End Of Life Norwegian

This paper will be 3 or more pages, double-spaced, excluding the  cover page and reference page and will have at least 2 evidence-based,  peer-reviewed references. The content will be the culture either  assigned or selected and will cover the culture’s perspective on the  death and dying experience. The culture could be a geographic region or a  religion and will be an in-depth analysis of the attitudes and opinions  of death and dying throughout the group you have assigned or selected.
The assignment will be done in pairs and will encompass the 7th ed of  the APA manual paying particular attention to reference structure  compliance and elimination of the use of contractions, paragraph  structure, etc. 
If you follow this link it will take you to a document that has the  information but unfortunately lost the formatting in the process of  copying over into the course. Anyway, if you follow this link it will  lead you to a previous paper. Again please realize that the formatting  was lost. Hopefully the content of the paper will give you an idea of  what is the topic of this paper and realize that it can be utilized for  almost any group of people. The following is the grading rubric for the  assignment
The paper encompasses the idea of the paper which is the attitudes and opinions the group has about death & dying. The explanation should include historical references and the development of the death & dying concept within the group. 25 II. Organization 
The paper is organized and demonstrates the theme of the paper and includes an introduction and body of the paper along with a conclusion 25 III. Overall structure 
The paper is organized into paragraphs and follow the APA organization of papers which includes paragraphs that are at least three sentences and that do not encompass half a page in length 25 IV. APA 
The paper as well as the reference section follow the rules of the 7th ed of APA

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