Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent

Text Box: Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent Discussion


PurposeTo demonstrate an understanding of the casestudy analysis model.


Background Information

Discussion boardsare an important tool in facilitating student learning in an online environment. Your participation allows you to demonstrate understanding and application of course material by contributing to an ongoing discussion.


Discussion Question

Read the case study entitled, “Guilty ‘Til Proven Innocent”. Pick two issues to discusswith the classWrite a 200 word poston if the soldierwas justified in his actions.


You are expected to use theories, vocabulary, and modelsin your post.Your

post shouldbe written in clear conciselanguage. Then selecttwo peers’ initial post and respond to their case study in their discussion thread.

Resource Requirements

Guilty ‘TilProven Innocent Handout APA 7th ed. guidelines

Research and CaseStudies Lesson



  1. You must submitan initial response to the discussion question. Your initial response must:

-be a minimum of 200 and no more than 300 words. We are looking for body content. Your listedreference at the bottom of your post will not counttoward the word requirement.

-state your Rank,Name in the subject line(ex. SSG Jones,Avery)

-include an APA formatted reference and in-text citation to support your post (use a reference other than the Research and Case Studies lesson).


  1. After you have postedan initial response, reply to two of yourpeers (You must reply to their initial response).

Each reply must:

-be a minimum of 150 and no more than 200 words(salutations and references are not included in your word count)

-open each postwith the Rank/Name of the student you are addressing and close each reply with your Rank/Name

-The first threeposts (initial response and two replies) will be graded All posts must be submitted by typing your response in the text box.

*This discussion will be evaluated on the expectations listed above and the assignment rubric*


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