living area or possessions.

Lack of personal clothes or belonging. Deprived environmental conditions and lack of stimulation. Service user could be removed from the home without discussion with other staff members because the staff cannot deal with the service user’s behaviours. Another indicator could be spoken to and treated with disrespect. Lack of individual programmes that would monitor their daily life and behaviours. Factors that could lead to institutional abuse could be down to the environment and the surrounding as it could be the environment out of a home setting and what they are used to, it can determine the potential for maltreatment. Maltreatment mostly happens when the adult may be in a crisis and the caregiver has not got the skills and developed alternative and appropriate response to the service user.

Discriminatory: when someone picks on you and treats you differently and unfairly just because something is different about you whether it is your race, sexuality, religion or appearance. Indicators could be that the person being abused is withdrawn and isolates themselves away from other people, fearfulness and anxiety, loss of self-esteem, being refuse to be able to access services and excluded to other people, resistance or refusal to access services that are required to meet the needs. Types of abuse for discrimination would include things such a sex, race, colour, language, culture, religion, politics and sexual orientation. Factors that could lead to discriminatory abuse could be that the care giver does not agree with someone’s religion or sexuality for example, if a service user were gay there caregiver could exclude them from everything and not provide the correct care for them because they do not agree with same sex relationships which would be classes as discriminatory abuse.

The risk factor is greater when the service user or vulnerable adult has a difficulty to communicate with others, always rejecting help from staff member, often has an unusual and offensive behaviour or aggressive because of these issues staff members may not be able to cope and may no0t have the patients or correct training to resolve these issues which can then lead to abuse. Domestic: The abuse of a partner with an intimate or family member, the abuse is repeated and random. The abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial or sexual. May show the signs of bruises, burns, human bite marks, and fractures round the eyes, nose, teeth and jaw, injuries during pregnancy such as miscarriage or premature birth. Stress related illnesses such as headaches, backaches, chronic pain, family problems, depression, alcohol or drug addictions, absenteeism like lateness or leaving early, changes in job performance.

Overly dressed like wearing turtle necks and long sleeves in the summer to cover up any physical marks, jumpy and lack of personal grooming or low self-esteem. Factors that can lead to domestic abuse may be alcohol or drug related so that the drugs and alcohol inside their bodies are controlling them and they may not realise what they are really doing. The abuser could have an unknown mental health or personality problem. They could also suffer from bipolar and have random outbursts of aggressiveness. A history of violence or abuse that includes domestic abuse from previous relationship problems. Poor family relationships where violence is a normal thing and not really a big issue, financial problems because of low income or debt problems could all be factors of domestic abuse.

Bullying: Has an advantage of strength or to intimidate someone and typically force someone to do something. Indicators for bullying could be that the person seems unhappy or depressed, not wanting to talk to people much and distancing themselves away from other people. Not socialising with other people. They could cry a lot but may not want to talk about it to anyone or make up an excuse. Factors that could lead to bullying could be for example a leader or person in charge could feel because they have more power that they can intimidate people into doing things and pressure people. If the victims are vulnerable and an easy target to staff member that are bullying them. Groups of staff members thinking it is amusing to bullying service users, which they could find amusing but actually be bullying, intentionally or unintentional.

I chose Simone from Winterbourne view for my case study. She was one of man6y residents what suffered multiple abuses from Winterbourne view which was exposed by Panorama. Her family want her close to her, but she is currently hundreds of miles away from her family. Simone’s parents’ notice that she was a little bit behind other children at nursery and then eventually found out it was because she suffered from a learning disability. Simone suffered from chronic headaches which became very distressing and then her behaviour began to chance and was much more challenging and harder to deal with. She then went to hospital to have it investigated. Simone suffered from physical and emotional abuse. Wayne the carer would physically abuse Simone by putting her hand under a chair and bending her arm which would cause bruising. She had water thrown over her face and left outside to freeze, this would affect her emotionally as it would make her sad and want to isolate herself from any of the staff members as she probably felt she couldn’t go to anyone for advice or tell someone about what is happening to her and the abuse she was receiving because the staff members were all in on it as well.

