Not Sending Parents to Old Age Homes Essay

Not Sending Parents to Old Age Homes Essay.

Below is a free essay on “Not Sending Parents to Old Age Homes” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Parents give life to their children. Parents raise their children. Parents give everything they can to make sure their children grow up safe and ready to face the future ahead of them. It is for this reason that when the time comes, children have a moral obligation to take care of their parents. It is their duty to show respect and love and to care for their own parents rather than have strangers care for them.

we can see present generation is doing opposite of that, now a days children are sending their old parents to nursing homes because of growing population of older people, and time factor or time management .By placing parents in nursing homes, the child involved takes chance that his/her parents may be cared properly, until the end of their lives.

According to WHO statistics, there are 668million older people living today, and this number is expected to increase over 2 billion in another 35 years. The average human life expectancy has increased from 40 years to over 64 years now, a person today has 20 years more to live than he or she would have 50 years ago. With this kind of aging scenario, there is pressure on all aspects of care for older people from shelter, finances to health necessities. The growing insecurity of older people in our generation has become very visible .With more people living longer and households getting smaller and congested, there has been an increase in stress in both joint and extended families.

The change in families has contributed to the growing realization among aged person that they are being perceived as, more often than not, a burden to their own children. Everybody is so busy with his/ her professional life that they cannot give or spent quality time with their old parents. They often ignore them and their demands. Being responsible for the elderly parents means the elderly parents is getting the proper and best care you can give while trying to meet their wants and needs being responsible and caring for an elderly…

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Not Sending Parents to Old Age Homes Essay

Youth Vs. Elderly Essay

Youth Vs. Elderly Essay.

The youth and the elderly of the world today, have many similarities. Yes, they do have their differences, but there just seems to be very few.

These similarities are carried out in every day occurrences. For example, the elderly and the youth are noticeably bad drivers, horrible even. Their driving capabilities are almost to the point where it should be a crime, yet neither group would ever dare to admit to it. Have you ever noticed that sagging objects and features seem to play a significant role in either groups lives.

To the young, it is a “hip” fashion statement consisting of oversized shirts and pants which hang past their butts. To the elderly it is constant reminder of their age. There skin, boobs, and anything else gravity can take affect on become a threat to them, mainly to their social lives. The majority of them tend to be forced into a state of denial as a cause of there sagging.

One of the most noticeable similarities of the two are their conversational skills. A typical conversation involving either the young or the elderly is quite predictable. If you get their attention your lucky, but no doubt half way through, unless it is a worthy topic, their attention is diminished. Nodding in agreement becomes almost a natural instinct or act to give the impression they know what is being said. This is done in attempt to get through the conversation as quickly as possible. Less than five minutes after the conclusion of the conversation you come to find out your energy has just been wasted. You realize they have no idea what has just been said due to their blunt replies and confused gestures.

If you are to ever find yourself entangled in an argument with an individual from either group you are in for pure torture. Each will fight to the bitter end, and not once will they admit to being wrong. It is way too far beyond their rational thinking to conceive the idea that they may be at fault. After all who are you to challenge them . How could you possibly be right when you know nothing and they know everything?

No matter in what way each group is viewed upon the similarities are much to difficult to ignore . Both being young and old reek with benefits such as
senior discounts or the ability to use “young and dumb” as an excuse for poor judgement. Either way each stink with trouble.

Youth Vs. Elderly Essay