Reading Philosophy in Hugh LaFollette

Read the section called Reading Philosophy in Hugh LaFollette, Ethics in Practice: An Anthology (5th Edition) (pages 11-14) to understand expectations for this assignment.

Begin the assignment by selecting one of the assigned readings in the module. Read the article/essay at least twice. Consider the author’s primary conclusion. What were the author’s arguments, and which were most compelling? What would a dialogue between a challenger and a defender look like?


Your written paper should be at least 300 words. The following information must be accounted for in the final submission:

● Article/Essay Title and Author ● Three headings: 1. Author’s Primary Conclusion(at least 50 words) 2. Most Compelling Argument(at least 100 words) 3. Dialectic Dialogue(at least 250 words)

As always, please cite any external references that were used to support your ideas.

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