As Wayne were the leader all the other members of staff may have been intimidated In some sort of way by him which lead them to copy and imitate what he did to service users like Simone. From the physical abuse by her bruising and marks on her skin, her parents didn’t realise as they only really spoke to her over the phone to check up on her and to see if she was okay, so they were unaware of the abuse that what going on. She was suffering from emotional abuse as well because she has already experienced some form of abuse when she was in a unit before and then had to be removed from that unit into a second unit where she still received abuse from. This would affect her health by her maybe not wanting to live and not to get involved with other people because she feels she cannot trust anyone around her.

Long term effects by being pinned to the ground all the time and then it could have made her body or bones be in a certain position which could lead to joint damage or scars on her body. She could also flinch when people approach her even the people she trusts. Simone could be distressed behaviour in the long term by Simone being trapped in uncomfortable position. Although she had negative long term effects for life there are also positive such as being moved to another unit, even though she is hundreds of miles away from her family, they know and believe that she is now in a safe place, free from abuse and enjoying herself. Another long term effect could lead to depression and then she would isolate herself in any activities and interaction with other people even those close to her.

Different Types Of Abuse Essay

Destroying Avalon Essay

Destroying Avalon Essay.

(1) The pseudonym ‘AFriend” is ironic because the person by this name is not a friend however a bully which is sending Avalon messages about what the other girls think of her at school.

(3) Being overwhelmed by the content of the email is quite normal for Avalon mainly because it was suggesting that she was not liked and that she was being bullied.

(5) Avalon’s parents have positive attitudes and strong values towards education as their both teachers.

(7) Mitch seem to be nice and friendly towards Avalon, as with Caleb who is the surfer laid back guy that treats Avalon in a friendly way.

(9) Avalon’s bag was sabotaged following the netball match as a practical joke and harassment for Avalon it was one of the starting things they have done.

Destroying Avalon (SHEET 3 ALL)

Marshall believes Avalon can pull through the bullying which he has faced, but believes he may not be able to take much bullying as he was being beaten up.

In the Chapter the ‘Liverpool kiss’ the gender stereotypes are challenged as Tamara knocks Brett’s lights out, it shows that she is a strong, brave person, not afraid of any strong guy.

Avalon told her parents everything as she had lost control over her emotions and let everything pour out, she thought that it would be the right time to tell them.

In chapter ‘the eye of destruction’, I believe Marshall is inside, huddled in his room afraid of the bullies returning, afraid to leave his room.

Marshal’s death is unexpected I was very confused. I thought no such thing would happen as he was very strong for Avalon.

The use of repetition brings a sad realization of how horrible this act was, it brings Avalon horror and impact on her emotions, as death is a strong word, we would all act strongly with emotion towards it.

Avalon blames herself as she believed the bullies only targeted Marshall as she ignored their attempts of her, thus finding a new prey.

We learn from Marshall’s mother, that Marshall was a up and going young kid when in primary, excited for High School and always seemed to be contented.




(Consider font,

size, style, page

format etc.)




structure, vocab,

repetition etc)


January 15

Small writing

Expresses his emotions and feelings

His dad leaves

February 25

Small writing

About his feelings

He got embarrassed in front of the class.

March 6

Normal writing

Expresses his emotions

Getting bullied by Todd and his mates.

May 13

Capital letters, bold writing.

About his feelings and emotions

He hates himself and wants to die.

Avalon had been guilty of judging Alice the whole time jumping to the conclusion that weather it was her or not, Avalon ended up feeling regretful later.

^Table above


Alice – a mean, heartless, popular girl who cared for nothing and had no heart

Tamara – thinking she was a very odd and scary looking person ( unfriendly)

Marshal – Gay

Jeremy – a friendly easy-going guy

Avalon will move on positively from her torment proving Marshal’s prophecy correct, but she will never forget the friend she lost.

Alice turned the popular girls against her, this in turn turned most other people against her, and she did play a major role against Avalon but did not make up lies or rumors.

Dragon Girl did not want to lose Avalon as a friend as she had with Alice, she has always lost to the popular girls and thus she turned everyone against her so Avalon would stay in the group and not leave them.

It would have been easier to know that Alice was Dragon Girl as Avalon already disliked her, Dragon Girl would have just increased her anger and rage

I noticed Avalon was exposed to a wide range of emotions and situations, which differed to what she would’ve faced in the country, but I believe this was hard for her at first but she soon adapted and her personality and mental strength increase dramatically. She proved to be a very strong and caring person then many believe she could ever be.

