Chapters 5 and 6 in the Dhandho Investor; review the Preface, Introduction, and Chapter 1 in the Outsiders text; and watch the video interview with Cathy

Person-focused pay programs are not really new. Various early forms of these programs appeared in the 1980s. Organizational adoption was slow partly because they can very quickly drive labor costs up. (1) Why is this changing? (2) Explain the reasons for this change. Consider Susan Jackson’s situation. Susan is a young professional in her 8th year of her technological manufacturing career since graduating from college. She is frustrated by the lack of opportunity to showcase her talent and skillset. Susan feels like she has so much more to offer than is asked of her. Consequently, she is once again on the job market. If she succeeds in her search, Susan will join her third organization in 8 years. Explain why a job with a person-focused pay program might help alleviate her frustration. Finally, what are the potential advantages and disadvantages of these programs for the organization? For the employee?


Respond to the discussion questions provided in a paper format. The assignment requires 4 – 5 full pages and at least 8 scholarly resources to substantiate your position in your answer. You must carefully read the requirements below noting the expectationsbeforehand. These exercises are meant to foster your comprehensive research and writing skills.

The specific requirements are as follows:

 As a graduate student, the expectation is quite high for your required quality and effort. Your work must be written near the standard and quality of journals and other published materials.  Cover page, abstract, reference page, and appendices do not count toward the minimum page length requirement.  At least 8 scholarly sources are required.  Use the current APA manual to ensure that you correctly cite your sources and quotations.  Do not use sources such as Wikipedia, Investopedia, blogs, personal, consulting or corporate websites.  DO NOT write in question/answer format  Instead, use the questions to guide and form your paper. 

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