Overview-Important Definitions


Overview-Important Definitions

Holistic Nursing: The American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA & ANA 2013. p. 1) created the following definition in 1998; “all nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal….honors the interconnectedness of self, others, nature, and spirituality.”

Spirituality: The feelings thoughts, experiences, and behaviors that arise from a search for meaning. That which is generally considered sacred or holy. Usually though not universally, considered to involve a sense of connection with an absolute, imminent, or transcendent spiritual force, however named, as well as the conviction that meaning, value, direction, and purpose are valid aspects of the individual and universe. The essence of being and relatedness that permeates all life and is manifested in one’s knowing, doing and being. The interconnectedness with self, others, nature, and God/Life Force/Absolute/Transcendent. Not necessarily synonymous with religion (AHNA & ANA, 2013, p. 91) “Spiritual assessments not only glean religious beliefs and practices, but also query a person’s meaning and purpose in life and how that may have changed due to the present health experience” (AHNA & ANA p. 12). AHNA & ANA. (2013). Holistic Nursing: Scope and standards of practice, 2nd Edition. Silver Spring, MD: Nursebooks.org. Preparation First read chapter 22 in Blais and Hayes and complete the Spiritual Assessment WebQuest. Interview Then complete a spiritual assessment on someone in your community. Use the form found below the rubric. Use bullet points or numbers rather than complete sentences. Be sure to choose an appropriate tool. You can use the assessment from the chapter on spirituality found in your textbook, or choose one found in the literature or online such as the HOPE tool: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2001/0101/p81.html FICA tool: http://smhs.gwu.edu/gwish/clinical/fica/spiritual-history-tool FACT tool: https://www-tandfonline-com.ezproxy.mnsu.edu/doi/full/10.1080/08854726.2015.1015303 During the interview you will choose an appropriate spiritual nursing action based on your assessment and state how/why you chose the nursing action. What was the result of the action (e.g. what did the interviewee think of the nursing action and/or how did they respond to the nursing action?). What are your thoughts on the experience of doing this assessment (e.g. main takeaway(s), surprises, reactions). Please keep the form to three or fewer pages. RUBRIC Element Element Fully Addressed Element Partially Addressed Element Insufficient or Not Addressed Pts Poss Pts Earned ◻ Appropriate assessment tool chosen, Source & Reference Included (2 pts) 2 ◻ Assessment sufficiently covers all areas of the tool 20 ◻ Nursing intervention appropriate ◻ Nursing intervention based on the assessment (specify assessment data supporting your intervention) and how chosen ◻ Results of action included 8 ◻ Includes own thoughts/takeaways on experience of doing the assessment 6 Spelling, Grammar, APA Free of spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors, uses bullet points or numbering, reference in proper APA 4 Total Points 40 SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENT FORM (Please keep information you fill in to two-three pages) Date: __________ Interviewee Initials________ Age ______Gender______ Pertinent Diagnosis (if any) _________________________________________ Short description of interviewee and how you know them (don’t give away person’s identity): _______________________________________________________ Name of tool__________________ Source (Citation)______________ (include reference at bottom of form): Questions Asked-use bullet points Interviewee Responses-use bullet points Nursing Intervention(s) and assessment data supporting the intervention-use bullet points Why Chosen-use bullet points Result of Nursing Action: Interviewee thoughts/reactions-use bullet points Your own thoughts/take-aways-use bullet points References

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