Destroying Avalon Essay

Factors that may lead to abusive Essay

Factors that may lead to abusive Essay.

Everyone can be victims of abusive behaviour. There are many factors that may lead to abusive situations, it could be physical that are seen clearly, some are hidden and some are emotional that the victim needs to talk to someone about.

Abuse may be a single act or many acts. It can occur in any relationship and may be the result of deliberate intent, ignorance or neglect. It may be a criminal offence, such as rape, assault or theft. ( 2014)

Abuse is where the abuser may find joy or thrill by doing the actions they do, for instance if their life is going downhill, they may not want to be the only one to do so, so they put someone down either by physical, emotional, or even sexual abuse. Some of the key risk factors for abuse include: family conflict, dependency, isolation, carer stress, addictive behaviours and physiological problems. ( 2014)

People more vulnerable of abusive situations:

-physical disabilities
-communication difficulties, may not hear the abuser, may not be able to stand up for his or her self, they may not see the abuser or that someone is going towards them, they won’t be able to talk to someone about it because they could have doubts -learning disabilities, may not know that they are being exploited or abused so its easy to be taken advantage off -mental health problems

-people with dementia, affecting the intellect and physical functions, this could cause unpredictable psychological or physical behaviour.

-dependency, i.e. on carers
-social isolation, people usually have fewer contacts on the outside world ( 2014)

Personal problems cause frustration, things such as addictions to drugs and alcohol can modify behaviour and add to the bad feelings leading the individual to abuse someone. Usually if one partner in a relationship is earning more money the other partner will feel disempowered, also typically in men, if their wife/partner earns more than them it doesn’t abide to the stereotypical view of the male being the provider so they can become very aggressive and use financial abuse to make themselves feel better i.e. denying or stealing their partners money so they feel bigger and more powerful.

Environmental problems such as poor housing or overcrowding could potentially lead to abusive situations because, if there is overcrowding, the abuser may need more space and abuse someone so they leave. Someone with poor housing is easy targets for abusive people as they may live on the streets, the abuser may think that because they live on the street they have no feelings or family and take advantage of them just because they are lesser off than the abuser, so the abuser may feel a sense of priority over them.

An adequate increase on carer stress may push the carer too far and abuse someone. The carer may lack understanding of the ageing process, illness, disability and/or needs of the vulnerable adult. The carer may blame the victim of financial problems as they have a low income or debt problems, although it is not the victims fault, this could lead to the carer possibly blackmailing someone for more money, abusing the victims money, providing them with financial problems. Another aspect of abusive situations is personal stress; the carer may be looking after two generations, his or her own children and a dependent adult, they may feel that are not getting their own time meaning they feel isolated, and may take advantage of someone and the carer may feel disempowered and trapped. If someone rejects help, then they are even more vulnerable.

In some families abuse is considered the normal reaction to stress, and it may continue from generation to generation, for instance if a child has done something wrong they need to be disciplined, some families would confiscate something and some families may physically abuse, i.e. smacking. A child who was previously abused may now be a carer and repeat the cycle of abuse to a dependent parent or child. The risk of abuse is greater where the vulnerable adult:

Has an unusual behaviour, for example they may stay in their safe zone a lot more, they don’t want to leave as they feel they can’t trust anybody Rejects help, they may have family there for them or friends but they may feel they can cope themselves, they break down communication between them and everyone else Is socially isolated i.e. does not have other friends or visitors Unable to complain, for example because of hearing disabilities and other communication barriers May have low self-esteem, so lacking power in relationships

Bay be less likely to be served well be the criminal justice system, possibly because of past criminal convictions

( 2009) ( 2014)

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Factors that may lead to abusive Essay

“The Day It Happened” by Rosario Morales Essay

“The Day It Happened” by Rosario Morales Essay.

“The Day It Happened” by Rosario Morales is basically about something that happens a lot in Hispanic families. It’s about domestic violence and a community that knows all about it. This story is told in the first person point of view by a girl that seems to be the author herself; Rosario Morales, as a child.

This story takes place in an apartment building with thin walls somewhere in a city. It starts off with the narrator washing her hair.

She had the bathroom window open and could see Maria who she called nosy even though they are equally nosy by how the story is told. Basically half way through washing her hair, nosy Maria sucks in air very loudly when she sees Josie leaving the house at 5 o’clock just before her husband Ramon gets home. The only reason that the narrator knew any of this was because their neighbor Olga rang the bell and knocked on the door when Josie was leaving to tell the narrators mother about all of this.

Some kid named Mikey had been the one to get the cab for Josie to leave in and he was telling everyone what was going on. Basically as Josie is leaving Tona and Betty Murphy who are neighbors of Josie all go outside to help her leave. Then the story goes through flashbacks of the past 6 months. Basically Josie is leaving because after 6 months of being married to Ramon who has been an abusive husband Josie can’t stand it anymore and has decides to leave.

Ramon works and when he gets home he expects a well-cooked meal waiting for him at home. He screams at her if it’s not ready when he gets home or it if is he screams at her for being a lousy cook. On Saturdays they would go out to party and Ramon would get angry at her if men looked at her for being too beautiful. He would say that she is a whore. If she decided not to dress up to look beautiful he would get angry because she looked ugly and wouldn’t satisfy his manly needs. He would scream at her when they got home and would then throw things at her. After a while he began to beat her and she would cry and scream very loudly so that everyone could hear what was going on. The narrator says that’s the worse fighting she has ever seen between a couple because her parents would only angrily whisper at one another for a while and then work things out and get on with life. One day after the fighting Josie didn’t show up to church so the narrator’s mother went to see if she was sick but when Josie answered the door she had a bruise on her face.

After that she would spend every Sunday with her instead of going to church. One Saturday Josie told her that she was pregnant and that she feared for the baby’s life. The word was spread around the apartment. Everyone agreed with Josie including Joe who used to beat on his wife until he head Ramon beating his wife so he stopped. They all saw it as Josie was a sweet girl who loved Ramon too much. She defended everything that he did to her. Ramon was just seen as a psycho by everyone. Then the story goes back to Josie waiting in a cab for Ramon to come home with everyone around her. Everyone is in front of Josie to keep Ramon from her as he walks down the block and up the steps only to have Josie call him. He’s shocked by what he sees and says her name in a small voice.

She says I told you if you hit me again I was leaving you, my life and the life of our baby is unsafe with you the way you are. She says she left rice and chicken for him along with the electric bill waiting for him on the table upstairs. Josie hugs everyone and then Ramon lunges at her and grabs her by the ankles and starts begging her to stay. He tells her I love you, you don’t understand were married for life, I’ll kill myself if you leave me, etc, etc. The narrators mom ten grabs Ramon and tells him that Josie’s a mother now and that leaving him is best for the baby so that she can properly take care of it. He keeps begging for her to stay, Josie kisses someone else goodbye and leaves. This is a situation that happens in allot of homes but mostly Hispanic homes.

This happens in Hispanic homes a lot more then in any other homes because in Hispanic culture men aren’t supposed to do anything; except be served on by the women of the family. This leads the males to believe that they are superior to women and leads to them mistreating women when they don’t get what they want from them. In most situations the beatings go on for years but no one ever does much about it. The women hangout at the abused ones house, so as to not allow an opportunity of abuse to happen again. The men just tell the abuser to chill out and stop because she doesn’t deserve what you are doing to her and that she’s too beautiful to hit.

Eventually the abuser will hit the abused too hard and then as the saying goes, the shit hits the fan. The cops are called all the men get involved and will hold back the abuser. If the abuser keeps acting up they’ll sometimes beat the crap out of the abuser. The abuser will spend a night in jail and then he’ll come back a “changed” man. That will usually happen twice and then the women will leave or thee man will change after getting talked to by every women in the family and screamed at and pushed around by every guy.

This is a common thing that’s still happening today in many homes. It’s an occurrence that many people have seen throughout their lives. This won’t stop happening any time soon. Maybe in about 1000 years this might stop happening, but for now our world is full of too much frustration and annoyance. People will always seek to get rid of their anger and a loved one will usually be the one to take all of the abuse.It’s just a negative part of human nature.

“The Day It Happened” by Rosario Morales Essay